Recap: Six Things We Enjoyed About Manila’s MTV Song Evolution 2016!

Recap: Six Things We Enjoyed About Manila’s MTV Song Evolution 2016!

Recap: Six Things We Enjoyed close to Manilas MTV Tune development 2016!small_smiley June 28, 2016 0 Recap: Six Things We Loved About Manilas MTV Music Evolution 2016! June 24 used to beindisputablyan eveningto endure in mind for Manila thank you to the MTV Music Evolution 2016! With a mixture of local and foreign artists who graced the event, the displaybecome one for the books. Soompi favorite, APink was there, in conjunction with OneRepublic, Bebe Rexha, A long way East Stream and local acts – Gary V and his son, Gab, James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

The Soompi team was at the development and it was a wild one! Here are the things we certainly loved about the show!

1. Gary V and Gab’s exact dance moves.Gary V Feat. Gab Valenciano carry out at MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 on 24 Jun P.c 3(Credit- MTV AsiaKristian Dowling)

Father and son pair, Gary V and Gab, showed off some great dance abilities and they were so on point.  We kid you not. They even danced in the rain which made it even better!

2. James Reid and Nadine Lustre offeredeach and every other as “partners in crime.”James Reid and Nadine Lustre function at MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 on 24 Jun Pic 2 (Credit-MTV Asia Kris Rocha)

How adorable is that? On screen and rancid screen couple, James Reid and Nadine Lustre (also popularly known in the Philippines in combination equally “Jadine”) made the crowd swoon when they acknowledged they were partners in crime. Oh, and James also referred to as Nadine the “love of his life.” More swooning and screaming ensued after.

3.Bebe Rexha sang Eminem’s “Monster.”Bebe Rexha plays at MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 on 24 Jun Pic 1 (Credit-MTV Asia Kris Rocha)

Quick story: Bebe Rexha co-wrote Eminem and Rihanna’s “Monster” which was released in 2013. Right through the show, Bebe Rexha shared that she loves to sing songs that she wrote which is why she sang this track. Whilst the commonedition is great, we completely loved this version by way of the original songwriter.

4. OneRepublic had a reside cellist fiddling with them while they conducted “Secrets.”OneRepublic

It’s now noteachprovethat you've a cellist play with a live band. A cellist was provide on levelat some stage in “Secrets” and, honestly, it doesnt get any cooler than that.  Ample said.

5. Far East Movement’s Prohgress crowd surfed!Far East Movement

Far East Motion was lit! They had one ill prepare that riled up the target market amongst some in their popular hits like “Like a G6” and “Bang It To the Curb!” What made it even better? Member Prohgress did a conveniente-book a rough crowd surf in the midst of the show. Definitely anything you lot don’t see at Kpop concerts!

6. APink’s Bomi was spotted picking up fan gifts.APink

The ladies of APink are herbal darlings. They were absolutely cute and fascinating as they done some of their popular hits adding “NoNoNo,” “Remember,” “LUV” and “Mr.Chu.” Against the finish of their set, enthusiastsbegan throwing gifts at the stage. Bomi stopped to seize some of them to save after the show. How endearing.

There you go! A rundown of what we loved at the MTV Music Evolution 2016. Many thanks to our buddies from MTV Asia for inviting us to hide the show and for the mosh pit passes we gave away! The Soompiers who were there had as much amusing as we did.To other people who were there, what was your favourite moment at some point of the show? Let us know in the comments!

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Recap: Seven Things We Enjoyed About Beast’s Manila Fanmeet

Recap: Seven Things We Enjoyed About Beast’s Manila Fanmeet

Recap: Seven Things We Enjoyed around Beasts Manila Fanmeetsmall_smiley March 21, 2016 0 LINE it!Recap: Seven Things We Loved About Beasts Manila Fanmeet Beast has been preventing in quite so much oftowns across Asia for fanmeets, their newest one being Manila, Philippines and they utterly riled up the crowd with fun, tune and laughter.

Hyunseung wasn’t around which used to bea true bummer yetthe lads did their absolute best to make us feel greater about it through being their standard funny selves.

But we’ve don’t would like totake into accounts feeling sad. Here are seven things we loved about Beast’s Manila fanmeet!

1. Dongwoon presented himself as coming from a province in the Philippines.Beast

When they made their introductions, Dongwoon brought himself as “Dongwoon from Santa Rosa,” having spent a while there to find out about English. Santa Rosa is a town just south of Manila and Dongwoon spent some of his adolescence there.

2. Yoseob is one trippy fellow.Beast

From doing a victory lap for winning the primary game to throwing football balls at Doojoon’s back, Yoseob reasonably enjoys being playful. Oh and following Dongwoon’s introduction, he announced himself as “Yoseob from Korea.” One of these quirky one.

