Seoul Town  Supplies Contentious Handout to Young Jobseekers

Seoul Town Supplies Contentious Handout to Young Jobseekers

The Seoul Metropolitan Govt on Wednesday awarded a W500,000 allowance to a couple 2,800 handpicked young unemployed other people (US$1=W1,118).

The Ministry of Fitness and Welfare straight away condemned the move, which went forwardregardless ofincreasingly more frantic attempts by potential of the ministry to forestall it.

The ministry acknowledged information technology "cannot allow" what it called "populist" welfare policies aimed at bribing young voters. It gave the town government an ultimatum of nine a.m. Thursday to cancel the policy and threatened to revoke the city's powers.

Seoul urban officials countered by threatening to take the ministry to court.

The unemployment allowance is paid for up to 6 months to make a choice young individuals between 19 and 29 who have lived in the capital for more than a year and paintingsnot up to 30 hours a week. The purpose is to assist them out as they look for jobs.

The city has set apart W9 billion this year and hopes to amplify the collection of recipients in the future.

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon, a most sensible presidential contender in the liberal camp, has many times vowed no longer to back down.

The city won 6,309 packages and closing week chose 3,000 of them according to their family income, duration of unemployment and variety ofcircle of relatives members.

The billsbegandirectly to 2,831 those who signed an acceptance form.

The ministry had it turns out thatwas hoping to cease the payments at the last minute, yet too late.

A ministry reliable warned, "This may justrecommended other regional governments to adoptan identical policies aimed at wooing voters".


Seoul Town  Is going  Forward with Contentious Jobseekers' Handout

Seoul Town Is going Forward with Contentious Jobseekers' Handout

The Seoul Metropolitan Executive has made up our minds to push forward amongst a plan to give W500,000 a month to 3,000 deserving young jobseekers for up to 6 months, in spite of fury from the central government (US$1=W1,147).

The Ministry of Fitness and Welfare complained that the town government made the announcement unilaterally just days sooner thanthe overall elections. The ministry claimed discussions had "not been completed".

The urban government on Monday acknowledged 3,000 long-time jobseekers from low-income families who have lived in Seoul for a year gets an allowance addingprices for attending personal crammers to arrange for job-related checks and textbooks.

When it first announced the plan in November, the city government said it's going tofortifykids of families earning underneath 60 % of the median source of revenue threshold. Closing month, it agreed to offer them best with vouchers that can not exist used in bars or clubs as a substitute of cash.

But it has replaced its brainback and the a hit applicants may be given routine debit cards.

A city government authentic said, "We accept as true with young people, so we will be in a position to neither prohibitthe manner they use the card nor take a glance at where they've used it".

The ministry used to bestuckat the back foot by way of the announcement and claims it becomelooking for a compromise that looked less like outright bribery of young voters.

"The timing of the announcement just two days before the overall elections turns out awkward", a ministry official said.


Seoul town Plans money Handouts for Young Jobseekers

Seoul town Plans money Handouts for Young Jobseekers

The Seoul Metropolitan executive plans to offer W500,000 according to month to 3,0000 young jobseekers from next year till 2020 (US$1=W1,140). The measure is a phase of Mayor Park Won-soon"s (pictured above) efforts to get a dangle of citizen-friendly policies.The town government stated beneficiaries might be jobseekers elderly 19 to 29 from low-income families. Some 3,000 of them will be selected in accordance with programs they post detailing how they plan to give a contribution to society. The a hit applicants gets the cash for 2 to 6 months. urban officials made up our minds to set 20 % of the mid-range per 30 days salary of staff of W2.5 million as an good enough amount.The program will payment the Seoul Metropolitan Government W9 billion a year and around W50 billion unless 2020. The city government says it does no longer want approval from the central government because the program comes below its own regulations and the cheap created to relief young other folks in the capital.Out of 1.43 million individuals in Seoul between 19 and 29, around 500,000 are estimated to be jobseekers from low-income families, yet improve will cross most effective to 0.6 percent of this group. Critics are worried that young jobseekers who are already competing with every other for scarce jobs now must race one another for the help cash as well. "The program is modeled on unemployment receive advantages in Eu welfare states, but here's imaginable only in prosperous international locations that fee top source of revenue tax", said Cho Joon-mo at Sungkyunkwan University. "You can"t nicely generate jobs or create social protection nets in countries like Korea where regional governments are chronically short of cash". Ahn Sang-hoon at Seoul National University said, "Seoul city is attempting to steer transparent of accusations of populism by capacity of stressing that young jobseekers have to contribute to be eligible, but in point of fact it just turns out to be a ruse to win over young voters".

