Spoiler "Beautiful Gong Shim" Minah kisses Namgoong Min

Minah from "Beautiful Gong Shim" kissed Namgoong Min.

On the episode of the SBS drama "Beautiful Gong Shim", Gong-sim (Minah) was onceunder the impact of alcohol when she bumped into Ahn Dante (Namgoong Min) on her long ago home.

She began babbling to him, "I changed into so angry that you dumped me. Yesterday, I assumed about your flaws".

"You haven't any money. You would possibly begrimy and you're cheesy".

Furthermore, she asked him why he dumped her, then she said, "Never mind, do not say me. No, I'm curious. Tell me".

Dante did not say much. Gong-sim then took his face in her hands and kissed him.

She then became around to leave yetno longerearlier than she said, "Don't ever tell me why you dumped me. I don't would like tolisten it".

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Spoiler "Beautiful Gong Shim" Minah helps to keep her distance from Namgoong Min

Minah discovered out Namgoong Min used to be Joon-pyo.

On the episode of the SBS drama "Beautiful Gong Shim" on the 10th, Dante and Joon-soo held hands. Joon-soo determinedto prevent Tae-cheol from doing more bad things and told Dante he would help.

Joon-soo lied to Tae-cheol and said, "I know my mom's concerned amongst Joon-pyo's kidnap. I can cooperate with you". Tae-cheol changed intoglad and planned to dispose of Dante. Dante took a toothbrush from Tae-cheol's room and said, "I am going to verify the DNA with the DNA from Joon-pyo's clothes".

However, Dante knew Joon-soo would take a faux piece of clothing.

Gong-shim's father found out his daughter and Dante were dating and teased them. Gong-shim went to the medical institution where his father was to take him anything he left at the back of and overheard Soon-cheon and Dante talking. She heard about Dante's secret at birth.

In the evening, she met Dante and said, "It would had beengreatonce you told me this before. I suspect I wish to sleep on it". The following day they bumped intoeach and every other outdoor and Dante asked her to visitpaintings with him yet Gong-shim became him down.

Meanwhile, Dante called his buddies and made it seem like his father came visiting and Joon-soo told Tae-cheol this. Tae-cheol got here running to the health facility to harm Dante's father.

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Gong Shim' Minah faints whilst dating Namgoong Min

Spoiler 'Beautiful Gong Shim' Minah faints whilst dating Namgoong Min

"Beautiful Gong Shim" Minah fainted whilst she was once dating Namgoong Min. At the episode 15 of SBS weekend drama "Beautiful Gong Shim", Ahn Dan-tae (Namgoong Min) and Gong Shim (Minah) went to a park for a date.

Gong Shim began feeling abdomenahead of going out on a date. However, she determinedto hang because she did no longerwish to ruin the date with Dan-tae.

But, Gong Shim fainted while riding a rail motorcycle alongside Dan-tae. Dan-tae carried Gong Shim on his back and ran to the hospital.

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Spoiler "Beautiful Gong Shim" Namgoong Min displays love for Minah

Namgoong Min has beganto love Min-ah.

On the 6th episode of the SBS weekend drama "Beautiful Gong Shim", Ahn Dante (Namgoong Min) confessed his love to Gong-sim (Minah).

He told her he had anythingto mention and driven her up opposed to a wall. He said, "I wish you did notremain too with reference to guys".

Gong-sim pushed him away saying, "I do not get it". Ahn Dante explained, "My arm is damagedsince you went to peera film with a close guy friend of yours and you were angry at me for now notdining dumplings that he purchased for you, then I fell".

"Then you tell me now notto recognize you?" he endured and Gong-sim explained, "I paid for the ones dumplings".

Dante grew to become around and smiled. He used to bein truth pretending that he broke his arm in order that he may just get her attention.



Spoiler "Beautiful Gong Shim" Namgoong Min becomes suspicious of On Joo-wan

Ahn Dante (Namgoong Min) suspected Seok Joon-soo (On Joo-wan) was oncethe consumer who attempted to kill his father.

On the episode of the weekend SBS drama "Beautiful Gong Shim", Yeom Jae-cheol (Kim Byeong-ok) heard that Ahn Dante's father, who knew his secret, aroused from sleep from his coma.

Yeom Jae-cheol called Dante's aunt who becamelooking after the patient and close off the existenceenhance system.

Thankfully, the patient lived yet Dante recalled seeing Seok Joon-soo at the health facility on his way in and suspected him.

Dante met Joon-soo later and asked what he sought after to say. Seok Joon-soo said, "Stop trying to find Joon-pyo. If you do not answer, I will take that as a yes".

Dante said, "I was going to mentionthe similar thing. I used to be going to inform you I was going to stop, but then I replaced my mind. I might beready tolocatethe person that took Joon-pyo".