3. They in point of factsought afterfanatics to win prizes.

Beast played a game where they had to kick a mini soccer ball into a wall with numbers. Every number had a corresponding gift akin to a signed reproductionin theircurrent album, their 2016 Seasons Greetings and selcas to call some. After some failed attempts, they rigged the sport and played some othercircular so they had more to give away. And talking of presents…

4. They gave quirky gifts.

Aside from the gifts up to now mentioned, the boys also gave other pieces which they trulyneeded to give away. One being a Starbucks tumbler they purchased in Manila and a teddy endure that Yoseob called the “Yoseob Edition Teddy Bear.”

5. The boys were adorable and lovable all all over the show.

No, really. They hugged fans who joined them on degree for the 1st game. They would sing “Congratulations” in unity later onon every occasion a winner would be picked for the prizes they gave away. Oh, and Kikwang become spotted grabbing cameras and taking selcas when they were moving around. It was all kinds of endearing.

6. Kikwang were givenan enormous birthday cake.

Since Kikwang’s birthday is a couple of days away, fans ready a birthday cake which was brought out on stage. The gang sang the birthday song and helped Kikwang blow out the candles.

Beast is wonderful alongside their vocals and their acoustic edition of “Midnight” was evidence of it. Adequate said.

And that’s a wrap some of what we loved about Beast’s fanmeet. A distinct thank you is going out to our pals from All Get correct of access to Productions for inviting us to hide the display and for giving tickets to give away!For other folks that were there, what did you prefer about the show? Proportion them in the comments!

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Watch: MAMAMOO Hype Things Up At Karaoke Whilst  Making a song SISTAR, BIGBANG, And More

Watch: MAMAMOO Hype Things Up At Karaoke Whilst Making a song SISTAR, BIGBANG, And More

Watch: MAMAMOO Hype Things Up At Karaoke WhilstMaking a song SISTAR, BIGBANG, And Morekminjungee July 7, 2016 0 Watch: MAMAMOO Hype Things Up At Karaoke While Singing SISTAR, BIGBANG, And More When fun-loving MAMAMOO is going to karaoke, you'll bet itll be an ideal party.

During the July 7 episode of Showtime, the ladiesblow their own horns their singing abilities and how they prefer to have fun.

They begin with a song highest for the summer season, SISTARs Shake It. While things get started off lightly, it temporarily snowballs into chaotic amusing as they grow to be excited.

Wheein presentations off her fierce rap talents as they birthday celebration to BIGBANGs Bang Bang Bang next.

They then crossoldschool with Sech Kiess Couple, singing their hearts out to the nostalgic melody.

Watch their impressive yet crazy karaoke session below!

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Longest-Running K-Pop Songs On Song Charts In 2016 So Far

Longest-Running K-Pop Songs On Song Charts In 2016 So Far

Longest-Running K-Pop Songs On Tune Charts In 2016 Thus far notclaira June 12, 2016 0 Longest-Running K-Pop Songs On Music Charts In 2016 So Far Currently a Korean media outlet tested the MelOn Bestone hundredto discover songs with the maximum staying power.

Between the primary week of January (December 28 January 3) and the 1st week of June (May 30 June 5), thirteen songs have taken the No. 1 spot in the MelOn weekly chart. Of those songs, 4 stayed in the heada hundred for more than 20 weeks.

The longest-running song is “Little Girl” via Oh Hyuk for the “Reply 1988” OST. It used to be released in November of 2015, yet has stayed in the pinnacle 100 for 23 weeks in 2016 and 29 weeks in total.

Gary’s “Lonely Night” and Suzy and Baekhyun’s duet “Dream” lasted for 21 weeks in the end 100. Zico’s “I Am You, You're Me” stayed for 20 weeks.

Five songs have, whilstnow notslightlyattaining xx weeks, have passed 10 weeks in the Peak 100. GFRIEND’s “Rough” lasted 19 weeks, MAMAMOO’s “You’re The Best” lasted 15 weeks, Davichi’s “This Love” from the “Descendants of the Sun” OST lasted 14 weeks, Jang Bum Joon’s “Falling In Love” lasted 11 weeks, and 10cm’s “What the Spring??” lasted 10 weeks.

Many songs released in the spring are receiving numerous love and are most likely to have staying power, but haven't yet damaged records because of their relatively fresh releases. This comprises Jung Eun Ji’s “Hopefully Sky” which is currently at 7 weeks, TWICE’s “Cheer Up” at 6 weeks, Baek A Yeon’s “So So” at 2 weeks, and Urban Zakapa’s “I Don’t Love You” at 2 weeks. All of these songs are still in the top part of the Top 100 as of June 11.

