Spoiler 'Age of Youth' Ryu Hwa-young's messy personal  lifestyles is revealed

Spoiler 'Age of Youth' Ryu Hwa-young's messy personal lifestyles is revealed

The Friday episode of "Age of Youth" printed the untidy facet of Kang I-na (Ryu Hwa-young)'s non-public life. Kang I-na have been seeing wealthy men to make her allowance money.

I-na is a glamourous girl amongstnarrowframe and a phenomenal face that seem to besexy to many men. She herself used to beconscious about this. I-na dated men profiting from her gorgeous appearance.

Her palsbegan gossiping about I-na's behaviours. When I-na turned into walking into the room, Jeong Ye-eun (Han Seung-yeon) did now notrealize she was there and gushed, "What is prostitution? Having sex for money, that makes any individual a prostitute".

Although I-na heard Ye-eun gossiping about her, she pretended she heard nothing. Yet she were given saddened with her own mind mumbling, "I'm a prostitute, I guess. I comprehend itevidently but it makes me feel unhappy when I pay attention information technology from someone else".

Her company started suspecting I-na's identity.

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Spoiler Added episodes 1 and 2 captures for the Korean drama 'Age of Youth'

Spoiler Added episodes 1 and 2 captures for the Korean drama 'Age of Youth'

Added episodes 1 and 2 captures for the Korean drama "Age of Youth" (2016)Directed via Lee Tae-gon-IWritten by Park Yeon-seonNetwork : jTBCWith Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Park Eun-bin, Ryu Hwa-young, Park Hye-soo, Yoon Park,...12 episodes - Fri, Sat 20:30SynopsisThe drama is a tale about five hornyfemininefaculty students, who reside in a shared place of dwelling called Belle Epoque.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/07/22

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' The genuine  assassin is revealed

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' The genuine assassin is revealed

On the episode 6 of KBS 2TV's "Beautiful Mind", Chae Soon-ho (Lee Jae-ryong) used to bepublished to be the crook who extracted and concealed Kang Cheol-min's middle and also killed Sin Dong-jae (Kim Jong-soo).

Hyeon Seok-joo (Yoon Hyeon-min) found out that Kang Cheol-min's doctorchanged into Soon-ho. And then he went to Soon-ho and asked him directly. Soon-ho did now not say no, yet he just said, "I'm worried that the similar thing maytake place to you. Think what is going tooccur to our studies then?" fending off answering the question.

Seok-joo angrily asked, "Wasn't the point of our study to save more lives?" Soon-ho said, "The marketplace is value2 hundred billion won" and "yes, the stupid cash will make you close up. You canforestalloccupied withthe rest else, adding Kang Cheol-min, Sin Dong-jae, Sim Eunha. Who might be the next?" It was his blood-chilling warning.

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok's secret's revealed

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok's secret's revealed

On the episode two of KBS 2TV's "Beautiful Mind", Lee Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) was once withdrawn from the surgical procedure team for Kim Myeongsoo (Ryoo Seung-soo), after Lee Yeong-oh turned into suspected to have switched a deceased patient's frame with any person else's.

Lee Yeong-oh felt angry. Later, Lee Yeong-oh's father Lee Geon-myeong (Heo Joon-ho) got hereto look Lee Yeong-oh.

Lee Yeong-oh read the facial features of Lee Geon-myeong to be informed how his father was feeling. Later, Lee Yeong-oh's secrets were revealed. Lee Yeong-oh was plagued by Antisocial Personality Disorder, which averted him from feeling empathetic.

When Lee Geon-myeong discovered out Lee Yeong-oh's intellectual condition all through his childhood, he made his son find out how to read people's emotion thru their facial expressions.

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Spoiler 'Jackpot' Jeon Kwang-ryeol saves his lifestyles again, a new uprising begins

Spoiler 'Jackpot' Jeon Kwang-ryeol saves his lifestyles again, a new uprising begins

On the episode 21 of SBS' Monday Tuesday drama, "Jackpot", Lee In-jwa (Jeon Kwang-ryeol) may just salvage his existencebackeven though he used to beshown to be accountable for treason opposed to King Gyeongjong (Hyeon Woo).

