Rumors Of Kang Min Hyuk And Jung Hye Sung Dating Were given  Close Down So Fast

Rumors Of Kang Min Hyuk And Jung Hye Sung Dating Were given Close Down So Fast

Rumors Of Kang Min Hyuk And Jung Hye Sung Dating Were givenClose Down So Speedy jun2yng July 10, 2016 0 Rumors Of Kang Min Hyuk And Jung Hye Sung Dating Got Shut Down So Fast On July 11, Sports Seoul released an exclusive record claiming that CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk and actress Jung Hye Sung are dating, with cries of the primary FNC Entertainment couple to be born.

Sports Seoul quotes a source who is an acquaintance of the 2 stars: “They’ve been assembly seriously for a while now. They’re being careful, yet their close buddies and circle of relatives know about their relationship.”

The report then mentions — as a unhappystrive at offering evidence, possibly — the commonplace interests Kang Min Hyuk and Jung Hye Sung have, announcing that they either are interested byflower displays and cats.

However, FNC Entertainment, which homes both artists, instantlyanswered to the report, and statedthat they'rejust nigh friends, and are reasonably taken aback at the dating news.

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Kang Dong Won And Jung Ryeo Won Deny Dating Rumors

Kang Dong Won And Jung Ryeo Won Deny Dating Rumors

(Photo : ) Representatives for Kang Dong Won (A Violent Prosecutor) deny dating rumors involving actress Jung Ryeo Won. His agency, YG Entertainment, threatened criminal action opposed tothe onesliable for decimating the claims.

On March 1, OSEN quoted senior officials at YG PR, who categorically denied his romantic involvement with actress Jung Ryeo Won.

"It's totally untrue," stated the spokesperson for YG. "We checked with Kang Dong Won and he hasn't ever met with the actress involved,"

The dating allegations surfaced thru online portals sooner thanthe talewas once picked up through a domestic media outlet, which reported at the alleged relationship, as despite the reality that it were substantiated. The journalist accountable for the initial tale quoted an older vocalist as the source of knowledgereferring to their alleged romantic involvement.

According to the commentarygot from YG Entertainment by OSEN, this vocalist had no wisdom of the item nor did the individualsupply an on-record quote.

"He Kang Dong Won is sorry for the actress because those dating rumors stay surfacing, " said the YG representative. "The middle-aged singer has no concept how he may smartly be quoted as introducing other folks he does not know."

While he to start withseemed in tv dramas adding his portrayal of Lee Jae Jin in MBC's "1% of Anything," Kang is best possible known for his movie roles.

He currentlyseemed in the blockbuster crime noir, "A Violent Prosecutor," contrary Hwang Jung Min.

In 2016, he signed with YG Entertainment, joining Choi Ji Woo, Cha Seung Won, and Nam Joo Hyuk.

Representatives for Jung Ryeo Won also denied the claims.

Kang Dong Won is the maximum recent actor to threaten legal action against malicious dating rumors. In February 2016, "Cheese in the Trap" star, Park Hae Jin pursued the within track outlet guilty for spreading dating claims involving actress Park Shin Hye.


Why Do Dating Rumors Between Jo in Sung and Pass Hyun Jung Stay Surfacing

Why Do Dating Rumors Between Jo in Sung and Pass Hyun Jung Stay Surfacing

Why Do Dating Rumors Between Jo in Sung and Cross Hyun Jung Stay Surfacing?leejojoba February 15, 2016 0 LINE it!Why Do Dating Rumors Between Jo in Sung and Go Hyun Jung Keep Surfacing? On February 14 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” they mentioned “Entertainment Industry’s Gold Leave out and Mister Stars.” Gold Miss and Gold Mister refers to a feminine or male, respectively, this is unmarried and has a prime socioeconomic and tutorial background.

On the episode, actor Jo In Sung was discussed as probably the most aureate Mister stars.

Jo In Sung receives much love and attention from a huge number offemininelovers for his just right looks, tall stature, and type personality.

