Roundtable: The 2016 Mid-year OST Roundup

Roundtable: The 2016 Mid-year OST Roundup

20160707_seoulbeats_chen_dots_ost_kbs_cjRoundtable: The 2016 Mid-year OST RoundupWritten via Seoulbeats On July 7, 2016K-dramas were having a banner year up to now in 2016, notable now notmost effective for the checklisttarget market ratings yet likewise for the upward push of the OSTs. Descendants of the Sun, for example, had nine songs make the pinnacle 10 at the Gaon chart, five of which reached number one.

For this weeks Roundtable, we wish to know: Which OSTs have stuck your ear to date this year? Which dramas had in particular well-crafted soundtracks? Are there any OSTs that you felt didnt get their due?

Qing: I havent gotten circular to looking at any dramas this year, but Descendants of the Sun indubitably bagged with regards toeach coveted OST singer out there. Coupled with the good songs given to them and the dramas explosive popularity, its no marvel that the OST has been making its rounds on radio and on the streets. Of all of the tracks, my favorite is Everytime by Chen and Punch. Chen is also a amateur to OSTs, this being his 2d release, but his unique, soaring voice lends the song a bright, boundless quality. He indeed holds his own a choice of the other veteran singers.

Im satisfiedto peer that more dramas, especially tvN ones, are more and moredrawing near indie or less mainstream singers for their OSTs. I to find the mellowness of indie OSTs more befitting of dramas in an ordinary, day after day setting. One song that comes to brain is Vanilla Acoustics Our Time for Cheese in the Trap. Kim Kyung Hees More Than a Reminiscence for Memory also isas it must be toned-down and melancholy, in step with the solemn tone of the drama.

Gaya: I am yet to observe Signal, but I'm captivated by its country-leaning OST, all guitars and melancholy. LeeSas A Petal is a standout. I locate that I have a tendency to prefer OSTs from presentations in crime-related genres, as the mysterysidehas a tendencyto supply up some more appealing offerings.

Rom coms, on the alternative hand, tend to head for what they are going toimagine sweet, but what I regularlylocate cloying. Thats not to mention one dont like rom com OSTs at all, just that Im much pickier with them.

Sydney: I haven’t observed Signal either, but LeeSa’s “A Petal” certainly has a actuallygreat eerie feel fitting of a crime display audio track. I don’t truly watch crime-related dramas, but I see how their OSTs might bea lot more interesting than the common rom com — especially when many of the OSTs sound like the similar emotional ballad to me.

I think I tend to love more upbeat and obnoxious songs. The user who I’ve been repeatedly replaying this year is Topp Dogg’s “Feel Alive” from Come Back, Mister. The strange, cowboy-ish twang initially and the tacky — almost cringeworthy — nature of the song itself ring a bell in me of the funny moments in the drama (mostly Oh Yeon-seo acting like a guy in a woman’s body) and cracks me up on each occasion I listen the song.

Willis: Cheese In The Trap had an ideal OST. The music usually had this melancholic leaning that played to the complex relationships between the characters. I especially enjoyed the indie ballad Such by Kang Hyun-min featuring Jo Hyun-ah. Such functions emotive vocals from either singers and builds with intensity sooner than IT plays out at the end.

Another OST song that has made my list is Bens Much like A Dream from Another Oh Hae Young. This song is the epitome of OST songs: it has that sweeping chorus, is lyrically applicable to the drama, and is played all the style through the pivotal moments of the show. Bens truthfulmaking a song makes this one a stand out and also increasedthe ones moments from the drama to a bittersweet high.

Vya: Im so blissfulall and sundry has been bringing up tvN dramas, because Ive felt that tvN has been hitting it out of the park with their OSTs recently! Final year the network did to take into accounta goodactivity amongst Ex-Girlfriend Club and Bubblegum among others, and Reply 1988 had a form of songs rank on the music charts. That trend has persevered this year, and prefer Willis my favorites have been from Cheese in the Trap and Another Oh Hae Young.