As Lee In-jwa changed into driven into corner, so asto satisfy treason, he determined to dethrone King Gyeongjong and plotted a scenario to make it seem like that Jeong Hwui-ryang (Choi Jin-ho-I) was killed.

However, Baek Dae-gil (Jang Geun-seok) saw thru Lee In-jwa's plot and made a counterattack. He may arrest Lee In-jwa and the alternativeparticipants of his treacherous group. King Gyeongjong tiedLee In-jwaon a pole and had him stand in the midst ofthe streetearlier than he was executed.

Lee In-jwa did now notsurrendertill the ultimate moment. Lee In-jwa was assisted by way of Hwang Jin-gi (Han Jeong-soo) to chop the rope around his frame and fled. Baek Dae-gil began chasing him appropriate after. He discovered Lee In-jwa rowing not easy on a boat to run away.

Baek Dae-gil shot an arrow aiming Lee In-jwa. On the other hand IT was not Lee In-jwa's body the arrow penetrated through. Lee In-jwa could save his life again and it supposedsome other uprising.

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Spoiler 'Memory' Lee Sung-min becomes attorney for Jeong Yeong-gi to are living  lifestyles  and now not  employing a regrets

Spoiler 'Memory' Lee Sung-min becomes attorney for Jeong Yeong-gi to are living lifestyles and now not employing a regrets

On the episode 12 of tvN's weekend drama, "Memory", Seung-ho (Yeo Hoe-hyeon) lied as Tae-seok (Lee Sung-min) interrogated him.

Seung-ho lied to Tae-seok that Hyeon-wook (Sin Jae-ha) was oncechargeable for the hit and run case, as he felt he changed into being careworn every bit a suspect of the hit and run case. When Tae-seok asked Seung-ho if the complete lot he stated was true, Seung-ho did now not hesitate and showedit is all true.

When Seung-ho discovered he had no other selection left, he made up his beyond completely. Tae-seok didn't say anything else further.

Tae-seok submitted his resignation letter to Chan-moo (Jeon No-min) because he sought after to be in charge for the case of Sin Yeong-jin (Lee Ki-woo). However, Chan-moo returned the resignation letter to him and Tae-seok permitted his decision.

Tae-seok said, "These days, I incessantly think that accidentis also a a section of a plan through god. Even supposing I have no idea the result, yetI could bein a position to tell you this for sure. I am goingto prevent doing things I willremorseful about later".

Tae-seok later went to Detective Kim and told him he was going to sign in a petition for a retrial of the Huimang Greathomicide case, which menat he needed to develop into a defense legal professional for Kwon Myeong-soo (Jeong Yeong-gi).


Spoiler 'Entertainers' Ji Seong's lifestyles falls apart

Spoiler 'Entertainers' Ji Seong's lifestyles falls apart

SBS' new Wednesday drama, "Entertainers" premiered on April 20th. The primary episode depicted the breakdown of Sin Seok-ho (Ji Seong)'s life.

On this day, Sin Seok-ho released a song for his singer, Jinu. However, he replaced the usual composer's call to the singer's name, Jinu. As the composer complained and askedto switch it back to his name, Sin Seok-ho refused the request and made amusing of him instead.

The composer stated again, "I wish tostay my love with my girlfriend. We promised to get married after the liberate of this song. Please ask them to right kind the article". Sin Seok-ho said, "You're no longer that smart. This cashhere'srather more than the license. Use this money to make your female friend happy". However, the composer said, "I'll sue". Sin Seok-ho utterlyomitted the request and told the composer, "Your factormight belong pasttemporarilywhilstfolksspeak about plagiarism or whatever. And also the promotion for Jinu will be done in the meantime".

The composer did now not take the money and left the office. Sin Seok-ho used to be mad and shouted, "Those deficientindividuals are too proud, they wouldmustare living that poor forever".

Later, while Sin Seok-ho became having a drink, he won a telephone cry letting him know the composer had killed himself after leaving a letter. He was inebriatedyet he drove his vehicle out of hasty. He also bought a phone call from Jinu pronouncing he sought after to die. He may not think instantly in the placement and crashed into some other car. Because he drank and drove, he didn't have any features left in the situation.


