Rapper Iron Rages Opposed to The “System” In Haunting MV

Rapper Iron Rages Opposed to The “System” In Haunting MV

Rapper Iron Rages Opposed to The Gadget In Haunting MVehk38 June 29, 2016 0 Rapper Iron Rages Against The System In Haunting MV Rapper Iron has made a comeback!

His new song System is all rap and no frills, highlighting Irons lyrical dexterity. The song is accompanied by way of an similarly haunting track video in which Iron transforms into a deranged hen farmer. This liberate comes two months after Irons marijuana scandal.

Meanwhile, Iron rose to reputationvia his time as a contestant on Mnets rapper survival displayProve Me the money 3. Six months after the realization of the show, he made his professional debut in March of closing year with Blu below Polaris Entertainment.

Watch the music video for System below, and percentage with us your thoughts!

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Iron Disses BIGBANG’s G-Dragon And T.O.P In “System”

Iron Disses BIGBANG’s G-Dragon And T.O.P In “System”

Iron Disses BIGBANGs G-Dragon And T.O.P In Machine jun2yng June 29, 2016 0 Iron Disses BIGBANGs G-Dragon And T.O.P In System Rapper Iron lately made a pointygo back on June 30 with his new music “System.” In his return after one year, Iron has so muchto mention about the state of things: “I was once dead to the world, three hundred and 65 days in a corner of my room… Police and journalists that take bribes. Written lists. Their political affairs. Timed bombs… The loads manipulated by capacity of scandals.”

He also takes some punches at BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and T.O.P. He says in “System,” “I take duty for my movements like a man. Yet my mind on weed will never change. When reporters pay attention this they’ll partner me with some lowlife. That XX shaved his hair and I grew mine … GD cheating on a fan and pretending he changed into dumped. Convert to acting as an alternative of rap eunuch T.O.P.”

Iron refers to the entire press surrounding his marijuana scandal, and disses G-Dragon, who gained a suspension of indictment for marijuana use in 2011. Suspicion at the time have been that G-Dragon shaved his head as a result of drug tests, even supposing the prosecutor’s workplacementioned that G-Dragon shaved his head two months after the case was already closed.

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Watch: Rapper Iron Hints Comeback Two Months After Marijuana Scandal With Teaser

Watch: Rapper Iron Hints Comeback Two Months After Marijuana Scandal With Teaser

Watch: Rapper Iron Hints Comeback Two Months After Marijuana Scandal With Teasersoojji June 28, 2016 0 Watch: Rapper Iron Hints Comeback Two Months After Marijuana Scandal With Teaser Rapper Iron, who admitted to unlawful marijuana use back in April, posted a video hinting his comeback to his private Instagram account on June 28.

The teaser presentations the rapper dressed in shabby clothing with unkempt hair and mustache. It roughly feels as regardless thathe's rearing chickens in a run down building. The temper of the track and visuals of the teaser is dark and ominous.

At the finish of the video, the noticeGadget and date 16.06.30 seemat the screen. Netizens are speculating that Iron might belosing a new song on June 30.

What do you bring to mind Irons teaser below?

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Rapper Iron Confesses Accountable To Marijuana Charges

Rapper Iron Confesses Accountable To Marijuana Charges

Rapper Iron Confesses Guilty To Marijuana Charges(Photo : Iron)Recently, news of ten K-pop celebrities being eager about a marijuana drug bust rocked headlines in the K-pop world. Now, probably the most rappers implicated in the issue, Iron, has released a observation admitting that he's guilty of smoking marijuana.

During an interview between Korean news outlet Day-to-day Sports and Iron, the rapper admitted that he is guilty of smoking marijuana. When asked if he admits that the charges opposed to him were correct, Iron replied, "Yes, they are."

"I will now not make excuses or evade the charges. Instead, I might bein a position to take completeduty for my actions," the rapper mentioned confidently.

