Roundtable: Los Angeles KCON Concert Review!

Roundtable: Los Angeles KCON Concert Review!

20160803_seoulbeats_kcon16Roundtable: Los Angeles KCON Concert Review!Written via Lindsay On August 4, 2016201600717_seoulbeats_kcon2016Another year, another KCON LA. As usual, the line-up used to beout of the ordinaryeither nights and the fanaticsnearly brought the home down. For other people that didnt attend, or that want a reminder, here's the line-up:

Lets talk about our experiences!

Favorites? Least favorites? Things you liked/thought worked well, or didnt? Fangirl/boy moment?

Willis: Saturday becomemore than likely my favourite of the 2 nights. I for my part had more power and felt like there has been a just rightdrift to the lineup. I used to be pumped to hear Dean and he didnt disappoint with his velvet voice and degree presence.

I was stunned by how much I enjoyed Turbos performance, and the special Turbo duvet stages by Astro and GFriend. It was an ideal throwback to an older era; the songs were catchy and Turbo can still paintings a crowd. SHINee are just unbelievable. Ive observed them a couple of times before, yet they were just electric that night. I even heard Minho have become a bias wrecker for some our of own staff.

20160803_seoulbeats_kcon16ericMonsta X beganthe 2nd oneevening amongst a bang. They were at KCON L. a.ultimate year, but the enlargementin their phaseair of mysteryover the last year is evident. They are far moreself-assured and charismatic this year and their personalities filled the arena. Astro were a pleasant surprise. They pull off thoselovely songs with some complex choreography and are undoubtedly talented newcomersto appear out for. Twice gave me lifestyles on night 2 when they got here out making a song Cheer Up whilst BTS left me devoid of any life force when they rocked the stage the screams of thousands of fans rang in my ears for the remainder of the night.

Cjontai: Initially, I was worried that being in the pit would be a nightmare, but it in truth wasnt too bad. I kinda lucked out by being close to the back edge because I had a truly good, transparent view of the idols. Being short has many disadvantages if youre in the pit, so do your best possible to be up front or along the sides. Steer clean of getting stuck in the center equallymost sensible as you can. Also, work up your calves for all of thestatus youll be doing for 2 hours.

Surprisingly, I.O.I was my favorite from the night. Agree with that SHINee gatheredeach ounce of my soul, but I.O.I opened the concert with such great, bubbly energy. I didnt be expecting to even sing along, yet here I was bouncing round the pit to select Me.

Going back to SHINee, I believe 1 blacked out in brief when Jonghyun and Key moved to our phase because I still wasnt in a positionto look my bias Jonghyun that freaking close. I recorded a snippet of the historical moment, but the primary 10 seconds is me shaking the camera and looking toacquire my brain cells. I totally lost it!

Seeing Quincy Jones and Lee Min-ho were other noteworthy moments. And yes, Lee Min-ho is super fine in person. Its almost unfair that hes so attractive.

20160803_seoulbeats_kcon16btsLo: Saturday was certainlythe easier night of the concerts. Ive never been a Dean fan too slow and measured for my tastes but he killed it onstage. Just such a lot charisma. I.O.I. was beautiful fun, even though I was bummed that Overwhelm wasnt on their setlist. The highlight, though, was SHINee. Seeing their dancing up close and privatereplaced my life. The vocals were stunning, the setlist was awesome; Stunning was an unforeseen but fabulous choice. And yes, Willis, Minho by hook or by crook went from my least favorite member to tying with Jonghyun for my SHINee bias. I dont know either.

Day 2 was a little more eh for me, although BTS was ah-may-zing. Dope gave me religion in humanity once again. Davichi was abruptly entertaining, with a command of the stage that only true veterans have. Their styling was also gorgeous; most efficient outfits of the concerts.

Sarah: Interestingly, I massivelymost popular Sundays concert over Saturdays. While Saturdays was very a laugh and entertaining I enjoyed the throwback stages done by GFriend and Astro, and especially Turbos functionality itself. As the veterans of Saturday night, their stage presence and play with the crowd was spectacular.

However, the calories of Sunday night was quite a bitupper overall. From Monsta Xs explosive starting to the earth-shaking screams that welcomed in BTS, the crowd was so a lot morefull of life that moment night. Where Saturday night was very fun and a lovely concert, Sunday absolutely killed it. I believe information technology was partly the go back of Amber midwayvia (which we were hoping for but now not guaranteed) to sing a duet with Eric Nam. Possibly it was the awesome high-flying, board-breaking Taekwondo performance that kicked off all the thing.

As Willis mentioned, Monsta X were significantlystepped forward over their already fantastic functioning of last year and verywere given the crowd going with All In. Astro, in spite of their cutie image, kept that energy up, and Two timescontrolled to buoy it along as neatly with their upbeat hits and dancing. Eric Nam, while singing slower songs, supplied a stablesmash with his open crowd flirting and belted top notes. I must say, I was reasonably disappointed with the song alternatives of Davichi as they broke the momentum a little (and Ive never been a big Girls Generation fan, so theres that), but the low energy was stored when Twice came out backto accomplish a smashing canopy of Uptown Funk.

