Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok's secret's revealed

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok's secret's revealed

On the episode two of KBS 2TV's "Beautiful Mind", Lee Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) was once withdrawn from the surgical procedure team for Kim Myeongsoo (Ryoo Seung-soo), after Lee Yeong-oh turned into suspected to have switched a deceased patient's frame with any person else's.

Lee Yeong-oh felt angry. Later, Lee Yeong-oh's father Lee Geon-myeong (Heo Joon-ho) got hereto look Lee Yeong-oh.

Lee Yeong-oh read the facial features of Lee Geon-myeong to be informed how his father was feeling. Later, Lee Yeong-oh's secrets were revealed. Lee Yeong-oh was plagued by Antisocial Personality Disorder, which averted him from feeling empathetic.

When Lee Geon-myeong discovered out Lee Yeong-oh's intellectual condition all through his childhood, he made his son find out how to read people's emotion thru their facial expressions.

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok's loss of  feelings is explained

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok's loss of feelings is explained

On the episode nine of KBS 2TV's "Beautiful Mind", how Lee Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) lost the facility to feel empathetic with other folkswas once revealed.

The flash back scene in this episode showed that Lee Geon-myeong (Heo Joon-ho) carried out a surgical treatment on Lee Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok).

When Lee Yeong-oh changed into taken to the clinic where Lee Geon-myeong (Heo Joon-ho) was working, Lee Geon-myeong was put in command of the emergency brain surgery. Throughout the surgery, Lee Geon-myeong touched the frontal lobe of the patient's brain by potential of mistake. Since then, the emotional middle in Lee Yeong-oh's brain mayno longerserve as properly.

When Lee Geon-myeong's fellow doctors asked him, "Don't you'll needtell the child's guardians know about this?". Lee Geon-myeong said, "The child's parent is me from now on".

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok is asked to cross back to the hospital

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok is asked to cross back to the hospital

On the episode 8 of KBS 2TV's Monday Tuesday drama, "Beautiful Mind", Hyeonseong Medical institution asked Lee Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) for help.

On this day, Chairman Kang fell subconscious and used to be brought into the Hyeongseong Hospital. His condition changed into even worse because of the misdiagnosis. The hospital fell into the pressingstate of affairs as their chairman's fitness condition was on the point of death. chae Soon-ho (Lee Jae-ryong) yelled at his scientific team to discover a correct diagnosis. As nobodysought after to take the lead, Kim Min-jae (Park Se-yeong) said, "There's a primeprobabilityit is lung cancer".

As chae Soon-ho asked him how certain he was, Hyeon Seok-joo (Yoon Hyeon-min) stepped in announcing he would carry out the surgical treatment without opening the patient's chest. Hyeon Seok-joo mayget rid of the tumor successfully. Even if chae Soon-ho praised Hyeon Seok-joo later, Hyeon Seok-joo said, "The tumor removal surgical procedure was a success for sure. However, it is going tono longerensureremedy was also successful". At the moment, chairman Kang fell down again.

After the full of life discussion, the medical team in any casedetermined their remaining resource was Lee Yeong-oh.

Kang Hyeon-joon in fact ordered to name in Lee Yeong-oh.

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok to Park So-dam:

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok to Park So-dam: "I'm cancelling my request for help"

On the episode 7 of KBS 2TV's Monday Tuesday drama, "Beautiful Mind", Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) displayed uneasy feeling opposed to Jin-seong (Park So-dam)'s help.

Jin-seong told Yeong-oh the explanation why she took him to her fatherlandused to be because she sought afterto turn how neighbors are livingin combinationassistingevery other like a family.

Yeong-oh becamedisillusioned when he heard what she said. Yeong-oh asked her angrily, "So you took me here to this small oceanside village to make me glance at the village other folks taking care of one another like one circle of relatives and cure my rotten mind?"

Jin-seong excused herself pronouncing she just needed to assist him. However, Yeong-oh was certain that Jin-seong just wanted to turn out that she was awesome to him. He said, "This is why mankind can'tassistance anyone. You spota persons weakness and now it becomes your simple target to attack or it becomes your burden you want to have to throw away so a ways asno person gets to look you. I amtaking flight my request for help"

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' The genuine  assassin is revealed

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' The genuine assassin is revealed

On the episode 6 of KBS 2TV's "Beautiful Mind", Chae Soon-ho (Lee Jae-ryong) used to bepublished to be the crook who extracted and concealed Kang Cheol-min's middle and also killed Sin Dong-jae (Kim Jong-soo).

Hyeon Seok-joo (Yoon Hyeon-min) found out that Kang Cheol-min's doctorchanged into Soon-ho. And then he went to Soon-ho and asked him directly. Soon-ho did now not say no, yet he just said, "I'm worried that the similar thing maytake place to you. Think what is going tooccur to our studies then?" fending off answering the question.

Seok-joo angrily asked, "Wasn't the point of our study to save more lives?" Soon-ho said, "The marketplace is value2 hundred billion won" and "yes, the stupid cash will make you close up. You canforestalloccupied withthe rest else, adding Kang Cheol-min, Sin Dong-jae, Sim Eunha. Who might be the next?" It was his blood-chilling warning.

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Park So-dam arrests Jang Hyeok for serial homicide case

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Park So-dam arrests Jang Hyeok for serial homicide case

On the episode five of KBS 2TV's "Beautiful Mind", Gye Jin-seong (Park So-dam) arrested Lee Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) as a suspect for the serial homicide case.

Gye Jin-seong handcuffed Lee Yeong-oh and told him, "You're below arrest for alleged murder". Lee Yeong-oh shouted, "The one thatmay also be the witness of the murder case is looking forward to me in the surgical procedure room".