Cheese in the Trap had some of my most-listened to songs all year, and the OST almost made up for the bad ending. PerhapsI love You by Cosmos Hippie have compatibility the quirky love tale perfectly, and makes me smile each time I hear it. I also found out Love X Stereo thru this soundtrack.

Roy Kims contribution to the Another Oh Hae Youngs OST was once my favourite from that drama. The timing of the songs advent in the drama become critical, just as I used to be having a tougher time connecting to Eric Muns character, Do-kyung. The song, Maybe I elevated the scenes it was in and added intensity to Do-kyungs emotions.

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SB Mid-Year Review, 2016: Dancing To Their Own Beat

SB Mid-Year Review, 2016: Dancing To Their Own Beat

20160226_sb_mamamoo1SB Mid-Year Review, 2016: Dancing To Their Own BeatWritten via Cjontai On June 12, 201620160524_seoulbeats_monstax_clanWeve already discussed our favourite MVs, albums, dramas, and indie track of 2016 in the SB Mid-Year Reviews. Now, we pass onto probably the mostnumber one staples of k-pop the dances. Months of practicing is going into assembling some of the most complex routines ever seen, yet does that at all times brand for just right choreography? Multiple our writers, Cjontai and Lorenza, give their mind about who stood out very bestat the stage.

LorenzaCjontaiMale1BTS – Save MeBTS – Save Me2Seventeen – Pretty UBTS – Fire3Monsta X – All InUp10tion – AttentionFemale1Twice – Cheer UpTwice – Cheer Up2Mamamoo – Youre The BestCosmic Girls – Mo Mo Mo3Luna – Free SomebodyOh My Girl – Windy Day Honorable mentions: Got7 Fly and LABOUM Adventure to Atlantis

Lorenza: It used to betrickyopting for my peak3 for the year so far. From the boy groups, thereve been rathera couple ofteams that stuck my eye, making it tougher to narrow down. Most of thehigher groups have beganthe usage of that to their benefit by growingappealing formations. It turned into and thencomplicatednot tocome with Attention by Up10tion, but my top three or even Fly just held my attention more.

For the lady groups, though, it was more durablejust becausemaximum of them didnt have specifically interesting or complex choreo. Twices Cheer Up choreo is in point of factadorable and suitable for the group. Plus, it uses the truth that there are the kind of lot of bodies in the crowd to their advantage. As adversarial to that though, I wasnt trulyinspired alongside many of the alternative girl groups.

Cjontai: I agree this year for sure had its demanding situations in narrowing down the field. The groups are getting better at defining their styles, so when you've got got a plethora from which to pick, it becomes overwhelming. I thought to be several factors, like musicality, synchronicity, and cleanliness in execution. I also had to invite myself, Is there some otherworkforce dancing this way? Mayanyone else appearingthe similar choreography pull it off? If the solution was no, then that regimenhave become a contender.

The thing that stood out most to me in these sorts of dances was the cohesive teamwork. If any one in those groups was a vulnerable link, I had a troublesome time locating them. It was imperative for everybody to stay up; otherwise, these routines wouldve been a hot mess.

Lorenza: Exactly. The teamwork is what made these dances work. Its what makes them interesting!

I think the only real exception to this for either our lists is BTSs Save Me. To me, whilst there are moments of synchronization, for the most phase they dont want to all hit the moves at an identical time. Both the choreography and the song feel so intimate and personal, so the truth that the choreography leans more interpretive pairs well. It gave me chills the primary time I saw it if were being truthful (but that may but be my BTS stan showing).

I fully love the choreography for Cheer Up. While it may now not be equally complex as some other dances, it has some wonderful moments in the it. It also keeps the quirkiness that Two timesis understood for and supplieseach and every member a moment to shine. I used to be drawn especially to the transitions they make all through the chorus. Plus the choreo for when they sing shy shy shy has already transform a meme with no less than 3 boy bands doing their own interpretations of it on music presentationsbecause the release.

