Spoiler "Five Children" So Yoo-jin VS Song Ok-sook

So Yoo-jin had a quarrel.

On the July 24th broadcast of the KBS 2TV weekend drama "Five Children", Mi-jeong (So Yoo-jin) used to bedisappointedas a result of Ok-soon (Song Ok-sook) who became Soo (Jo Hyeon-do) and Bin's (Kwon Soo-jeong) mom and Sang-tae's (Ahn Jae-wook) mother-in-law.

Bin sought aftergreatgarments from the dep.shopyet Mi-jeong just could notfind the cash for to get her dresses that expensive. Sang-tae asked her if she purchased Bin's clothing but Mi-jeong said, "I needed to despite the truth that IT was expensive..." but Sang-tae said, "Why did you purchase them because you went the entirefar more than there?" Mi-jeong felt upset and said, "Woo-joo and I truly likepricey clothes, too, but a couple of summer clothes fee over 500 thousand won! Woo-joo and I do not even wish tomove to the branch store. I handiest wanted to shop for apparel from there as it was Bin".

In the end, Mi-jeong went to the department store and acquired a get dressed for Bin. The youngsters had tutoring that day so Mi-jeong offered ingredients for snack too. Though Soon-ae (Seong Byeong-sook) complained about it, Mi-jeong said, "I don't love it as well but she's the children's grandmother. I will notoverlook that she exists between me and the kids".

Mi-jeong visited the children at where they were studying. Ok-soon held onto her and told het to glance atthe teens work. Mi-jeong felt uncomfortable being around Woo-yeong (Jeong Yoon-seok) and Woo-ri (Kwak Ji-hye) but Ok-soon asked, "Can I pay your electric and water bill?" Regarding the time Bin were given scolded because she did not turn off the lights. Mi-jeong suppressed her anger and said, "I am seeking to teach my children to save power and it is not or so the money". Mi-jeong walked out taking a look like she was going to car.

Sang-tae saw her and went into his house, telling Ok-soon to stay her industry off from his family. Min-ho got up abruptly and yelled at Sang-tae to apply him to the rooftop. However, it was just a display to preserve Ok-soon calm. Min-ho then asked Sang-tae courteously to be wonderful to Ok-soon.

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Spoiler 'All About My Mom' Kim Mi-sook witnesses Song Jong-ho seeking to provoke Yoo Jin

Spoiler 'All About My Mom' Kim Mi-sook witnesses Song Jong-ho seeking to provoke Yoo Jin

Kim Mi-Sook saw Song Jong-ho seeking to galvanize Yoo Jin.

On the twenty-second episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama "All About My Mom", Hwang Yeong-seon (Kim Mi-Sook) saw Yoon Sang-hyeok (Song Jong-ho) proposing to Lee Jin-ae (Yoo Jin).

Hwang Yeong-seon got here down to the foyer of her place of business to satisfy someone. Yeong-seon were given up to take a telephone call.

Lee Jin-ae used to be just coming back to the workplace from operating out of doors and become going to head back into the office yet Yoon Sang-hyeok was waiting there.

He greeted her excitedly and acknowledged he"d come to peer her because she didn"t sound excellent on the phone. He attempted to ease her temper and after all Jin-ae began to smile.

Yeong-seon saw the bouquet of flora he was hiding at the back of his back and best watched them from afar. Then Sang-hyeok got on his knees to give her the flowers. other folks around them started to collect around and asked if he was going to propose.

Jin-ae was embarrassed about the situation, then things got worse when Hwang Yeong-seon gave the impression between them.

She made a chilly face prior to walking beyond so Jin-ae temporarily stuck up with her and tried to give an explanation for but Hwang Yeong-seon said, "Do you in point of fact wish to provide an explanation for all this to me?"

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[Spoiler] "Unkind Women" Lee Ha-na is shocked to find out the relationship between Song Jae-rim and Seo I-sook

"Unkind Women" Lee Ha-na found out Song Jae-rim was Seo I-sook"s son.

The April 15th episode of KBS 2TV"s WednesdayThursday drama, "Unkind Women" showed Jeong Ma-ri (Lee Ha-na) rushing to the emergency room at the news her mother, Kim Hyeon-sook (Chae Si-ra) was knocked down unconscious after being hit by Na Hyeon-ae (Seo I-sook).

Kim Hyeon-sook told her daughter Jeong Ma-ri, "I feel like my head is going to explode. Dizzy, Ma-ri, did you know he was teacher, Na Mal-nyeon"s son or not?"