When asked why he smoked, Iron explained, "I've been curious about marijuana for a in point of fact long time. I attempted it whilstcompletelyconscious aboutthe results of being caught, and I'm going to take responsibilty for the problems one have caused."

Daily Sports then asked Iron how he would continue in the future. "I know the seriousness of what I did and I can reflect on my actions. Even if I lost my center of attention for a bit, I would like tospecific myself thrutune in the future."

Iron ended the inteview by way of apologizing to his enthusiasts for being concerned them.

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Rapper Iron Admits to Marijuana Use and Apologizes to Fans

Rapper Iron Admits to Marijuana Use and Apologizes to Fans

Rapper Iron Admits to Marijuana Use and Apologizes to Lovers ilmare42 April 1, 2016 0 LINE it!Rapper Iron Admits to Marijuana Use and Apologizes to Fans After being booked without detention on fees of repeated marijuana use at the facet of nine other individuals, rapper Iron (legal call Jung Heon Chul) says he's takingcompleteduty for his actions.

On April 2, news outlet Ilgan Sports published a brief interview with Iron in which he first admits that he'sresponsible of the charges. He says, “I will no longer make excuses for what I have done, and plan to take full responsibility for my actions.”

Iron denies outdated reports that he had claimed to smoke marijuana to extend his self assurance and focus. “I wereinterested by marijuana for a long time,” he states. “So I experienced it whilst being acutely mindful ofthe prospective consequences. As this was once all of my own doing, I take full responsibility.”

Iron also promises that even supposing he lost sight of his fashioned goals, he plans to pay attention on his tune in the future. When asked what he would loveto mention to his fans, Iron responds, “I am sorry for being concerned all people who accept supported me. I’m at all timesthankful for you.”

What do you call to mind Irons statements?

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Rapper Iron Printed to Be Among 10 Fascinated about Marijuana Case

Rapper Iron Printed to Be Among 10 Fascinated about Marijuana Case

Rapper Iron Printed to Be Among 10 Occupied with Marijuana Casekokoberry April 1, 2016 0 LINE it!Rapper Iron Revealed to Be Among 10 In contact in Marijuana Case On April 1, reports revealed that 10 people were booked without detention on fees of smoking marijuana on several other occasions. They were sent to the prosecution on March 30.

The identity of one thosepersons has been revealed to be rapper Iron whose felonycall is Jung Heon Chul. The 24-year-old was once the runner-up on Display Me the cash 4.

Apparently, the marijuana scandal changed into revealed when a thief stole from a 23-year-old composer-producer named Kang. The thief stole Kangs bag and money from his locker whilst Kang had fallen asleep after receiving a rub down in a sauna.

Police stuck the thief and believed they were investigating an effortlessrobbery crime till they spotted Kangs bizarre eyes and behavior. After carrying out a drug test, Kang tested sure for marijuana and confessed to smoking marijuana with his friends.

With Kangs statement, the police arrested and investigated the alternative nine individuals. They also tested fine for marijuana and instructed the police about how they met foreigners at a club in Itaewon and bought marijuana during the internet. Also, they revealed that they smoked marijuana as it gave them self belief and helped them focus.

Meanwhile, the other contributors involved in the case but even so Iron and Kang come with a former first-generation idol crew member, a hip-hop producer, a concert organizer, famous person hopefuls, and more.

Note: Smoking marijiuana is unlawful in Korea and a punishable crime.

What are your mindin thisnewest development?

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primary to unencumber

primary to unencumber "2-3" unmarried album featuring AOA"s Choa, MAMAMOO"s Hwasa, rapper PALOALTO and Iron

Following "2-1" and "2-2", primary is able to comeback with a new unmarried album "2-3".

in step with Amoeba Culture, "2-3" can be released on July 24th. The unmarried album will consist of 2 tracks with "Milleage" featuring PALOALTO and MAMAMOO"s Hwasa, whilst "Don"t Be Shy" can be treated via AOA"s Choa and Iron.

be certain that to take a look at "2-3" on July 24th at midday. READ MORE


'Show Me The Money' Rapper Iron And Yang Dong Geun To Perform At Circle Club In New York City

'Show Me The Money' Rapper Iron And Yang Dong Geun To Perform At Circle Club In New York City

Two of South Korea"s best contemporary rappers will be performing for fans in New York City next month.