Cjontai: I regarded as Seventeen for a minute, but I dont know. Anything about Lovely U fell a little short for me. It goes back to my criteria from earlier, asking myself if someone else mightcarry out IT as neatly or better. Observing that habitual reminded me of B1A4 and BtoB. Its almost definitely that foot tapping stream they do. Unlike Mansae from remaining year, this routine kind of compacted things by having the contributors in tight formations. It looked a little claustrophobic, and a collection that massivewishesall of therespiring room they could also beready to get.

Lorenza: What sold me on Fairly U was watching the more than a few dance versions they put out. When they conducted on the music shows, I agree that it looked slightly claustrophobic, but in the affection version, you get a transparentimage of what every one member is doing.

Interestingly the foot tap that they do is my favorite a component of the choreography. It works really well for the music and the full attitude, I think.

Larger groups have a tendency to get more intricate and entertaining choreography purely on account of the sheer quantity of people. Just fascinated with coordinating all people to stand in the properrole at the appropriate time sounds like a nightmare, let on my own getting thirteenother folks to hit the right moves on beat.

Cjontai: I dont know about you, but I was shocked by who didnt make our lists. Vixx usually puts out captivating routines, yet this year has felt less exciting. Same goes for 4Minute, but I predicted Cube Entertainment to give them a lower than stellar comeback. It also felt like there has been a fashion of dances that were mainly fan service. Did you realize anything?

Lorenza: 4Minute was very lackluster for me. Usuallyat the least Hyuna owns it and makes the routine interesting, but that wasnt the case with Hate. It was just soboring.

There was certainlya big number of fan provider in the dances on our lists. But also employing other members as props. I believe Up10tions Attention is the top example of this. I admirethe instant when one of them pretends someone else is a mic. Its such a stupendous moment and something that doesnt take place a lot.

I think since there are such so much of groups with larger amounts of members choreographers have had to play around with how incorporate they all in interesting ways. We all know how much fan service can pay off and I feel having choreography where members wantto engage more is going to develop into more common.

With some of the bigger names coming back soon, Im excited to look what new trends get startedto turn up.

Cjontai: I mustdoubtlesslyexplain the fan service quip. What I supposed to critique was this trend of dances that depend more on freestyle than planned steps. Once in a few performances and at concerts, its cute, but to nix precise choreography in lieu of hoping the members are inventiveample to freestyle is a chance that didnt pay off for plenty of groups. Ikon would be a top example, and I listen the same grievancerelating to their routines. They've members who can dance, so I dont perceive why YG Entertainment wouldnt let them make choreography when it was their strength on WIN.

Aside from a few disappointments, Im thankful to see girl groups stepping it up. Oh My Girl, Laboum, and Lovelyz really surprised me this year. Oh My Woman was definitely a treat with Windy Day, and Liar Liar wasnt too bad either. They kept things mild and playful, but the stairs were still intricately tied to the theme of the songs. I hope this trend of integrating a laugh and complexity in girl community dances continues because weve been begging to see this forever.

(YouTube12345, Photographsby the use of Starship Entertainment, Rainbow Bridge World)


SB Mid-Year Review, 2016: Comeback Comeuppance

SB Mid-Year Review, 2016: Comeback Comeuppance

20160531_seoulbeats_btsSB Mid-Year Review, 2016: Comeback ComeuppanceWritten by way of Lo On June 11, 201620160407_seoulbeats_twice_cheer_up2016 has been a fascinating year for the K-pop world. There is exchangeat the wind: more recentteams usurping their seniors, song diversifying in unforeseen ways, novicesorganising their own sounds. The landscape is shifting, and the flavor of time is on everyones tongue, and nowhere is that clearer than in the maximum productive comebacks of the year, that areruled by newer acts.

Comebacks are tricky things to evaluate. They are the culmination of all of the pieces the song, the MV, the album, the are living stages, the dance yetthe actual strength of a comeback lies in the sensation that I wish torevel in this, or I canremorseful about it, and Twice nailed that with Cheer Up.

The MV is a bright, satirical love letter to cinema that simultaneously flaunts each and everyindividuals charms. The high-energy cheerleader choreography furthered Twices symbol of quirky sweethearts; anything cemented by Sanas shashasha achieving meme status. Cheer Up proved Two times has what it takes to hold on beyond their explosive debut.  Theyd most probably existupper on the list if I didnt loathe Cheer Up the song with each fiber of my being.