And when Amber and Eric Nam returned as MCs in a while and the stage lighting went down, you want to feel the crowd suddenly realize who was up next. The palpable excitement was only partially expressed in the process the rabid screaming and the instant when Eric Nam in any case gave up on his adventto only turn over the stage as an alternative to BTS. I can be able to never disregard that communal feeling of sky-high anticipation. Even BTSs complete set felt longer and more puffed up than SHINees. Perhaps nosotros were just sitting in a clump of Armys, or maybe it was the reality that SHINee chose ballads where BTS chose Cypher Pt.3. Not denying I didnt sing along to Everybody, with literally everybody, but BTSs finishing simply felt more wholeand actually wrapped up the overall weekend very nicely.

20160803_seoulbeats_kcon16gfriendMark: Despite the crowd being much rowdier and more into it the second night, Im with Willis in feeling that the 1st night was the more enjoyable. I cant assist that they put GFriend and Block B at the same night; I just experience their discographies so even more than that of the others. Plus, the first night was my first time experiencing a star-packed collaboration concert so I was definitely taken aback by the trap of the lineup. I had a feeling that Zico was going to be in the collaboration stage for Saturday but I had no concept he was going to come with Boys and women featuring fellow Block B member U-Kwon. That felt like icing on peak of the cake for a phenomenal beginning night.

The second night felt like everybody was just looking forward to BTS. Like Sarah, I too felt that the lineup transitions were a little bit jarring at times. The night started out very high energy with the rookie and sophomore teams paving the style and then it floor to a halt as the vocal-focused acts took the stage. Davichi was by a long way the maximum impressive vocalists to carry out and I was surprised at how well Minkyung and Haeri complemented each other and pulled their own weight in each one song. TTS was one of the vital disappointing for me because I didnt realize how little choreography they truly did. Following Davichi is difficult for any vocal neighborhood and TTS indeed faltered as a result of that.

When BTS came on stage, it ultimately felt like I was at a true concert as almost everyone in the venue got on their feet. This made the concert expertisefar more enjoyable. As a substitute of the standard awkward golfing claps from non-enthused fans, everyone got into it and it ultimately felt like a party. BTS fairly much played all the songs I sought after them to, just that my only gripe was that they did the Suga-dominated cypher which had no choreography rather than doing Baepsae. But now Im just nitpicking.

20160803_seoulbeats_kcon16deanLorenza: My first intuition is to mention Sunday was the larger night in my opinion, but Saturday had more respiring room between every set which made the generaljourney lessfeels intense. The sole agency Saturday can havecrowned Sunday is if Amber had only one more song. Honestly, Im still improving from the emotional curler coaster that was KCON.

For Saturday, the stand-out was GFriend; I wasnt partial to them, despite really, really, short of to get into them. Now, I think In deficient health acceptto head and watch their performance videos. Seeing Turbo was also amazing, but I think thats simply because I never expected so that you could run across Kim Jungkook in all his glory. I honestly cried all through Borders; seeing Amber get emotional while she offered the song and then while acting exactly struck a chord with me.

Seeing SHINee reside was amazing. I knew they would be phenomenal and they solely surpassed all my expectations. Everyone was a sensible wayto near Saturday.

Sunday, though, was electric. From the moment Monsta X took the stage to BTS closing the night with Dope, it was one pumped up moment to the next. It was a section overwhelming. I agree with everyone else when they say that Monsta X has improved their stage performance. I also want to give their stylists a hug for placing Wonho in a choker and then a studded leather jacket. That glance never gets old on him. The one let down for me was TTS, but thats because Im just not a fan of women Generation. Their vocals were great, but I just wasnt feeling it.

Seeing BTS live was amazing. The crowd was obviously there for them and was so prepared by the time they came on stage. They wearan overwhelmingdisplay and I would like to see a solo concert. They left me trying more at the finish of the concert and it's likely you'll tell they also werent waiting to leave yet.

If this is the quality of performances KCON is going to be generatingboth year, Ill definitely be back.

20160803_seoulbeats_kcon16idolsLindsay: Im having a troublesome fourth dimension picking one night as better! I wager for me they were both amazing but in other ways.

Nothing in the arena give notice beat seeing SHINee live for the first time. It was a practically non secular experience for a long-time Shawol like myself. The quality of their live singing was more perfect than I presumed possible, and yes, Minho is literally the cutest thing ever (my bias has been Onew since 2010 and Im not converting it now, but Minho has definitely taken second place). I think the article roughly Minho is that he is a superbmixture of sexy and cute, but most significantlyhe's the most aware of fans during live performances which makes him very unlikely not to love.

The other giantspotlight for me on Saturday was Turbo. They were so much fun, plus the special stages by Gfriend and Astro were an even tribute to an era. There is anythingenticing about seasoned performers that just presentationsby way of in concerts it was the similar with Shinhwa last year. Turbo made me would like to dance and sing and jump around, plus they were very interactive with the crowed, which is at all timesa large plus.

On Sunday I just got an overload of boy organization feels. Astro is my presentinfant group, I absolutely love them, and getting to see their fun choreography and adorable aegyo in consumer had me shrieking like the fangirl I actually am. And even supposingI admire cute, I also love sexy and powerful, so Monsta X constantly gets me going with their hot and heavy choreography and are we able to please have a circular of applause for their stylist? Because my bias Shownu looked so perfect (unlike Zico, I swear to god that boy wishes an intervention). And then there was Eric Nam, who Im lately madly in love with. Im really satisfied for him that he finally got to be on the massive stage at KCON because I think he completelymerits it and come on, we know hes an unbelievable singer.

Honorable mentions to Block B and BTS, regardless of how time and again I see them live theyre always high-energy and on-top of their choreography and rapping. And of routeeachlady group did well and was exquisite and adorable, but as my fellow writers know, Im boy band trash forever.