A reporter commented, “Jo In Sung is 36 years old now and is drawing near the ‘Gold Mister’ age. He stated he’d get married around 40.” He added, “In the past, Jo In Sung had said that his ideal form ofgirl is a strong, tricky woman. The explanation dating rumors between Jo In Sung and Go Hyun Jung keep resurfacing is because Go Hyun Jung is closest to his ideal type.”

The reporter went directly to say, “Jo In Sung is financially in a role to settling down any time he needs to. He owns a development in Itaewon. The price of the building preferred to over 1 billion won (approximately $825,000) in the closing3 years.”

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Go Hyun Jung Says She's Sorry About The Jo In Sung Dating Rumors

Go Hyun Jung Says She's Sorry About The Jo In Sung Dating Rumors

Actress Pass Hyun Jung has apologized to her former co-star Jo In Sung for involving them in a dating scandal. She used to be joking.

"I say sorry to Jo In Sung," Go said.

There isn't anyfact to the dating rumors, the stars have time and again said, yet ITbecame inevitable that their plausible romantic scenes in the 2005 drama "Spring Days" would result in such long-lived rumors. Their chemistry was so just right that it helped spice up the drama's ratings to an outstanding 30 % of the viewers.

The actress made her apology at the December 29 episode of the Go Hyun Jung Reality Show. She reminisced about the primarycircular of dating rumors, which came aboutwhilst they were filming the preferred drama "Spring Days."

"After articles claiming we were dating were published, Jo In Sung asked me if I used to be dating somebody else named Jo In Sung," stated Go. "He told me to forestallthe use of him and introduce him to the oppositefortunate guy."

The actors have remained buddies for 10 years. He was the 1st guest she invited on her communicate show. They also met for tea earlier than he entered the army for his necessary two-year duty. In 2008 when she gave the impression on the MBC radio Display "Park Kyung Lim's Starry Night" she admitted that she has joked with Jo In Sung about their chemistry.

"I every so often jokingly tell him that I admire him and ask him to marry me," she said.

The dating rumors revived in July 2015 when the actors were noticedin combination in a Jap airport. Either their agencies denied the rumors announcing the actors were coincidentally both in Japan for paintings and bumped intoone another at the airport.

Go Hyun Jung seemed in "Sandglass," some of the highest-rated and maximumseverely acclaimed dramas in Korean Television history. She also enjoyed good fortune alongside the 2009 drama "Queen Seonduk" and the 2010 drama "Daemul." In 2014 she startedcoaching acting as an accessory professor at her alma mater Dongguk University.

Jo In Sung currently enjoyed fulfillment with the dramas "It's KThat is Love" with co-star Gong Hyo Jin and "That Wintry weather The Wind Blows" with Song Hye Kyo.

Jo In Sung dated actress Kim Min Hee for over a year but broke up round the time he was filming "It's Ok That's Love." At that point he was rumored to be seeing his co-star Gong Hyo Jin, who also broke up with her boyfriend Lee Jin Wook. Both actors denied the rumors.

In October it was reported that Jo was taking into consideration a cameo in an as-yet-unnamed task that Go Hyun Jung would seem in.


Go Hyun Jung Apologizes to Jo In Sung for Beyond Dating Rumors

Go Hyun Jung Apologizes to Jo In Sung for Beyond Dating Rumors

Go Hyun Jung Apologizes to Jo In Sung for Beyond Dating Rumorsck525 December 29, 2015 0 LINE it!Go Hyun Jung Apologizes to Jo In Sung for Past Dating Rumors Actress Cross Hyun Jung apologized to Jo In Sung after the 2 wounded up in a scandal.

On the episode of SBS Plus’s “Go Hyun Jung Fact Show” aired on December 29, Go Hyun Jung looks back on the limitless kiss scenes she filmed with actors more youthful than her.

She especially recollections how rumors of her dating Jo In Sung whilst they filmed “Spring Day” circulated.

“After articles claiming we were dating were published, Jo In Sung asked me, “You’re dating anyone else named Jo In Sung, aren’t you?’” she says. “He told me to forestallthe usage of him and introduce the oppositefortunate guy.”