Perhaps, though, youre more interested by the substance than the style. In that case, I provide AkMu. Re-Bye and How Other peopleCross were hugelyother perspectives on life. How People Flow is embroiled in the childlike wonder of the mundane, a focal point on the tiny main points of something so recurring equally human movement, whilst Re-bye is a kiss-off tinged with maturity, a removal of a poisonousimpression alongside flair. The MVs for either are brilliant; bright, stylized, and slick. The toy wonderland complements the whimsical magic of the way People Move, while the noir mystery melds flawlessly with the jazz edge of Re-Bye. However, their disparate tracks were up to nowaside in their adulthooddegrees that it brought down AkMus comeback as a whole, giving them an risky image.

20160206_seoulbeats_winner_ygWinner made their first comeback this year as well, with the somber InfantChild and sardonic Sentimental. Like AkMu, the MVs were flawless suits to their music. Baby Baby resonates loneliness, revealing just how lonely it's miles in the spotlight, placing their wounds on complete display, while Sentimental took a more cheeky, pastel direction to expressing Winners isolation. But what landed them at the number 3 slot used to be Exit:E, a remarkably robust mini that may beappearing up on other mid-year lists. The motif of loneliness resonates throughout the album by manner of a rock lens, each one track bringing a new standpoint to that same topic. Tracks like Sentimental and Immature revel in it, while Pricked and Im Young bring a more somber taste. Someone whos ever felt on my own sackto find a kindred spirit via Winner.

While Winner inspired through their serious glance at life, Mamamoo impressed through their sense of amusing and irreverence in opposition toanything else weighty. Their first album, Melting, is filled with silly, breezy songs like 1cm (Taller Than You),Funky Boy, and Recipe, all in Mamamoos signature taste of retro-pop paired with extra special vocals. Yet what in point of fact clinched their positionin this list turned into their live performances of Youre The Best. Many groups thrive on either functionality or technique; placingthe trouble to master showmanship or vocal techniques. Twice and AkMu are performers and technicians, respectively. Mamamoo is both, in spades. On every occasion they took to the stage, they wowed the target audience with their air of secrecy and vocal chops, paired with never-ending energy.

20160528_seoulbeats_bts11So, who had what it takes to protected our #1 spot? The correct mix of music, choreography, performance skills, and music videos? BTS, thats who. Yes, the number-one slot went to the crowd who got here back with a remix album and who only promoted for a week, because they were just that good.

Fire, Young Forever, and Save Me melded seamlessly into the existing tracks on The Most pretty Moment In Life, and the remixed tracks were treated brilliantly. The song order and remixes were done with admire to the originals, yet breathed new existence into the tracks. This was a assignment that was undertaken with utmost care by BTS and it shows. The hot tracks don't appear to be rehashing in their already existing songs, but songs that select up and additional the confusion, depression, and exuberance. The MVs for all three new songs were made with just as much effort and willpower read as symbolic what-the-fuckery as Run and I want U. BTS didnt just come back, they issued an unstatedsituation to each person else in the K-pop world: here is what we do for a week-long promotion. What are you in a position to make for a month?

What comebacks were your favorites? Did I lose my marbles with this list? Leave your mind on 2016s best comebacks in the comments!

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SB Mid-Year Review, 2016: 4 Fabulous Dramas

SB Mid-Year Review, 2016: 4 Fabulous Dramas

20160601_seoulbeats_descendantsofthesunSB Mid-Year Review, 2016: 4 Fabulous DramasWritten through Laverne On June 3, 201620160113_seoulbeats_cheeseinthetrapThe consistent production of K-dramas approach there is rarelya lifeless moment in dramaland. From mild rom-coms to gritty detective dramas, this years dramas have either exceeded expectancies and produced momentous flops. Yet who cares about bad dramas? Just right dramas repeatedly vying for #1 are where the joys begins. Here at Seoulbeats, we took a glance at four of the maximum efficient dramas from the primarypart of 2016.

