Shin Min Ah and Lee Min Ki in talks for tvN's 'Tomorrow With You'

Shin Min Ah and Lee Min Ki in talks for tvN's 'Tomorrow With You'

Shin Min Ah and Lee Min Ki in talks for tvN's 'Tomorrow With You' Jun 16, 2016 04:04

Shin Min Ah and Lee Min Ki are most probably to famous person as leads in tvN new dra,a 'Tomorrow With You'.

According to Shin Min Ah's agency, the actress has indeed gained the starring be offering for 'Tomorrow With You' yet she's still making an allowance for it. About Lee Min Ki, his firmstatedit is nevertheless early to ascertain his appearance since he still has some times left till his army discharge this August.

'Tomorrow With You' will center of attentionat the romance between a time traveller and his wife. It is going to be written by ability of Heo Sung Hye(All About My Wife) and directed by Yoo Je Won(Oh My Ghostess, TopCollege of Savvy). Or not it's scheduled to head on air this September.

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Lee Min-ki and Sin Min-ah in talks for tvN 'Tomorrow With You'

Lee Min-ki and Sin Min-ah in talks for tvN 'Tomorrow With You'

It turns out that Lee Min-ki and Sin Min-ah will co-star in tvN "Tomorrow With You".

According to assets in broadcasting circle, Lee Min-ki and Sin Min-ah emerged as the favorable applicants to headline tvN's upcoming drama, Day after today alongside You'.

This might be Lee Min-ki's drama comeback in 4 years since his appearance in tvN drama 'Shut Up: Flower Boy Band'. He'll existpushed aside soon from essentialselectionarmyproducts and services on August 3rd.

For Sin Min-ah, it's going to be her drama comeback in five months since KBS 2TV's "Oh My Venus" if the verdict is made with "Tomorrow With You". Whilst tvN is emerging s the trending drama channel, this will likely be her first paintings with tvN.

Especially, as Lee Min-ki and Sin Min-ah already co-starred once in '10', 2009, here'sthe 2nd one fourth dimension for the 2 stars to work in combinationback in 7 years since then if they finally finish uptouchdown the leading roles together.

"Tomorrow With You" is a delusion romance drama about a time traveler and his wife. PD Yoo Je-won noted for 'Oh My Ghostess', 'Tears of Heaven', and "The King of PrimeFaculty Manners" and creator Heo Seong-hye, who wrote "The Complete Sun" and ' Everything about my Wife' met to collaborate for this drama.

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Park Shin Hye Talks About Chemistry With Kim Rae Won In Upcoming Drama “Doctors”

Park Shin Hye Talks About Chemistry With Kim Rae Won In Upcoming Drama “Doctors”

Park Shin Hye Talks About Chemistry With Kim Rae Won In Upcoming Drama Doctorsleonid June 8, 2016 0 Park Shin Hye Talks About Chemistry With Kim Rae Won In Upcoming Drama Doctors Actress Park Shin Hye has discussed her chemistry with “Doctors” co-star Kim Rae Won.

The actress held “Shin Hye V Are living Episode 1 – An exhilarating First Greeting” thru five app where she mentioned how smartly she and Kim Rae Won get along.

She commented that she doesn’t know if she canfinally finish upmaking a song for the drama’s OST, and acknowledged that the set is very warmyetthey canmovievery easily with the assistance of the beverages and snacks sent via fans.

She spottedquestions about her fresh weight loss after “Pinocchio” and spoke back that even though she lost the infantfats on her cheeks, her frame weight has no longerreplaced by much.

During the live broadcast, the actress ceaselessly read her fans’s real-time comments and sent them finger hearts during the video.

Furthermore, when Park Shin Hye reads comments pronouncing she seems like she is aging backwards, she denies this and says, “Please don’t lie. I'm aging.”

When asked about her chemistry with Kim Rae Won, she states, “It’s in point of fact good. I’m generally with pals my age, but Kim Rae Won is older than me. He’s my senior from the similar school. I used to be so anxiousin the beginning but he treats me very well so I’m in a position to film comfortably and happily.”

SBSs Doctors is determined to premiere on June 20.

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Shin Se Kyung Talks About Creating Up In The Highlight With InStyle Magazine

Shin Se Kyung Talks About Creating Up In The Highlight With InStyle Magazine

Shin Se Kyung Talks About Developing Up In The Highlight amongst InStyle Mag boxclub April 29, 2016 0 Shin Se Kyung Talks About Growing Up In The Spotlight With InStyle Magazine InStyle magazine has released their pictorial and interview with actress Shin Se Kyung that display her photoshoot that happened in Berlin, Germany.

