Shoo Undertakes First Sex Ed Lesson With Daughters Ra Hee And Ra Yool

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[Video] "Unique Daughters-in-Law" Ham Eun-jeong and Lee Joo-yeon-I's realistic sister play

Ham Eun-jeong and Lee Joo-yeon-I go hand-to-hand.

A teaser of the two of them was released from the new MBC drama "Unique Daughters-in-Law".

Ham Eun-jeong takes on the role of Hwang Eun-byeol, a loveable nuisance who has suffered the evil doings of her twin sister Hwang Geum-byeol. Despite the ill-treatment, Eun-byeol is steadfast and doesn't hesitate to say what she thinks is right and she's always optimistic. Geum-byeol is audacious and she was treated like a baby. She's proud and confident but she always falls for her own tricks. She's very different from personality to style from her sister.

[Photos] Added new posters for the Korean drama 'Unique Daughters-in-Law'
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[Photos] Added new posters for the Korean drama 'Unique Daughters-in-Law'

Added new posters for the upcoming Korean drama "Unique Daughters-in-Law" (2017)

Directed by Lee Jae-jin-II

With Ham Eun-jeong, Lee Joo-yeon-I, Kang Kyung-joon, Cha Do-jin, Nam Myung-ryul, Lee Chang-yeop,...

120 episodes - Mon~Fri 20:55

A pair of twins who growl at each other everytime they come together, get married to families that are enemies with each other.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2017/06/05

Unique Daughters-in-Law

Actor Kwon Yool talks about being roommates with Hyun Bin and Ha Jung Woo in school
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Actor Kwon Yool talks about being roommates with Hyun Bin and Ha Jung Woo in school

Actor Kwon Yool chatted about his college days on the May 31 broadcast of tvN's 'Taxi'!

Kwon Yool revealed he was roommates with fellow actors Hyun Bin and Ha Jung Woo while attending Chung-AngUniversity.

He explained that he roomed with Hyun Bin for one semester and Ha Jung Woo the next term. When asked what the men's lifestyles were like, Kwon Yool replied, "Ha Jung Woo was a family man, tidying the place up all the time, and had a neat personality. I actually learned a lot from him."

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[Spoiler] "Unique Daughters-in-Law" Lee Joo-yeon-I's vanity

Lee Joo-yeon-I turned into a vain model.

On the first episode of the MBC drama "Unique Daughters-in-Law", Hwang Geum-byeol (Lee Joo-yeon-I) turned into a model while making an advertisement.

Team manager of Nina Fashion Hwang Geum-byeol yelled at the models, "Why are you flirting with each other? Why are you smiling so much? This is a modern retro concept, be more classy. The product is being buried because the models aren't doing their job. Our products come from Europe".

Hwang Geum-byeol posed in front of everyone personally and said, "This is what I want. Don't try to stand out more. Be elegant and classy. Is this so hard?" The director said, "That's right. Very good. You're Miss Korea, indeed".

Shoo and Won Ki Joon to parody 'La La land' on 'Oppa Thoughts'!
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Shoo and Won Ki Joon to parody 'La La land' on 'Oppa Thoughts'!

Shoo and Won Ki Joon will be showcasing their musical talent for MBC's 'Oppa Thoughts' this week!

The S.E.S member and actor Won Ki Joon will reenact the tap dancing scene from the hit film 'La La Land', to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the theater production of 'Special Liar' in Korea, for which the two have been cast as the leads. The two stars have learned how to tap dance against the rhythm of one of the soundtracks, "A Lovely night". 

You can catch the duo's performance on June 24!