Song Hye-kyo's 1.8 Billion Won Space in New York, Rises to 2.8 Billion Won After 8 Years

Song Hye-kyo's 1.8 Billion Won Space in New York, Rises to 2.8 Billion Won After 8 Years

Song Hye-kyocame in 9th position out of all celebrities who have succeeded making an investment in genuine estate abroad.

Song Hye-kyotook house two awards at the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards withSong Joong-kiand was oncenoticed later at an after birthday party withSong Joong-kiandYoo Ah-in.

Song Hye-kyobought properties in Samsung-dong in 2004 and 2008 and has billions in real estate fortune. Apparently, she has real estate fortune out of the country as well.

Why did she make a decisionto speculate in real estate abroad?Song Hye-kyowas in Big apple for the yankSelf reliant movie"Fetish"and purchased a area there.

Song Hye-kyoalso discussed once, "I go back and forthby myself when I have time. I like New York. I move there by way of myself". She is spotted in New York 8 years later these days by herself and taking a look natural.

The residence she has in New York is S Condo situated in Manhattan, New York. It overlooks Central Park and has convenient transportation. At the inside, the condo has 2 rooms and 2 toilets and is neatly furnished.

Song Hye-kyobought the residence for 1.8 billion won yet is now an astounding 2.78 billion won. The per 30 dayshire alone is 7.7 million won.

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Song Joong-ki lives in a 2.5 billion won villa, neighbors with Won Bin and Lee Na-young

Song Joong-ki lives in a 2.5 billion won villa, neighbors with Won Bin and Lee Na-young

Actor Song Joong-ki lives in a sumptuous house.

According to girls Sense, Song Joong-ki lives in a villa in Bangbae-dong, Seoul. His villa is value 2.5 billion won.

Song Joong-ki's villa has a plushinner and external with thorough safety systems and a personal guard on standby 24 hours. Visits from outsiders are controlled and a fewcitizens here are Ko Hyeon-jeong, Won Bin and Lee Na-young.

Im Seok-jin, the individualliable for the making plans of this villa, said, "Minimal design was once the plan for the villa. Sumptuous finishes, prime fences and tight security systems are some of its features".


Kim Hyun-joong's father,

Kim Hyun-joong's father, "Choi asked for 3.4 billion won" VS Choi, "I was once pregnant five times right through the two years we lived together"

Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong's ex-girlfriend Choi asked for alimony.

SBS "TV News At Night" highlighted at thecombat between Kim and Choi.

Kim's father said, "We expected it to be his child, we just never were given around to check. However, we acknowledgedwe might take obligationyet she still sued us".

"We paysfive million won in kidcharges and 1.6 billion won in alimony. When youupload up what she took up to nowthe complete adds up to 3.4 billion won".

Choi's attorney claimed that Choi used to be pregnant 5 times all throughthe two years they lived together.

Kim's lawyer claimed they never lived together.


Shin Min Ah Donates 1 Billion Won to Charity Over 7 Years

Shin Min Ah Donates 1 Billion Won to Charity Over 7 Years

Shin Min Ah Donates 1 Billion Won to Charity Over 7 Years It has been published that actress Shin Min Ah has been donating ceaselessly to these in want for seven years now, totaling 1 billion won (approximately $890,300) in contributions!

On October 15, it used to be reported that Shin Min Ah has donated 717 million won (approximately $637,700) to the network Chest of Korea “Fruit of Love,” and 290 million won (approximately $258,100) to the organization Good Friends, which is helping North Korean defectors.

Since December of 2009, Shin Min Ah has been donating 2 million won (approximately $1,800) a month to “Fruit of Love,” and likewise contributing 50 million won (approximately $44,500) or one hundred million won (approximately $89,000) at the finish of every year. in line with the organization, her contributions basically pass in opposition to assisting kids and seniors in need, as per her wishes.

The 290 million won (approximately $258,100) that she has donated to just right Buddies since 2010 specifically is going toward helping unmarried moms who have defected from North Korea and their children.

Shin Min Ah’s firm Mother corporate Entertainment says, “Shin Min Ah has at all times cherished kids and the elderly. She may be interested by the ones in need, so since she began donating she’s stated she sought after to lend a hand toddlers and the elderly.”

It turned into in the past reported that Shin Min Ah donated a hundred million won (approximately $89,000) in May to relief efforts in Nepal after the devastating earthquake. She also lately gave 50 million won (approximately $44,500) to Seoul National University’s Children’s Hospital via OHUI‘s ‘Beautiful Face Campaign.”

Shin Min Ah will soon be returning to the small screen by way of her new drama “Oh My Venus,” that will be premiering on KBS on November 16.

