Spoiler "Doctors" Namgoong Min's fatherly love takes up various area regardless of little while frame

On the 13th episode of the SBS drama "Doctors", Namgoong Min made a unique appearance as a father looking after his ill sons.

Nam Ba-ram (Namgoong Min) is a startguy who ceaselessly delivers to Gookil Hospital. He has been raising two boys without a mother. One routine day, he asked the doctors about his son's condition.

"He's seven years old but if he walks, he waddles. Is that a problem? I have two sons. One's nine and one's seven".

Unfortunately, either his sons had problems. The explanation his 2d son kept smiling used to beno longer because he turned into cheerful, yet because his brain was malfunctioning. However, Nam Ba-ram could notfind the cash for to also have the MRI taken.

Namgoong Min expressed the sorrow of a father with his entire body. Despite the truth that he simplestgave the impression for a brief time, he stood out and showed a huge number offear for his sons.

While the primary son effectively made it thru surgery, the moment one one is still looking forward to his and there would possibly be a dark cloud over his head.

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Spoiler 'Doctors' Kim Rae-won, Park Shin-hye, Yoon Gyoon-sang love triangle starts catching fire

Spoiler 'Doctors' Kim Rae-won, Park Shin-hye, Yoon Gyoon-sang love triangle starts catching fire

On the episode 6 of SBS Monday Tuesday drama, "Doctors", Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won) becomelivid when he saw Hye-jeong having to standa perilous situation.

When Hye-jeong was oncepractically stabbed through a blade, Ji-hong were given angry with Yoon-do (Yoon Gyoon-sang), who was with her and may have been a victim himself at the scene. Ji-hong yelled at Yoon-do, "What were you looking ahead to to make things this bad?" Yoon-do was baffled and said, "Why did I do?". It was funny when Ji-hong said, "Because you did not makeanything else or so it".

When Ji-hong was running to Hye-jeong hurriedly, who got into the rage incident involving a knife, he learned how beneficial Hye-jeong was to him again. When he was relieved very muchto peer Hye-jeong was safe, he told her, "This is solely a humanity act user to person" and then he hugged her tightly.

It was no longerhandiest Ji-hong, who fell in love with Hye-jeong. Yoon-do also began being interested in Hye-jeong for her down-to-earth personality more and more. Yoon-do felt his center beat rate being raised on each occasion he saw Hye-jeong. And he was hoping Hye-jeong would be interested by him. When Hye-jeong was occupied with JI-hong, he asked her, "Don't you've anything curious about me".

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Spoiler "Beautiful Gong Shim" Namgoong Min displays love for Minah

Namgoong Min has beganto love Min-ah.

On the 6th episode of the SBS weekend drama "Beautiful Gong Shim", Ahn Dante (Namgoong Min) confessed his love to Gong-sim (Minah).

He told her he had anythingto mention and driven her up opposed to a wall. He said, "I wish you did notremain too with reference to guys".

Gong-sim pushed him away saying, "I do not get it". Ahn Dante explained, "My arm is damagedsince you went to peera film with a close guy friend of yours and you were angry at me for now notdining dumplings that he purchased for you, then I fell".

"Then you tell me now notto recognize you?" he endured and Gong-sim explained, "I paid for the ones dumplings".

Dante grew to become around and smiled. He used to bein truth pretending that he broke his arm in order that he may just get her attention.


Watch: Namgoong Min Makes Tear-Jerking Cameo On “Doctors”

Watch: Namgoong Min Makes Tear-Jerking Cameo On “Doctors”

Watch: Namgoong Min Makes Tear-Jerking Cameo On Doctorsilmare42 August 1, 2016 0 Watch: Namgoong Min Makes Tear-Jerking Cameo On Doctors On August 1s episode of Doctors, Namgoong Min seems for a distinct cameo as a unmarried father with two sons.

It was onceprior to now announced that Namgoong Min would be making an appearance in the August 1 and 2 episodes of the show, as a want to director Oh Choong Hwan, whom he worked with at theWoman Who Sees Smells.

In the episode, Namgoong Min first appears as a startguy who comes into the doctors smash room with food. Even supposing he turns out cheerful as he hands out the food, he hesitates as hes leaving. He asks the doctors and residents, If a seven-year-old boy waddles as he walks, that implies theres a problem, right?

