Roundtabel: KCON Pointers and Stories

Roundtabel: KCON Pointers and Stories

20140819_seoulbeats_kcon4Roundtabel: KCON Pointers and ReportsWritten through Pat On June 23, 201620140404_seoulbeats_kconIt’s that point of year again: KCON time. For some, KCON season way wallowing in distresswhilstwe wantthe developmentmight be hosted just a little closer to where we lived—or that there was oncemore cash in our wallets, or simply more time in our lives. For others, it capability hours of giddy excitement as we stare longingly at the bought tickets and consciously forget about the matching void in our bank accounts.

But what precisely is KCON? For the onespeople unfamiliar with the event, KCON is an annual Kpop conference for “All Things Hallyu. While it all started in 2012 at Irvine, California’s Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, it has since expanded to incorporateoccasions in Japan, France, and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This year, KCON Big apple returns to the Prudential Middle in Newark, New Jersey from June 24th to the 25th, and KCON L. a. volition likewise go back to the Staples Center from July 29th to the 31st.

With KCON correctround the corner, those of us that experiencenow not been to KCON before—and even those of us that have—are inquisitive about your experience(s) at the event. Do you've any tips that couldpercentage amongst other fanatics going to KCON this year? And are there any stories you ought to share about your experience(s) there?

Cjontai: For someone attending KCON in California, please heed my warning. The sun is a big hater! Slather on all of the sunscreen imaginable and drink quite so much of water. I saw such much offolkstaking a look like lobsters closing fourth dimension one went, and they gave the impressionfully miserable. Don't underestimate this heat! Were in a drought for a reason; its no joke.

Also ensure youdisplay up early to line up for entry. In 2014, my pals and I waited over 2 hours just to get in in the process the gate for the explanation that line of workprolonged aboutthe whole venue. Some Starlights were understandably disenchanted by the lengthenas the fan tournament for VIXX ended earlier than they even were given in. Things were greaterarrangedthe following day, but it still sucked that the personnelregarded unprepared the primary day. Hopefully, theyve progressed from the former years, so fans wont be frustrated by any confusion.

20140819_seoulbeats_kcon2And please be sort to other fandoms. I talked to a woman who had a impolitestumble upon with some mean ARMYs, and sadly, she wasnt the just one with that story. As a fellow fan, it broke my center to pay attention about the fandom making others feel badly for not liking their bias group. This occasionis meant to be about how Korean entertainment has brought us in combinationthruthe thrill ITprovides us. Shall wecenter of attention on loving the truth that our faves are in the endout there to us (Im gonna see SHINee! Im gonna see SHINee!) and include being around other fans who wont pass judgement on yous negatively for being attentive to k-pop.

Lindsay: Thankfully, last year, 2015, and this year, 2016, the convention is held inside of at the Los Angeles Convention Center, so not more sunburns! Yet if youre making plans on walking around outdoor in downtown LA or Koreatown right through con down-time, Cjontais recommendationfor sure stands. 2013 and 2014 were very rough because of sunburn and heat, so I cant even start toexplicit how thankful I'm that they moved the con indoors. It made all theenjoy more delightfuland not more exhausting.

As for arrival, make the maximum of the early check-in! Last year there were check-in times on Thursday in addition Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Basically, take the earliest likelihood you get; do whatever your agenda allows, because yeah, theres at all times a line. It changed intofar better last year than old years, so we will be in a position tohandiest hope 2016 is even better. Once again, being indoors has many advantages like genuinepc systems for take a glance at in, and air-conditioned line time.

Speaking of waiting in lines, I do have a little non-public advice for first-time (and returning) con goers: check out not to get too wrapped up in chasing those opportunities to perhaps run across an idol. I know, I know, youre there to peer them, and I completelynotice that, but just take into account that there are this sort ofgreat amount of other awesome things to do at KCON you dont would like to spend the complete weekend status in line, and its simply toosimple to finally finish up doing that and lacking out on other things. If youre at a loss, cross to a panel, despite the truth that youre not certain youre interested bythe subject (you maybe told something!), sign up for a workshop (hurray unfastened food!), or go perform a little dancing! Theres constantlyanything happening, so dont feel like youre obligated to wait in each and every line.