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Sin Min-ah donates one billion over 7 years to the neglected

Sin Min-ah donates one billion over 7 years to the neglected

Actress Sin Min-ah has been donating 1 billion won (~$1 million) to youngsters and elderly in want for 7 years throughout the network Chest of Korea "The Fruit of Love".

Sin Min-ah has been donating about 700 million to "The Fruit of Love". She"s been donating 2 million won each and every month since 2009 and at the finish of the year she provides away 50 million to one hundred million won. She"s donated a overall of 717 million won so far. in maximum cases donations are a one-time thing, yet Sin Min-ah has been doing this for 7 years in a row.

"The Fruit of Love" has been the use of those donations to lend a hand little toddlers and elderly in need. Specifically, her donations were used to assist children who have been burnt, gasoline for the elderly, and schooling for the offspring of North Korean refugees.

Sin Min-ah has been making donations to "Good Friends" since 2010. She"s given away 290 million to this point and they've been used to assistance North Korean refugees and most commonly unmarried moms and their children. The cash supports for milk for the small children and tutorial amenities in addition Kimchi and clinical relief for the mothers.

"Good Friends" promotes peace between the North and South Koreas and lends a hand to refugees who are short of help. The organization used to be founded beneath the point of advancing the solidarity of the 2 countries.

Sin Min-ah donated a hundred million won to Nepal which suffered an earthquake in would possibly consistent with JTS which is a company a section of NGO.

The actress also these days donated 50 million won for kids littered with diseases. She participated in the OHUI Gorgeous Face crusade and in my view delivered the 50 million won to the Seoul National University Children"s Hospital.

Sin Min-ah debuted in 1998 as a mag fashion and has been in the acting industry for 15 years. She starred in different videos and dramas and is coming back with "Oh My Venus" soon.

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'Superman Returns,' Song Il Gook's Triplets' 2015 Calendar Earned 1 Billion Won + Expected To Sell 200.000 Copies

'Superman Returns,' Song Il Gook's Triplets' 2015 Calendar Earned 1 Billion Won + Expected To Sell 200.000 Copies

“Superman Returns” Song Triplets’ Calendar Make Almost One Billion Won, May Sell over 200,000 Copies

The Song Il Gook’s triplets’ New Year calendar has been received a lot of support and attention of people. It is calculated that the special 2015 calendar has earned 680 Million KRW.

After opening up pre-order on December 23, the triplets’ calendar has sold 168,000 copies on online e-commerce site Auction by December 30. The gross profits from the sales on Auction alone is almost one billion won.

As the calendars are being sold on other e-commerce sites like Gmarket and 11th St, the final sale figure is expected to be nearing 200,000 copies.

The orders for the calendar will close on December 31, and the calendars will be shipped out starting January 5.

Initially, the triplets’ father Song Il Gook was planning on making the calendar for acquaintances, but after countless requests for purchasable calendars after the broadcast, he decided to make table calendars with profits going to charity.


Actor, Song Joong-ki raises income over one billion won even after joined national service, thanks to renewed contracts for TV commercials

Actor, Song Joong-ki raises income over one billion won even after joined national service, thanks to renewed contracts for TV commercials

Song Joong-ki was ranked #5 in the list of the top celebrities who benefited from serving the national army according to tvN TV show, "E News". Top five also includes Jang Hyeok, Sung Si-kyung, Oh Jong-hyuk, Yoon Si-yoon and Ji Seong.

Song Joong-ki decided to join the national army on August 27th, 2013 all of sudden, while he had more than 10 contracts for TV commercials thanks to the big success of "The Innocent Man" and "A Werewolf Boy".

His value and popularity went up even higher after he joined the army. After the entertainment soldier system was cancelled due to the incident some of the soldiers used massage parlors while serving military, he joined the army as a regular solider for the first time among actors, singers and other entertainers alike. Because of this, he drew much attention at the time.

Contrary to his soft image, he was deployed to the Reconnaissance Corps, which is famed with intense training. The military recognized his earnest service and had him to host an event by Ministry of National Defense, which took place in China. When his photo from the event was released, people said he became even more impressive.

Song Joong-ki emerged as a sought-after celebrity for TV commercials before he joined the army. He had contracted more than 10 TV commercials including cosmetics, outdoor goods, and smartphones. He earned 500 million won per each contract of the TV commercials. All of the contracts were renewed even during the time he has been serving the military and he still has been earning much income.


TS Entertainment Reveals Income Of B.A.P, Over 10 Billion Won in Revenue over 3 Years

TS Entertainment Reveals Income Of B.A.P, Over 10 Billion Won in Revenue over 3 Years

After the six members of the boy group B.A.P entered lawsuit against their management agency, the TS Entertainment recently officially spoke out about the case, revealing income of B.A.P’s members, as well as expressing their desire to continue collaborating with the group.