The most arguablepick outat the list also sits at number 4: Cheese in the Trap. A polarizing adaptation of a webtoon by the similar name, Cheese in the Trap debuted to stellar stories and raised the bar for what was once yet to come. Of course, as drama enthusiasts all know by now, Cheese in the Traps later episodes didnt just leave out the bar, they spectacularly fell short of it.

So why did Cheese in the Trap make the list?

Cheese in the Traps first few episodes are masterfully crafted and weave an intriguing tale of relationships between schoolscholars played by Park Hae-jin and Kim Go-eun. The mystery at the back of Yoo Jungs personality is captivating and Hong Seol is a down-to-earth relatable character. A nice supporting solid and slice-of-life scenarios make this drama value it, even in opposition to the end.

Even after the episodes startedto move downhill, ratings remained strong; even ifaudience didnt like where the talechanged into going, they hung on as an alternative of forsaking the drama (though ratings for the closing episodes declined, they were still upper than where the display began). For its top cable ratings, intense online discussion about the drama, and out of the ordinary acting, Cheese in the Trap secures its spot in the pinnaclefour of Seoulbeatss Mid-Year Drama Review.

If a curler coaster of drama quality isnt your thing, number threes consistency might win you over. Marriage Contract, starring Uee and Lee Seo-jin, stayed consistent all through its run, handing over both laughs and tears.

Not handiest did Marriage Contract tell a heartwarming story, it also resonated with viewers, drawing in ratings that crossed the 20% mark for a couple of episodes. Though Marriage Contract wasnt specifically novel on the topic of plot and characters, its emotional storyline and endearing characters earns its spot at number 3 on our list.

Whereas Marriage Contract pulled decent ratings, Descendants of the Sun totallybeaten the ratings game. Debuting to modest ratings, the juggernaut drama jumped in popularity, controlling the number 1 viewing spot for the leisure of its run. And who may blame it? As the 1st drama after army discharge for Song Joong-ki, Descendants of the Sun was bound to have numerous viewers. Upload famed attractiveness and actress Song Hye-gyo to the combinationand you've got got an quick recipe for success!

That the heightened love story takes position amidst a fictional war zone only adds to the juicy romance of the drama. It is vital to note, though, that although Descendants of the Sun is number two on our list, it isnt without its faults; mediocre plot twists, lazy character development, and needless product placement plague the drama all around its run. In spite of its flaws, however, Descendants of the Sun was a force to be reckoned with and unquestionably earns its place as the 2d onevery best drama thus far.

Which begs the question, if Descendants of the Sun is number two, then which drama is number one?

20160124_seoulbeats_signal_leejehoonTaking first place in our Mid-Year Review is none as adverse toseriously acclaimed tvN drama, Signal. Targeted on detectives played by Lee Je-hoon and Jo Jin-woong, the drama followed the 2 equally they communicated across time so as to solve crimes. Signal weaves in combination an intricate narrative instead of falling into an episodic trap that such so much of crime dramas encounter. Every mystery holds very important implications for the major characters, both provide and past, and the prove handles them deftly, dancing around viewers expectations.

But its not just its plot that makes Signal our #1 choice. The acting and directing play a large role, too. Stellar performances from Je-hoon, Jin-woong, and Kim Hye-soo flooring the characters and give them intensity and development, permitting viewers to feel in detailhooked upto every character. Remarkable directing and cinematography bring forth the truth of Signal to lifestyles and expertly plays with viewers expectations and emotions. When brought together, thosecomponentspermit Signal to stick out from the crowded drama landscape and simply take the number one spot in our Drama Mid-Year review.

Was your favourite drama snubbed? Think this list will have to exist rearranged? Let us know in the comments below!

(Nielsen Korea, tvN, MBC, KBS)


2016 Korean Track Awards Announces Netizens’ Selection Artists of the Year

2016 Korean Track Awards Announces Netizens’ Selection Artists of the Year

2016 Korean Tune Awards Announces Netizens Selection Artists of the Yearorionight February 22, 2016 0 LINE it!2016 Korean Music Awards Announces Netizens Decision Artists of the Year The effects for the 2016 Korean Music Awards are in and the netizens have spoken – BIGBANG, IU and Park Jin Young are the 2015 artists of the year!

