“Show Me The money 5” Songs Most sensible  Track Charts

“Show Me The money 5” Songs Most sensible Track Charts

Show Me The moneyfive Songs BestTrack Chartssoojji June 25, 2016 0 Show Me The Money 5 Songs Top Music Charts For 2 weeks in a row, Mnets Display Me the Money 5 has accomplished its highest viewership ratings. Furthermore, the songs Relaxed and Going Home, which have beenconductedin this weeks episode, have crowned music charts, placing the show at the head for eitherTelevision broadcast ratings and music charts.

The June 24 episode of Prove Me the Money 5 featured diss battles and the long awaited get started of performance competitions. In the primarycircular of functionality competitions, every team ready a solo and team performance.  The first fit up is between team Gil and Mad Clown and team Simon Dominic and Gray.

SpoilerGil and Mad Clown revive the groupsup to now failed strive at the song Going Home. Manufacturers Gil and Mad Clown select #Gun over D0nutman to accomplish the song with them. #Gun moves the target audience alongside his fair and honest lyrics. Mad Clowns tough rapping and Gummys vocals make the performance stand out more.

Simon Dominic and greythink aboutopting for between contestants ONE and G2. After stunningaudience over their resolutionto make a choice ONE, the 3wearan improbable performance. The visually pleasing contestant and manufacturer combo melted the hearts of viewers with their modern and candy vocals and rap in Comfortable. ONE showed a strongand snugaspect to his skills on stage, proving his enlargement and construction as a rapper at the show.

The unpredictable pageant between the 2 teams ends with a stunning win for Gil and Mad Clown. Gil states, I used to benow notlooking ahead to this at all. #Gun did actuallysmartly today. #Gun comments, I was taken aback. I used to beready to make it to the head six because of my moms prayers.

Simon Dominic says, I become proud. The was ONEs best rap and function thus far. I can continue to educate and assist him. ONE makes his farewell, stating, The enjoy has at all times been a amusing one. I'm sorry to G2 and the producers. I would like toexplicit my thank you to everyone. ViaExhibit Me The Money I were givento understand many talented rappers, and I'llattempt to put myself out there. He states to viewers, I made many mistakes and generated numerous talk, yetI'llcome again on a otherdegree as an easier rapper.

Both teams songs, Cosy and Going Home, have topped quite so much of music charts since the displaying of the episode.

Check out the performances below!

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Show Me the money 4 Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinuseans Oppas Car Takes Best Spot on Track Charts

Show Me the money 4 Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinuseans Oppas Car Takes Best Spot on Track Charts

“Show Me the money 4″ Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinusean’s “Oppa’s Car” Takes Peak Spot on Music Charts Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinusean‘s new track “Oppa’s Car” has briefly received massive repute at the charts.

As of 7 a.m. KST on August 17, their song from mNet‘s “Show Me the money 4” held the primary position spot on Genie, Olleh, Naver Music, mnet.com and Soribada.

The song were met with some doubt through the audience of “Show Me the money 4″ when Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinusean first published it on August 14′s episode, yet it looks adore it has parts that attraction to other listeners. San E even called it the song that became once maximum in tune with popular tastes out of the entire tracks from the show.

Watch their functionality from the newest episode below.

And pay attention to the studio edition here.

What do you bring to mind Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinusean’s song?

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Bobby and Iron Dominate Music Charts with Songs from “Show Me the Money 3″ Finale

Bobby and Iron Dominate Music Charts with Songs from “Show Me the Money 3″ Finale

The brightest stars of hip-hop survival show Show Me the Money 3, rappers Bobby and Iron, have been topping domestic music charts after the thrilling finale.

On September 5 at 5 PM, Irons version of LeeSSangs Poison Gas ranked first on the charts of Melon, Soribada, Monkey3, Bugs Music, Mnet, Naver Music, Daum Music, and Cyworld Music. Thanks to his impressive performance, Iron managed to move onto the next round by beating C-Jamm. While his popularity did not match up to Bobbys during the finals, Iron has proven the appeal of his unique style and powerful lyrics by taking the top spots on music charts. The lyrics focus on his personal relationship with money.

The audiences favorite Raise Your Guard and Bounce by Bobby is placed first on Olleh Music, and fighting for the top spot on Bugs, Mnet, and Naver Music, among others. Often criticized by fellow competitors for his background as a YG trainee, Bobby made sure to explain his unconditional love for hip-hop through the lyrics and prove that his talent should not be questioned.

While the show has come to an end, the two rising stars continue to receive immense love from the public, and the fans are already anticipating to hear the future releases by both Bobby, who will be joining YGs new male group iKON, and Iron.



B.I."s track "Be I" from "Show Me the Money 3" charts in top 10


B.I of YG Entertainment"s Team B landed in the top 10 on multiple music charts with his track "Be I".

After it was released on August 8, "Be I" charted at 1st on Bugs" real-time music chart, 2nd on Olleh Music, Genie, and Cyword Music, 4th on Soribada and Daum, 7th on Mnet, 8th on Melon, and 9th on Naver Music

On the previous episode of "Show Me the Money 3", B.I, who"s on Masta Wu and Tablo"s team, performed "Be I" in a match against Iron. "Be I" was written by B.I. and co-produced by B.I. and producer Choice37.

Check out the song below if you haven"t already!


What Are The Maximum Downloaded Songs From “Show Me the Money”

What Are The Maximum Downloaded Songs From “Show Me the Money”

What Are The Maximum Downloaded Songs From Display Me the Money?kminjungee Might 27, 2016 0 What Are The Most Downloaded Songs From Show Me the Money? The ultimate4 seasons of Mnets Show Me the money take seen many talented participants and ambitious songs that experience captured the eye of enthusiasts worldwide.