Currently in between projects, Shin Se Kyung printed the day-to-dayexistence of an moderate 20-something-year-old thru her pictorial that displays her herbalattractivenessin additionthe original charms of a young woman.

When asked through the magazine to proportion about growing up in the spotlight because of her debut at an early age as a kid actor, she revealed, “Rather than announcing one matured, because of thethe reality that I debuted at the kind of young age, I went by way of puberty at a quicker rate, I think. More easily. Even though its true for anyone, this will also be atough fourth dimensionto move through. You’re emotional in many ways. I wasn’t that much different. I just worked faithfully each and every day.”

She continued, “When I take into accounts it now, I don’t think I went too a long way off from the picture of a 20-year old. Though I’m still missing in such so much oftactics now, I suspectI'm walking in the correct path. When ten years pass and I’m in my thirties, I would like to exist a more robust actress and a more potent person.”

When asked what she does when she isn'trunning on a project, she answered, “I like art exhibitions so I go to watcha laugh exhibitions and I love to get on trips and spend time by myself,” appearing that she is no longer that much other from other young girls her age.

You can see more of her interview in the Might edition of InStyle magazine.

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Shim Eun Kyung Talks About Emotions of Failure on Tomorrow Cantabile

Shim Eun Kyung Talks About Emotions of Failure on Tomorrow Cantabile

Shim Eun Kyung Talks About Emotions of Failure on “Tomorrow Cantabile”notclaira March 4, 2016 0 LINE it!Shim Eun Kyung Talks About Feelings of Failure on “Tomorrow Cantabile” Actress Shim Eun Kyung these days sat down for an interview, speaking about her new film, her quarter-life crisis and her feelings about criticisms leveled at her drama The next day Cantabile.

In her newestmovie “Missing You (Korean title: Looking forward to You), Shim Eun Kyung plays a tenderwoman who is pursuing the fellow who killed her father. “I sought after to paintingrecurringexcellent and regular evil,” she said. “I used to be thinking of ‘Let Me In,’ yet information technology wasn’t easy. It turned intotough portraying feelingsthat folk don’t generally feel.”

“In the past, I used to be reckless and didn’t concern about anything,” she continued. “But now I stay seeing posters with my face on it and my center feels heavy. I’ve been thinking so muchin fresh times about what smart acting actually is, and if acting is trulythe propertrail for me. I’ve been doing this for thirteen years but today I’ve been wondering if I will have to stop.”

In talking about her anxieties, Shim Eun Kyung brought up her KBS drama “Tomorrow Cantabile.” The actress, who had up to nowoften praised for her selection of work, was criticized after the drama, which was widely thought to be a failure.

“After the drama, I understood why my senior actors had formerly told me, ‘It’s very importantnow not to lose sight of your beginnings,’” she said. “I don’t wish to hide that it was difficult. But the drama helped me overall. I’d begun to think that I couldn’t make mistakes, and that I'dat all times exist praised. ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’ helped me to eliminate that naive belief. Folks still tell me that the drama was a depressing point for me, but it’s okay. I know that I didn’t act well.”

“Tomorrow Cantabile” starred Shim Eun Kyung, Joo Won, Ko Kyung Pyo, Park Bo Gum, and Min Dohee in the Korean adaptation of the preferredEastern drama “Nodame Cantabile.” It aired in 2014. Meanwhile, the film Lacking you lot is scheduled to be released in Korean theaters on March 10.

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Park Shin Hye in talks for a new drama!

Park Shin Hye in talks for a new drama!

It's been a fairly quiet year for actress Park Shin Hye in the arena of dramas since her closingpaintingswas once 'Pinocchio,' which ended back in January, yet she may have a new drama coated up for her comeback!

SEE ALSO: Park Shin Hye visits the hidden gem stones of Korea as the face of Visa's new crusade

Agency S.A.L.T Entertainment stated on December 24, "Park Shin Hye gained an be offering for 'Female Thug Hye Jung.' There is still numerous time ahead of it gets broadcasted, so she's no longer in the confirmation segment equally of yet."

Unlike the appealing and potentially funny title, the drama centers at the realistic world, touching the subject of a company of physicians that makes judgments in accordance withschooling and birth in addition the dating between a patient and his/her physician. The drama is making plans to air after 'Six Flying Dragons' in the summer of next year. That is still lovelya ways off!


Park Shin Hye in Talks to Big name in New Drama

Park Shin Hye in Talks to Big name in New Drama

Park Shin Hye in Talks to Megastar in New Dramailmare42 December 24, 2015 0 LINE it!Park Shin Hye in Talks to Star in New Drama Actress Park Shin Hye is recentlymaking an allowance for taking a lead role in a new drama that may air next year.