Readers, what was your favorite a phase of the concerts once you went to KCON? If you couldnt attend this year, does this review make you need to pass adjacent year?


MONSTA X Joins KCON Los angeles Lineup, Concert Schedules Announced

MONSTA X Joins KCON Los angeles Lineup, Concert Schedules Announced

MONSTA X Joins KCON Los angeles Lineup, Concert Schedules AnnouncedSylphid June 9, 2016 0 MONSTA X Joins KCON LA Lineup, Concert Schedules Announced MONSTA X has been printed as the ultimate artist addition to the Los Angles Concert for KCON 2016 Presented by ability of Toyota.

The concert evening schedules has also been revealed. (Please note, this isn't the order each and every act can befunctioning on their respective night.)

KCON Los Angeles will take position on July 29-31 at the Staples Middle and Los Angeles Conference gist amongst tickets going on sale tomorrow. 

Tickets for KCON NY’s concerts are already on sale. Scheduled for June 24-25 at the Prudential Center, June 24 will have performances by Ailee, BtoB, Dynamic Duo with Crush, and Seventeen while June 25 will feature BTS, DAY6, Eric Nam and MAMAMOO. Actor Im Siwan and actress Park Bo Young have also been revealed to wait the convention. 

KCON, which celebrates its 5th anniversary this year, includes acomplete convention devoted to Korean culture and “All Things Hallyu.” For more informationtake a glance at their site here.

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I.O.I Joins KCON Los angeles Concert Lineup, Im Siwan & Park Bo Young To wait KCON NY

I.O.I Joins KCON Los angeles Concert Lineup, Im Siwan & Park Bo Young To wait KCON NY

I.O.I Joins KCON Los angeles Concert Lineup, Im Siwan Park Bo Young To wait KCON New york Sylphid Might 26, 2016 0 I.O.I Joins KCON LA Concert Lineup, Im Siwan Park Bo Young To Attend KCON NY With KCON 2016 Presented by way of Toyota revealing SHINee as one of the crucial headlining artists for Los Angeles previous today, some other artist has just been revealed.

Produce 101s womanworkforce I.O.I can be coming to Los Angeles for their first ever US performance.

Additionally idol actor Im Siwan and actress Park Bo Young will be attending KCON New York as special guests.

KCON Los Angeles will take position on July 29-31 at the Staples Middle and Los Angeles Conference Center. Tickets will cross on sale next week on June 3. As of correct now, the announced concert lineup capabilities SHINee, BTS, TaeTiSeo, CNBLUE, BLOCK B, TWICE,  GFRIEND, ASTRO, DEAN and I.O.I. More artists will be printedahead of tickets go on sale.

Tickets for KCON NY’s concerts are already on sale.  Scheduled for June 24-25 at the Prudential Center, June 24 will have performances by Ailee, BtoB, Dynamic Duo with Crush, and Seventeen while June 25 will feature BTS, DAY6, Eric Nam and MAMAMOO.

KCON, which celebrates its 5th anniversary this year, includes acomplete convention devoted to Korean culture and “All Things Hallyu.” For more informationtake a glance at their site here.

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Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

Mnet held the first large-scale K-Pop convention KCON on October 13th.

Performers on that day included AJ RaphaelDumbfoundeadDaze47, BWB, EXO-M, B.A.P, NU’EST, 4MINUTE, G.NA, and VIXX!

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

Emcees Danny Im (Taebin) and G.NA.

The two hour-long concert had met with explosive responses  from fans.

AJ Raphael, Dumbfoundead, Daze47 and BWB opened the show with their impressive performances. AJ Raphael touched the audience with his power vocals and touching lyrics while Dumbfoundead, alongside Daze47 and BWB, drove the crowd crazy with their energetic rap and dance.

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

(From left to right): Opening acts AJ Raphael, Dumbfoundead, Daze47.

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

BWB’s joint stage with Daze47.

B.A.P is the next performer with “No Mercy.”

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

B.A.P’s signature dance move in “No Mercy.” 

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

(From left to right): B.A.P leader Bang Yong Guk, member Youngjae, and maknae Zelo‘s charismatic performances.

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

Leader Bang Yong Guk and member Himchan cutely posed at the end of “Crash.”

Following No Mercy, B.A.P captured audience’s hearts with a ballad titled “What My Heart Tells Me to Do. and then performed their last song of the night, “Crash,”.

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

G.NA performing “2HOT.”

G.NA appeared on the concert as one of the MCs as well as a hot singer. She performed 3 hit songs including “2Hot”, “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better” and “Black and White”.

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

G.NA’s famous hair-flip choreography in “2HOT.”

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

G.NA gets into formation for her last song “Black and White.”

Following G.Na, VIXX entered into the stage to perform their newest single “Rock Ur Body.”

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

VIXX’s synchronized dancing in  “Rock Ur Body.”

Soon after, VIXX touched the fans hearts with “UUUU,”. The boys then completed their stage with a remix version of their debut single “Super Hero”.

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

VIXX slows down the pace with “UUUU.”

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

(From left to right): Members Ravi, N, Hongbin, and Ken perfectly in step. 

NU’EST was the next performer on the stage. The boy group impressed audience with 3 track including their debut single “Face”, “Not Over You” and their newest single “Action”.

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

NU’EST member Aron speaking on behalf of the group, thanking fans for their support. 