A Loen Entertainment representative stated, “There were an building up in senior votersthe usage of smartphones to hear music. Songs like ‘Little Girl’ that remake vintage songs obtaina lot of love from folks of all ages.”

The representative also explained that acoustic songs and ballads tended to have more staying vitality than dance tracks. “People like songs with lyrics and melodies that they could also beready to relate to.”

Which of these songs are you still listening to?

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EXO Displays Their Dominant Fame With Melon Music’s Online Song Ratings For 2016

EXO Displays Their Dominant Fame With Melon Music’s Online Song Ratings For 2016

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Wish to see the outcome of EXO’s largego back this year? Take a glance at MelOn’s access numbers for 2016! 

A most sensible 40 rating for MelOn’s entry number this years stuckpastime after the headpart of the list was onceplainlyruledvia EXO. At the chart, EXO’s “Monster” and “Lucky One” in an instant reigned on height of the ratings following its release.

It become followed by Baekhyun and Suzy’s music “Dream,” on 3rd place. Even if the list also featured popular artists comparable to Taeyeon, Akdong Musician, WINNER and more, loverscan notassistyet realise that EXO blatantly controlled to occupy the pinnacle five of the rankings, proving their largerepute and forged fanbase.

Aside from MelOn, EXO dominated other online rankings such as Soribada, Genie, Mnet, Naver Music, Monkey3 and more at the time of the release, at the facet of iTunes ranking across Asia and the United States.

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These Are The head K-Pop Song Videos From The primary  Part Of 2016 Through YouTube Views

These Are The head K-Pop Song Videos From The primary Part Of 2016 Through YouTube Views

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterA rookie in the tune industry reigns excellentby ability ofrating first at themaximum viewed music videos for 2016 so far! 

On June 8th, it was once reported that TWICE ruled the charts as their video for “Cheer Up” have become the most viewed video for the year after raking in a general of 43 million views.

BTS with “Fire” got here in 2d alongside 28 million and changed into followed by G-friend, 4minute and Taeyeon respectively.

Other artists that made it into the head ten are GOT7’s “Fly,” Suzy and Baekhyun’s “Dream, Zico’s “You are me, I'm You,” Jessica Jung’s “Fly” and BTS’ “Save Me.” MAMAMOO, Jimin, NCT, Block B and Lee Hi also made it into the pinnacle fifteen of the list.

Meanwhile, after returning the music scene with their follow-up album, Cheer Up, Two timesreceived more following for their captivating and youngeridea and dominated the charts since its release.

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Top 20 Most-Viewed K-Pop Song Videos In 2016 So Far

Top 20 Most-Viewed K-Pop Song Videos In 2016 So Far

Top 20 Most-Viewed K-Pop Track Videos In 2016 To this point notclaira June 8, 2016 0 Top 20 Most-Viewed K-Pop Music Videos In 2016 So Far As we go into the month of June, the beginning of summer is a great time to appear back at theoccasions of the primarypart of the year.

Before heavy-hitters EXO and the slew of planned summer comebacks can exchange up the list, a Korean media outlet tested the most-viewed K-pop music videos of the 1st1/2 of 2016.

TWICE, BTS, and GFRIEND take the coveted Best 3 spots. TWICE’s Cheer Up is in first position amongst 43.6 million perspectives as of June 9. BTS’s “Fire” takes 2d home with 28.3 million views and GFRIEND’s “Rough” is close in the back of at 24.6 million views. It must exist noted that TWICE and BTS got here back in the spring whilst “Rough” used to be released in January.

4minute’s “Hate” is in fourth place with 23.6 million views, Taeyeon’s “Rain” is in 5th identify with 21.4 million views, and GOT7’s “Fly” is in 6th position with 20.8 million views. With GOT7 and TWICE’s entries on the list, JYP Entertainment is the only realcorporate to have two idol teams in the pinnacle 10.

Rounding out the tip ten is Baekhyun and Suzy’s duet Dream at No. 7 (18.5 million views), Zico’s “I Am You, You're Me” at No. 8 (16.9 million views), Jessica’s “Fly” at No. nine (13.9 million views), and BTS’ “Save Me” at No. 10 (14.1 million views). BTS is the single idol workforce to have two music videos in the Peak 10.

Moving into the moment one half of the Top 20! At No. 11 is MAMAMOO’s “You Are The Best” (13.7 million views), Jimin’s “Call You Bae” (12.5 million views) featuring EXO’s Xiumin is No. 12, and NCT U’s “The 7th Sense” is No. thirteen with 12 million views. Either “Dream” and “Call You Bae” have shown that cross-company collaborations can lead toa much widertarget marketin additionwonderful music.

