Seventeen Unencumber  Music List For Their Love & Letter Repackaged Album

Seventeen Unencumber Music List For Their Love & Letter Repackaged Album

Seventeenhave after all released the tune list for their repackaged album with the identify track been 'Very Nice'. Added to their normal track list from their first album 'Love Letter', they have gotofferedfive new songs to their album!This album might be released at the 4th of July. Take a glance at the track list in the picture below!

'Love Letter' repackage album is composed of a general of 15 tracks adding 'Pretty U', 'Still Lonely' and 'Popular Song'. The hotbrought songs to the album contains the title track, 'Very Nice', 'Healing', 'NO F.U.N', 'Simple' and 'Can't See The End'.

Advertisement All theseannounced songs have already been showcased at their concert, with 'Simple' beenWoozi's solo self-composed track. On best of that, 'No F.U.N' was once outsetobservedcarried out on their Televisiontruth show, 'Seventeen Project' where at the timeWonwoo,HoshiandJeonghanonly played it. So it is going to exist pretty exciting for their loversto look the re-arranged edition for all of the members.

Are you excited for this album? Let use know in the comments below!

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SEVENTEEN Enters Billboard’s “Heatseeker Chart” With Hit Album “Love & Letter”

SEVENTEEN Enters Billboard’s “Heatseeker Chart” With Hit Album “Love & Letter”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterBoy crew SEVENTEEN has completedevery other milestone in their profession equally they entered Billboards Heatseeker Chart for the primary time!

On Might 4th, Billboards K-Pop column KTown wrote, The 13-member boy band released their first full-length album and it starts at No. 3 on Global Albums this week whilst also debuting at No. five on Billboards Heatseekers Albums chart. This is the teams showtime appearance on Heatseekers while its their 3rdappearing in the head 10 of worldwide Albums.

The article continues to compliment SEVENTEEN as probably the most very few idol acts that self-produces their album with the contributors writing the lyrics and composing each and everytune on their album on most sensible of getting ready their stages and choreography themselves.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN is these daysselling alongside their name track Beautiful U, and may be set to make their first U.S. appearance at KCON 2016 New York along MAMAMOO, Ailee and BTS this June.

Source: OSEN and Billboard

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SEVENTEEN proportion  the primary photo ‘LOVE’ for “Love&Letter” studio album

SEVENTEEN proportion the primary photo ‘LOVE’ for “Love&Letter” studio album

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPledis Entertainments most up to date boy crew SEVENTEEN is returning this spring with their first actual full-length album LoveLetter and has begun to tease with the photo teaser Love.

Published on April 11th by approach of their reputable SNS accounts, the huge boy community are amassed in a wide grass boxdressed in stylish pale and pastel colored outfits as flower petals falling gently around them.

Once again, SEVENTEEN can beappearing their prowess as a set amongst their upcoming album that may have tracks written and composed by way of the participants themselves.

More teasers will be released in the arrival days with information relating to their exhibit to be announced at the 12th and more symbol teasers between the 13th and 15th whilst the tune list will be published on the 16th. Glanceahead to LoveLetter popping out April 25th!

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Seventeen drops spotlight medley for repackaged album

Seventeen drops spotlight medley for repackaged album

Seventeen drops spotlight medley for repackaged album Jun 30, 2016 12:21

Seventeen has released the highlight medley for their upcoming repackaged album.

The album will come withfive new songs with 'Very Nice' as the name track. The alternative songs are 'Simple', 'Healing', 'NO F.U.N' and 'I Can not See The End'.

Check out the highlight medley below

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Seventeen releases 'Love Letter' MV

Seventeen releases 'Love Letter' MV

Seventeen releases 'Love Letter' MV Jun 16, 2016 12:24

Seventeen has proficientfanatics with 'Love Letter' MV.

The MV functionsthe men in their informal looks as they being sillywhilst also writing love letters for the fans. In addition, it isone of the vital tracks in their first completeperiod album 'Love Letter' released in April.