Their very lengthy press release began with an apology. "Since our founding in 2008, for the past seven years, we have created acts such as Untouchable, SECRET and B.A.P as well as a new rookie artist launching soon. As K-Pop becomes a part of the global culture, our goal has been to strengthen our artists" performances and grow with them as we introduce them into the world.

B.A.P was our first male idol group, and the amount of effort and investment we put into the group was no less than what any other company would have done. Thankfully, due to the efforts of the six B.A.P members who came together as one with their talent and hard work, they were able to show off their skills as K-Pop artists with two world tours under their belts.

In the middle of working together, we received the message this past October through their manager that they wanted to rest. Respecting their wishes, we cancelled their upcoming tours in South America and Japan and gave them a long-term vacation. Visiting home and traveling abroad, the members kept in contact with the company. Recently, they told us their opinion that they wanted to go back to promotions beginning in January of next year. In the middle of planning next year"s promotions, we heard through a media outlet on November 27 that they were planning a lawsuit.

Since we were maintaining normal contact up until November 26, the article on the next day came as a huge shock. We tried to contact the members through the managers, but they did not respond. We then tried contacting their parents, and the few who we could reach told us to contact their lawyers. We realized that a situation analysis would only be possible after we received the case, and we waited for it to arrive.

In the middle of this, we became suspicious of the media outlets who only focused on one point of view despite the case being in its infancy. As we entered 2014, we were past the break-even point on our finances and B.A.P were on the verge of turning a profit, so this situation became more serious. Finally, we heard reliable rumors that there was a third party controlling public opinion by putting the relationship between the company and B.A.P in a bad light.

To this, we will determine who the third party is and do everything to bring it to justice for breaking the rules of honest business and tarnishing K-Pop"s image.

 To be truthful, the company has still not officially received the lawsuit. After checking, the law firm who prepared the lawsuit mistakenly had a clerical error regarding proof of document, and the courts had ordered them to correct the mistake. Although we have not yet received the case, we made a request to the courts to view the contents of the case so we could prepare this statement. We will now make a statement on some of the biggest issues in the media.

10 billion won in revenue over 3 years. 17,800,000 won per person

TS - Break-even point reached in 2 years. Second half of 2014, 285 million won expected. If kept to originally planned promotions, second half of 2014 600 million won expected.

[reference the chart at the bottom of this article.]

Our investment in B.A.P began when they were trainees, and large investments began in the second half of 2011 with Bang Yong Guk"s solo single, "I Remember", and BANGZELO"s "Never Give Up". As you can see in the above chart, until 2013, expenses were greater than income. This is because we put our focus on "conquering the world through music" and realizing our shared goal. Thanks to these risky investments, B.A.P were able to take their place as a new-age K-Pop artist, and became profitable two years after their debut - an accomplishment to be proud of.

As the chart points out, from the point we passed break-even, the gap between our expenses and income becomes greater, and B.A.P began to create more and more profit. Looking at the second half of 2014, if they carried on their planned schedules with tours in South America, Japan and China, we were expecting income of 600 million won. Unfortunately, due to the cancellation of these schedules, we are expecting income of around 285 million won.

Also, depending on the level of promotions, we were tracking B.A.P"s income in 2015 to be around 1.8 billion won.

Profit split 1 (B.A.P): 9 (TS) ?

TS - expected split 4 (B.A.P): 6 (TS)

Ahead of explaining the term "profit split", we will explain the process by which we do our accounting. Following the contract, we calculate our finances every six months. This is how it works: out of all the sales that come from B.A.P, we take out the investments we have made to the group. With the remainder of the income, we divide them based on the category of product and again based on the ratio split with the artist. We do this because there are expenses that are hard to categorize, including dorms, transport, food, school, training, free time, exercise, massages, hospital costs, T-money, etc.

The reason why the ratio is so low with albums (1:9) as opposed to performances/commercials (5:5) is because the former has a lesser upfront cost and the expenses are split between us and a third party; while with the latter, all of the expenses come out of specialized staff members working for the company itself (content directors, designers, producers, marketing, etc).

The profit split to B.A.P in the first half of 2014 came out lower since the majority of the profits came from albums and singles. After this, as the group successfully completes their world tours and stakes out their position as a K-Pop artist, the profit ratio is changing. This is the intended result from both the members and the company, and has achieved the intended affect of making the profit splits reflect the importance of the artists to the company"s success. In the future, as commercials and events make up a greater portion of profits, the ratio of 4:6 was to be expected.

slave contracts? TS - same content as the Fair Trade Commission"s "standard contract" + embodiment

The contents of the "slave contracts" brought up by a media outlet are following the rules set by the Fair Trade Commission, and includes material that embodies their rules.