Park has many times run into opposition from conservatives with his plans. Police have two times postponed his proposal to turn an old flyover above Seoul Station into a park modeled on New York"s High Line, bringing up a loss of plans to ease traffic congestion. Police need the city government to turn authorization from the minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, but the city says that isn't needed. The city says the jerry-built 1970s flyover is no longer just unsightly but dilapidated and pieces of concrete are already falling off, threatening automobiles passing underneath. that suggests it's going to must be closed to traffic anyway. The flyover has been given the lowest security score among any structures in the capital.The city government now hopes to near the flyover at the finish of November and get started paintings chipping off the old cement duvet and bolstering the foundation. City officials objective to reopen it as a park in 2017.


Most Young Folks in Seoul Reside in Rented Housing

Most Young Folks in Seoul Reside in Rented Housing

Nine out of 10 Seoul electorate in their 30s hire their homes, either per 30 days or by the use of jeonse or Korean-style deposit lease, in line with a learn about released through the Seoul Metropolitan Executive on Tuesday. Town officials surveyed 20,000 families and 2,500 foreigners living in the capital in October remaining year. Seoul has been undertaking the survey every year since 2003.Some 88 % of other folks in their 30s are living in monthly rent or jeonse homes, while among over-50s some 61 percent own their homes. The family debt ratio stood at 48.4 percent, that means close topart of all households in the capital owe money. The maximum importantreason why for putting off loans used to be to either purchase or lease a house alongside 66 percent of respondents. By age, the debt ratio stood at 76.7 percent for citizens in their 30s, 64.8 percent for the ones in their 40s, 59.1 percent for those in their 50s and 54.1 percent for in over 60.As of last year, 24.6 percent or a quarter of the city's population were unmarried households. The percentage of one-person households in the capital has been emergingceaselessly from 21.5 percent in 2005. A Seoul urbanreliablestated a developingchoice of young individuals and senior citizens live alone.The space of Seoul with the most university-educated residents is prosperous Gangnam in southern Seoul at 51.1 percent, whilst the percentage is simplest 26.5 percent in northern Seoul. Some 59.4 percent of Seoul citizens said they wish to alive in the capital 10 years from now. Among respondents in their 20s, 66.7 percent said they wish tostay living in Seoul.


Watch: Song Joong Ki Supplies Special Gift To Young Fan

Watch: Song Joong Ki Supplies Special Gift To Young Fan

Watch: Song Joong Ki Supplies particular Gift To Young Fankokoberry June 14, 2016 0 Watch: Song Joong Ki Gives Special Gift To Young Fan Popular actor Song Joong Ki cant forestall giving fanatics more reasons to like him.

The Descendants of the Sun big name melted fans hearts with his interplay amongsta tender fan at a contemporary fan meeting.

A video of Song Joong Ki giving his own bracelet to a young fan has been spreading quickly. In the video, a boy snaps a photo with Song Joong Ki. The actor considerately bends down and embraces him affectionately. After offering him with an autograph and a signed football ball, the star also takes to the air his own bracelet and puts it at the childs wrist himself whilst crouching down.

Watch the touching moment below:

A video posted by way ofCandy Moment Of 송중기 (@_sweet_moment_) on Jun 12, 2016 at 11:37pm PDT

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#Song Joong Ki

Seoul Town  to hang  Loose Screenings of Indie Films

Seoul Town to hang Loose Screenings of Indie Films

Free screenings of autonomousmotion pictures will take position at 29 public amenitiesadding art galleries, museums and libraries from Would possibly to December, the Seoul Metropolitan Govtacknowledged on Monday.

The town government arrangedthe development to advertise the independent movie industry.

The opening videos are "Cruel State", a documentary about the Sewol ferry disaster, and "Spirits' Homecoming", a film telling the reportsof girls forced into sexual slavery throughEastern troops all the style throughInternational War II. They're going to exist screened during May.

"Spirits' Homecoming" attracted 3.49 million audience at 876 theaters after it used to be released on Feb. 24.

