So Yoo-jin feels sorry as 'Five Children' is going against the ending

So Yoo-jin feels sorry as 'Five Children' is going against the ending

So Yoo-jin published her regrettable feeling as her drama, KBS 2TV's "Five Children" has simplest month left to end.

So Yoo-jin posted a photo of herself with other actresses from the drama on her non-public Instagram on July 29th. She said, "Please staygazingtill the end!! I am already feeling sorry... our beautiful actors".

Seong Hoon, Wang Bit-na and Sin Hye-seon at the facet of So Yoo-jin took the photo in a waiting room together. "Five Children" have 8 more episodes to go.

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Sandara Park Stocks How She Feels About “Sugar Man” Ending

Sandara Park Stocks How She Feels About “Sugar Man” Ending

Sandara Park Stocks How She Feels About Sugar GuyFinishing soojji July 5, 2016 0 Sandara Park Shares How She Feels About Sugar Man Ending On June 5, JTBC type program Sugar Man aired its ultimate episode. 2NE1 member Sandara Park, who was oncea standard host of the displayalong Yoo Jae Suk, Yoo Hee Yeol, and Kim European Na, expressed how demanding information technologybecome for her to mentiongood-bye to the finish of the provethru her non-public Instagram and Twitter accounts. She posted a priorso long post on her Instagram at the day of the filming of the last episode.

On her Instagram, Sandara Park uploaded an image of her sitting unfortunately in a closet where her outfit for the last episode is hanging. Her caption reads, What are you doing? Did you know lately is the last episode of Sugar Man?! All over the last filming.. It felt bizarre being in the waiting room. Sounds like there has been a massive number of goodbyes lately.. perhaps its just me?! heh heh.. Yetnot anything lasts forever.. When theres an end theres also a new starting and we continue to existoperating hard! It was a laugh getting to satisfy and get to understandwonderfulother folkseach and every week; thats what is toughest about this goodbye. Maybe Im emotional because its also raining outside. I pass over it~ I miss it~ I miss it~ I cansimplest be emotional for today.

A photo posted by skill of Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on Jul 5, 2016 at 3:23am PDT

On Sandara Parks Twitter account, she posted on the similar day, Ah ah I startedto rip up (watching Sugar Man on air appropriate now).

Sandara Park (@krungy21) July 5, 2016

Will you miss the show up to Sandara Park does?

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Angel Eyes Children Actors shine the dramas ending

Angel Eyes Children Actors shine the dramas ending


The last episode of the SBS Saturday Sunday drama "Angel Eyes" aired, showing the happy ending of the two characters. On the last episode of the SBS Saturday Sunday drama "Angel Eyes," which aired on June 15, 2014, Park Dong Joo, played by Lee Sang Yoon, and Yoon Soo Wan, played by Ku Hye Sun, promised their never ending love. On this day"s episode, the child actors Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun"s acting skills were brought to the audiences" attention. The SBS Saturday Sunday drama "Angel Eyes" has been known for the child actors" acting skills, who played the child selves of the main characters Park Dong Joo and Yoon Soo Wan, and performed in the beginning episodes of the drama.

Actress Nam Ji Hyun performed a blind girl, and expressed the wounds and nativity of Yoon Soo Wan. Actor Kang Ha Neul skillfully acted in the Busan dialect. In related news, the SBS Saturday Sunday drama "Angel Eyes" told a story of Ku Hye Sun, her first love Lee Snag Yoon, and their sad past of having to let their loved ones pass away.


Spoiler Added episodes forty five and 46 captures for the Korean drama 'Five Children'

Spoiler Added episodes forty five and 46 captures for the Korean drama 'Five Children'

Added episodes forty five and 46 captures for the Korean drama "Five Children" (2016)Directed via Kim Jeong-gyooWritten by Jeong Hyeon-jeongNetwork : KBSWith Ahn Jae-wook, So Yoo-jin, Sim Hyeong-tak, Sim I-yeong, Lim Soo-hyang, Sin Hye-seon,...Sat, Sun 19:55Synopsis"Five Children" is a happycircle of relatives comedy drama depicting love and conflicts between household members, that willcarry a heartwarming and vivacious tale to drama fanatics in 2016. It's far highly expected as the drama will tell authentic romance reportsin additionlifestyles stories by other generations, hencean entirekinfolk can watch the drama together.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/02/20

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Spoiler "Five Children" So Yoo-jin VS Song Ok-sook

So Yoo-jin had a quarrel.

On the July 24th broadcast of the KBS 2TV weekend drama "Five Children", Mi-jeong (So Yoo-jin) used to bedisappointedas a result of Ok-soon (Song Ok-sook) who became Soo (Jo Hyeon-do) and Bin's (Kwon Soo-jeong) mom and Sang-tae's (Ahn Jae-wook) mother-in-law.