On May just 27, Mnet published which songs from the show reportedly have the absolute bestchecklist of virtual sales.

According to their report, WINNERs Song Mino, who was once a player in season four, takes first position amongst his song, Fear. Back when it turned into start released, it quickly settled into the height ranks of either the weekly chart and the per 30 days chart on Mnet.com. To this day, it's far still an incredibly well-loved song.

The famous person also takes fourth and 5th place as well, with his collaboration with JaMezz and Andep, Turtle Ship, and his collaboration with Block Bs Zico, Okey Dokey, respectively.

Fellow labelmate and winner of season three, iKONs Bobby, also puts3other times at the chart, with YGGR #Hip-Hop at third, Leap at seventh, and L4L (Lookin For Luv) in eighth.

Meanwhile, in 2nd place is Oppas Vehicleby way of Incredivle, Jinusean, and Epik Highs Tablo, and to circular IT all out, IRONs Malice is in sixth.

What are some of your favourite songs from the last four seasons?

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'show Me the cash four's two new tracks 'Turtle Boat' and 'My Zone' best track charts!

'show Me the cash four's two new tracks 'Turtle Boat' and 'My Zone' best track charts!

Now that"s what 1"m speaking more or less! authentic tracks unlockd from "show Me the money" final year most productiveped song charts, and information technology"s taking place back for season four already! both virtual singles unlockd from "SMTM four" as of late accept soared up to the head of charts!

As of August 1 8am KST, "Team ZiPal" (Zico and PALOALTO)"s track "Turtle Boat" most productiveped four song charts and counting later information technologys unlock, on Naver Music, Soribada, Mnet and Genie

And "Team logo New Music" (San eastward and Verbal Jint)"s track "My Zone" made information technologys mode up to most productive five on several charts, and besides got here in at #1 on Olleh Music!

"Turtle Boat" is rapped by means of Song minute Ho (Mino), Ja Mezz, and AndUp, featuring PALOALTO. "My Zone" is rapped by means of Microdot, Basick, and Blacknut, featuring both San eastward and Verbal Jint.

How are yous liking the 2 new tracks?


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Bobby releases

Bobby releases "Go" from "Show Me The Money 3" and tops music charts

Bobby releases

Bobby is the next YG trainee from "Show Me the Money 3" who has successfully gotten his name on the on-line music charts after the release on August 14 of his song "Go" from the first round of performances!

B.I first topped music charts with the release of his "Be I." Now, Bobby, who is under Dok2 and The Quiett"s team on the show, also topped five music charts so far: MelOn, Olleh, Genie, Bugs, and Naver. Meanwhile, he is in second place on Soribada and Mnet.

Along with this high music ranking, Bobby"s name topped the portal site trending searches, grabbing attention for his fluid rapping style and confidence! Take a listen above.


B.I’s “Be I” From “Show Me the Money 3″ Makes Top 10 on 9 Music Charts

B.I’s “Be I” From “Show Me the Money 3″ Makes Top 10 on 9 Music Charts

Be I,” the song that WIN Team B’s B.I recently performed on “Show Me the Money 3,” has landed the number one spot on a music chart, a record among the songs from the show.

The song was released midday online on August 8, and as of 4PM (KST), the song was in the first spot on Bugs’ real time music chart, second on Olleh Music, Genie, and Cyworld Music, fourth on Soribada and Daum, etc. Overall, “Be I” landed in the top 10 on nine different music charts.

On the latest episode of “Show Me the Money,” the contestants held performances with the theme “I Am,” and B.I, on Masta Wu and Tablo’s team, went against Iron, performing Be I.

“Be I” was written by B.I and co-produced by B.I and YG producer CHOICE37.

Check out his performance below!


San E’s “Show You the Money” is Not a Beenzino Diss Track

San E’s “Show You the Money” is Not a Beenzino Diss Track

Rapper San Es label Brand New Music announced that San-Es latest track Show You the Money is not a Beenzino diss track.

On July 17, Brand New Music released San Es Show You the Money for free on Youtube. In the track, there is a line that says, its my idea to let idols use a famous rappers rap.:

Many hip-hop fans speculated that this line was a response to Illionaire labels track YGGR, in which Beenzino raps, whose idea is it to rap for popular idols choruses.

Brand New Music announced that Show You the Money is not a diss track, but a track to show the rap talents of San E, who is currently a judge on the hip-hop competition show Show Me the Money 3.

Check out San Es Show You the Money below.



Watch: “Show Me The money 5” Ultimate Winner And Performances Revealed

Watch: “Show Me The money 5” Ultimate Winner And Performances Revealed

Watch: Display Me The cashfiveUltimate Winner And Performances Published kokoberry July 15, 2016 0 Watch: Show Me The Money 5 Last Winner And Performances Revealed On July 15, the overall episode of Mnets Show Me the Money 5 revealed final performances and the final winner.

The first circular featured the finalists acting alongside their producers. The 2 rappers with the maximum votes/money godirectly tothe 2d one round. For the first time in the displays history, they incorporated reside text vote casting to resolve l% of the effectsat the live broadcast. The remainder 50 percent used to bemade up our mindsby way of the target audience at the scene.

Check out their manufacturer collaboration performances below!

SpoilerBewhY got here in first position for the first aroundwhilst C Jamm came in moment and Superbee were givenremoved coming in third.

Following those results, BewhY and C Jamm held their final stages that mightfigure out the winner. The voting devicechanged intothe similar every bit the first round, with 50 percent of the implications coming from text voting and audience voting each.

Watch their final performances below!

In the end, BewhY won with 53 percent of the text votes and more on-the-scene audience votes. BewhY and C Jamm are known to had been close pals since topcollege which was reflected in the manner C Jamm wholeheartedly congratulated BewhY.

Do you accept as true with the results? Which performances were your favorite?

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