For more information, discuss with the event's web page at Unfastened admission is to be had on a first come, first served basis.


“Jang Young Shil” PD Supplies the Low-Down on Which Song Triplet Has the Maximum Acting Potential

“Jang Young Shil” PD Supplies the Low-Down on Which Song Triplet Has the Maximum Acting Potential

Jang Young Shil PD Supplies the Low-Down on Which Song Triplet Has the Maximum Acting Possible orionight March 27, 2016 0 LINE it!Jang Young Shil PD Gives the Low-Down on Which Song Triplet Has the Most Acting Potential The manufacturerat the back of the historic drama “Jang Young Shil” starring Song Il Gook has unfolded close to what it used to be like filming with the Song triplets Daehan, Minguk and Manse.

The triplets made a cameo in “Jang Young Shil” after visiting their dad on set closing fall right through an episode of “The Return of Superman.” Producer Kim Young Jo spoke with TV Record in an interview on March 27, where he turned into asked about which of the triplets have a ability for acting.

“Of course, we filmed for roughly an hour, and because they’re all children, now not of the triplets had talking lines. Yet Minguk had no fear,” Kim Young Jo acknowledged in the interview. “He later said he sought afterto test out again, so we filmed him back after we’d completed filming Song Il Gook’s lines. But seeing his dad with a beard in an old hanbok scared him, so we had to surrender in the end.”

Kim Young Jo also published in the interview that he these days has no works covered up following the finish of “Jang Young Shil.”

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'Glorious Temptation' Joo Sang Wook Supplies Up Killing Jung Jin Young

'Glorious Temptation' Joo Sang Wook Supplies Up Killing Jung Jin Young

Glorious Temptation Joo Sang Wook Gives Up Killing Jung Jin YoungIn "Glorious Temptation" Joo Sang Wook used to be going to kill Jung Jin Young yetstored him on account of Choi Kang Hee.

On the episode of MBC drama "Glorious Temptation" broadcast on March 1st,Eun Soo betrayed Hyung Woo. Eun Soo sought after to catch Suk Hyun and told Suk Hyun about the traps they'd set. Hyung Woo turned into put into depressionthanks to Eun Soo's betrayal. In the end, to kill Suk Hyun, he went to Suk Hyun's area at night.

Hyung Woo put handcuffs on Suk Hyun and was going to kill Suk Hyun when he considered what Eun Soo said. The consumer that had observed Il Joo's long term was Director Jo and the sole person to transport Director Jo was Suk Hyun.

Meanwhile, "Glorious Temptation" is setthe head 1% of society. There's alady that was no longermeant to be in the top lodge but she enters, causing an overly tumultuous streak of history. It's miles broadcast on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10PM.


Seoul to Change into 'Super-Aged' Town in 10 Years

Seoul to Change into 'Super-Aged' Town in 10 Years

Seoul will have a predominantly elderly population by way of 2019 and a super-aged population by 2026. The UN classifies a society as aging if other people over 65 account for seven to fourteen% of the full population. If individuals aged 65 or above account for more than 14 percent, it's miles classified as an aged society, and as super-aged if the share exceeds 20 percent.

According to a forecast by the Seoul Metropolitan Executive on Tuesday, citizens of the capital over 65 accounted for 10.9 percent of the overall population in 2013, emergingto twelve percentage in 2015 and 14.3 percent in 2019. That suggests Seoul will shift from an aging to aged society in 3 years.The proportion of senior electorate in the capital increases 0.8 percentage point yearlyto achieve twenty percent in 2026, according to the forecast. By 2033, 25.3 percent of residents could be senior citizens, accounting for reasonably more a quarter. The median age will upward push from 40.6 this year to 42 in 2019 and 45.3 in 2026.This style volitionbuilding up the fiscal burden more youthful residents will need to shoulder. The proportion of the working-age population in the capital (15 to 64) will fall from 75.6 percent this year to 68.5 percent 10 years down the road. And the collection of senior citizens each and every working-age resident will have to improve will rise from 0.17 this year to 0.29 in 2026.Lee Chul-hee at Seoul National University said, "Poverty among senior citizens will turn out to bethe largesttrouble in a super-aged society. People want tobe certainfamilyfunds are forgedbeginning in their 40s and be told new talents so they could also bein a position toin finding new paintings after retirement".