Rapper Dok2 Finds Staggering Income And Long run Goals

Rapper Dok2 Finds Staggering Income And Long run Goals

Rapper Dok2 Finds Staggering Profits And Long runDreams soojji July 13, 2016 0 Rapper Dok2 Exhibits Staggering Earnings And Future Goals The July thirteen episode of MBCs Radio Superstarcapabilities rapper Dok2, actor Kim Bo Sung, former U-KISS member Dongho, and style Joo Woo Jae for the displays My Life, Turn~Up! special.

On the show, Dok2 says that he does no longerbring to mind himself as a celebrity, yet rather as a rapstar. He also stocks his future goals and activities.

Dok2 talks about his supercar collection, which has at all timesbrought about conversation. MC Yoon Jong Shin comments, While you think Dok2, you can not leave out cars. He these dayspurchased two six-figure cars. The rapper reveals that he sold himself two automobiles (one that starts with a B and the alternative a F) as a birthday provide for himself. Either cars are value more than 800 million won (approximately $702,000). Dok2 comments that he heard he used to bein a position to straight awaypurchase cars that prime actors such as Jang Dong Gun and Kang Dong Won would need to wait 3 years to buy.

The rapper reveals that his objective this year is to make five billion won (approximately $4.4 million). MC Kim Gook Jin states, Dok2s salary doubles each year. In 2013, he made 500 million won (approximately $438,700), in 2014 he made 1 billion won (approximately $878,000), and in 2015 he made 2 billion won (approximately $1.8 million). This year your intention is 5 billion won? Dok2 comments, Usuallytake benefit of songs are calculated later in the year. It's miles my objective to make 5 billion won through December or January.

MC Kyuhyun adds, The explanation why Dok2 uses such a lotcash is so he does no longer get lazy at making songs. He has produced 320 songs inside of 10 years after his debut. Dok2 comments, I have numerous unofficial songs too. The 320 songs are the songs that experience been released.

Watch a clip of Dok2s functionality on Radio Star below:

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Rapper Superbee finds why he hates Epik High’s Tablo

Rapper Superbee finds why he hates Epik High’s Tablo

8stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter On a contemporary broadcast on AKATV, rapper Superbee published why he holds this type of deep point of resentment for Epik Highs Tablo

According to Superbee, he came up with the song Oppacha and he used to be very frustrated when he was cut Show Me The cash 4, adding that even the functionality they did on degreebecome his idea. When Oppacha have become a hit, he explained that he suffered from largetension when the song was gamblingall over the place in Korea.

The next time he met Tablo, he was told It was higher for you that you were given cut, to which he responded I lost all appreciate for Tablo correct there. Superbee also auditioned for Show Me The Cash 5, where he sooner or later placed third.

Check out the hit song Oppacha from Show Me The Money 4 below:

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Park Seul Gi Gets Married And Finds Marriage Goals

Park Seul Gi Gets Married And Finds Marriage Goals

Park Seul Gi Gets Married And Unearths Marriage Desires kokoberry July 9, 2016 0 Park Seul Gi Gets Married And Displays Marriage Goals On July 9, Television reporter Park Seul Gi were given married to her boyfriend of twelve months in Yeoido, Seoul.

Prior to the marriage ceremony, she met journalists and spoke fortunately about her forthcoming marriage.

Park Seul Gi commented, It doesnt feel read. I think like I wore a marriageget dressed to movie for broadcast.

She continued, I would like tochange into a couple like Sean and Jung Hye Young. I need for us to give happiness to every other and celebrate anniversaries.

The reporter also printed plans for a circle of relatives and said, I'm hoping to birth as many as I can. We mentionedperhaps 3 babies.

The relaxation of the wedding was oncenon-public and attended by many celebrities. Kim Gura and Jung Sung Ho took section in being the presider and MC of the ceremony. Singer Gilme, team Noel, and Park Jung Hyun sang congratulatory songs for the bridge and groom as well.

Many attendees posted pictures from her wedding on their Instagram accounts:

A photo posted by skill of 조명기 (@trainer_mk) on Jul 8, 2016 at 11:54pm PDT

A photo posted by 배슬기 (@bebemon_bebe) on Jul 8, 2016 at 11:43pm PDT

Park Seul Gi will leave for her honeymoon to Hawaii after operating on July 10 for MBCs Phase TV.

Congratulations to Park Seul Gi and her husband!

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NCT 127 Answers Burning Questions And Unearths  Long term Goals

NCT 127 Answers Burning Questions And Unearths Long term Goals

NCT 127 Answers Burning Questions And FindsLong termDesires kokoberry July 9, 2016 0 NCT 127 Answers Burning Questions And Exhibits Future Goals SM Entertainments neweststaff NCT 127, the Seoul sub-unit team from NCT, had an interview with news outlet My Day by skill of dayto discuss their community and their goals for the year.

First, the gangmentioned debuting. Taeyong said, Even supposing one promoted via NCT U, I felt just as excited whilst prearing with new members.