The winners of the netizens’ desire awards were divided into 3 categories: group, male artist, and feminine artist, and ballotinghappened from February 15 throughout the 22. In the crowd category, BIGBANG got here out on best over the likes of f(x) and Wonder Girls with 5,321 of the complete 13,284 votes.

Park Jin Young crowned out the male artist category with 1,425 of the overall 6,295 votes, and IU won the pinnacle spot with 3,654 votes out of the 6,963 votes in the feminine artist category.

Congratulations to all three winners for the victories! The rite for the Korean Music Awards is determined to be hung on February 29 at 7 p.m. KST.

Related Tags 2016 Korean Music AwardsBIGBANGIUPark Jin YoungPost NavigationOutdatedTaleSix Bomb Dressed in PurpleDegree Outfit Draws Attention

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Watch: BTS Wows Fanatics in Taiwan on “2016 Large Star: A Red & White Lunar New Year Special”

Watch: BTS Wows Fanatics in Taiwan on “2016 Large Star: A Red & White Lunar New Year Special”

Watch: BTS Wows Enthusiasts in Taiwan on 2016 Tremendous Star: A Red White Lunar New Year Specialkokoberry February 7, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: BTS Wows Fans in Taiwan on 2016 Super Star: A Red White Lunar New Year Special Popular boy team BTS was once invited to the 2016 Super Star: A Red White Lunar New Year Special in Taiwan.

Other noted stars adding Jam Hsiao, SpeXial, Della Ding, Yuki Hsu, Rachel Liang, Guo Shu Yao, Landy Wen, Han Hong, Yoga Lin, Gigi Leung, and A-Lin attended the Lunar New Year special programme. The developmentchanged into hosted by potential of Harlem Yu and Zhang Xiao Yun.

As the sole artist from Korea, BTS doesnt disappoint with their performances in their hit songs Run, Dope, and I want U.

Watch BTS performances and more in the video below! Their phase starts at the 17:55 minute mark.

You'll also watch BTS greet the target market and sing in Chinese in the video below.

BTS The Most lovely Moment in Existence Pt 2Make stronger the artist by purchasing The MaximumStunning Moment in Life Pt. 2 from YesAsia Related Tags 2016 Super Star: A Red White Lunar New Year SpecialBTSPost NavigationOldTale11 Amazing f(x) B-Sides Youll Be Sorry You Neglected

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'The List 2016' Names five K-Pop Stars With Maximum Earning Attainable This Year

'The List 2016' Names five K-Pop Stars With Maximum Earning Attainable This Year

Girls Days Hyeri(Photo : KpopStarz)What multifaceted Korean celebrities are we in a position tobe expectinglarge things from this year?

Former Girls' Generation member Jessica Jung, Reply 1998 breakout famous person and Girl's Day member Lee Hyeri and JYJ's Kim Junsu are 3 of the pinnacle K-Pop idols that may rake in the maximumprofits this year, in keeping with a tvN display ranking.

On the Jan. 25 episode of The List 2016, revealed five stars with the most earning possible this year, primarily based it on their existingonce a year intake and capabilityearningsbecause of their emergingrepute and industry ventures.

Actors Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Soo Hyun crowned the tvN list on account of their high-paying endorsements. Now nothandiest are eitherhighly regarded domestically, yetalso they are paid best endorsement greenbacksthrough foreign corporationsin want of to take a ride on the Korean pop culture wave.

Third on the entire list and the K-pop idol with the most earning prospectivewas once Girl's Day Hyeri. Dubbed the reigning "CF Queen," Hyeri has exploded in popularity and has reportedly shot more ads than any other superstar in 2015 because of the her role in the record-breaking hit prove Reply 1988.

Junsu become ranked fourth on the final list due to his proceeding popularity as a solo K-pop artist in addition his winningcommercial ventures, adding a luxury hotel in the holiday paradise of Jeju Island.