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

(From left to right): Members Ren, Baekho and Aron during NU’EST’s performances.

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

NU’EST nervously anticipating the beginning of their last song. 

Upon seeing EXO-M on the stage, the crowd immediately went crazy. EXO-M showed of their vocal talents and unique choreography with 2 songs “History,” and “Into Your World”.

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

EXO-M introducing themselves to the audience.

Soon after, EXO members Luhan and Chen took the stage to show a special performance of “What Is Love”.

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

(From left to right): Luhan belts out a high note, Tao showing us his aegyo, Xiumin screaming out the lyrics.

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

EXO-M concluding their performances for the night with a cool ending pose. 

4Minute was the last performer on the concert. The girl group impressed audience with the recent single “Volume Up” and other hit songs including “Mirror Mirror,” “HuH”, “Heart to Heart,” and “Hot Issue.”

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

4Minute displayed perfect poise as they danced.

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

Members of 4Minute displayed their superior vocals and live singing techniques. 

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

4Minute strikes a pose.

Exclusive Concert Review: 2012 KCON concert

The artists reluctantly say goodbye to the fans.

After 4minute concluded their stage, KCON 2012 came to an official end. The artists emerged back on stage to give a final curtain call, and still-excited fans  slowly began to file out of the venue, reminiscing about the day’s events.

See you guys at KCON 2013!


Tickets for Halo Championship Series: Pro Leage Finals At KCON 2016 Los angeles Now On Sale

Tickets for Halo Championship Series: Pro Leage Finals At KCON 2016 Los angeles Now On Sale

(Photo : ESL)Calling all KCON-ers! The Halo Championship Series (HCS) Pro League Summer 2016 Season Finals can begoing down at KCON 2016 L. a. next week.

AdvertisementPresented via Toyota, the world's greatest Korean culture conference and song festival, KCON, has added the HCS Pro League Finals to this year's LA lineup. The tournament will be held at The Novo by Microsoft at L.A. Resideand may run July 30-31.

Tickets for the tournament are on sale now and will also bebought at Overall admission tickets are $40 whilst VIP tickets will most probably be purchased for $55. While eitherprice ticket tiers come with a one-day admission to the KCON convention, the VIP tickets comprisea massive number ofadvantages including: top rate leather seating closer to the actions, fiveunfastened Gold REQ Packs to be used in Halo 5: Guardians, a possibility to get in at the action with the Halo 5: Guardians Free-For-All tournament, featuring a prize pool of $5,000, and more!

Those who arrive early are in for a treat. On Saturday the primarytwo hundred attendees to the tournament will get keep of a collector's Halo Mega Bloks set, while on Sunday, the 1st 200 will receive a plush mobile phone holder, courtesy of LINE.

Over the processthose two days at KCON 2016 LA, the maximum efficient North American Halo groups from both the Pro League and the Open Circuit will fight for the championship identify and a percentage of the $225,000 prize pool.

Relegation and Finals for both the Pro League and the Open Circuit will start on Saturday, July 30 with four teams combating their way thru a double removing bracket. The epic conclusion to these two tournaments will take position on Sunday, July 31.

For additional info on the rundown of the development please discuss with HERE.

© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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KCON Big apple Concert Day 2: From Starting to End, Uncontrollable Excitement

KCON Big apple Concert Day 2: From Starting to End, Uncontrollable Excitement

20160701_seoulbeats_kconny2016_btsKCON The giant apple Concert Day 2: From Starting to End, Uncontrollable ExcitementWritten through Madi On July 4, 201620160701_seoulbeats_kconny2016_crowdKCON 2016 Big apple Presented by Totoya held at the Prudential Middle in Newark, NJ unquestionably proved to be a festival to celebrate all things Hallyu and day two was once no other from day one.

The following may also bestated around most, if now not all, conventions: Saturday is usually and without a doubt the main day. The crowd is bigger, the lines at dealer booths are longer, and other people are waiting early in line for total admission. And we’re not speaking 10am when the conference starts. There has beenindividualscoated up as early as 8:30am.

Fast ahead to 7pm and it's far concert time. Saturday’s line up consisted of Mamamoo, Eric Nam, Day6, and BTS.

20160702_seoulbeats_kconusa_day6BTS changed into the headliner for the concert (and beautiful much all of KCON was about BTS) and any time their call was mentioned, the crowd went wild making it glaring who they were most commonly there for.

But the crowd was not biased. All of the artists gaineda wonderful amount of shouting, applauding, cheering, and not many of us sitting, if any, all over their sets.

The opening of the concert started amongst Jun Sung-ahn. Whilst many now know him as BgA’s maknae, he’s known for his violin and dance covers of K-pop songs. He conducted one reside song and then BTS’s “Save Me”, whole with dance moves from the song’s tune video. He was actually a just right artist to get the crowd excited.

Ailee and BTS’s Rap Monster returned to MC some otherevening of the concert. Unlike day one, there was less scripted lines and the communique between the either one of them and the crowd gave the impression more natural.

Mamamoo was the primary act to grace the degree with their jazzy vocals and dominating stage presence. The set list composed of “You’re the Best”, “Mr. Ambiguous”, “Taller than You”, “Piano Man,” and “Um Oh Ah Yeh”. Thosewomenknow the wayto engage with and go a crowd. To be added to a Saturday line up was a plus because they were definitely a fan favourite that night.