“I express regret to Jo In Sung,” she adds.

Meanwhile, “Go Hyun Jung Reality Show” is a program in which Go Hyun Jung finds her true self to the public. Main points of her lifestyles as she travels to Tokyo and releases an essay ebook are packed in 4 episodes.

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Julien Kang responds to the dating rumors
alongside fashion Jang Sung Hee

Julien Kang responds to the dating rumors alongside fashion Jang Sung Hee

Julien Kang responds to the dating rumors amongst fashion Jang Sung Hee

neatly whenever y'all were in a position to congratulate Julien Kang on his rumored courting, dangle off on that equally he says IT"s no longer truthful! After rumors began to circulation of his courting amongst the beautiful fashion Jang Sung Hee, the actor"s firm has come forth to elucidate his connection to the fashion.

His firm printed they were given in contact amongst him and discovered out the 2 are merely just buddies. "The dating rumors don't seem to be truthful. He used to be very surprised hearing merely about them," his firm acknowledged.

"It"s truthful that he and Jang Sung Hee are near oppa-dongseng because of their background in fashioning. they've foods in combination very easily and join up equally buddies, yet they don't seem to be dating. It"s likewise certainly no longer truthful that they've met amongst every other"s folks and are thinking of marriage. Julien Kang told U.S. that he has no mind of having married any fourth dimension soon," the firm added.

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Julien Kangs 
firm Responds to Dating and Marriage Rumors
alongside type Jang Sung Hee

Julien Kangs firm Responds to Dating and Marriage Rumors alongside type Jang Sung Hee

Julien Kang’s Agency Responds to Dating And Marriage Rumors with model Jang Sung Hee On July 28, A news outlet had entirely recorded that < robust>Julien Kang is lately in A courting with 3 years more youthful model < robust>Jang Sung Hee with marriage in brain, even mentioning that the fogeys of either side Are brainful And Approve in their courting.

in line with the record, A rootage equally regards to the 2 other individuals claimed that Julien Kang And Jang Sung Hee get-go met At a meeting of pals And temporarily evolved their courting equally A couple.

then Again, following the liberate of those records, Julien Kang’s Agency clarified, “After checking with Julien Kang himself, it isn't truthful that his is dating model Jang Sung Hee. As such, the rumors that they're getting ready for marriage also Are groundless. they just accept A nigh oppa-dongsaeng (sibling-like) courting.”

The Agency rep endured to provide An explanation for, “They Are a phase of a collection of pals that meet in combination. whilst they've got got A relaxed sufficient palship to proportion A meal And communique, they Aren't A couple.”

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Jung Woo Sung Is Again The Subject Of Dating Rumors

Jung Woo Sung Is Again The Subject Of Dating Rumors

Jung Woo Sung

Jung Woo Sung is once again the subject of dating rumors, which his agency once again denies.

An article in Sports Dong-A said that a thirty-something Korean-American woman accompanied the actor when he met some of his friends in December 2014. Rumors said that the couple has dated for less than a year but that she often comes along when he meets his friends.

The actor"s agency, Red Brick House, told Star News on Jan. 9 that the rumors were false.

"Jung Woo Sung is extroverted and meets with friends often," said a Red Brick representative. "We think it"s a misunderstanding that got out of hand."

Supposedly Jung Woo Sung and his woman friend go on double dates with Lee Jung Jae and his girlfriend heiress Lim Se Ryung. The dates often supposedly take place in Jung Woo Sung"s neighborhood.

Jung Woo Sung is close Lee Jung Jae whom he met while filming the 1999 movie "City of the Rising Sun." In that movie they played good friends. The friends co-own and co-invest in several businesses, including the men"s clothing brand FAB. Both men are known for their interest in fashion.

Jung Woo Sung"s new dating rumors may have arisen because earlier in the week his friend Lee Jung Jae admitted to dating Lim Se Ryung. As a result, the daily lives of many people Lee Jung Jae knows or socializes with are under closer scrutiny.