20130830_seoulbeats_kcon4And most importantly, stay an eye out for Seoulbeats staff! Neatly exist there on more than one panels, and just walking around taking section in ourselves!

Lorenza: I 2d Lindsays advice! Yes, maybe seeing your fave sounds awesome, but the panels they provide are interesting and informative. Theres always something going down somewhere and if youre like me and spend way too much time on YouTube, some of your favourite K-Pop YouTubers will most probably be lingering around.

Also bring snacks! I will nottension this enough. While they have got food trucks and theres some free food in the convention floor, snacks are essential. Its difficultto maintain on adrenaline by myself and now and again its just not purposefulto move wait in line or life like for your budget. I also suggest bringing a water bottle since running from panel to panel or even standing in line may also be dehydrating, especially in LA.

This will be a no brainer, but I also put forward either bringing your charger for whatever electronics you propose on bringing with you, if possible. Here'smost significant for your mobile phone and camera. Not having the ability to touchthe folk youre with or if you are makingvisitors there is one of the crucial stressful thing that may happen.

Finally, be bound you take time to discover a quiet position and let yourself be calm. Theres such a lot going on it should become seriously overwhelming. Typically precisely sitting in a corner for 15 mins is all you want to regroup and get excited for the remainder of the day. Besides, the entire signal is to have fun! Its hard to have a laughwhile you spend lots of the weekend wired out and crushed by the entirety happening.

Seoulmates, are any of you going to KCON? If youve attended before do you have any methods and stories to share with each person else?


Lee Min Ho To wait KCON L. a. 2016

Lee Min Ho To wait KCON L. a. 2016

Lee Min Ho To wait KCON L. a. 2016kokoberry July 21, 2016 0 Lee Min Ho To Attend KCON LA 2016 Actor Lee Min Ho is heading to KCON LA!

It has been showed that Lee Min Ho could be attending the festival as a representative for Korean dramas and films.

Having hit dramas like Boys Over Flowers, Heirs, and more below his belt, Lee Min Ho is a smartselection equally a representative Hallyu star.

In addition to the actor, KCON LAs lineup contains BTS, SHINee, Block B, MONSTA X, Eric Nam, ASTRO, GFRIEND, Amber, DEAN, I.O.I, Davichi, Turbo, TaeTiSeo, and TWICE.

KCON LA will take position from July 29 to 31 at the Staples Middle and Los Angeles Conference Center.

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Tickets for Halo Championship Series: Pro Leage Finals At KCON 2016 Los angeles Now On Sale

Tickets for Halo Championship Series: Pro Leage Finals At KCON 2016 Los angeles Now On Sale

(Photo : ESL)Calling all KCON-ers! The Halo Championship Series (HCS) Pro League Summer 2016 Season Finals can begoing down at KCON 2016 L. a. next week.

AdvertisementPresented via Toyota, the world's greatest Korean culture conference and song festival, KCON, has added the HCS Pro League Finals to this year's LA lineup. The tournament will be held at The Novo by Microsoft at L.A. Resideand may run July 30-31.

Tickets for the tournament are on sale now and will also bebought at Overall admission tickets are $40 whilst VIP tickets will most probably be purchased for $55. While eitherprice ticket tiers come with a one-day admission to the KCON convention, the VIP tickets comprisea massive number ofadvantages including: top rate leather seating closer to the actions, fiveunfastened Gold REQ Packs to be used in Halo 5: Guardians, a possibility to get in at the action with the Halo 5: Guardians Free-For-All tournament, featuring a prize pool of $5,000, and more!

Those who arrive early are in for a treat. On Saturday the primarytwo hundred attendees to the tournament will get keep of a collector's Halo Mega Bloks set, while on Sunday, the 1st 200 will receive a plush mobile phone holder, courtesy of LINE.

Over the processthose two days at KCON 2016 LA, the maximum efficient North American Halo groups from both the Pro League and the Open Circuit will fight for the championship identify and a percentage of the $225,000 prize pool.

Relegation and Finals for both the Pro League and the Open Circuit will start on Saturday, July 30 with four teams combating their way thru a double removing bracket. The epic conclusion to these two tournaments will take position on Sunday, July 31.

For additional info on the rundown of the development please discuss with HERE.