While some individuals of NCT U are in NCT 127 as well, there are new members in NCT 127 as well. Yuta revealed, I used to betrulyanxiousas itwas once my first time, yet the members who promoted in NCT U helped me and I changed intoin a position to relax.

Furthermore, Haechan talks about why he replaced his call when he used the name Donghyuk all through his SM Freshmen days. He said, Lee Soo Guy gave me this name with the which meansof turning into a new person. Haechan additional explains that his new name method shine bright uprightly.

WinWin also shared about how members lend a hand him with talking Korean. When asked about now not being the maknae anymore, Mark remarked, Im not the maknae while youglance at our ages, but I still feel like a maknae. Every person else except for Haechan are hyungs so I believe like Haechan and I are the maknaes.

Previously a member of JTBCs Atypical Summit, Yuta talked about how his nickname changed from Takoyaki Prince to Yakisoba because of his new hairstyle.

Vocalists Jaehyun and Taeil spoke about rapping for the primary time. They either agreed that recording for rapping felt different. Taeil seems to have especially enjoyed it.

Taeil also clarified rumors about his having an IQ of 150 and said, Its not true. Thats a false rumor. I feel its because I was just right at math when I was in basic school. I was a math genius.

The members also talked about how NCT U members not in NCT 127 have shown support. Jaehyun commented, While we making ready for 127 other members were doing their own activities, so we supported each and every other. Yesterday, Doyoung hyung went on a radio display and we supported him and he supported us as well.

Finally, they published their goals referring to their existing promotions. The organization revealed that they would love to get first position and a rookie award pronouncing its vital to dream big.

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Ahn Jae Hyun Expresses His Love For Ku Hye Sun And Finds  Long term Hopes

Ahn Jae Hyun Expresses His Love For Ku Hye Sun And Finds Long term Hopes

Ahn Jae Hyun Expresses His Love For Ku Hye Sun And FindsLong run Hopeskokoberry June 10, 2016 0 Ahn Jae Hyun Expresses His Love For Ku Hye Sun And Exhibits Future Hopes At the June 10 episode of tvNs New Adventure to the West 2, Ahn Jae Hyun showed more of his candy antics and deep love for his wife Ku Hye Sun.

After shoppingbrand new ingredients and beginning to cook, the actor impresses the body of workers alongside his cooking knowledge. A workers member then asks him who is the simpler cook between him and Ku Hye Sun. Ahn Jae Hyun answers, Ku-nim is larger at stews and cooking rice, and displays how proud he's of her.

The newylwed husband additional reveals, My future hope was once to change into a just right dad. Other folks say shouldnt you want to have to be a most sensiblecelebrity instead, yetI suspecta task is important to have a glad life. I believeso long as youre ok economically, thats enough. Ku-nim agrees.

Furthermore, Ahn Jae Hyun shares, I would like to existan ideal husband. Prior to getting married I sought after to becamea superb dad, but at this time aneneed to be a wonderful husband. So I wish torevel in my time with Ku-nim alone. Althoughwe have got children, I think Sick say I like my wife first before my kids. I love her such a lot I cant specific it in words.

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SEVENTEEN Finds Their Long run Aspirations And Mind On Existing Promotions

SEVENTEEN Finds Their Long run Aspirations And Mind On Existing Promotions

SEVENTEEN Unearths Their Long term Aspirations And Mind On Present PromotionsJiwonYu Might 20, 2016 0 SEVENTEEN Displays Their Future Aspirations And Thoughts On Recent Promotions SEVENTEEN groups up with stylemag Singles for a new photo shoot!

Just twelve months after debut, the group has won rookie awards from Gaon Chart Awards, Golden Disk Awards, and Seoul Track Awards, and currently won first position on a couple music shows with their newest song, Beautiful U.

During the interview, member Mingyu says, We just feel like busier trainees. We at all timespreparewhen we finish our agenda for the day. Our function when we were trainees used to be to debut, yet after debuting we learned that theres no finish to our goals. So, all we will do is paintings harder.

Although there are thirteenindividuals and its tough to stand out, member Dino explains some of the pros of having a number of members, and says, We can check outothervarieties of formations on stage. We will also beeither singers and back dancers.

Leader S.Coups adds, Of course, there are some uncomfortable things. It takes some time for all folks to shower and we consume a lot. But since were constantly together, Ive turn out to be used to those things.

While discussing their new song Fairly U, the members are serious and express their honest thoughts on their current promotions.

Hoshi reveals, Whilstserious about how to make each and every members personality stand out with this song, we determined to make our functionality musical-like. Our dynamic movements and the members facial expressions are key to our performance.

You can see the remainder of SEVENTEENs pictorial and interview with Singles in its June issue.

