Spoiler '38 Earnings  Sequence Unit' Ma Dong-seok faces reprimand after throwing a punch at Oh Dae-hwan

Spoiler '38 Earnings Sequence Unit' Ma Dong-seok faces reprimand after throwing a punch at Oh Dae-hwan

On the episode one of OCN Friday Saturday drama, '38 IncomeSeries Unit', Baek Seong-il (Ma Dong-seok) and Cheon Seong-hee (Choi Soo-young) conducted a spaceseek on warrant to assemble unpaid tax from Ma Jin-seok (Oh Dae-hwan).

Baek Seong-il could not take Ma Jin-seok's nasty behaviors any more and ended up throwing a punch at him. The manager officer of the collection agency, Ahn Tae-wook (Jo Woo-jin), called in Baek Seong-il and Baek Seong-il later was once called in via the mayor of Seowon, Cheon Gap-soo (Ahn Nae-sang).

Cheon Gap-soo asked Baek Seong-il, "Why did you act like that? You are an 8 year veteran" Baek Seong-il dropped his head and apologized. The mayor ordered Ahn Tae-wook to make surethe primary points and send him to a disciplinary committee.

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Video Ma Dong-seok and Search engine optimization In-guk in

Video Ma Dong-seok and Search engine optimization In-guk in "38 Earnings Sequence Unit" preview

The preview of the OCN miniseries "38 IncomeSeries Unit" is out.

In the preview, Ma Dong-seok who takes at thepersonality of Baek Seong-il a tax collector stands in the back of the saying, "Born wealthy or poor, let's pay taxes fairly". Baek Seong-il is a tax collector who is confusedby way ofantisocial taxpayers who reside a rich and fancy lifestyles without paying taxes. His character is person who 'stands on the aspect of the public and defends them'.

Some delinquent taxpayers stand in the style of Baek Seong-il who is setto position tags on their possessions as they ask him, "Do you know who you're dealing with?"

Seo In-guk seems in the preview dressed in a suit. His role of Yang Jeong-do is an exquisite con guy who joins forces with Baek Seong-il and is derived up with a scheme to con the evil non-taxpayers.

"38 Profit Collection Unit" depicts a tax collector and a con man getting in combinationto educate non-taxpayers a lesson. The name comes from the constitutional law Article 38 referring to tax tasks and this team collects what they would likethru schemes. "38 Revenue Collection Unit" starts in June.


'38 Income  Sequence Unit' Choi Soo-young, Search engine marketing In-guk, Ma Dong-seok take a set selfie

'38 Income Sequence Unit' Choi Soo-young, Search engine marketing In-guk, Ma Dong-seok take a set selfie

Girls' Generation member idol grew to become actress Choi Soo-young published her selfie she took along sidethe forged of OCN's upcoming drama, '38 IncomeSeries Unit'.

Choi Soo-young stated on her private Instagram, "#DespiteApril dressed in padded jackets. # Ma Dong-seok # Seo In-guk # Choi Soo-young #38RevenueCollectionUnit" when uploading the photo.

In the revealed image, Choi Soo-young, Seo In-guk, and Ma Dong-seok are wearing thick black padded jackets. The 3 actors strike the precisely same pose with the large bright smiles whilstappearing off their victory sign. Their impending drama OCN's '38 Profit Collection Unit' premieres on June 18.


Drama First Glance '38 Earnings  Sequence Unit

Drama First Glance '38 Earnings Sequence Unit

After slightly a bad run with"Vampire Detective", OCN is back with anythinglarger and better. "38 IncomeSequence Unit" is shaping up to be one entertaining and properly made summer film in drama form. Taxes may sound boring, yet amongst a duo of not going partners going after a large Bad and corruption being the call of the game, there is lots to revel in here.

Neither taxes or crime are ideas one would go in combination with comedy and yet the drama nicely juggles all 3 in its first 4 episodes. There are in reality witty, laugh-out-loud moments in this and plenty of tie in nicely to the social remark and persona development.Ma Dong-seokis a hoot and a part as the honorable, but gullible Baek Seong-il andSeo In-gukmakes you need to have to slap the smirk off of Yang Jeong-do's face, which turns out to be how we are supposed to feel about them. Their chemistry works and the supporting solid is lovely.