On May 8, The Circle Club, in conjunction with Drag Musics, will play host to Korean hip-hop artists Iron and Yang Dong Geun.The rappers will be joined by opening act Danny Chung who was formerly known as Decipher.

Doors open at 8pm and the show is restricted to those 18 and older.

Early bird general admission tickets for the event are $30 and currently available through Eventbrite. The price will increase to $40 as the event approaches. Tickets will not be sold at the door.

VIP passes are also available for $90 and include early entrance to the venue for prime viewing spots as well as a meet and greet session and photo with the artists.

For those 21 and older, VIP table service at the club is also available for $1,000. The package includes entrance and VIP passes for eight people and full bottle service.

The Circle Club is located at 135 W. 41st Street in Manhattan. For more event details, check out the official event page on Facebook.

(Photo : Circle)

Iron shot to fame recently as the runner up on the third season of Mnet"s popular rap competition show Show Me the Money. After rising to the top of the music charts with his songs "I Am" and "Poison" from the program, last month Iron dropped his first official single "Blu."

Yang Dong Geun is a creative hip-hop visonary who is well known throughout South Korea for his unique flow and style of rapping. He also participated in Show Me the Money 3 as one of the producer-mentors.


"Unpretty Rapstar" AOA's Jimin and Rapper Iron Release Duet

AOA’s Jimin will be releasing a duet song with rapper Iron.

AOA's Jimin and rapper Iron have teamed up for a duet!

An affiliate of Polaris Entertainment, Iron’s agency, told Newsen on March 18, “Iron will be doing a duet with Jimin, due to their connection made on Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar where he recently appeared as a judge.”

According to the affiliate, the duet song will be used as the semi-final song of Unpretty Rapstar and will be released at midnight on March 19, after the show broadcasts.

Unpretty Rapstar AOA's Jimin and Rapper Iron Release Duet

Jimin recently caught attention with her unique voice and rapping on Unpretty Rapstar, while Iron is a talented rapper who won second place on Mnet’s Show Me the Money 3.

Photo credit: Newsen


No Min Woo Loses Lawsuit Opposed to SM Entertainment

No Min Woo Loses Lawsuit Opposed to SM Entertainment

No Min Woo Loses Lawsuit Opposed to SM Entertainmentjun2yng July 21, 2016 0 No Min Woo Loses Lawsuit Against SM Entertainment No Min Woo’s criminal dispute with SM Entertainment has after all reached an end. On July 21, it used to beprinted that the superstar lost his break suit against SM.

In November 2015, No Min Woo sued SM for repayment of damages incurred because of SM’s deficientcontrolwhilst No Min Woo changed into amongst TRAX — from 2004 to 2006 — as smartly equally afterward. “After I left TRAX, SM Entertainment didn’t do any leadership at all. Now nothandiest did they not be offering me any opportunities to do song or act, they careworngeneratingadministrators and production corporate executives and interfered in my entertainment activities,” acknowledged No Min Woo.

During the trial, No Min Woo claimed, “According to SM’s demands, I agreed to increase my exclusive contract, and the completeduration of the contract comes to about 17 years. After signing an unfair contract in which copyright for any customary compositions or musical productions were SM’s for 10 years, I didn'tget preserve ofanything else in return. As a result, the exclusive contract should be invalid, as it is going against social order.”

No Min Woo also cited mental stress, having had to play the drums even as a guitarist and having his activities interfered with.

However, the court ruling states that, because of theinadequate evidence, they are not able to rule the contract between SM and No Min Woo invalid. The court also said evidence proving SM’s careless management and interference in No Min Woo’s entertainment paintings was insufficient.

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