Bin sought aftergreatgarments from the dep.shopyet Mi-jeong just could notfind the cash for to get her dresses that expensive. Sang-tae asked her if she purchased Bin's clothing but Mi-jeong said, "I needed to despite the truth that IT was expensive..." but Sang-tae said, "Why did you purchase them because you went the entirefar more than there?" Mi-jeong felt upset and said, "Woo-joo and I truly likepricey clothes, too, but a couple of summer clothes fee over 500 thousand won! Woo-joo and I do not even wish tomove to the branch store. I handiest wanted to shop for apparel from there as it was Bin".

In the end, Mi-jeong went to the department store and acquired a get dressed for Bin. The youngsters had tutoring that day so Mi-jeong offered ingredients for snack too. Though Soon-ae (Seong Byeong-sook) complained about it, Mi-jeong said, "I don't love it as well but she's the children's grandmother. I will notoverlook that she exists between me and the kids".

Mi-jeong visited the children at where they were studying. Ok-soon held onto her and told het to glance atthe teens work. Mi-jeong felt uncomfortable being around Woo-yeong (Jeong Yoon-seok) and Woo-ri (Kwak Ji-hye) but Ok-soon asked, "Can I pay your electric and water bill?" Regarding the time Bin were given scolded because she did not turn off the lights. Mi-jeong suppressed her anger and said, "I am seeking to teach my children to save power and it is not or so the money". Mi-jeong walked out taking a look like she was going to car.

Sang-tae saw her and went into his house, telling Ok-soon to stay her industry off from his family. Min-ho got up abruptly and yelled at Sang-tae to apply him to the rooftop. However, it was just a display to preserve Ok-soon calm. Min-ho then asked Sang-tae courteously to be wonderful to Ok-soon.

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Sunye Is A Proud Mom  Of 2 Children

Sunye Is A Proud Mom Of 2 Children

Sunye Is A Proud MomOf 2Kids kokoberry July 23, 2016 0 Sunye Is A Proud Mother Of Two Children With Wonder Ladiesselling their new album and song Why So Lonely, many had beenexcited by how Sunye has been doing.

New pictures of Sunye have been posted on more than a few online network sites updating enthusiasts with what shes been up to.

In the photos, she holds her two daughters and smiles. She holds her older daughter in one arm and her more youthful daughter who was once born closing April in her other arm.

Sunye were given married in January 2013 and gave birth to her first daughter in October the similar year.

The singer continues to be in contact with Wonder Ladiesparticipants and displaystrengthen for them as well.

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"Beautiful Mind" cast, notified of early ending

The KBS 2TV drama "Beautiful Mind" solid were notified of the drama finishing early.

The drama is going to finish 2 episodes quicker than planned with 14 episodes.

"Beautiful Mind" is the tale of a psychopath physicianunderstanding his human side. It was once expected to be a well-made drama yet its festival "Doctors" is too sturdy for it.

The body of workers and cast are disappointed. A workers member criticized this notification of an early end on SNS. However, the production team made this resolution as it can notmaintainthe priceof creating and such.

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'Five Children' actor Seong Hoon displays off lovely face and toned physique

'Five Children' actor Seong Hoon displays off lovely face and toned physique

The heartthrob Seong Hoon has published his 24 hours at the "Five Children" filming set.

In the former episode of KBS 2TV's "Five Children", Seong Hoon presented the romantic 3 step skinship, which made it tricky for all of thegirl drama loversto move to sleep on that night. The drama has revealed the behind-the-scenes of the old episode starring Seong Hoon.

Seong Hoon plays the pure-hearted lover, who cares about just onelady in the drama. His pure-hearted adorableaspects hidden in the toned companybody are revealed here and there when he plays the role or even if the camera is off. Seong Hoon is enjoyed much for the contrasting appeals.

"Five Children" is aired at 7:55 PM each and every Saturday and Sunday.

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Ra Mi Ran Unearths How She Feels Being An Actress, Singer, And Mother

Ra Mi Ran Unearths How She Feels Being An Actress, Singer, And Mother

Ra Mi Ran Unearths How She Feels Being An Actress, Singer, And Mom JiwonYu July 19, 2016 0 Ra Mi Ran Displays How She Feels Being An Actress, Singer, And Mother Actress Ra Mi Ran has confessed that the activity that suits her the maximum is being a mom.

On July 19, Ra Mi Ran attended the 2d Scene Stealer Festival.

During the event, MC Yang Sang Guk asks Ra Mi Ran, Youre selling every bit Unnies those days. Out of being a singer and an actress, which one fits you the most? Recently in the diversitydisplay Unnies Slam Dunk (also referred to as Sisters Slam Dunk), Ra Mi Ran, at the facet of her fellow solid members, are schooling to turn out to bea lady group.

She answers, I believe my primary job as a mother is fitting for me. Pretending to be a singer isnt a very easy thing to do. My knee hurts. Im going to must retire correctonce I debut, and makes others laugh.

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