The actor was involved in one dating scandal. While filming the drama "Athena," he began to date his co-star actress Lee Ji Ah. They were photographed on a date together in Paris in March 2011, forcing them to go public with their relationship. Shortly before the trip he had posted a message on his fan club website saying he met a new friend for whom he had good feelings.

But the news that Lee Ji Ah had been secretly married to and divorced from idol Seo Taiji was released the following month. The relationship did not survive the publicity about the secret marriage and subsequent divorce. The Korean press reported that Jung Woo Sung and Lee Ji Ah broke up three months later.

In June 2014 it was reported that Jung Woo Sung was dating a non-celebrity who lived abroad but his agency also denied those rumors.

Jung Woo Sung"s next project is the indie film "Don"t Forget Me," which is slated for release this year.


Jung Woo Sung Shoots Down Rumors He Is Dating A Korean -American Woman

Jung Woo Sung Shoots Down Rumors He Is Dating A Korean -American Woman

Actor Jung Woo Sung denies relationship rumors

With the relentless rumours surrounding the nature of his relationship with a Korean-American woman, Jung Woo Sung spoke out to insist that there's nothing romantic going on between them.

In recent articles, the media stated that the actor has been in a relationship with the woman for less than a year now, reporting that his alleged girlfriend was also spotted at his villa in Seoul. It was even added that the two had enjoyed a double date with fellow actor Lee Jung Jae and his girlfriend Lim Sae Ryeong, who recently confirmed their relationship.

Since then, Jung Woo Sung's reps have gotten in touch with the actor and have revealed his response to the public. A rep stated, "It is not true that Jung Woo Sung is in a relationship. We confirmed with him and he said he is not dating at the moment... The actor himself doesn't believe that dating is something to hide, so if he was really dating he would have said so. However, he is currently not dating and he knows that some reporters have been trying to catch him in a relationship. Because he has nothing to hide, he isn"t paying much attention to the rumors." 


Jung Woo Sung's Agency Says Dating Rumors Are False

Jung Woo Sung's Agency Says Dating Rumors Are False


In a week full of celebrity break-ups it might have been nice to see the start-up of a new relationship for a favorite actor.

So it seemed promising when the daily media publication Dong-A reported that actor Jung Woo Sung was dating a non-celebrity and that things are going well.

According to the publication, she was a beautiful woman in her thirties and the relationship was going strong. Not only was she not a celebrity, she did not even know that Jung Woo Sung was a celebrity when they met. As the mystery woman did not grow up in Korea, she had not been aware of or followed his acting career.

Some netizens expressed doubts, saying it would be difficult not to know who the actor was, even if you did not live in Korea. Even though his last small screen appearance was the 2011 drama "Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats," he did work on several films in the past two years, including "Cold Eyes," "Don"t Forget Me" and "The Killer."

His agency Red Brick House would not confirm the rumors.

At first they said that they did not know whether the rumors were true. The actor"s dating life was his personal business. But then a representative came forward to say that the relationship rumors were false.

"After looking into it, we found the reports about Jung Woo Sung"s relationship are false," said the representative. "As he"s currently focused on filming, he"ll be greeting you with a good project soon."

The 41-year-old actor debuted in 1994 in the film "Nine Tailed Fox." Since his debut he has only been involved in one dating scandal. When he was shooting the drama "Athena: Goddess of War," he began to see his co-star actress Lee Ji Ah.

After they were photographed in Paris in March 2011, he confirmed that they were dating. But Lee Ji Ah had neglected to tell him that she was secretly married to pop icon Seo Taiji for over a decade and was in the process of divorce negotiations with her ex. The relationship between Jung Woo Sung and Lee Ji Ah did not survive her omission. A month after the news of her marriage and divorce was made public, Jung Woo Sung and Lee Ji Ah split.

Jung Woo Sung is currently working on the film "Madam Bluff." In that film he plays a professor losing his eyesight. It"s a modern-day retelling of a Korean folk tale "Shim Chung."