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MAMAMOO Moonbyul’s Strict Vitamin  Pointers  Come with Being Antisocial

MAMAMOO Moonbyul’s Strict Vitamin Pointers Come with Being Antisocial

MAMAMOO Moonbyuls Strict NutritionGuidelinesCome with Being Antisocial?ehk38 July 19, 2016 0 MAMAMOO Moonbyuls Strict Diet Tips Encompass Being Antisocial? MAMAMOOs Moonbyul and Sun held a marvelresidecirculation on Naver V App on July 19.

During the broadcast, Moonbyul and Solar supplies their two cents to audience who postmore than a few questions.

One viewer asks, What way of eating regimen is effective?

I wish to know too, Solar says. I wish tomove on a diet because I wonnumerous weight recently, yet its been hard.

Moonbyul responds, Ive lost 10 kilograms. There's a method. Its not to leave the house. You can't meet pals because they're going to ask, Wish tovisit the cafe? Needto glance at a movie? I stayed at house and put myself on a limited diet.

What whenever you lose your entire friends? Solar asks, to which Moonbyul replies with aegyo, Neatly one have you, Yong Sun (Solars birth name). Youre going to play with me.

Moonbyul also is going into the details of her diet regiment, I made certain to ate candy potato with all 3foods as a phase of my diet.

In the morning, I had two sweet potatoes and once cup of milk. For lunch, I had diet cereal, a sweet potato, and an egg. For dinner, I'dconsume two sweet potatos or so, Moonbyul shares.

I also practiced dancing. Even supposing it was once the summer, I might wear garments that would make me hot and prepare dancing, Moonbyul says.

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Nana Responds To Certain  Stories Of Her Acting In “The Just right Wife”

Nana Responds To Certain Stories Of Her Acting In “The Just right Wife”

Nana Responds To SureReports Of Her Acting In The great Wifeehk38 July 14, 2016 0 Nana Responds To Positive Reviews Of Her Acting In The coolest Wife After Faculties Nana, who is making her first foray into performing on tvNs new Friday-Saturday drama The Just right Wife, stocks her mindat the positive comments she has been receiving for her acting.

Nana first expresses gratitude for the positive viewer response. I'm so thankful to the variousaudience who are taking a look kindly on my acting, even supposing Im sure Im missing in numerousfacets since here's my first try at acting domestically.

She continues, There are moments when I believe dazed, yetup to Ive been receiving positive reviews, I canmanner my acting with a feeling of responsibility. I'm going to give my all, learn aboutthe nature Kim Dan, and paintingschallengingin order thatI'm able todisplay yous an even largeredition of myself.

In The Smart Wife, which is a remake of the yankeetv series of the similar name, Nana plays the role of Kim Dan, an investigator running for a law firm.

The Perfect Wife airs each Saturday at 8:30 p.m. KST on tvN.

Are you playing Nanas acting in this drama?

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Event Policy HanCinema on KCON Long island 2016 Panels

Event Policy HanCinema on KCON Long island 2016 Panels

KCON(Photo : hancinema) At KCON Manhattan 2016 presented by capability of Toyota HanCinema had the privilege and the excitement of being on two panels with some amazing colleagues: "The Go back of the call of the gameLifestyles of K-pop Lovers Over 30" and "From K-pop Fan to K-pop Professional". Those panels represented HanCinema's first panel revel in at KCON and we felt so welcomed by our fellow panelists.

Hallyu execs from in each and everyunmarried place the spectrum accumulatedto discuss their expertise, and their passion. The component of pastime is what makes the Hallyu journalism one of the crucial more authentic subsets of journalism. It could also be that ardour that made the panels successful.

AdvertisementThe "The Return of the Secret Life of K-pop Fans Over 30" panel used to bea successas a result of the five ladies from other walks of life and Hallyu journalism. It changed into moderated by entrepreneur, Youtuber, and all around life of the party, Multifacetedacg. She prepped music, games, giveaways, and kept the glide of the consultation moving whilstenticing the target market amongst questions and callouts. Young Ajummah, a Youtuber, podcaster, blogger, and pre-school instructor explained her very refined way of sharing K-pop with the arena every bit a running adult: play it throughoutmagnificence and use it for finding out about tune and culture! I, Lisa Espinosa AKA Raine, mentioned my go back and forth to Korea with the Korea Joa program, and felt privileged to have the opposite over-30 girlssettle for me into their fold. Leah Westbrook AKA Zombie Mama, writer, photographer, mom of 4 and lover of all things Korean, has gotten to do a little amazing interviews while also being an concerned mother and wife. Stephanie Kurtz from Kchat Jjigae, a creator and podcaster, in spite of being asked at a concert if she was a chaperone, continues to constitute older K-pop lovers with gusto and verve!

