Sin Min-ah sopping wet in sunset

Sin Min-ah sopping wet in sunset

Sin Min-ah and stylemag Marie Claire August factor have printed a new pictorial for the jewellery brand, Stonehenge, in which she exudes the enchantingtempersoaking wet in the sunset.

The pictorial photoshoot used to be taken in Singapore. Sin Min-ah's undeniable and blankpicturesweresmartly embodied in the each and every shot. Sin Min-ah looks hornyand female in a white blouse outfit or in the cream coloured long satin dress.

The playful glance in her eyes delivers the delightful mood to the viewers.

More of Sin Min-ah's stunning pictorial will also benoticed in Marie Claire August issue.

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APink enjoy the beach

APink enjoy the beach"s sunset in new teasers

APink release more group teaser images for their upcoming comeback "Pink Memory" slated on July 16.

In the photos, the girls are sitting in line beside each other while enjoying the carefree and relaxing atmosphere. The girls are captured from behind looking at peace while witnessing the beautiful view of sunset sitting on the shore.

The theme gives a concept of group of friends spending quality time while bonding together. Are you excited for their comeback?



Lee Hyori and Soonshim enjoy Jeju beach at sunset

Lee Hyori and Soonshim enjoy Jeju beach at sunset

Lee Hyori and Soonshim enjoy Jeju beach at sunset

Lee Hyori spent some time at beautiful Jeju beach with her beloved pet Soonshim!

She recently posted the above photos on her blog along with the message: "All the people came and went, and the beach has returned to its quiet state. There were probably a lot of stories and happy times that happened during the summer on this beach, right?" In the photos, Lee Hyori, Soonshim, and another furry friend can be seen enjoying the beautiful Jeju Island beach at sunset.

Lee Hyori continued, "Now, it"s our turn Soonshim~. The weather"s colder now so we can"t play in the water, but it"s a relief we can see the sunset at dusk. More than anything, I"m thankful something that doesn"t change is always there."

It"s been a while since we"ve heard news of Soonshim, so that was a nice update!


KARA releases Summer Sunset Film for upcoming mini-album “DAY & NIGHT”

KARA releases Summer Sunset Film for upcoming mini-album “DAY & NIGHT”

KARA has revealed a video titled Summer Sunset Film on August 5 as they begin to wrap up their comeback preparations with their 6th mini-album.

The popular girl group has completed releasing individual image teasers for their DAYNIGHT concept, including Sunset concept teasers.

Day Teasers | Sunset Teasers | Night Teasers

The newly video release, while not a teaser for their upcoming title track MAMMAMIA, highlights each KARA members during their pictorial shoot for the DAY concept as a soft melody plays in the background.

KARA will be releasing their 6th mini-album DAYNIGHT as a four-member group on August 18th.



KARA Teases Their Comeback with a Beautiful “Summer Sunset” Film

KARA Teases Their Comeback with a Beautiful “Summer Sunset” Film

With their comeback just two weeks away, KARA has revealed a Summer Sunset film to show off their behind the scenes photo shoot for DayNight.

Gyuri, Sungyeon, Hara and new member Youngji have a beautiful and innocent concept for this shoot. Wearing white, the girls are posing in a room that is also glowing white, giving it a dreamy look.

KARA’s new “DayNight” mini album drops on August 18.

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KARA reveal behind-the-scenes footage of their

KARA reveal behind-the-scenes footage of their "summer sunset" concept photos

KARA reveal behind-the-scenes footage of their

Ahead of their upcoming comeback with 6th mini-album, "Day & Night," the gorgeous four members of KARA released a behind-the-scenes video of their photo shoot for their "summer sunset" concept images.

The girls look absolutely stunning in their white, lacy attire and golden orange make up for a sweet and natural look. You can check out the video to see them strike different poses like a pro.

Do you like their "summer sunset" or "night" photos better?


KARA reveals “Night”’ teaser photos of Youngji and Gyuri + “Sunset” versions for all 4 members

KARA reveals “Night”’ teaser photos of Youngji and Gyuri + “Sunset” versions for all 4 members


With individual Day version teaser photos for Seungyeon, Hara, Gyuri, and Youngji revealed, as well as a group image, KARA further revealed exclusively through Naver the Sunset version images for all members, as well as Night version concept images featuring Heo Youngji and Park Gyuri.