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Krystal Finds  Long term Plans in China; Will Soon Go back in a Drama

Krystal Finds Long term Plans in China; Will Soon Go back in a Drama

Krystal FindsLong run Plans in China; Will Soon Go back in a Dramack525 April 28, 2016 0 Krystal Displays Future Plans in China; Will Soon Return in a Drama f(x)’s Krystal gave fanatics an update on her upcoming schedules on April 27 all the manner through a makeup emblem event.

“I am recently filming a film in Beijing and should soon get started a drama, as well,” she said. “I were traveling from aspect to side from China.”

Meanwhile, when asked about the call of the gamein the back of her beauty, she said, “Though it's farexcellent to consume and sleep smartly and residethrougha collection schedule, I don’t live a standardexistence style. I figure outso much and take sleep very importantly. I stay hydrated with mask packs to control my skin.”

“I like herbal looks, so I practically never wear any makeup,” she added. “When necessary, I use a powder cushion.”

On her future plans, she said,  “I think I could beready to exist more active in China and talk over with more often. Please cheer me on, and I'm hoping you sit up for what I have in stored.”

Krystal is currently filming for the Korea-China film “Kite Flying.”

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Lee Je Hoon Finds How Long He’s Been Unmarried on “Entertainment Weekly”

Lee Je Hoon Finds How Long He’s Been Unmarried on “Entertainment Weekly”

Lee Je Hoon Finds How Long Hes Been Unmarried on Entertainment Weeklyck525 April 23, 2016 0 LINE it!Lee Je Hoon Exhibits How Long Hes Been Single on Entertainment Weekly Actor Lee Je Hoon printed that he has been single for 6 years.

On the episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly” aired on April 23, Lee Je Hoon is interviewed for the corner “Guerilla Date”.

Reporter Kim Tae Jin requests, “Please give out one secret for all of theaudience of ‘Entertainment Weekly.’”

In response, Lee Je Hoon says, “This is a huge secret, yet I’ll disclose information technologyvia ‘Entertainment Weekly.’”

He then proceeds to act like a news anchor and announces, “Actor Lee Je Hoon still does no longer have a girlfriend. He has now not had one in six years.”

Meanwhile, Lee Je Hoons new film “Detective Hong Kil Dong,” can be released in theaters on Might 4.

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Song Joong Ki Amazes With Staggering Income in China

Song Joong Ki Amazes With Staggering Income in China

Song Joong Ki Amazes With Staggering Profits in Chinakokoberry April 21, 2016 0 LINE it!Song Joong Ki Amazes With Staggering Earnings in China Popular actor Song Joong Ki is making jaws drop with the volume he earns from China.

Recently, a Chinese news web page revealed, Song Joong Kis advertisement six-month earnings from China is 16 million yuan (approximately $2.5 million).

The news site continued, Song Joong Kis commercial value is emergingbecause ofthe recognition of Descendants of the Sun in Asia. Chinas commercial costs for him have risen sharply. They additionalprinted that his staggering six-month earnings have even surpassed very fashionable actors Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun.

It seems like his earnings will undoubtedlybuild up as the news site commented, Currently there are about 10 advertising agencies sending love calls to him. With 10 Chinese ads, the celebrity can earn about 60 billion won (approximately $53 million) consistent withthe hot site.

A representative from the stars agency, Blossom Entertainment, addressed this record and stated, There are numerous speculative articles yet we can'tdivulge the precise amount. It's miles true that he is receiving love calls from global commercialsin addition CFs for domestic brands.

Song Joong Ki is currently the spokesmodel for Dongwon FB, Jeju Airlines, LG Family and Fitness Care, Hite Jinro, Forencos, and more.

What are your mind on Song Joong Kis alleged earnings?

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Rookie Workforce IMFACT Stocks  Mind on Making Debut and Long term Goals

Rookie Workforce IMFACT Stocks Mind on Making Debut and Long term Goals

Rookie Team IMFACT StocksMind on Making Debut and Long runDreams JiwonYu March 14, 2016 0 LINE it!Rookie Organization IMFACT Shares Thoughts on Making Debut and Future Goals In birthday party of White Day (March 14), rookie group IMFACT paid a marveldiscuss with to an all-girls faculty and wona big welcome from the students.

To percentage their reason whyat the back of this match and pay attention what they wish to say to the fans, IMFACT sat down for an interview to share their thoughts.

Its been 8 weeks since Imfacts debut. The individuals shared how they feel to this point close to having made their debut, saying, Our 50th day since debut is solelyround the corner. We wish to thank all of thefanatics who were loving us so far. Its on account of them that we were in a position to grow in the proper direction. We must feel tired yet were if reality be toldstuffed withpoweras a result of fans support. IMFACT will continue on strongly for the following 50th, 100th, 1000th, and 10000th day since debut.

To spread the affection of this new group, the members explained a little about what charms their are, saying, IMFACTs charms are candyand various like lollipops. Thats one of the cruciallargest pros about this group, in conjunction withthe reality that we are at all times bright and energetic. We wish to turn intoa setthat will cheer up fans who are feeling down. We'd like to give fans joy viageneratingplenty of diverse music.

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