Even even though Hwasa owned the stage, I couldn’t stay my eyes off Solar. Visually, she was surprising (still is), but vocally? She threw down some notes and I felt like I practically forgot to breathe.

And I’ll admit, I won't don a radish mild stick any time soon, but I believe I’m intrigued adequate straight offto hear their music more actively.  As per the mid-year review, I did actuallypay attention to their newest album, but it was my 2dcreation to them, the 1st being “Ahh Oop!” with eSNa.

On the calmer aspect of the night, Eric Nam showed up with a bouquet of roses to hand out which was in sync with his intro video. While the crowd neglected out on “Ohh Ohh”, which he didn’t realize was so popular, Eric was awesome ample to pattern an acapella edition of the song.  

Despite the loss of “Ohh Ohh”, Eric executed “Good For You”, “I’m Okay”, “Heaven’s Door” and “Into You.” Most artists don’t have a tendencyto accomplish songs which are as well asfresh for the shortcoming of fan engagement, but he didn’t care. Prior to taking the crowd away with “Into You”, he told the crowd that since he’s a solo singer, he has no backup dancers. On account of that, he wantedall and sundry to dance. Despite the reality that many would possibly peg Eric Nam as a ballad singer, he definitely has a charismatic way with the crowd. And if you’re not conversant in Mr. Nam, then that a phase of his personality will certainly sneak up on you and sweep you off your feet.

After a display of Rap Monster’s aegyo via Ailee’s push which he was perplexed every bit to how the crowd knew that note Day6 install to take the Prudential Center by storm. I say this because Day6 isn’t like other K-pop acts, they’re strictly a band that fairly much promotes on their own. They don’t have much assist from JYPE outdoor of being a protection net, so for them to come to KCON was good way to introduce them to new lovers and give existing fans a possibility to shower them with love.

Day6’s set list incorporated of “Letting Go”, “Congratulations”, and “Freely”. Surprisingly, on KCON’s list of the artist’s song stash playlist, their debut song, “Congratulations”, didn’t make the cut which individually is one in their best songs as a group. Day6 most certainly had some of the best setlists, acting their most pleasurable songs.

Having the lads on stage, it was quilt time. Like the former night of Seventeen’s canopy of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry,” Day6 led the crowd into some conceal songs by performing CN Blue’s “I’m a Loner” and “Lies” by Big Bang. It definitely took the target audience a moment to consider of the latter song. While the crowd stayed true to CN Blue, they made “Lies” their own by their musical rearrangement. Even although they played a small intro of the song, the crowd didn’t change intoconscious about what song they were covering till Jae started making a song “I’m so sorry, but I like you…” Then, the crowd went berserk.

Riding that wave, the band beganto hide Wonder Girls’s “Nobody”. Day6, like the song before, made this song their own. Midway though, Mamamoo returned to the stage to sing and dance to the song. All people was singing along, reminiscing in the throwback moment.

Just while youconcept the covers were over, Ailee and Eric Nam returned to the stage performing “Some” by SoYou and JunggiGo. I wasn’t familiar with this song, but the 2 played the romance feel of the song moderatelyneatly and the chemistry was great between them. It was showed at the end that either are remarkable at acting, confessing the interactions between them in the route of the song were weird.

Finally, the headliners were making their way to the stage. The audience have beenlooking forward to this moment and couldn’t hang back any longer, knowing your complete artists had already played for the night and there was just one left. In spite of not desiring an intro, a video introduction played, perhaps messing with the crowd’s inability to wait.  And after a pause that gave the glance of an eternity, “Fire” started to play as the members of BTS arrived, bobbing up on a platform in the process the stage.

The power BTS gave though their entire set list was out of this international and nobody dared to take a seat down during their performances. “Save Me” was their only slow song with the purpose to speak, but the calories started to incline back when they performed “Fun Boys.” Yet what actuallywere given the crowd hyped back up was when they stunned the audience with “Cypher pt. 3”. BTS hasn’t released a Cypher since before their The Most lovely Moment in Life series. Even though the crowd went loopy for “Fire,” when the first few beats of “Cypher pt.3” dropped, the crowd promptly lost their well, you know.

The workforce wrapped up the concert with “Dope” which was a good way to end their set list and the night because KCON 2016 NY Saturday night’s concert was not anything but “Dope”.

I don’t know about any of you who attended Saturday’s concert, but it felt too short. The blocked off the time for the concert was 7pm 10pm, but the concert ended at 9:30pm. Not just that, but taking into account BTS was the headliner, they might possess done no less than3 more songs to have a whole of 8 performances. With BTS’s setlist, adding “I Want You” and probably swapping out “Fun Boys” for “Bapsae” would have made the concert more enjoyable…

IMG_6682Even though I think this way, I left the concert feeling content. I used to bein a position to revel in all the artists in user and be swept up by the energy from the concert. I walked into the Prudential Center feeling tired from all the policy nosotros did during the day, but that was all long gonethe instant the lighting fixtures went low and the concert began.

What was your expertise during the concert? Did you would like for more or simply felt bless enough for it to all go down in one night? Please leave your mind in the comments and hope to look next year, KCON!

(YouTube, Photo credit: CJ EM, Seoulbeats)


KCON Big apple Concert Day 1: Surprises and Anticipation

KCON Big apple Concert Day 1: Surprises and Anticipation

160702_Seoulbeats_KconNY_AileeKCON Big apple Concert Day 1: Surprises and AnticipationWritten via Lauren M On July 2, 201620160702_seoulbeats_kconusanyLets be honest. Even though KCON Long island 2016 Presented by Toyota is ostensibly a festival to celebrate all things Hallyu, we know why most of the people flocked to the Prudential Middle in Newark, New Jersey for the 2nd one year in a row.

