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[Spoiler] "Bad Thief, Good Thief" Ji Hyeon-woo has a crush on Seohyun

Ji Hyeon-woo started to develop feelings for Seohyun.

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Bad Thief, Good Thief", Jang Deul-mok (Ji Hyeon-woo) started to have feelings for Kang So-joo (Seohyun) who lived with San Woon-yool.

The two of them bickered but grew fond of each other. When Kang So-joo saw Jang Deul-mok making ramen, she asked, "You're not making just one are you?" Jang Deul-mok replied, "For the sake of your figure, I'll eat this all by myself". Kang So-joo made cute faces for a bite but he was surprised.

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[Spoiler] "Suspicious Partner" Nam Ji-hyeon charms Ji Chang-wook

Nam Ji-hyeon charmed Ji Chang-wook.

Noh Ji-wook and Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyeon) had a sweet relationship.

Eun Bong-hee was drinking beer with Noh Ji-wook and comforted him.

Noh Ji-wook said, "I had a rough time. Because of my girlfriend who calls me 'laywer'".

Eun Bong-hee then said, "Should I call you something else? Honey?" Noh Ji-wook smiled.


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[Spoiler] "Bad Thief, Good Thief" Ji Hyeon-woo, "I will make Seohyun fall for me"

Ji Hyeon-woo opened up his heart to Seohyun.

On the latest episode of the MBC weekend drama "Bad Thief, Good Thief", Jang Dol-mok (Ji Hyeon-woo) and Jang Pan-soo (Ahn Kil-kang) chatted before going to bed.

Jang Pan-soo asked Jang Dol-mok, "Do you like Kang So-joo?" and Jang Dol-mok asked, "Is it that obvious?"

Jang Pan-soo said it was and Jang Dol-mok said, "Why doesn't she know that I like her when even you know?"

Jang Pan-soo asked, "She doesn't? Then doesn't she like you?" Jang Dol-mok answered, "She likes someone else".

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[Spoiler] "Bad Thief, Good Thief" Kim Ji-hoon-I finds family picture at Ji Hyeon-woo's

Han Joo-hee (Kim Ji-hoon-I) visited Jang Dol-mok (Ji Hyeon-woo).

On the latest episode of "Bad Thief, Good Thief", Kim Ji-hoon-I walked Kang So-joo (Seohyun) home from work.

Ji Hyeon-woo saw them in front of his house and suggested they ate together.

Seohyun accidentally dropped some food on Kim Ji-hoon-I's shirt.

Kim Ji-hoon-I went into Kim Gil-gang's room to change his shirt when he saw a picture in a frame.

He held the frame and recalled the past. He just cried without a sound.

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[Spoiler] "Suspicious Partner" Nam Ji-hyeon and Ji Chang-wook kiss

Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyeon reunited with a kiss and Dong Ha turned out to be an attacker in a gang rape.

Jeong Hyeon-soo's (Dong Ha) past came out on the latest episode of the SBS drama "Suspicious Partner".

Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyeon) and Bang Gye-jang (Jang Hyeok-jin) started going after Jeong Hyeon-soo's (Dong Ha) past and got closer to the gang rape case. The detective in charge screwed up his face as if he didn't want to remember then and said, "I caught all those bad guys and handed them over to the prosecutors but the case was disposed". Eun Bong-hee asked who the prosecutor of the case was.