Regarding the length of the contract, if we look at the FTC"s guidelines, the length is states as seven years with an extension available upon agreement on both sides with regards to issues such as "extended foreign promotions with a foreign management company" or "any other legitimate reason which may require a long-term contract".

 The company has set the beginning of the contract to the release date of the group"s first album (solo, digital album, full album) and seven years henceforth. The members each signed their contracts on 2011 March, June and September, and Bang Yong Guk and Zelo started early with solo promotions so the end dates on their contracts are all different.

 issue of trust

TS - an issue of misunderstanding

Last July, even after the first-half accounting, the B.A.P members continued their schedules without any problems. However, starting in mid-September, the members began exhibiting emotional outbursts, creating problems with variety schedules and other promised events. Despite this, we have apologized numerous times to broadcast stations and others, and tried to protect the members.

Also, the company had tried to solve the problems through the managers and other staff members via discussion and negotiation, and we respected their wishes of the need to rest. On October 23, we agreed to minimize their activities and cancelled two of their world tours so they would get plenty of time to rest until the end of the year.

Since the B.A.P members showed no outward signs of dissatisfaction and continued to live in their dorm, visit the hospital and share meals together, we believed that they were preparing for their comeback and waited until they were ready. As we stated before, we were planning on a comeback in January when we heard this surprising news.

This is the end of our discussion regarding the above points, and we will bare everything we can to the courts so we can reveal the truth. This much is clear: TS Entertainment did not violate the law and have not treated B.A.P in any way that is immoral or unfair.

Our code is "Honesty. Sincerity. Humility". It is possible that in our quest to create a warm and comfortable home for the members and give them the treatment they deserve, our wishes got misunderstood. If we did not recognize the members" hurt feelings before, this is also our fault for misunderstanding due to our lack of experience.

Finally, we hope that B.A.P will, even now, be truthful to what they want and come back together to join forces and achieve that dream that we discussed during their debut. However, if they continue to break off communication and seek out the court, we will respect their wishes and face them in a court of law, searching for a proper solution.

We deeply apologize for causing worry to so many people and will work hard to make sure this entire incident can end in a positive light.'



SNSD’s Revenue Exceeds 70 Billion in 3 Years

SNSD’s Revenue Exceeds 70 Billion in 3 Years

SNSDs Revenue Exceeds 70 Billion in 3 Years SM Entertainment artists have garnered a lot of attention lately for their exceptional sales numbers over the past 3 years.

According the Financial Supervisory Services data analysis retrieval and transfer system, SNSD made 17.003 billion won in 2009, 30.004 billion won in 2010, and 21.737 billion won in 2011 up to the third quarter.

From 2009 to the third quarter 2011, the girls have earned a whopping 68.811 billion won.  If all of 2011 was included in the data, they would have easily broken the 70 billion mark, considering they released their 3rd album The Boys in the 4th quarter.  And if you include their successful Japanese activities during this time frame, they would have easily broken the 100 billion won mark.

The 68.811 billion won included in this data for our girls equates to a staggering 42% of SMEnts total 161.954 billion won amoung their top 5 artists (SNSD, SuJu, TVXQ, SHINee, f(x)).  Wow, now that is SNSD power right there!  Data like this is why they are considered the leader of the Hallyu Wave!  Lets hope their transition to the west will earn them just as much success, or better yet, MORE!  SNSD hwaiting!!

SNSDs Revenue Exceeds 70 Billion in 3 Years



Suzy Buys 3.7 Billion Won Development In Gangnam

Suzy Buys 3.7 Billion Won Development In Gangnam

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter22-year old miss A member Suzy has officially bought her first development in the most-exclusive Seoul neighborhood, Gangnam.

According to a report by Sports Seoul, Suzy purchased a building in Gangnam firstly built in 2012 on April 27th for 3 billion won, or approximately $3.2 million USD. It incorporates a two-level basement and five-floors above ground. It's faralsoprinted that she also took out a loan of 1.7 billion won in her criminalcall of Bae Su Ji.

The first and 2ndgroundwerebecame studios, the 3rdsurface equally a commercial facility, and the fourth as person studios, the fullper thirty dayscondo comes to 15 million won, or just about $13,000 USD a month. Given its high location, Suzy is decided to earn a go back of 5.6% annual rate.

Debuting as a phase ofpass over A in 2010, Suzy has temporarily rose viastatus and earned the nickname of the International locations First Love. At a mere 20-years old, Suzy brought in many ad deals earning the nickname as the one hundred million greenback girl.

Meanwhile on June 6th, Suzys first televised drama in two years will premiere. She capabilities in the KBS2 drama Uncontrollably Fond along actor Kim Woo Bin.

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