AdvertisementThe series is beautiful impressive in presentation, too. It's miles nicely filmed and rather well paced, giving it a cinematic feel, the action is excellent and the concepts are simple, but presented in a exciting way. "38 Profit Collection Unit" does now not have the meatiest of stories, it has to be said. There are wealthy cartoonish bad guys, corrupt officials and a mysterious benefactor at the back of the young conman. Even so, its plain premise does now notdecrease its entertainment worth whatsoever.

This is possiblythe explanation whywe've gotexact villains with violent dispositions and dark secrets here. Whilst this does kill the option of a more realistic and applicableglance into tax evasion, having a chain where the largest evil are raging older ladiesretaining onto their jewellery would most definitely not charm to the maximum importanttarget audience of a channel known for its action and crime shows. At the similar time, I fear close to the comedy aspect of things, which already dies down in episode four.

Another detail which worries me is the prospective romance between Cheon Seong-hee (Choi Soo-young) and Jeong-do. The talewould nottrulywant information technology at this point and Seong-hee's character is in facta pleasant addition and the user thatassists in keeping Seong-il a little grounded. It is going to exist a disgrace to lose her to the location of love trophy. Nevertheless, some gentle romantic facettale kept out of the style of the show's primary appeal can paintings well.

Personal worries notwithstanding, "38 Revenue Collection Unit" is doing incrediblysmartly and so far. I'm actually notcertain if the presentmajor villain could bethe massive Bad, as he may be used for comedy at times. We've a menacing detective around and the aforementioned mysterious benefactor, so I be expecting more gamersto sign up in up soon. I'mhaving a lookahead to it.

"38 Revenue Collection Unit" is directed byHan Dong-hwa, written byHan Jeong-hoonand featuresMa Dong-seok,Seo In-guk,Choi Soo-youngandSong Ok-sook.

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Spoiler Added episodes 3 and four captures for the Korean drama '38 Earnings  Series Unit'

Spoiler Added episodes 3 and four captures for the Korean drama '38 Earnings Series Unit'

Added episodes 3 and four captures for the Korean drama "38 EarningsSequence Unit" (2016)Directed by way of Han Dong-hwaWritten by Han Jeong-hoonNetwork : OCNWith Ma Dong-seok, Seo In-guk, Choi Soo-young, Song Ok-sook, Heo Jae-ho, Ko Gyoo-pil,...16 episodes - Fri, Sat 23:00Also referred to as "Squad 38"SynopsisThis comedy crime display is a drama depicting the procedure how a main officer of profit collection unit with Seoul Town and a fraudster paintingsin combinationto gatherall the unpaid taxes from topsource of revenue taxpayers.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/06/17

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Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Kang Ji-hwan returns, Jeong Bo-seok gets nervous

Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Kang Ji-hwan returns, Jeong Bo-seok gets nervous

On the episode 27 of MBC Monday Tuesday drama, Kang Gi-tan (Kang Ji-hwan) went to where where Byeon Il-jae (Jeong Bo-seok) was once having his campaign.

On this day, when Kang Gi-tan awoke from unconsciousness after twelve months since he fell in coma, he have become Jo Gi-ryang (Choi Jong-won)'s son, which placed him on the 2nd one rank of Hwapyeongdan. Kang Gi-tan strongly subsidizedby way of Jo Gi-ryang, got here back to Korea from China so as to continue his revenge opposed to Byeon Il-jae.

Kang Gi-tan ordered Yoo Seong-ae (Soo Hyeon) and Adequate Chae-ryeong (Lee El) to bring in Moon Tae-gwang (Jeong Woong-in), and Lee Soo-tak (Kim Dong-hee-I), who have been expelled from Dodo Group.

Kang Gi-tan determined to discuss with the position where Byeon Il-jae becamepreserving his crusade for the election of Seoul town major.

Kang Gi-tan said, "Even when I used to beplacing between lifestyles and death, I may justno longerdisregard the face". When he showed up at the campaign place, Byeon Il-jae was surprisedto look him. Whilst Byeon Il-jae looked nervous, Kang Gi-tan looked comfy smiling at Byeon Il-jae.

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Seo In-guk looks 'so handsome' at '38 Earnings  Sequence Unit' press conference

Seo In-guk looks 'so handsome' at '38 Earnings Sequence Unit' press conference

OCN's new Friday Saturday drama, '38 IncomeSeries Unit' held a press confrerence in the afternoon on June 15 at Time Square in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul.

Seo In-guk is responding to the photocalls at the venue.