As older fans of the Hallyu wave, we every now and thenobtainperplexed and ageist comments from an audience most commonlyproduced fromteenagers and young twenty-somethings. Have any of you older HanCinema readers experienced this? So long aswe like K-pop, Korean Drama, Korean Film, and Korean culture, there is not anythingto prevent United States of America from loving and taking phase inup toany person else.

And in relation to the panelists, we also make careers out of loving, knowing, and writing/photographing/Youtubeing/podcasting about Hallyu. This was discussed during HanCinema's 2nd panel "From K-pop Fan to K-pop Professional" moderated by documentary maker and writer, Adrienne Stanley.Jeff Benjamin of Fuse, the guy who paved the wave for K-pop journalism in the United States, was the lone guyat the panel, yet very much enjoyed and well-received. Tamar Herman of Billboard and KultScene has made a profession for herself writing, currently interviewing K-pop powerhouses like Tiffany and Jessica of Girl's Generation. Angie Mills, photographer for Kpopstarz captures amazing moments in Hallyu to percentage with the realm and has photographed award ceremonies, K-pop concerts, conventions, and more. Multifacetedacg and I rounded out the panel. This panel traversed a good deal ofsubjectsstarting frommild to more serious. On the happier facet of things, Tamar was recently followed by Tiffany on social media, while Adrienne attended remaining year's MAMA awards in China. We also spoke about how we were given started: Multifacetedacg began on her camera telephone and I used to be contacted by the use of Twitter.

Please take a glance at the video under to have a flavor of the awesome panels HanCinema got to take a seat on. Let us know what you have confidence you lot studied in the comments below!

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A Glance Back At A First Timer's KCON The giant apple 2016 - Day 2

A Glance Back At A First Timer's KCON The giant apple 2016 - Day 2

Kcon New York 2016 At The Prudential Center - June 24th-25th, 2016 PHOTOS (Photo : Angie Turbines for KpopStarz ) Entering the 2d one day of KCON The large apple made me excited than I used to be the day before. Perhaps because I best had one panel to wait and had more time to explore at the convention. And also maybe since the hype for the key headliner, BTS, used to be intense.

AdvertisementChecked-in and browsed, loads of lovers wore black and white with the letters "BTS" or a member's call on them.

Kcon New York 2016 At The Prudential Center - June 24th-25th, 2016 PHOTOS (Photo : Angie Mills for KpopStarz )

After my remaining panel with NuttyNomads, East Coast K-Spots, there has beenan infinitequantity of time for me to try the Korean food street. From the Nongshim Shin Ramyun stand for the ones thatwish to existrelatively sadistic and treat themselves to a hot taster of ramyun in the sweltering warmth to the Melona booth wearing3other flavors in their signature ice pops to cool things down.

Kcon New York 2016 At The Prudential Center - June 24th-25th, 2016 PHOTOS (Photo :Angie Mills for KpopStarz )

A few meters away, lines of local food trucks got herevia to give a dose of Asian cuisine. From the potato spiral, Korean tacos, to kimbap and other Korean boulevard foods, there were also burgers and fries to be hador even an ice cream truck serving them in scoops in a hot glazed doughnut called creamybuns.

Kcon New York 2016 At The Prudential Center - June 24th-25th, 2016 PHOTOS (Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz)

On the opposite side, of the convention, Day6 made a distinct appearance in the Toyota booth and did a small meet and greet with fortunate fans. Taking photographs and an never-ending amount of fan service, the encompassingspaces of the tent become packed.

Throughout the conference fans were spotted shooting amongst their favourite K-Pop YouTubers similar to J.R.E and Jun Curry Ahn whilst they post up short meet and greet spots round the convention.