On December 24, a representative from Park Shin Hyes firm told Newsen, Park Shin Hye has won an be offering from the drama Feminine Gangster Hyejung (working title) and is thoroughlyinquisitive about it. They explain that not anything has been showed yet.

The new drama has been penned by Ha Myung Hee, the authorat the back of JTBCs Are we ready to Get Married?, SBSs A Notice From Warm Heart, and SBSs Prime Society. The script for Female Gangster Hyejung is already neatly known, as it won the maximum productive Drama Script award in 2010 in a competition held by way of the Broadcasting Content Promotion Foundation.

Female Gangster Hyejung tells the tale of a girl who had a coarseearly lifeyetis making an attemptto triumph over her beyond by changing into a doctor. SBS is in talks to air the drama in the new year.

Park Shin Hye seemed in the SBS drama Pinocchio and the movie The Royal Tailor in 2014, and most recently played a role in the film The Attractiveness Inside. As Female Gangster Hyejung is expected to air in the summer of 2016, if Park Shin Hye takes the lead role then it is going to be her first drama in a year a partbecause thefinish of Pinocchio.

Park Shin Hyes reps have also said, Park Shin Hye has also obtained many provides from other dramas and films. They promise, You're going to be capable of see Park Shin Hye in more works next year.

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'Madonna' Director Shin Su Won Talks About The Challenges Of Creating Socially Provoking Films [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

'Madonna' Director Shin Su Won Talks About The Challenges Of Creating Socially Provoking Films [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Shin Su Won is the director and screenwriter of the gritty film, (Photo : ) KDramaStars: "Madonna" is a female-centric film that provides a powerful critique of Korea"s social hierarchy and views about women"s sexuality. What were some of the challenges in making the film?

Shin Su Won: I think one of the hardest things [about Madonna] for me, where the scenes relating to Mina. There were very intense, sexual scenes that she had to film, so it was something that I was pretty nervous and worried about that. I put a lot of thought into making the process as smooth as possible.

I actually had the actress who played Mina meet with the guy who was her partner in those intense scenes. That way, they could at least become more comfortable with one another. I remember that being a hard shoot.

From an investors point of view, because this film deals with the discrepancies within the social system, it was a bit hard to get funding. The relieving aspect was that there were a lot of people who were rooting for the film and wanted it to be made. Despite a small budget, we were able to achieve that.

KDramaStars: How long did it take to create the script and complete filming? What inspired the script of "Madonna?"

Shin Su Won: It took about a year to film. This film originated because I was interested in VIP hospital wings. I guess these are specific to Korea. These are hospital wings who take in patients who are in positions of power. I was interested in how these types of people deal with matters of life or death, specifically someone who needed a heart transplant, in order to survive.

I was thinking of who I would conceive of as the donor, to give this person a heart transplant. Thats when I thought of this brain dead, unconscious, prostitute. When she entered into the story, the focus of the screenplay started to shift towards two women - the nurses aide, Hye Rim and then Madonna.

I was really drawn to the title of Madonna, because as you know, the iconic singer, Madonna, is a sex symbol. But the name originated from Saint Mary. Originally, this name was a religious image. I was drawn to this duality of the images. Thats why I renamed this film from VIP Hospital Wing to Madonna.

KDramaStars: "Madonna" provides a harsh critique of VIP hospital services that have only been touched upon by projects like the drama, "Yong Pal." What are your thoughts on this practice? Did you receive a positive response from domestic audiences, in support of your critique?

Shin Su Won: As you know its not a comfortable film or a comedy, in any sense of the word. Some of the younger audiences that I met and talked to, they said they couldnt get up from their seats, after watching the movie. Its such a harrowing film. There were multiple responses, but most [audience members] said that they were just sitting in a daze. Some people would just keep crying.

Another thing that resonated with Korean audiences was the disparity between the rich and the poor. Its becoming more and more of an issue, in Korea. You see these people of power, who do not respect human life. I feel that also struck a chord and people started thinking about that, as well.

KDramaStars: What was the casting process of the film? How did you select Seo Young Hee, Kwon So Hyun, and Byun Yo Han for their roles?

Shin Su Won: First, I will talk about the casting process of Hye Rim, who was played by the wonderful actress, Seo Young Hee. I first saw her in the films, The Accidental Detective and also, The Chaser. I had kept my eye on her, for some time. As you know, the role of Hye Rim doesnt have a lot of lines. It was crucial for the actress who portrayed her to be able to show emotions through facial expressions. For that role, I knew that I needed an experienced actress.