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Watch: SEVENTEEN Sends Enthusiasts A Love Letter In New MV

Watch: SEVENTEEN Sends Enthusiasts A Love Letter In New MV

Watch: SEVENTEEN Sends Enthusiasts A “Love Letter” In New MVilmare42 June 15, 2016 0 Watch: SEVENTEEN Sends Fans A “Love Letter” In New MV SEVENTEEN has gifted fans with a special track video from the heart!

On June 16 at the hours of darkness KST, Pledis Entertainment dropped the music video for SEVENTEEN’s track “Love Letter off their newest album. The video capabilities the guys writing love letters to fans, taking funny photos, and having an ideal time as they goof around together. Watch it below!

SEVENTEEN maximumthese days released their first full-length studio album “Love Letter” on April 25, featuring the identify track “Pretty U.” The song earned the guys their first ever music display wins.

They are currently gearing up to move back amongst a repackaged editionin theircurrent album in early July, in additionto hang a solo concert in Seoul later that month and embark on their Asia fan assemblyexcursion in August.

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Seventeen To Have A Comeback In July With Repackaged Album

Seventeen To Have A Comeback In July With Repackaged Album

Seventeen To Have A Comeback In July With Repackaged Album Jun 13, 2016 09:00

Seventeen are showed to have a comeback in early July with a repackaged album in their first complete album "Love Letter".

Pledis Entertainment states as of latethat they're in the procedure of deciding on the identifysong and new songs that could beincorporated in the repackaged album. Member Woozi produces the songs and Hoshi is going to be accountable for the functionality as usual.

Moreover, for this comeback, the men are going to have a ideathis is Seventeen-like and getting ready a bubbly and lively performance. Meanwhile, with the exception of their repackaged album promotions, the boys also aregetting ready for their 2d solo concert in Seoul which is going on in past due July and Asia Excursion in August. Similar VideosNEWS,seventeen Facebook Twitter Google

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Seventeen is Confessional with ‘Love & Letter’

Seventeen is Confessional with ‘Love & Letter’

20160508_seoulbeats_seventeen_wholegroupSeventeen is Confessional with Love LetterWritten through Sonya On Would possibly 9, 201620160508_seoulbeats_woozi_seventeenSeventeen, Pledis Entertainment’s biggest idol team released their first album Love Letter on April 25th. The 13 member neighborhood is advertised every bit having 3other units: vocal, hip hop, and performance, which immediately makes each and every member more memorable as a substitute of just being “the lovable one” or “the athletic one.”

The first album is the maximum important milestone for each K-pop organization because this is a stepping stone to the group’s musical identity and a key indicator of the group’s success. After all, an album isn't any small acquire what with entertainment corporations adding further photocards, albums, postcards, stickers, and more. With Seventeen’s Love Letter outselling their prior mini-album by 4 times coupled with the truth that they charted in Japan without Jap promotions, their long termturns out of the instant secure.

Love Letter starts alongside “Chuck” an creation track, which is an vigorous track: the easiestget started to an album as it sets the tone for an exhilarating album. Despite the reality that there is the overused trap breakdown, the actuallyappealingcomponent to “Chuck” are the lyrics. The lyrics reference status on degree and honing one’s skills, which seems to be self-confessional lyrics. Since Seventeen writes their own music it makes sense that their music would be according to their own studiesyet for it to be so blatantly attached is startling.

20160508_seoulbeats_scoups_seventeenThe album continues with identify track, “You’re Pretty,” which is unlike Seventeen’s other title tracks  “Adore You” and “Mansae” in degree of punchy vigor. “You’re Pretty” is more same old K-pop idol fare and has an identical melodic format to drama-related songs. The saving grace is the rapping, which is at all times rhythmical and highly energetic. As for the lyrics, “You’re Pretty” tell the tale of a boy who can’t obviouslykeep up a correspondence his emotions for a girl.