Moments later, the crowd headed in for the moment and last day of KCON's M! Countdown concert.

Just like the primary day's host, Ailee and Rap Monster took the degreeback and offered the night's opener - MAMAMOO.

Mamamoo On KCON NY Red Carpet At The Prudential Center - June, 25 2016 PHOTOS (Photo : Angie Mills for KpopStarz )

The four-member ladycrew brought the crowd to cheers proving that their reputationis solely every bitwonderful the male teams on the KCON line-up. While they sang "You're The Best" in their setlist it was when they sang "Taller Than You (1cm)" when I were given hyped. Now not because that was the sole song I knew, yet the beat sounded like a badass feminineedition of Eminem's "The GenuineSlender Shady."

After MAMAMOO's set, JYP's choice pop/rock back Day6 came out in complete ensemble appearing "Letting Go," "Congratulations," and "Freely." As many idea their set might've been a brief one, the crowd created a special stage and collaborated with MAMAMOO. The 2 groups conducted a K-Pop medley of CN Blue's "I'm A Loner," Big Bang's "Lies" and the sweetness Girls' "Nobody."

Day6 On KCON NY Red Carpet At The Prudential Center - June, 25 2016 PHOTOS (Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz)

Bringing a more romantic feel to the concert, Eric Nam popped up from the front-end of the concert stage with a bouquet of roses as offers them out to his fans as he plays his first song. Followed by his vintagetune "I'm Okay" the singer/song-writer and host entertained his fans with non-publicstudies and jokes in between songs. Debuting his exclusive unmarried with Kolaj, Eric Nam accomplished "Into You" and gave Prudential Center a run for its participation as the crowd clapped and jumped along to the EDM track.

Eric Nam On KCON NY Red Carpet At The Prudential Center - June, 25 2016 PHOTOS (Photo : Angie Mills for KpopStarz )

It was moments later that Eric came back on stage with Ailee for every other particular phase performing Soyou and Jung Gigo's hit song "Some." With the two buddies hilariously noticing how awkward the functionality afterwards, the two Korean-American K-Pop stars ended the evening as MCs to introduce the primary headliners of KCON - BTS.

BTS On KCON NY Red Carpet At The Prudential Center - June, 25 2016 (Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz)

Screams were louder than ever as the stage was lit. Literally. The displays on stage already gave a trace to what was the group's opening song would be- "FIRE." The Prudential Center lit up inside milliseconds with lightsticks and mildforums as fans began jumping up and down from their seats spazzing.

BTS comes up from the stage in flaming charismatic poses as they and the crowd started to sing "FIRE."

I, myself, could nothang back the dancing as well. I would most likely not know the choreography but there was some intense headbanging, head bopping and dabbing on my end.

Soon following up with "Save Me," BTS continues to leave a deep affect within everybody with their synchronized choreography to the tropical house-like track.

When it came to particular person introductions, the screams just grew louder and louder. The neighborhood then broke it down with performing a complete freestyle/rap ensemble and closed out the night with their viral hit "DOPE."

The night was not anything simply lit.

As all the KCON Day 2 performers came out for the closing stage, artists gave their proportion of fan provider by sending out flying kisses, mini-hearts and waves. Some artists like Ailee and MAMAMOO busted out in moves while BTS's Junggook proved himself to be the king of Dabs as he dabbed across one finish of the stage to another.

The amusing was at its top but it was unluckyto gain that KCON 2016 has come to an end.

They say time flies by when you may have got fun. And as for anyone who experienced KCON for the 1st time, it was an revel in that was way too fun and too fast. Till next year!

KCON L. simply around the corner so stay an eye out for KpopStarz's coverage!

© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Eric Nam And f(x)s Amber Sign up for KCON L. a. Lineup

Eric Nam And f(x)s Amber Sign up for KCON L. a. Lineup

Eric Nam And f(x)’s Amber Sign up for KCON Los angeles Lineupilmare42 July 11, 2016 0 Eric Nam And f(x)’s Amber Connect KCON LA Lineup Excellentpals Eric Nam and f(x) member Amber will either be taking to the level at KCON LA!

On July 11 (local time), KCON LA announced by way of Twitter that those two talented artists are joining the show’s already impressive lineup.