Block B’s “Toy” is No. 14 with 11.6 million views, Lee Hi’s “Breathe” is No. 15 with 11.4 million views, and BTS’s “Epilogue: Young Forever” is No. 16 with 11.3 million views. With this 3rdaccess in the list, BTS is the best idol community to have 3 music videos in the Top 20.

WINNER’s long-awaited comeback “Sentimental” is No. 17 with 10.59 million views, Tiffany’s “I Just Wanna Dance” is No. 18 with 10.54 million views, Crush’s “Don’t Forget” is No. 19 with 9.9 million views, and I.O.I’s “Dream Girls” is No. 20 with 9.7 million views.

Which music video changed into your favourite?

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APink To Sizzle Up MTV Track Evolution Manila 2016 With OneRepublic, Bebe Rexha and Jadine!

APink To Sizzle Up MTV Track Evolution Manila 2016 With OneRepublic, Bebe Rexha and Jadine!

(Photo : MTV Asia )Bring out the coolers because this year's summer warmthis ready to hit an all-time top in Manila!MTVrevealed today, Billboard Hot one hundred artist, American singer-songwriterBebe Rexhaand Korea's favorite K-pop idol feminine group,Apinkwill sizzle up the award-winning*MTV Song Evolution Manila 2016atSM Mall of Asia Concert GroundsonFriday, June 24, 2016. The feminine acts will sign up for the performers' line-up already made out of iconic world popular band and prolific hitmakerOneRepublic, and the "reel to real" coupleJames ReidandNadine Lustre (Jadine).The one-night bestare living music tournament volition celebrate pop music like never prior to - enabling enthusiasts to enjoy and notice the evolution of father music and its dance impact that helps to keep fans moving. More acts are expected to be announced.

(Photo : Olivia Malone)Famend for her song-writing prowess for artists equivalent to Eminem and Selena Gomez, the Brooklyn-born singer/songwriter Bebe Rexha began her music adventure at a tender age. "The Monster" - her composition for Eminem and Rihanna - stuckthe eye of the industry as it used to be lauded 3 times platinum. The track's luckbecametransparent equally IT reached No. 1 at the Billboard Hot 100, which allowed Rexha to arrange for existence as a solo artist.ClickHEREto view a video message greeting from her.

"I've never been to the Philippines before yet I listen that the folk are tremendous friendly and they'reactually so smitten by music. I amtrulytaking a lookahead to striking alongside y'all guys and having a just right time!" -Bebe Rexha

(Photo : MTV Asia)"We've had such a lota laugh on the MTV World Degree previously. We are looking forward toassembly and acting for our fans in the Philippines. It's going to existany other fun party, so thank you MTV for the invite!" -Apink

Apinkis these dayssome of themaximum idolized K-pop womanteamsshapedthrough PLAN A Entertainment in 2011. Known for their candy and blamelesssymbol and side roadtaste that has captivated fans round the world, the award-winning staffis composed of Park Cho-rong, Yoon Bo Mi, Jeong Eun-ji, Son Na Eun, Kim Nam Joo, Oh Ha Young. Apink made a comeback with the 2015 liberatein their2nd album in three years, "Pink MEMORY" and name track "Remember", which crownedthe entireprimary Korean music charts, includingMelOn, the most important music streaming web site in Korea insidean afternoon of its release. The preferred song also hit No. thirteen on Billboard's Most sensible Twitter Tracks chart and No.14 on World Virtual Songs. The ladyneighborhood recently returned from a North American tour, which marked the primary K-pop girl organization to stage more than onedisplays in North The us since 2012.

Recorded live for global telecast below the MTV World Stage global series, MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 will achieve an foreigntarget market of more than three-quarters of a thousand millionfamilies in over 160 countries.MTV Asia VJs Alan WongandHanli Hoeferwill be web hosting the event, along withMTV Pinoy VJs Yassi PressmanandAndre Paras.

The display premieres on MTV onTuesday, 19 July at 3pm (WIB ), 4pm (PH/SG) and 5pm (MY/TH).

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Photos Song Joong-ki,

Photos Song Joong-ki, "I do the tough things"

Actor Song Joong-ki is at it again.

Fashion mag Bazaar released cuts of Song Joong-ki.

In the photos, Song Joong-ki is dressed in a patterned outfit and is sprawled out on a couch. His eyes are watery as he looks at the camera. In any other photo, Song Joong-ki is taking a look at the camera without a trace of amusement in his face.

Meanwhile, the Hallyu celebrity Song Joong-ki is maintaining a fan assembly in 8 Chinese cities.