Spoiler Beautiful Mind Jang Hyeok Begs Yoon Hyeon Min So As To Save His Patient

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[Spoiler] "The Perfect Wife" Yoon Sang-hyeon hides truth about Jo Yeo-jung murdering Lim Se-mi

Yoon Sang-hyeon knew about Lim Se-mi's death but didn't say anything.

On the latest episode of the KBS 2TV drama "The Perfect Wife", Koo Jeong-hee (Yoon Sang-hyeon) was visited by Lee Eun-hee (Jo Yeo-jung).

Lee Eun-hee got a call by the police and told Koo Jeong-hee that Jeong Na-mi (Lim Se-mi) was dead. Koo Jeong-hee asked if she did it and she told him it was an accident.

Koo Jeong-hee tried to call the police but Eun-hee said, "Do you think you'll be alright if you turn me in? If something happens to me, that's the end for you too. Do you want to be broken again?"

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[Spoiler] "Whisper" Lee Sang-yoon becomes unfaithful to save Lee Bo-young

Lee Sang-yoon made himself an unfaithful husband to save Lee Bo-young.

On the latest episode of the SBS drama "Whisper", Lee Dong-joon (Lee Sang-yoon) turned unfaithful to make an alibi for Sin Yeong-joo (Lee Bo-young).

Sin Yeong-joo was framed for murder and Lee Dong-joon said, "I will make an alibi for you at the time of Chairman Kang Yoo-taek's murder. Let's make up a story to defeat lies. We were in a relationship and you were in my room. I am going to deny it, and when the evidence is out, people will believe you more than me".

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"Rampant" Hyeon Bin, Jang Dong-gun and Kim Joo-hyeok

The movie "Rampant" has rounded up a cast of Hyeon Bin, Jang Dong-gun, Jo Woo-jin, Kim Ee-seong, Jo Dal-hwan and Kim Joo-hyeok.

"Rampant" is an action blockbuster. Lee Cheong played by Hyeon Bin returns to Joseon years after being held captive in the Qing Dynasty but faces a creature that only comes out at night.

Jang Dong-gun takes on the role of Kim Ja-joon, the most influential person in the palace who dreams of reformation of the Joseon. Kim Ja-joon roams around the kind and seeks for a chance to take over the throne. He stands in conflict with Lee Cheong. Jang Dong-gun's character is expected to me outstandingly different from what he's sued to and this is Jang Dong-gun's first medieval movie in his 25-year career.

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[Spoiler] "School 2017" Jang Dong-yoon is Suspect X?

Geum Do High has become weirder. A competition conference was held in secret for the rich students and most students didn't even get a chance. The school for children has become a gambling site for grown-ups.

On the latest episode of the drama "School 2017", students of Geum Do High struggled to go to college with their student records. Eun-ho (Kim Sejeong) who had a lot of penalty points tried to restore her student record by focusing on the competition conference. She was outraged when she overheard a student and a teacher talking about the secret competition. She said, "It's not about the first degree future".

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[Spoiler] "School 2017" Kim Sejeong, Kim Jung-hyun and Jang Dong-yoon's three-way romance

We take a look at the three-way relationship between Kim Sejeong, Kim Jung-hyun and Jang Dong-yoon from "School 2017".

Ra Eun-ho (Kim Sejeong) witnessed Song Dae-hwi (Jang Dong-yoon) stealing test papers from the teachers' room at night. Dae-hwi was surprised and ran away leaving the test papers behind and Eun-ho put them back in the teachers' room. Hyeon Tae-woon (Kim Jung-hyun) was next to her.

Eun-ho thought Dae-hwi was acting strange but tried to understand him. She met him and asked what his reason for his behavior was and that he could tell her later. Dae-hwi smiled in relief.