However, Seok Joon-soo had heard Yeom Jae-cheol speaking and knew that wasn't his intentions.

Dante headed to fulfill Gong-sim (Minah) but did notseem in front of her. Instead, he called her and cancelled their appointment.

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Spoiler "Beautiful Gong Shim" Namgoong Min counterattacks

Will Namgoong Min be in a positionto show the dark reality more or less Kim Byeong-ok to the world?

Dan-tae (Namgoong Min) faced the kidnapper.

Dan-tae made a winning cross after being stunned alongsidethe fact about his birth. Dan-tae met with Chairman Nam (Jeong Hye-seon) who is associated with him via blood. Nam hired Dan-tae as his assistant.

Tae-cheol (Kim Byeong-ok) the genuine culprit most effective knows Dan-tae as Tae-hee's (Kyeon Miri) followed son.

Soo-yong lost awareness after being attacked by Tae-cheol and this time, Dan-tae become the target. However, it wasn't most likely for Dan-tae to take a seat still. He made counterattack by letting the board of administrators know about Black Hands.

Dae-hwang (Kim Il-woo) treated things temporarily at the director's assemblyyet Dan-tae added, "I will stay this a secret and music down the truth".

The face of hostility is slowly surfacing. However, Gong-sim (Minah) were given hit with the feint shot. She was once terrified and Dan-tae comforted her. He then succeeded in studying the culprit thru her statement.

The culprit's next target was Dae-hwang who was the former assistant who got fired.

Dan-tae's accomplishment was that he earned the beef up of Dae-hwang who is going to be the followingguy in vitality after Chairman Nam. Tae-cheol proceeded to get the board to agree to throw out Dan-tae but Dae-hwang became the tables.

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Spoiler "Beautiful Gong Shim" Minah, seems with long hair wig

"Beautiful Gong Shim" Minah turned into long-haired this weekend in the SBS weekend drama "Beautiful Gong Shim".

Gong Shim (Minah) used to be fired from her tasksince the she spent time with Seok Joon-soo (On Joo-wan) and Ahn Dante (Namgoong Min) spent all day trying to find her after hearing what happened.

Gong Shim passed via him yet Dante did notadmire her and she grew to become around to ask, "Didn't you recognize me? I wear a wig for a change. I believeit is enough, though. Let me exchange back".

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Minah and Namgoong Min advertise 'Beautiful Gong Shim'

Minah and Namgoong Min advertise 'Beautiful Gong Shim'

"Beautiful Gong Shim" Minah and Namgoong Min stepped in to advertise their coming near near drama "Beautiful Gong Shim".

Namgoong Min posted a photo on his non-public Instagram and wrote "#BeautifulGongShim #GgongsimAndDantae #ToTVScreenOnMay14".

In the published photo, Minah and Namgoong Min are striking a friendly pose in combination to take the selfie.

SBS new weekend drama, "Beautiful Gong Shim" premieres on Might 14th.


Spoiler Added episodes 15 and 16 captures for the Korean drama 'Beautiful Gong Shim'

Spoiler Added episodes 15 and 16 captures for the Korean drama 'Beautiful Gong Shim'

Added episodes 15 and 16 captures for the Korean drama "Beautiful Gong Shim" (2016)Directed through Baek Soo-chanWritten by Lee Hee-myeongNetwork : SBSWith Namgoong Min, Minah, On Joo-wan, Seo Hyo-rim, Oh Hyun-kyeong, Woo Hyeon,...20 episodes - Sat, Sun 22:00Also referred to as "Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim " and formerly is named "The Great thing about the Beast" ( , ya-su-eui mi-nyeo)SynopsisHere we've gotan attractive and talented older sister and her more youthful sister, who is less sexyyet still has were givenan exquisite mind. And two men seem in front of the siblings: a gradually more horny man, who moved into a humble condominium room on rooftop in their building, any otherguy who is good-looking and rich from a plutocrat family. The romance-comedy drama depicts an eventful and unpredictable love tale by the 4other folks from this kind of warmhearted point of view.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/05/14

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Spoiler "Beautiful Gong Shim" Min-ah, gets assist from Nam Goong-min whilst comforting On Joo-wan

On "Beautiful Gong Shim", On Joo-wan saw Kyeon Miri (Yeom Tae-hee) at the arboretum.

She used to be there because she were givena choice that Kim Byeong-ok (Eom Tae-cheol) got into an coincidence there.

On Joo-wan did not know this and drank by way of himself.

On Joo-wan called Minah (Gong Shim) and hung up briefly after saying, "I'm sorry".

However, Minah called him back to invite where he changed into and went to get him.

On Joon-wan walked with Minah to the park by his house.

He leaned on Minah's shoulder and she could notgo so she called Namgoong Min (Ahn Dan-tae).

He asked what took place and Minah explained.

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