The album continues with “Still Lonely,” which despite the title is in reality a upbeat mid-tempo song with lyrics of vacancy from popularity. The sit back laid-back nature of the song blended with the apathetic lyrics create a captivating tension. Probably the most lyrics appear very non-public what with:

My attitude in opposition tothe entire thing is whatever

I’m in deficient health of trivial hangouts and conversations

I don’t like having to are living up

To other’s expectations”

Despite Seventeen now not being the most established group, every idol experiences the disparity between their stage-self as hostile to their herbal self and want tofind out how to reconcile the differences.

“Popularity Song” is a song that simplest self-producing idols may just makefor the explanation that lyrics are so realistic. The music perfectly suits the organicgo with the flow of the words so it sounds less like making a song and more like speaking. The point of self-awareness in the lyrics of “Popularity Song” makes this song memorable.

“Please don’t compare this song

To other songs that don’t have substance

It might seem funny to you, but you will needpay attention

Then the album makes a unexpected shift to “Say Yes,” a duet between major vocalists DK and Seungkwan, which is a slow ballad with cushy instrumentals that spotlight their voices. Then there is “Drifting By,” which despite the unhappy lyrics of coming to the terms with the trail has an upbeat production to save you the song from veering to depressing.

Like the title of the album, “Love Letter” rounds out the finish of the album as literally a candy love confession. As for the album itself it form of feelsa little bit thin totaling ten songs but with three being remakes but the lyrical content is intriguing with its confessional perspective. There’s genuineness that’s obviousviathose lyrics whether it’s apologizing for unpleasant handwriting or being taken with what to wear.

While Love Letter is a cast effort at thea phase of Seventeen what with writing lyrics and composing, to solidify their teams sound it will existgreater to have more songs with all participants on the track. Having sub-units is just right for later profits and for distinguishing members but the ones two points are moot without defining a group’s characteristic.

Standout Songs: Shining Diamond, Still Lonely, Popularity Song


SEVENTEEN Announces Unencumber Date and Stocks Teaser Symbol for First Complete Album

SEVENTEEN Announces Unencumber Date and Stocks Teaser Symbol for First Complete Album

SEVENTEEN Announces Unlock Date and Stocks Teaser Symbol for First Complete Albumilmare42 April 10, 2016 0 LINE it!SEVENTEEN Announces Release Date and Shares Teaser Image for First Full Album SEVENTEEN is gearing up for their next comeback!

On April 11 in the dark KST, the crowd uploaded nine pictures to their legitimate Instagram that once viewed in combinationshape a photo of a message in a bottle, floating at sea.

The captions to the picturesdivulge that the crewmay be making their next comeback on April 25 with their first full studio-length album, which seems to be entitled “Love Letter.”

It was onceup to now reported that SEVENTEEN shot the footage for their album jacket on Jeju Island. Also, it's been reported that they're going to existfreeingany other mini-album later on in the year.

Want to look SEVENTEEN resideto your city? Fans, like you, have already made EXO come to their city! You'll be ready to make SEVENTEEN come to yours with MyMusicTaste through making here.

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Lee Hi Finds Upcoming Complete Album Music List

Lee Hi Finds Upcoming Complete Album Music List

Lee Hi Unearths Upcoming Complete Album Song Listkokoberry April 6, 2016 0 LINE it!Lee Hi Displays Upcoming Full Album Track List On April 6, YG Entertainment published Lee His full album track list.

According to the hot teaser, the identify song from her full album could be My Famous person which was once co-produced by way of Teddy and Kush.

My Star is described as a metro soul song that will exist accompanied by choreography very identical to Lee His debut song 1,2,3,4.

In addition to My Star, five other songs will be integrated in the album. Blues changed into worked on by Tablo, DEE.P, and Rebecca Johnson. Furthermore, Lee Hi will expose her composing and lyric writing abilities with Passing By.

iKONs Bobby will be featuring in Video. He also participated in writing his lyrics for the song.

Lee His full album is decided to be released on April 20.

Which song are you maximumhaving a lookahead to?

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