Hes asked who the boy is, and Namgoong Mins persona explains its his more youthful son. He says that the local health facility had told him to come to a higher hospital, because there could bean issue amongst his brain. Kim Min Suks character Kang Soo says hell get the kid in to peerPhysician Hong Ji Hong (played by way of Kim Rae Won), and Namgoong Min thank you him and the others profusely with a gigantic smile.

Namgoong Min continues to play a role in the episodes storyline as the display follows the tendencies of his character and his sons at the hospital. Without spoiling anything, neatly say that Namgoong Mins performance will in all probability be making you succeed in for some tissues.

Watch the whole episode on Viki below!

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"Doctors" Namgoong Min and Park Shin-hye

Actor Namgoong Min is making a different appearance in "Doctors" as a father.

He is starring in the 13th episode of the SBS drama "Doctors" as a tender father who raises two boys without a wife.

In the pictures, Namgoong Min is too excellenttaking a look to be a father in exactly a shirt.

He took an image amongst Park Shin-hye, keeping up a V and in every other picture, he is posing wth his 'two sons'.

Namgoong Min in fact adored the youngsters on set and played around with them when he may justguaranteeing they were not alsodisturbing about the drama.

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Spoiler "The 2d Final Love" Kim hee-ae blushes at Kwak Si-yang's compliment

On the 2d one episode of the SBS weekend drama "The MomentUltimate Love", Kang Min-joo (Kim Hee-ae) and Park Joon-woo (Kwak Si-yang) reunited.

Kang Min-joo met Joon-woo whilst she used to betaking a look around for a house. There has been a caf where he worked next to the home she looked at and she identified the boy who gave her a ride on his motorbike.

Park Joon-woo told her, "The areamust exist fine. You mustgo in there and we will see each and every other often. I are living here. It's seemingly you'lltransforman ordinary at my caf". Kang Min-joo said, "It's excellentto understand I have a fair neighbor since you never know what will happen".

When he did notrealize what she said, she explained, "I mean, I may justwant an ambulance one day, since I am this age..." yet he told her that she looked very young.

Kang Min-joo said, "I would possiblyturned into a normal here" then she blushed.

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Namgoong Min Becomes A Doting Unmarried Father For “Doctors” Cameo

Namgoong Min Becomes A Doting Unmarried Father For “Doctors” Cameo

Namgoong Min Becomes A Doting Unmarried Father For Doctors Cameoleonid July 30, 2016 0 Namgoong Min Becomes A Doting Single Father For Doctors Cameo Actor Namgoong Min transforms into a single father of 2 for his Doctors cameo!

On July 31, the team of workers of the SBS drama stated, In episode 13, which airs on August 1, Namgoong Min seems every bit a father raising two sons on his own. He portrays a young father searching for out a neurosurgeon out of shock for a son who is feeling unwell.

Namgoong Mins upcoming cameo role is being met with much interest and anticipation via fans, as the actor has never taken at the office of a father before.

In snapshots from the filming, the actor sports a get dressed shirt, having a lookunusually warm and fatherly as he watches his sons with the similarmild smile that captured the hearts of audience in his contemporary drama Pricey Fair Girl Kong Shim. He exudes the picture of a true father whos a idiot for his children and gazes adoringly at the 2 children.

In any other image, Namgoong Min and Park Shin Hye flash v-signs as they pose in combination for a shot, flaunting the friendly atmosphere at filming and raising expectancies for their teamwork.

The actor also uploaded a picture alongside Park Shin Hye on his Instagram and wrote, I went to the neurosurgeon because I used to be sick, yet the physicianwas oncelovely so I snapped a photo.

A photo posted by 남궁민 (@min_namkoong) on Jul 30, 2016 at 2:13am PDT

Catch the much-awaited transformation of the actor into a warm and sort single father on the August 1 episode of the Doctors.

Meanwhile, see the newest episode below!