The Sunset version casts a warm, elegant glow on all four members, as all of them include a close-up of their faces amidst sunny, lacy white curtains. All showing various styles of wavy brown hair, Hara and Gyuri are shown in profile, looking afar in reminiscence. Seungyeon is caught face-to-face, also staring down at a pink lotus. However, Youngji’s face is partially hidden behind billowing curtains, as she looks despairingly down, a lotus cradled in her hands. Staring away from the sun, the light from behind dimly showcases the four members, who seem at a loss amidst love.

"Night" concept photos were also revealed, further revealing opposite perspectives of KARA’s members for their sixth mini-album.

In direct contrast to their earlier concept photos, Youngji and Gyuri now don longer, more colorful and vivid dresses than their sleeveless white chiffon dresses. The two stand gazing at the camera mysteriously in a majestic room. Color is evident through the walls, furniture, and the stars themselves, suggesting a much livelier stance for the album’s latter half.

Heo Youngji is dressed in a lacy, rose-pink mermaid dress, with her shoulders revealed and slim figure accentuated by the dress. At the bottom, the ruffled contours blossom out to a full gown, helping to capture a unique and feminine appearance. With the same brown hair shown from previous teasers, Youngji is the first to stir additional curiosity for her first comeback with KARA.

Leader Gyuri goes on similar lines, standing by elegant furniture and other furniture settings, dressed in a lacy and ruffled gown as well. However, her dress is ruby red, and neck-high in its design. With lacy sleeves, a full gown with a torso of ruffles, and various shades of navy blue and white skimming her torso, Gyuri matches well with the complex design of the dress, adding her own charm to the mix in the meantime. Like Youngji’s, her expression is vague, with a tiny bit of yearning within.

What do you think of KARA’s additional teaser photos? Stay tuned for remaining Night themed concept images from Hara and Seungyeon, as well as further details of their title track “Mamma Mia”!

Source: Naver Music


Rare birds, sunset lovers flock to Suncheon Bay

Rare birds, sunset lovers flock to Suncheon Bay

Rare birds, sunset lovers flock to Suncheon Bay

Visitors traverse the 1.2-kilometer boardwalk through the reed beds of Suncheon Bay, South Jeolla.

Suncheon Bay in the city of Suncheon, South Jeolla, has been described as one of the world's five best-protected coastal swamps.

Located on the south coast of the Korean Peninsula, it also is the setting of "A Journey to Mujin", by Kim Seung-ok, one of Korea's most beloved short stories.

The bay has 22.6 square kilometers (8.7 square miles) of mudflats and 5.4 square kilometers of reed beds.

It is a treasure trove of various species, so it was designated as a Ramsar Wetland in 2006 by the Ramsar Convention, an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands.

Visitors to Suncheon Bay will get the great gift of the sounds made by its reed forest, the widest in Korea.

Rare birds, sunset lovers flock to Suncheon Bay

The S-shaped waterway through Suncheon Bay as seen from Yongsan Observatory at sunset is simply spectacular.

Images of the reeds shining silver and gold in sunlight is another gift. Many tourists on a 1.2-kilometer trail through the reeds are couples in search of a romantic mood.

Another route that goes along a waterway through reeds is especially popular with students and those interested in the ecosystem. This path allows the best views of migratory birds in flight and various organisms living in the mudflats.

Suncheon Bay's extensive reed beds are a wintering site and habitat for rare birds, such as hooded cranes, which are designated as Korea's natural monument No. 228. Other species that can be seen are rare black-faced spoonbills and whooper swans.

It is said that birds in Suncheon Bay include 15 species that have been designated national monuments, six endangered species specified by the Ministry of Environment, 13 preserved species, 12 International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List species, 16 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species annex species and 15 Ramsar Convention species.

Creeping in the mudflats are sand crabs and Japanese ghost crabs. There are cockles and clam worms moving quietly and mudskippers bouncing along in the muck.

Rare birds, sunset lovers flock to Suncheon Bay

Rare birds seen in Suncheon Bay, South Jeolla, include hooded cranes, which are designated as Korea's natural monument No. 228.

Not only the fauna, but the flora of Suncheon Bay is important and unique.

Among the plants in the area are suaeda japonica makino, whose color changes seven times a year, and angelica utilis makino.

There is also a tourist route leading to Yongsan Observatory, where visitors have a panoramic view of the wide mudflats, reed fields and birds in flight.

The S-shaped waterway seen from the observatory is especially striking at sunset.

Koreans say Suncheon Bay is one of the best places in the country to see a sunset, especially during the season when the old year gives way to the new. In addition, it is possible to see a sunrise from the sea because of the area's geography.

By Park Sang-moon