I gave her the script and I felt that she could have declined because the role of Mi Na was more visible, in the film. So, she could have declined, but she told me that she loved the screenplay, as a whole and agreed to do that. It could have been very difficult, on-set, to maintain the set of emotions and feelings. But I feel that she did a good job.

For the casting of the role of Mi Na, I looking for a chubbier actress, because the character was a bulimic person. I wanted that character to embody a type of innocence, but also danger. Initially, I had an actress in mind. I approached her, but she told me that she was going to lose weight and she didnt want to do the part. Im sure youre aware, but in Korea, you have to be more skinny to be cast. It was very difficult to find an actress who was a bit chubby.

After a few approaches fell through, I realized that I needed to cast a newcomer. For this, I thought that we might have to hold auditions for chubbier actresses. Then, I started watching a lot of short films that were released at the time. Thats when I saw Kwon So Hyun, in a 20-minute short film. She fit the body type, so I thought she might work. She came to the audition, with no makeup on and I immediately sensed a sort of innocence about her.

In the beginning, when I first met her, I had my screenplay in my bag and I thought that if I didnt like her, I would not give her one of my scripts. But I took a liking to her and she said she would accept the role. I still had concerns about her acting ability because she came from a musical theater background. In order to insure that she would do a good job, on-set, we took her through a month of rehearsals with all of the other actors. As that month passed by, I could see her embodying more of the character of Mi Na. I was very grateful for that.

KDramaStars: From an outsider"s perspective, Korean cinema appears to be male dominated. What are some of the difficulties faced by female filmmakers in Korea?

Shin Su Won: Korea is still very much a patriarchal society. With male directors, a lot of their projects are male-centric. These films actually get more funding. I recently spoke with an actress who expressed concerns because there really arent that many films that feature leading women as the main characters, they are always the wives or girlfriends of the male [protagonist]. In my film, Madonna, the two leading characters are women. I would say that is not commonplace in Korean cinema today. As I already said, it is very hard to get funding, unless it is a genre like action or a thriller.

KDramaStars: What influenced your decision to pursue directing, after working as a teacher?

Shin Su Won: In the beginning, I didnt have thoughts of going into filmmaking. When I was teaching, I was writing my own novel. I thought that I didnt have time to write my only works. So, I decided to go to grad school, to focus on the writing process. At the time, there was the Han-Guk Yesul Jonghap or Korea National University of the Arts, they had open spots for screenwriting. I thought screenwriting isnt too different from writing a novel, so I applied. The teacher at that school say my work and were gracious enough to accept me to the school.

I think that if my teachers knew that I went into this [screenwriting] with the intentions of becoming a novelist, they wouldnt have accepted me. They werent aware of that, at first. The transition came when I needed to take a screenplay I wrote and make it into a short film. It was a 10-minute short, but the process of making the film was so much fun. We had a small screening, in one of our classrooms, it wasnt great, but it was so much fun to see the response of the audience.

It was a great experience. When you are writing, it can be a very solitary thing, with filmmaking, you are creating a living and breathing thing. That for me was almost like a drug. After that, I decided to go into filmmaking.

KDramaStars: Can you please share about your future projects? Will you continue to direct films that provide social commentary?

Shin Su Won: When I am making my films, I am not consciously working on delivering a social message. In an ideal world, I wouldnt actually have to think about making a film that was a social commentary. But I those things do interest me. I know that films cant change the world, but I feel that they do provide the opportunity to get a look at people who are on the outskirts of society. If you are critical of issues like that or the social systems, your films cant be funded. Thats not a conscious thing. In the future, I would like to weave a very personal story, into a film. My next film, that I am currently working on, is about a forest. We are going to start filming, next summer.


Lee Kwang Soo and Shin Sung Woo Reportedly sign up for Casting Talks for New Project

Lee Kwang Soo and Shin Sung Woo Reportedly sign up for Casting Talks for New Project

Lee Kwang Soo and Shin Sung Woo Reportedly sign up Casting Talks for New Project It was once these days reported that actors Jo In Sung and pass Hyun Jung are rumored to be taking part in creator No Hee Kyung‘s latest project. In step with a document on October 12, it roughly feels that Lee Kwang Soo and Shin Sung Woo can also be joining that line-up!

Jo In Sung in the past starred in two of No Hee Kyung’s other works, “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” and “That Winter, The Wind Blows.” A representative from broadcasting network tvN stated, “These 4 actors are currently in casting discussions to check in for No Hee Kyung’s new work, ‘Dear My Friends’ (working title).”

“Dear My Friends” is expected to air someday in 2016, and tells the tale of adults in their twilight years.

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