KCON NY was once all about the music.

Although the people at KCON wear a decent-sized conference this year featuring the complete thing from Korean good looks products to shuttle information, one specific thing loomed above all else – K-pop.

As the crowds took in probably the most panels and workshops, tune from everybodys faves changed intoat all times booming from the Toyota club tent and the concert later that evening was never some distance from anyones mind. Enthusiasts walked around all day in their Seventeen shirts and Ailee hats. Popular ladystaff Mamamoo made a wonder appearance at the convention degree to much excitement, even regardless that they wouldnt be actingtillthe following night. P1 and P2 status sections had long queues earlier than the day was even half-over. The bright sun and the warmthunquestionably didnt deter any person from ensuring they were given a excellent spot in the pit.

Finally, seven oclock rolled around and the venue started letting in ticket-holders. This being my first KCON, I wasnt totallycertain what to expect. The sole acts I used to bein point of factconversant in were Crush, he of the attractive slow jams, and Seventeen, the lovely and bubbly learners whove been making numerous waves. Also on the line-up were soloist Ailee, who was MCing, flexible boy neighborhood BtoB, and veteran rap act Dynamic Duo.

160702_Seoulbeats_KconNY_Seventeen_Red CarpetAfter a spunky functionality by a nativebasiccollege dance group, the lighting went down in the Prudential Center and the approximately 10,000 fans looking forward to the display went crazy. All of the anticipation of the day had ended in that moment and the buzz was thick in the air. The primary surprise of the night was that BTS leader Rap Monster was on hand to co-MC with Ailee (full disclosure: RM is my remaining K-pop bias, so you know I was in heaven). When his call was announced and he strolled out on stage, the screams were very loud, to position IT mildly. Accept as true with me, the fervor that KCON had for BTS was felt all overeither days, even although the headliners werent set to accomplishunlessthe subsequent night.

Ailee and RM were charismatic and at ease together, after having MCed before at KCON Abu Dhabi previous this year. They spoke in blended English and Korean and subtitles showed up on the massivedisplays that flanked the stage. The addition of the subtitles was helpful, yetcertainly drew attention to the cheesy, canned lines that were written for them to say.

Luckily, there wasnt much time to live on that as it was time for opening act Seventeen. In keeping with the T-shirts and homemade symptomsIdentitynoticed earlier that day, it looked likethe bulk of the crowd was there for them. The cheers let me know that my assumption was correct. They opened with “Shining Diamond” and then introduced into their latestidentify track “Pretty U”, whole alongside an on-stage sofa prop. In deficient health admit, “Pretty U” isn't my favourite song of theirs, but a minimum of the choreography is enticing and active. The youngsters in Seventeen have a ton of power and they manifestly dear to perform, especially in front of a crowd as vigorous equallythe only in the Prudential Center that night.

For a rookie organization thats slightly a year old, they were indeed impressive. Some of the contributors knew fluent English and the ones that didnt didnt let it forestall them all through their communicate after “Pretty U”. Next, they worked the complete phase during the upbeat song “Chuck” and in spite ofthe truth that theyre one of thesehuge group (and they were lacking a member!), theyre a cohesive unit that appear to mesh smartly together. Their dance formations were a little sloppy from my vantage point, but thats the one critique I had.

The greatest cheers went to rapper and previous Show Me the Money contestant Vernon, followed by leader/rapper S. Coups and pint-sized singer/songwriter Woozi. I realize why S. Coups is the leader his stage presence was the best. Others that stood out were Seungkwan and Hoshi. It was evident to me that thoseyoungsters love the camera and the spotlight. Also, I never spotted this before, but “Mansae” and “Adore U” both have simple and unique arm movements in the choreography that actuallyrelief in target audience participation. When Seventeen asked the audience to dance along, we did.

After a four-song set that felt entirely too short, Seventeen left the stage and it was time for RB crooner Crush. After a pre-recorded ment, Overwhelmseemed on stage in completeantique Tommy Hilfiger regalia and right awayreleased into “Sometimes”. He was pitchy at first, anything I characteristic to nerves, but he won his footing after a conveniente-book a rough talk. Crush didnt hassle with so much of chatter – perhaps because his English isnt fantastic – but there has been something very fascinating more or less him as he shyly and haltingly stated his ready lines. The audience perceived to warm up to him nearly immediately.

His next song was “Oasis” and everybody was making a song and dancing along. One welcome distraction was a concertgoer close to the stage with a big, light-up Crush sign. Im yes beat out saw it because all people saw it. Kudos to that fan for bringing Asignage and most probably getting saw by senpai. Then Crush wowed the crowd or perhaps precisely me? by rapping along to Zicos section in the Block B rappers absence. His (regrettably) last song was “Hug Me” which is arguably his maximumwell known hit.

Ailee began her set by grooving to her newest unmarried “Mind Your Own Business”. A technical issuebrought about the backing track to chop out abruptly, which was the moment large surprise of the night. However, Ailee, having a lookmost commonly unruffled and amused, didnt cease the performance. She endured singing the refrain acapella, which made the crowd move nuts. She proved that her voice is the genuine deal and she extensively utilized the technical glitch as a chance to get the crowd involved, encouraging us to sing in conjunction with her. When the technical factor was resolved, she told us to all faux that it hadnt happened, but the audience was having none of it. They cheered even louder as she began “Mind Your Own Business” all over again and the heightened enthusiasm spilled over into the remainder of her set.