Finally, former Girls' Generation member Jessica was ranked 5th on the overall list due to her burgeoning styleemblem Blanc Eclare, which is now found in more than 46 shops internationally.

Mickey is a author and virtual content creator founded in Manila. He's a co-founder of ZAVI Appand editor of the small business blog IndieMickey. He has also been bitten by the K-Pop fashion worm - practice him on Instagram @mickjami.

© 2016 KpopStarz. All rights reserved. Don't reproduce without permission.

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'Only About A Year Left For You To look  The massive Bang Team On Stage' T.O.P Tells Crowd At 2016 Golden Disk Awards

'Only About A Year Left For You To look The massive Bang Team On Stage' T.O.P Tells Crowd At 2016 Golden Disk Awards

Big Bangs T.O.P onstage at the 2016 Golden Disk Awards Big Bang onstage at the 2016 Golden Disk AwardsEvery other awards show, some otherlikelihood for a large hit member to strike worry in the hearts of the K-pop boy band's longtime fans.

Rapper T.O.P started his acceptance speech for one of 3 awards his workforce won at Wednesday's 30th annual Golden Disk Awards in Seoul, South Korea with a promise they would continue to mature just as performers, yet equally people.

"Rather than being flashy outwardly as artists, we may beready totake a glance at our perfect to be stunningat thewithin as we grow up," T.O.P said.

That used to be when the K-pop icon introduced into the internal track that (while inevitable bearing in mind South Korea's law that every one eligible men between the ages of 18 and 35 shouldjoin in just about two years of army service), no fan of the band sought after to hear.

"From now on, I believe there is best approximately a year left for you to lookthe massive Bang team on stage," stated the 28-year-old star. "In that time, we are going toare trying even more difficult to touch your hearts and solution alongside awesome music."

And T.O.P just isn'tthe only realLarge Bang member to take merit of the band's contemporary public appearances as a forum to trace to lovers that the group, no less than with its fashioned lineup, isn't going to be around for far longer.

At final month's Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong, it became Taeyang's turn to drop some reality on the crowd.

"It is alsotough for all five of the large Bang participantsto wait MAMA all in combination from now on," said the Huge Bang singer, age 27.

"It was an honor with the purpose towearthe kind of performances we would have liked to via MAMA and thank you for the nice award."

The subtlety wasn't lost on fans (or the Korean entertainment media). Allkpop reader Danixkm is overwhelmed by the revelation.

"Did you listen that?" the fan asked in a remark posted Wednesday. "It was just the sound of my center breaking. At the leastthey've such dependable fans that'll be looking ahead to them to all be together again."

In addition to winning VirtualUnmarried of the Year and the Daesang Grand Prize at The 2016 Golden Disk Awards, G-Dragon won the iQIYI Male Artist Award. Addingthosemaximum recent honors, Big Bang's "MADE" series of 8 singles released all over the summer of 2015 has won 23 awards.

"MADE" has yet to be released as an album in Korea, but is scheduled to pop out as as a full-length in Japan on Feb. 3 including Eastern language versions of the songs "Loser," "Bang Bang Bang" and "If You."

© 2016 KpopStarz. All rights reserved. Do now not reproduce without permission.

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2016 Asian American Expo Ushers In Year Of The Monkey