KCON LA is being held from July 29 to 31 at the Staples Middle and Los Angeles Conference Center, with both Saturday and Sunday nights packed with epic performances. So far, the Saturday concert will feature SHINee, I.O.I, GFRIEND, DEAN, Block B, and Amber, whilst BTS, TWICE, MONSTA X, Girls’ Generation’s sub-unit TaeTiSeo, ASTRO, and Eric Nam could befunctioning on Sunday.

In addition, Amber will be joining DEAN at the Friday night time KLUB KCON event.

For more data on KCON LA, take a glance at their website online here.

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A Glance Back At A First Timer's KCON The giant apple 2016 - Day 1

A Glance Back At A First Timer's KCON The giant apple 2016 - Day 1

Kcon New York 2016 At The Prudential Center - June 24th-25th, 2016 PHOTOS(Photo : Angie Turbines For KpopStarz)Kcon New York 2016 At The Prudential Center - June 24th-25th, 2016 PHOTOS(Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz)Kcon New York 2016 At The Prudential Center - June 24th-25th, 2016 PHOTOS(Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz)After nearly a decade of being a K-Pop fan and lacking out on KCON ever because the beginning, I after all had the danger to make it to the mecca of the All Things Hallyu event. After years of missing out on Los Angeles and the primary New York prevent in 2015, I used to bein a positionnot to just most effective exist a reporter - yet a panelist.

On Friday, Jun. 24, KCON U.s.a. kicked off their two-day New York cease at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.

AdvertisementKcon New York 2016 At The Prudential Center - June 24th-25th, 2016 PHOTOS (Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz)

Fans scattered all over the conference grounds maintaining signs, posters, and freebies whilst others dressed up in K-Pop-inspired outfits or maybe K-Pop superheroes (Deadpools dressed in BTS jerseys).

(Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz) Kcon New York 2016 At The Prudential Center - June 24th-25th, 2016 PHOTOS

While fans collect and flock from the convention degree to the workshops and panels, some of KCON's line-up made special appearances in the direction of the day at subsidized booths. With the use of the KCON apps, attendees were capable of get push notifications on special guest and match alerts.

1million Dance Studio's Lia Kim made a different appearance in the afternoon at the Toyota Booth, while Weigh down walked beyond Panel #2, Hallyu Fan On A Budget, around midday to moviea brief bit for his KCON concert introduction.

However, what mightbelieve being the maximum importantwonder of the convention used to be when MAMAMOO, who become scheduled to accomplishthe 2d one day of KCON NY, took the convention stage for a short appearance causing attendees to run from one finish to another.

(Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz ) Kcon New York 2016 At The Prudential Center - June 24th-25th, 2016 PHOTOS

As thousands of fans collectedwithin to what was my 2015 university graduation venue, it was astounding to look the plethora of concertgoers stock up Prudential Center in a question of minssooner than the show.

Just moments later, lighting went off and BTS' Rap Monster and soloist Ailee took the stage as the KCON x M! Countdown concert hosts. Seventeen unfolded the displayacting their hits "Pretty U," "Adore U," and "Mansae."

(Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz) Seventeen On KCON NY Red Carpet At The Prudential Center - June, 24 2016

Crush popped up from the stage and serenaded the crowd with his crooning voice making a song tracks like "Sometimes" or even rapping to ZICO's verse in "OASIS."

Crush On KCON NY Red Carpet At The Prudential Center - June, 24 2016 (Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz) Getting the crowd pumped for the remainder of the night, Crush soaked the front-rows with water as he performed.

Soon after, New Jersey-native Ailee showed professionalism at its best when the song to her first song functionality "Mind Your Own Business" bring to an end mid-chorus. Regularly singing till the end of the 1st chorus, fans chanted and cheered the solo performer as her and back up dancers kept going.

(Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz )

Ailee On KCON NY Red Carpet At The Prudential Center - June, 24 2016 (Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz)Soon after, Ailee had to re-do the performance for the M! Countdown taping but the Prudential Center kept roaring with fans rooting for the singer's attiude after the incident.

"It hasn't evertook place to me before," Ailee stated after her performance as she jokes that the sound incident will also beregarded as her welcome back present.

(Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz ) BTOB On KCON NY Red Carpet At The Prudential Center - June, 24 2016

BTOB then got here out in a crimson and white ensemble striking on a prove alongside their hits "IT'S OK," "BEEP BEEP," and "Remember That."

For a special stage performance, Seventeen came back out in unison dressed in marching band outfits very an identical to swain Pledis' artist womanteam After Faculty during their BANG!" era. Performing a K-Pop medley, the individuals did a canopy of "BANG," Great Junior's "Sorry, Sorry" and "Balloons."

Ending the eveningat thejust right note, Choiza and Gaeko made an eye-popping creation for their performance that smoothly weaved into performing "BAAM!" and "Shoot! (Goal In!)." Inviting fellow Amoeba Culture artist out, Crush joined Dynamic Duo in a performance of "Friday Night." Soon after, all of KCON's first day line-up joined in the party.

Though the developmentcan have felt love it was cut short, the first day of KCON brought much anticipation in the crowd for the moment day as artists like Eric Nam, DAY6, MAMAMOO and BTS are set to perform.

© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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KCON Big apple Concert Day 2: From Starting to End, Uncontrollable Excitement

KCON Big apple Concert Day 2: From Starting to End, Uncontrollable Excitement

20160701_seoulbeats_kconny2016_btsKCON The giant apple Concert Day 2: From Starting to End, Uncontrollable ExcitementWritten through Madi On July 4, 201620160701_seoulbeats_kconny2016_crowdKCON 2016 Big apple Presented by Totoya held at the Prudential Middle in Newark, NJ unquestionably proved to be a festival to celebrate all things Hallyu and day two was once no other from day one.

The following may also bestated around most, if now not all, conventions: Saturday is usually and without a doubt the main day. The crowd is bigger, the lines at dealer booths are longer, and other people are waiting early in line for total admission. And we’re not speaking 10am when the conference starts. There has beenindividualscoated up as early as 8:30am.

Fast ahead to 7pm and it's far concert time. Saturday’s line up consisted of Mamamoo, Eric Nam, Day6, and BTS.

20160702_seoulbeats_kconusa_day6BTS changed into the headliner for the concert (and beautiful much all of KCON was about BTS) and any time their call was mentioned, the crowd went wild making it glaring who they were most commonly there for.

But the crowd was not biased. All of the artists gaineda wonderful amount of shouting, applauding, cheering, and not many of us sitting, if any, all over their sets.

The opening of the concert started amongst Jun Sung-ahn. Whilst many now know him as BgA’s maknae, he’s known for his violin and dance covers of K-pop songs. He conducted one reside song and then BTS’s “Save Me”, whole with dance moves from the song’s tune video. He was actually a just right artist to get the crowd excited.

Ailee and BTS’s Rap Monster returned to MC some otherevening of the concert. Unlike day one, there was less scripted lines and the communique between the either one of them and the crowd gave the impression more natural.

Mamamoo was the primary act to grace the degree with their jazzy vocals and dominating stage presence. The set list composed of “You’re the Best”, “Mr. Ambiguous”, “Taller than You”, “Piano Man,” and “Um Oh Ah Yeh”. Thosewomenknow the wayto engage with and go a crowd. To be added to a Saturday line up was a plus because they were definitely a fan favourite that night.

Even even though Hwasa owned the stage, I couldn’t stay my eyes off Solar. Visually, she was surprising (still is), but vocally? She threw down some notes and I felt like I practically forgot to breathe.

And I’ll admit, I won't don a radish mild stick any time soon, but I believe I’m intrigued adequate straight offto hear their music more actively.  As per the mid-year review, I did actuallypay attention to their newest album, but it was my 2dcreation to them, the 1st being “Ahh Oop!” with eSNa.

On the calmer aspect of the night, Eric Nam showed up with a bouquet of roses to hand out which was in sync with his intro video. While the crowd neglected out on “Ohh Ohh”, which he didn’t realize was so popular, Eric was awesome ample to pattern an acapella edition of the song.  