I didnt know any of her songs before KCON, but Ailee definitely won me over. I have a feeling she won over lots ofother people at the show as well, especially when the local New Jerseyite broke down and confided that her circle of relatives was in the audience and how appreciative she was of all the affection we were giving her. When she first began out, she explained, she never expected so that you could play in big concerts like KCON. The crowd was dining out of her hand at this point, with smart reason. Her modesty and emotion felt so authentic and she stumbled on as incredibly likable.

It helped that her songs were catchy and got stuck in my head almost immediately. My favorite from her set was potentially the finishing song, “U I”. Its a brassy jam with soaring vocals and Ailee sang and danced and smiled from ear to ear like she was having the time of her life. It was a excellent way to wrap up her performance. She definitely was the superstar and sweetheart of KCON Day 1.

Next, Rap Mon returned to the stage to introduce Born To Beat, higherreferred to as BtoB. Ill admit, I was cringing then for the explanation that English lines they gave RM to say were really terrible. I cant even take into account what it was but it was an overly convoluted way to typically order that BtoB was a collectionof serious singers. As a virtual butterfly fluttered around the jumbo screens, BtoB began their set with the ballad “Remember That”. Ill admit, I was a little shocked by the quantity of screams BtoB bought because I hadnt visible many signs or shirts in improve of them during the convention. It was evident from the beginning, though, that rapper/vocalist Il-hoon was a fan favorite, as was vocalist and diversity star Sung-jae. It was also pretty evident that they were, in fact, super singers. Eukwang was belting the onestop notes and his voice filled the arena.

During their talk, their infamously quirky personalities also shined through. Peniel was the designated English speaker and, although soft-spoken, he represented his group well. Sung-jae had a memorable moment as he spoke in damaged English and made the crowd laugh with his monotone delivery. My attention was drawn most to Min-hyuk, one of the rappers, and Chang-sub, a vocalist. Both had great presence and looked the most snug on stage.

However, up to I favored their vocals, as an individual whos never been in a position to get into BtoB, I ultimatelylearned why. Though theyre a charming bunch of guys, their music and group symbol was confusing for me. Motown-esque choreography and powder-pink fits contributed to a soulful, throwback vibe, but the crowd also had 3 decent rappers. When they did their fast-paced song “Beep Beep”, it was almost jarring bearing in mind what had come before. But for all of the confusion I felt, the audience at KCON obviouslyenjoyed them.

The 3rd and fourth surprises of the night got here adjacent in fast succession. First, actors Yim Si Wan and Park Bo Young came out for an admittedly stiff and awkward introduction. I wondered what they were doing there and what cause it served, but it was far and wide pretty temporarily and painlessly. Then Seventeen returned to the stage for a medley of K-pop classics. They did a filled with life take on Super Juniors “Sorry Sorry” that got the biggest reception from the crowd, especially when they ran down the stage to get closer to the crowd. The screams were insane.

Afterwards, Ailee and Rap Mon seemedback to announce the closing act of the show. In my favorite MC moment of the night, Ailee asked RM about New York rappers and he rattled off a list, adding his all-time favorite Nas. Then, Ailee imitated his low voice and it got an even laugh from the crowd. Like I said earlier, she was truly a delight. Although it was apparent that lots of the crowd wasnt there for Dynamic Duo, there was still much of love as Gaeko and Choiza appeared on the stage. They didnt have get giddy reception that Seventeen received, but their presence demanded admire and they got it from the audience.

The duo started out their four-song set with “Baam”, a crowd-pleaser thats effortless to sing along to, even if youve never heard it before. The 2 veteran rappers moved round the stage hopefully and were joined by a DJ on the very finish of the walkout stage, which gave their set more of an intimate, club feel despite the truth that they were in a monumental venue. A funny moment came when they attempted to get the audience to do a decision and response, but the reaction ended up getting lost in translation and the audience just yelled back at them. Sooner or later they laughed and gave up. Then Crush returned to lend a handend out their set with the electro-club banger “Friday”. It was an ideal manner to end the show. Everyone was on their feet and jumping to the beat. Their performance reminded me that I have not begun to delve deep into their discography and I want to rectify that.

As someone who had no concept what to be expecting from KCON NY, I was left feeling very blissful that Id gotten an opportunity to enjoy it. Although I didnt know a lot of the artists in-depth to start, it didnt matter. Each single act was there to entertain the hyped audience and they all made the most in their curt sets. That, however, brings me to my biggest complaint – the show felt very short. It started late, around 7:45 p.m., and ran for a little not up to two hours. Crush got three songs, whilstsome other act got four, plus Seventeens special stage. I felt like some of the acts couldve gotten yet one more song, at the very least. If not, some other exceptional stage wouldve been ideal. Night 1 felt very rushed to me.

Going into the show, I was also interested to lookwhat type of reception the Day 1 line-up would get. There wasnt a truly big-name headliner and I doubt I was the best wondering if there would be amplepastime to warrant two nights of concerts. To be fair, Day 1 didnt have the turn-out of Day 2. There were masses of empty seats in the arena and the pits were most effectivepart full. For the fans that were there, though, it surely wasnt a query once the show got going. These acts brought their A game to the Prudential Center and i've a feeling that everyone in the audience left feeling (mostly) satisfied. I, for one, was left short of more.