However, Gye Jin-seong acknowledged firmly, "There is more than likely not the 3rd victim" and "And you'llno longer walk into the surgical procedure room".

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok and Park So-dam seize  every other's hands

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok and Park So-dam seize every other's hands

On the episode four of KBS 2TV's Monday Tuesday drama, "Beautiful Mind", Gye Jin-seong (Park So-dam) made up our minds to lend a hand Lee Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok).

This day, Lee Yeong-oh told Kang Hyeon-joon (Oh Jeong-se) that he was once going to make the criminal, who murdered Sin Dong-jae (Kim Jong-soo), stand in front of the target audience in the approaching conference. Kang Hyeon-joon objected to the plan initially, yet ended up approving it.

Later, as Lee Yeong-oh told Gye Jin-seong about a couple of facts about the genuinecrook of the homicide and Gye Jin-seong asked him, "So you arepronouncingit is Hyeon Seok-joo (Yoon Hyeon-min) after all?" Lee Yeong-oh said, "I've never acknowledged it. Shouldn't be IT you who is thinking that way?"

Lee Yeong-oh continued, "Those who consider it changed into a murder are simplest you and me. So, you and I are one team beginning today" and "There's nobody else who can to find the genuine criminal who murdered the pinnacle director. So please assistance me locate the criminal and provide the criminal at the conference".

Lee Yeong-oh and Gye Jin-seong began to practice and testeach and everyimaginablestream of the criminal that night.

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok discovers Park So-dam likes Yoon Hyeon-min secretly

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok discovers Park So-dam likes Yoon Hyeon-min secretly

On the episode 3 of KSB 2TV's Monday Tuesday drama, "Beautiful Mind", Lee Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) discovered that Park So-dam had weigh down on Hyeon Seok-joo (Yoon Hyeon-min) secretly

Gye Jin-seong played the CCTV recording of the morgue, suspecting that the crook who had got rid of a middle from a patient may smartly be Hyeon Seok-joo (Yoon Hyeon-min). And she later discovered out the one that had asked to delete the phaseappearing Hyeon Seok-joo was once a prime ranked authentic of the hospital.

Later, when Gye Jin-seong found Hyeon Seok-joo taking a nap, she becamehaving a look at him ardently. At the moment, Lee Yeong-oh showed up and realized Gye Jin-seong's were givena distinct heart in opposition to Hyeon Seok-joo.

Gye Jin-seong insisted repeatedly that they must give more time and just staylooking at because Hyeon Seok-joo would now not flee, fearing other peoplemayin finding out she was in one-sided love with feeling with Hyeon Seok-joo. Lee Yeong-oh told her, "Some individuals lie till the end" and "like you". His remark made Gye Jin-seong flustered.

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok returns to small screen as an obnoxious doctor

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok returns to small screen as an obnoxious doctor

On the primary episode of KBS 2TV's new Monday Tuesday drama, "Beautiful Mind", Lee Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) gave the impression every bit a reckless and irresponsible physician unlike the former doctor role Jang Hyeok had played.

As soon as Lee Yeong-oh begun his first day at the medical institution where he was once newly hired, he began making giant issues. Frist of all, Lee Yeong-oh predicted in front of many doctors that probably the most presidential candidates, Kim Myeong-soo (Ryoo Seung-soo)'s fitnessturned intobeneathserious condition because of an aneurysm in the brain as soon as he saw Kim Myeong-soo.

Lee Yeong-oh ended up acting Kim Myeong-soo's surgical procedure broadcast live, which stirred up the Hyeonseong Medical institution where he just started working.

Meanwhile, when a traffic police officer, Gye Jin-seong (Park So-dam) took place to witness successful and run, she sensed that it was now not simply an accidental hit and run. The victim of the traffic twist of fate was transferred to the Hyeonseong Hospital, Lee Yeong-oh refused to do the surgical operation for the explanationsthere has beenprimelikelihood for brain death.

However, cardiothoracic surgeon Hyeon Seok-joo (Yoon Hyeon-min) persuaded the hospital to head for the operation and the cooperative surgery between cardiothoracic branch and neurosurgery was performed. However, the patient died.

Hyeon Seok-joo suspected Lee Yeong-oh for the death of the patience. The video recording was deleted and also Lee Yeong-oh predicted the analysis of the surgery correctly. After investigation, Gye Jin-seong discovered out that Lee Yeong-oh exchanged the corpse.

Lee Yeong-oh was reasonablyother from the doctors whom drama enthusiasts been seeing in scientific shows. To accomplish a surgery broadcast live, Lee Yeong-oh threatened Kim Myeong-soo the use of his old history of abusing drug. Lee Yeong-oh also neglectedpressing request for medical attention for a patient in a flight prior to he got here to the Hyeonseong Hospital.

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Spoiler Added episode nine captures for the Korean drama 'Beautiful Mind'

Spoiler Added episode nine captures for the Korean drama 'Beautiful Mind'

Added episode nine captures for the Korean drama "Beautiful Mind" (2016)Directed via Mo Wan-ilWritten by Kim Tae-heuiNetwork : KBSWith Jang Hyeok, Park So-dam, Yoon Hyeon-min, Park Se-yeong, Heo Joon-ho, Kim Jong-soo,...Mon, Tue 22:00Formerly referred to as "Dr. Frankenstein" ( , dag-teo peu-lang-ken-syoo-ta-in)SynopsisA physician with quite so much of personalities is going from cold-blooded to warm after assemblya girl he loves.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/06/20

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