Despite the loss of “Ohh Ohh”, Eric executed “Good For You”, “I’m Okay”, “Heaven’s Door” and “Into You.” Most artists don’t have a tendencyto accomplish songs which are as well asfresh for the shortcoming of fan engagement, but he didn’t care. Prior to taking the crowd away with “Into You”, he told the crowd that since he’s a solo singer, he has no backup dancers. On account of that, he wantedall and sundry to dance. Despite the reality that many would possibly peg Eric Nam as a ballad singer, he definitely has a charismatic way with the crowd. And if you’re not conversant in Mr. Nam, then that a phase of his personality will certainly sneak up on you and sweep you off your feet.

After a display of Rap Monster’s aegyo via Ailee’s push which he was perplexed every bit to how the crowd knew that note Day6 install to take the Prudential Center by storm. I say this because Day6 isn’t like other K-pop acts, they’re strictly a band that fairly much promotes on their own. They don’t have much assist from JYPE outdoor of being a protection net, so for them to come to KCON was good way to introduce them to new lovers and give existing fans a possibility to shower them with love.

Day6’s set list incorporated of “Letting Go”, “Congratulations”, and “Freely”. Surprisingly, on KCON’s list of the artist’s song stash playlist, their debut song, “Congratulations”, didn’t make the cut which individually is one in their best songs as a group. Day6 most certainly had some of the best setlists, acting their most pleasurable songs.

Having the lads on stage, it was quilt time. Like the former night of Seventeen’s canopy of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry,” Day6 led the crowd into some conceal songs by performing CN Blue’s “I’m a Loner” and “Lies” by Big Bang. It definitely took the target audience a moment to consider of the latter song. While the crowd stayed true to CN Blue, they made “Lies” their own by their musical rearrangement. Even although they played a small intro of the song, the crowd didn’t change intoconscious about what song they were covering till Jae started making a song “I’m so sorry, but I like you…” Then, the crowd went berserk.

Riding that wave, the band beganto hide Wonder Girls’s “Nobody”. Day6, like the song before, made this song their own. Midway though, Mamamoo returned to the stage to sing and dance to the song. All people was singing along, reminiscing in the throwback moment.

Just while youconcept the covers were over, Ailee and Eric Nam returned to the stage performing “Some” by SoYou and JunggiGo. I wasn’t familiar with this song, but the 2 played the romance feel of the song moderatelyneatly and the chemistry was great between them. It was showed at the end that either are remarkable at acting, confessing the interactions between them in the route of the song were weird.

Finally, the headliners were making their way to the stage. The audience have beenlooking forward to this moment and couldn’t hang back any longer, knowing your complete artists had already played for the night and there was just one left. In spite of not desiring an intro, a video introduction played, perhaps messing with the crowd’s inability to wait.  And after a pause that gave the glance of an eternity, “Fire” started to play as the members of BTS arrived, bobbing up on a platform in the process the stage.

The power BTS gave though their entire set list was out of this international and nobody dared to take a seat down during their performances. “Save Me” was their only slow song with the purpose to speak, but the calories started to incline back when they performed “Fun Boys.” Yet what actuallywere given the crowd hyped back up was when they stunned the audience with “Cypher pt. 3”. BTS hasn’t released a Cypher since before their The Most lovely Moment in Life series. Even though the crowd went loopy for “Fire,” when the first few beats of “Cypher pt.3” dropped, the crowd promptly lost their well, you know.

The workforce wrapped up the concert with “Dope” which was a good way to end their set list and the night because KCON 2016 NY Saturday night’s concert was not anything but “Dope”.

I don’t know about any of you who attended Saturday’s concert, but it felt too short. The blocked off the time for the concert was 7pm 10pm, but the concert ended at 9:30pm. Not just that, but taking into account BTS was the headliner, they might possess done no less than3 more songs to have a whole of 8 performances. With BTS’s setlist, adding “I Want You” and probably swapping out “Fun Boys” for “Bapsae” would have made the concert more enjoyable…

IMG_6682Even though I think this way, I left the concert feeling content. I used to bein a position to revel in all the artists in user and be swept up by the energy from the concert. I walked into the Prudential Center feeling tired from all the policy nosotros did during the day, but that was all long gonethe instant the lighting fixtures went low and the concert began.

What was your expertise during the concert? Did you would like for more or simply felt bless enough for it to all go down in one night? Please leave your mind in the comments and hope to look next year, KCON!

(YouTube, Photo credit: CJ EM, Seoulbeats)