By that measuring stick, Day 1 of KCON NY 2016 was a certain success.

Youtube, pictures courtesy of CJ EM and Seoulbeats


SHINee and I.O.I To Fly Out To Los angeles For KCON 2016!

SHINee and I.O.I To Fly Out To Los angeles For KCON 2016!

SHINee KCON 2016 in LA(Photo : KCON USA/SM Entertainment) Internet hosting their weekly #KCONLiveChat nowadays amongst LINE, it used to be announced that SM Entertainment's megastar idol staff SHINee and rookie womanneighborhood I.O.I of truthdisplay Produce 101will sign up for KCON 2016 Presented By way of Toyota in their Los Angeles dates!

That's right! Two of Korea's freshest and artists could be taking the states by typhoon to make the crowd swoon at the yearly All Things Hallyu event.

Fans alike are guaranteed to peer the synchronized and charismatic performances by SHINee whilst I.O.I plans to make their in a foreign countryreside debut by storm with their talent!

Tickets for KCON Los angelesmove on sale starting June 3:

6/3 1PM EST KCON LA Combo/Platinum Tickets6/6 1PM EST KCON LA Unmarried Tickets For updates on KCON 2016, visitwww.kconusa.comand apply @KCONUSA on Twitter. Loversalso are invited to sign up in the verbal exchange by the use of #KCON16NY and #KCON16LA in their social media platforms.

First kicking off Los Angeles in 2012 and attended by 10,000 fans, KCON has been the middle of bringing all things Hallyu.

Just remaining year, KCON changed into brought to either coasts of the U.S. in Los Angeles and Newark, NJ. The L.A. conference expanded to 3 days and attracted 58,000 fans together with artists like GOT7, SISTAR, Shinhwa, AOA, Zion.T Weigh down performing. While Newark garnered 17,000 fans in attendance and had Girls' Generation, AOA, VIXX and YoungsterMost sensiblecarry out for their first KCON.

LaiFrancesis the evening editor and photographer for KpopStarz. She is a track and entertainment multimedia journalist and manufacturer who has worked for Sony Music Entertainment and CBS Radio New York. You'llstick with her on Twitter @laifrncs for random mind on music and pa culture!

© 2016 KpopStarz. All rights reserved. Do no longer reproduce without permission.


ASTRO And DEAN Sign up for KCON Los angeles Lineup

ASTRO And DEAN Sign up for KCON Los angeles Lineup

ASTRO And DEAN Sign up for KCON Los angeles LineupSylphid Might 19, 2016 0 ASTRO And DEAN Connect KCON LA Lineup Two more artists for KCON 2016 LA have just been announced!

ASTRO A six member rookie crewbeneath Fantagio. They made their debut in February with the unmarried Hide Seek.

DEAN Emerging RB singer DEAN released his first mini album previous this year. He could also be known as a skilled songwriter as he has been concerned alongside the writing and production of several popular tracks, including EXO’s “Unfair” and “Black Pearl,” VIXX’s “Voodoo Doll,” Lee Hi’s “World Tour,” and more

They join an already exciting LA lineup featuring BTS, TaeTiSeo, CNBLUE, BLOCK B, Two times and GFRIEND. Additional artists might beprintedahead of tickets move on sale on June 3.

KCON 2016 Ny is scheduled for June 24-25 at the Prudential Middlewhilst KCON 2016 Los Angeles will take position on July 29-31 at the Staples Center and Los Angeles Conference Center.

Tickets sales for KCON NYs concerts have already begun. Friday, June 24 will have performances by Ailee, BtoB, Dynamic Duo with Crush, and Seventeen. June 25 will feature BTS, DAY6, Eric Nam and MAMAMOO.

KCON, which celebrates its 5th anniversary this year, includes acomplete convention devoted to Korean culture and “All Things Hallyu.”

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BTOB and DAY6 Sign up for KCON 2016 New york Concert Lineup

BTOB and DAY6 Sign up for KCON 2016 New york Concert Lineup

BTOB and DAY6 Sign up for KCON 2016 The large apple Concert LineupSylphid Would possibly 5, 2016 0 BTOB and DAY6 Connect KCON 2016 NY Concert Lineup Two more boy teams have just been published to be joining the KCON 2016 New York lineup.

BTOB Having just released their 8th mini album at the finish of March, the crowd has wonnumerousfameago years for their ballad tracks.

DAY6 Having also made their comeback in March, JYPs rookie rock band may be visiting the united states for the primary time.

In addition to those new groups for New York, a headliner artist for Los Angeles will be revealed later this night at 10pm via local tv station KTLA.

So far, the revealed lineup for New York is BTS, MAMAMOO, SEVENTEEN, Ailee, BTOB and DAY6. Los Angeles has TWICE, Block B, GFRIEND, CNBLUE and women Generation TaeTiSeo. 

KCON 2016 New York is scheduled for June 24-25 at the Prudential Middlewhilst KCON 2016 Los Angeles will take position on July 29-31 at the Staples Center and Los Angeles Conference Center. 

Tickets for KCON NY will move on sale on May thirteen while KCON L. a. tickets go on sale June 3. As the performances will be over two nights of concerts, the concert schedules will be revealed soon. For more informationtake a glance at their site here.

KCON, which celebrates its 5th anniversary this year, includes acomplete convention devoted to Korean culture and “All Things Hallyu.”

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