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Namgoong Min Snaps Shot With Park Shin Hye Whilst Filming Upcoming Cameo On Doctors

Namgoong Min Snaps Shot With Park Shin Hye Whilst Filming Upcoming Cameo On Doctors

Namgoong Min Snaps Shot With Park Shin Hye Whilst Filming Upcoming Cameo On “Doctors”ilmare42 July 30, 2016 0 Namgoong Min Snaps Shot With Park Shin Hye While Filming Upcoming Cameo On “Doctors” Actor Namgoong Min has shared a peek at the set of SBSs Doctors, where he these days filmed a different cameo!

On July 30, the actor uploaded a photo to his Instagram of himself smiling and flashing V symptoms with the displaysfamous person Park Shin Hye. He jokes in the caption, I got here to the neurosurgery unit because I used to be ill, yet the physicianused to bebeautiful so I took a photo.

Namgoong Min also in the past shared a shot of himself with the script for the drama.

A photo posted by way of 남궁민 (@min_namkoong) on Jul 28, 2016 at 5:48am PDT

Namgoong Min may begambling the role of a father with two youngsters in the 13th and fourteenth episodes of Doctors, that will air on August 1 and 2. It changed intoformerly announced by his firm that hes making this special cameo on account of his friendship with the generating director (PD) Oh Choong Hwan, who he worked with at theLady Who Sees Smells.

Are you excited to peer Namgoong Min on Doctors?

While were waiting, watch the newest episode of Doctors below!

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Namgoong Min to make special appearance in 'Doctors'

Namgoong Min to make special appearance in 'Doctors'

Namgoong Min will make a distinct appearance in SBS' "Doctors".

His firm 935 Entertainment acknowledged on July 28th, " Namgoong Min will make a cameo appearance in "Doctors" through PD Oh Choong-hwan, who in the past directed 'The Lady Who Sees Smells'".

PD Oh sent a friendly request to Namgoong Min in keeping with the friendship. PD Choong-hwan visited the filming set of "Beautiful Gong Shim" to fulfillgot here to Namgoong Min and presented him with the special request.

According to source accustomed to the situation, "He accredited the be offering even earlier than reviewing the script" and "Although it is a short appearance, he's going toconvey a otheraspect of him".

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Spoiler 'Uncontrollably Fond' Kim Woo-bin confesses his love to Suzy

Spoiler 'Uncontrollably Fond' Kim Woo-bin confesses his love to Suzy

"Uncontrollably Fond" episode aired on July 27th showed Sin Joon-yeong (Kim Woo-bin) opened his centerand commenced getting closer to No-eul (Suzy).

On this day, the explanation why Sin Joon-yeong have been treating No-eul coldly has been revealed. The explanation why Sin Joon-yeong had taken No-eul to the region clear of Seoul the alternative day was once revealed. Sin Joon-yeong told to No-eul, who fell asleep next to him, "Honestly, I sought after to take you to an island" and "but I am going alone. If I might have you, then I mightwish to hide you in the island and may notassist you topass to any person else. So do not get spottedby potential of me. If you'lldisplay up back in front of my eyes, then I will just take you away". He had been treating No-eul coldly because he did notneed her to note his love in opposition to her.

However, No-eul had no concept approximately this and kept apologizing to him because she needed to make him feel better. Sin Joon-yeong kept looking tosteer transparent of having his feelingssaw by her. He counted ten on each occasion he felt the urge to inform her about his love. When No-eul had her finger cut by a knife whilst cooking, he treated the damage while counting, "Nine and half, and part of half". With each and everyunmarried incident took place making him realize his love toward her, he had to count ten.

Choi Ji-tae discovered out No-eul become staying at Sin Joon-yeong's house. Choi Ji-tae went to Sin Joon-yeong's space and asked him to let No-eul leave the homefor the explanation thatnerve-rackingnewshounds left. Sin Joon-yeong told Choi Ji-tae, "I is now not going to let her go. I am going to stay her". Choi Ji-tae said, "Don't treater her like an object to own. I know I don't deserve her. But neither do you".

At the moment, No-eul misunderstood the location as Sin Joon-yeong's firm falsely made up the scandal. Sin Joon-yeong said, "I'm no longercertain what you'll haveobserved or heard, they are all lies" and "listen to me only. Eul, I like you, Eul". No-eul shed tears and regretted saying, "I will have to possess listened to Jik. Then Sin Joon-yeong kissed No-eul.

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