2016 Asian American Expo Ushers In Year Of The Monkey

The Asian American Expo is back back at Fairplex for the 2016 Lunar New Year. As the biggest Lunar New Year party in America, the 2016 Asian American Expo, celebrating its 35th year on Saturday, January 16th and Sunday, January 17th is back with a new and various lineup of exhibitors, sponsors, presentations and activities.Since 1982, the Asian American Expo used to bearranged as a nativenetworktournament founded to percentage a cultural heritage and to advertisea neaterfiguring out among other peopleof alternative backgrounds thrua party of the Lunar New Year. This year's occasion is guaranteed to be even larger and more expansive than closing year's showing, featuring over 1,200 dealer booths in six huge exhibition halls, 3 authentic food courts featuring over 190 food vendors, and 7 non-stop acting stages.The Expo providesimpressiveresidebasic non-stop performances on seven stages during the display on either days. There are more than forty fiveotherteams of entertainers and performers scheduled, addingfamous person singers performing in a live concert. Visitors can revel in Brazilian Samba, Spanish Flamenco, Chinese Acrobatics, Jap Taiko, Thai, Korean usual dances, cheerleading, drum craft, ballroom dancing, style runways and more. The Lion and Dragon dances are a will have to see for the Lunar New Year celebrations. Key activities to upload to the expo bucket list are the yearly Expo Dining Competition, Toyota Ride Drive, Fortunate Raffle Drawing and the Carnival Games Gallery.Building at the global achieve of the Asian American Expo this year the China Symbol Pavilion is back again in bigger than before, highlighting the differing types of new age products, traditional Chinese pieces and advertisement goods. The China Picture Pavilion will take position in 3 separates Halls (5, 7, and 8) each and every showcasing expositions from the primary Chinese towns of Shanghai, Fujian and ShanDong. In Corridor 6, The Taiwan Excellence exhibition may be returning with its newestexhibit of "Made in Taiwan" goods.

For 2016 the Asian American Expo proudly includesthree new componentsto its event theSILK Fashion Outlet,AnimeIMPULSEConvention, and the primary everAsian Beer Fest. The SILK Prove is a committedboulevard wear closeout sale featuring best brands like Stussy and HUF. Anime IMPULSE is a new anime and gamesway of life outcome amongst headlining acts featuring Alodia Gosiengfiao, Vampy Bit Me, D-Piddy, Vertvixen, Luna Lanie, Kelly Eden, Davidson "d-slim" Sim and more! Last yetnow not least the Asian Beer Fest will be showcasing a diverse line up of Asian beverages starting from Tsingtao to Sapporo beers.

For additional info on2016 Asian American Expo, please visit


Year Of The Monkey K-Pop Stars To Stay An Eye On In 2016

Year Of The Monkey K-Pop Stars To Stay An Eye On In 2016

EXOs Baekhyun(Photo : KpopStarz) It is 2016, and the Year of the Monkey in accordance withthe conventional Chinese zodiac. This way that that it is a very special year for all the K-pop idols who were born in 1992.

With such so much of early 20-something's in K-pop, there is acomplete bevy of idols who will turn 26 (24 internationally) this year.

EXID's Hani already has numerous attention on her, thank you to EXID's success. The year kicked off with a bang for Hani, after Dispatch published that she is these days in a dating alongside JYJ's Xia Junsu.

EXO has 4participants who were born in 1992: D.O (Do Kyungsoo), Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, and Chen (Kim Jongdae). EXO had an ideal year in 2015, and broke various records. So far, 2016 has noticed D.O and Chanyeol exploring careers as actors, whilst Baekhyun crowned chart with his song "Dream," a collaboration with omit A's Suzy,

HyunA of 4Minute, who are set to make a comeback later this month, was once too born in 1992.

INFINITE's L (Kim Myungsoo), who is currently traveling North The us with the remainder of his group, also turned into born in 1992.

Block B has 3 members who are Monkeys: Kyung, U-Kwon, and Zico were all born in 1992.

1992 was the birth year of a number of popular idols.

f(x)'s Amber, Youngster Top's C.A.P, ZE:A's Dongjun, Wonder Girls' Hyerim, BTOB's Hyunsik, BTS's Jin, VIXX's Ken, After School/Orange Caramel's Lizzy, FTISLAND's Minhwan and Seunghyun, B1A4's Sandeul and Baro, WINNER's Seunghoon, SISTAR's Soyou, and Girl's Day's Yura were also all born in the Year of the Monkey in 1992.

Other Year of the Monkey idols come with stars born in 1980, 1968, 1956, and 1944. Several members of iconic idol teams like H.O.T (Lee Jae Won), Sechs Kies (Jang Soo Won, Kang Sung Hoon, Pass Ji Yong), g.o.d (Son Ho Young), Shinhwa (Jun Jin), Fin.K.L (Ok Joo Hyun, Lee Jin), and Epik High's Tablo were also born in the Year of the Monkey.

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