Childhood Footage  of four  Contributors of “Youth Over Flowers” Revealed

Childhood Footage of four Contributors of “Youth Over Flowers” Revealed

Childhood Footageof fourIndividualsof juvenile Over PlantsPublished hajima April 11, 2016 0 LINE it!Childhood Photos of 4 Members of Teenagers Over Flowers Revealed Recently, a photo of the members of the Africa edition of tvNs Youth Over Flowers was once uploaded at thedisplays fan page with the words, It roughly feels like their bodies are the simplest real things that changed.

Clockwise from the head left corner are members Ahn Jae Hong, Ryu Jun Yeol, Park Bo Gum, and Ko Kyung Pyo.

The childhood versions of the 4 actors are adorable beyond words and prefer the fashioned post says, lovers were amused to look that their faces did no longertrade that much from then till now.

Meanwhile, every actor is busy runningall aloneparticular person projects. Ryu Jun Yeol has just begun filming for MBCs new Wednesday-Thursday drama Fortunate Romance with Hwang Jung Eum and Park Bo Gum is on the threshold ofmovie his drama Moonlight Drawn by skill of Clouds. Ahn Jae Hong and Ko Kyung Pyo are each one expected to greet fans in the process thegiant screen as well.

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Spoiler 'Please Come Back, Mister' Marvel  courting between Lee Min-jeong and Kim Soo-ro is revealed

Spoiler 'Please Come Back, Mister' Marvel courting between Lee Min-jeong and Kim Soo-ro is revealed

On the 11th episode of SBS' Wednesday Thursday drama, "Please Come Back, Mister", Han Gi-tak (Kim Soo-ro)'s genuine sister was oncepublished to be Sin Da-hye (Lee Min-jeong).

Sin Da-hye (Lee Min-jeong) turned intolooking to push away Lee Hae-joon (Rain). Since Sin Da-hye have becomefascinated by Hae-joon's life in her house, she asked him to move out of her area in a month.

Hae-joon told her, "After a month, I'm going to leave and not come back. I am just an individual who passes by" and "If things get hard, then you'll lean on me and whinge to me. I willsettle for everything". As Da-hye did no longerdisplay any signal that she understood what he said, Hae-joon told her, "You can think that i am doing the ones things Kim Yeongsoo could not do for you on behalf of him. I needto be offeringcoverage to your family".

Song I-yeon (Lee Honey) approved the offer to turn out to be a fashion for Seonjin Branch Store. I-yeon asked for commission at the pointthroughout her top time and Hae-joon (Rain) accepted this. I-yeon used this to arouse competition in Cha Jae-gook (Choi Won-yeong).

Also, Jeong Jihoon (Yoon Park) suspected Hong-nan (Oh Yeon-seo) and drove her to a corner with difficult questions. Jihoon told Hong-nan, "Isn't it challenging to are livingany individual else's life?" and "I know Han Gi-tak well". However, Hong-nan said, "My brother does not know you probably", whilst wondering about his true identity. Jeong Jihoon acknowledged in return, "Please, you are lying".

Jihoon and Hong-nan met again. Jihoon showed Gi-tak's boxing gloves to Hong-nan and told her that Sin Da-hye was Gi-tak's real sister. Hong-nan ran to her while crying.


Spoiler 'Goodbye Mr. Black' Moon Chae-won's tragic beyond  tale is revealed

Spoiler 'Goodbye Mr. Black' Moon Chae-won's tragic beyond tale is revealed

"Goodbye Mr. Black" Lee Jin-wook turned intoto be told about Moon Chae-won's tragic beyond story.

On MBC's Wednesday Thursday drama, "Goodbye Mr. Black" episode 2, Cha Ji-won (Lee Jin-wook), who is a commissioned officer of the special conflict unit of Korea Navy, went to Thailand for training. He met Kim Swan (Moon Chae-won) there.

He first concept that Kim Swan used to be a pickpocket yetdiscovered out it was his misunderstanding. Cha Ji-won later met Kim Ji-ryoon (Kim Tae-woo), who was a president of an NGO, to do an errand for his father there. He took place to listen a tale about Kim Swan's past story.

Kim Ji-ryoon explained, "Tsunami swept Thailand. Kaya was found on a pile of rubbish later. She maynow notdiscuss for some timemost certainlyon account of trauma and shall we not figure out her private details. She still does not know who she actually is and who her oldsters are. So she's turn out to be a stateless orphan since then".