Meanwhile, in "38 Profit Collection Unit", a tax collector and a mythical conman sign up for forces to scam antisocial tax payers in their money. The drama is written by way of Han Jeong-hoon and directed by Han Dong-hwa. The delightful crime displayis determinedto start on June 17th at 11PM.

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Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Kang Ji-hwan best friend with Chen Bolin to blow a counterpunch to Jeong Bo-seok

Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Kang Ji-hwan best friend with Chen Bolin to blow a counterpunch to Jeong Bo-seok

On the episode 7 of MBC's Monday Tuesday drama, Monster - 2016', Kang Gi-tan (Kang Ji-hwan) used to be about to be killed by way of Michael Chang (Chen Bolin) on account of the betrayal by Do Geon-woo (Park Ki-woong).

Kang Gi-tan attempted to shield himself in the severe situation. He told Michael Chang, "You've been deceived as well. If you'llno longerconsider me, it also approach the finish of it for you too". He also explained Do Geon-woo becomethe genuineundercover agent sent from Dodo Staff and Kang Gi-tan himself was used by the company.

Kang Gi-tan revealed, "You will have totake dangle of my hands so as to take revenge opposed to Dodo Group" and "The person whois attempting to catch you the usage of make Geon-woo is the one who killed my parents".

Kang Gi-tan stretched out his hands to Michael Chang, telling him "Use me to throw a fatal counterblow to Dodo Group. This could also beanything for me as well".

Michael Chang later framed Do Geon-woo and Byeon Il-jae and other workers of Dodo Group, who got hereto determinethe site of his factory, up to be arrested as a forger by Public Security.


Ma Dong-seok, SEO In-guk and Choi Soo-young showed for '38 Income  Series Unit'

Ma Dong-seok, SEO In-guk and Choi Soo-young showed for '38 Income Series Unit'

As Taxpayers' Day used to be celebrated on March 3rd in Korea, OCN's new weekend drama, '38 EarningsSeries Unit' to get started out in June this year attracted attention from the drama fans.

OCN will provide '38 Profit Collection Unit' this June. The production team, who presented the drug drama, "Bad Guys", 2014 and showed off their own faithful fan base, is operatingin combination to convey this new drama. "Bad Guys" wonexcellentstudies for its dense structure, suspenseful tension, and wonderful cinematography at the point of film and the creator Han Jeong-hoon is in command of this expected new drama again.

'38 Revenue Collection Unit', a refreshing drama to premier this summer deals with such pleasingtale in which a revenue officer and an out of this world fraudster paintings together to gather unpaid taxes from the malicious tax delinquents, who accumulate wealth via exploiting the criminal loopholes and habitually committing tax evasion.

The identify '38 Revenue Collection Unit' is derived from the item 38 of the Charter defining the tax payer's responsibility. The captivating fraudster Yang Jeong-do and the manager officeholder of the revenue collection unit, Baek Seong-il, who displays off his spotless integrity as an officer plot a highly elaborate fraud together to gatherall of the accumulated unpaid taxes from primesource of revenue tax delinquents.

OCN printed their lineup on Taxpayers' Day March 3rd. The irreplaceable leading actor Ma Dong-seok and the flexible actor Seo In-guk, who is going to scouse borrowgirl drama viewers' hearts had been confirmed. The idol became actress with the shown acting skills, Girls' Generation Choi Soo-young also has been showed every bit the leading actress for the cast.



[Spoiler] "The Heirs" Jeong Dong-hwan has a stroke

The nineteenth episode of the SBS drama "The Heirs" showed Kim Nam-yoon (Jeong Dong-hwan) collapsing with stroke and the company was about to be handed over to his legal wife Jeong Ji-sook (Park Joon-geum).

Kim Nam-yoon was thinking about Kim Won (Choi Jin-hyeok) and Kim Tan's (Lee Min-ho) past when he felt dizzy and collapsed. He had a stroke but his wife Jeong Ji-sook didn't appear.

She had endured being his legal wife, just in case this happened. She called in Kim Nam-yoon's brothers and said, "I have no faith in Tan and Won. I am doubtful they will run the company well. The chance you thought you lost forever, I can give it to you again. Line up to me".

She then visited the hospital later and said, "It was worth the wait. Tan's legal representative for his shares is me. That's family". Kim Tan was furious and said, "I will change my representative to Won" and she said, "Sending you and your mother out with no money is not a bad idea either".

Kim Tan went up to the rooftop with a complicated head and ran into Choi Woo-bin who was also in a mess as his father's hotel was under investigation.