Jeong Ma-ri later asked Lee Roo-oh (Song Jae-rim), "What happened, Did she really hit my mom?" Lee Roo-oh said, "My mother made a huge mistake to your mother".

Jeong Ma-ri said, "Is your mother really teacher Na Mal-nyeon? That person contributed much to make my mom suspended from school", while she was still doubting what she had heard.

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[Spoiler] "Bridal Mask" Song Ok-sook dies for her son

Sin Hyeon-joon's identity was discovered by his mother.

Han (Song Ok-sook) discovered her son Lee Kang-san's (Shin Hyeon-joon) true identity on the fifth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Bridal Mask".

Lee Kang-san robbed the bank and handed out money to the poor people, then returned home and jumped down from the roof. Han saw that and scolded him.

She told him, "You can't jump from places like that" and discovered the bridal mask that was on the ground.

Han realized her son was the bridal mask and just then Kenji (Park Joo-hyeong-I) barged in. He pointed a gun at hSin Hyeon-joon and said, "I know you are the bridal mask. Try to act crazy".

Han stood in front of her and stopped him. She tried to block out Kenji and his men but was shot in the process with Kenji's gun.

Lee Kang-san wailed in sorrow for his dead mother and Kenji ran to the bank hearing the news that the bridal mask had stolen from the bank.



Spoiler "Five Children" Ahn Jae-wook and So Yoo-jin have a feud over two sons

Ahn Jae-wook and So Yoo-jin's two sons were given into a combatas a result of their re-marriage.

On the forty-second episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama "Five Children", Lee Sang-tae (Ahn Jae-wook) and Ahn Mi-jeong (So Yoo-jin) learned their sons were harm more they thought.

The couple arranged for a circle of relativesassembly after learning that their children's issues were piling up. After the youngsters vented about their problems, Ahn Mi-jeong and Lee Sang-tae negotiated in getting them to wait more academies in position of tutoring.

Ahn Mi-jeong also apologized for scolding the children. However, Lee Soo (Jo Hyeon-do) and Lee Bin (Kwon Soon-jeong) were not satisfied. Lee Soo drew a line about the culmination their grandmother Park Ok-soon (Song Ok-sook) purchased them and said, "These fruits are for me and Bin".

Kim Sang-min (Seong Hoon) could notdisregard some Lee Yeon-tae (Sin Hye-seon) and waited for her call, then he imagined that his telephonewas once ringing. Kim Sang-min went to arrange for a mannerdisplay at Lee Yeon-tae's brother Lee Sang-tae's company. Lee Sang-tae and Ahn Mi-jeong made him paintingschallenging to pay him back for the hassle he led to them.

On the alternative hand, Kim Sang-min told Lee Sang-tae, "I could beexcellent to Lee Yeon-tae". However, Lee Yeon-tae did not give in effortlessly and cried in front of Mo Soon-yeong (Sim I-yeong).

Jang Jin-joo (Lim Soo-hyang) idea hard about Kim Tae-min's mom (Park Hae-mi). She didn't resolution Kim Tae-min's calls to get a divorce with him, yet later replaced her mind, then video called him and wear a prove saying, "I leave out your mother".

Kim Tae-min told Lee Yeon-tae that Lee Soo and Yoon Woo-yeong (Jeong Yoon-seok), his classmates, that they wrote about his family, leaving out that his folks got re-married. Lee Yeon-tae told Lee Sang-tae who told Ahn Mi-jeong about this. He said, "I think our youngstershad been hurt more than we thought".

Lee Soo and Yoon Woo-yeong discovered out about the remarriage and teased the brothers.

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Spoiler Added episodes 39 and 40 captures for the Korean drama 'Five Children'

Spoiler Added episodes 39 and 40 captures for the Korean drama 'Five Children'

Added episodes 39 and 40 captures for the Korean drama "Five Children" (2016)Directed through Kim Jeong-gyooWritten by Jeong Hyeon-jeongNetwork : KBSWith Ahn Jae-wook, So Yoo-jin, Sim Hyeong-tak, Sim I-yeong, Lim Soo-hyang, Sin Hye-seon,...Sat, Sun 19:55Synopsis"Five Children" is a happycircle of relatives comedy drama depicting love and conflicts between household members, that willconvey a heartwarming and vivacious tale to drama fanatics in 2016. It's miles highly expected as the drama will tell original romance studiesin additionexistence stories by other generations, hencea completekinfolk can watch the drama together.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/02/20

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Spoiler "Five Children" Seong Hoon and Sin Hye-seon

Sin Hye-seon made a dramatic decision.

Lee Yeon-tae (Sin Hye-seon) broke up with Kim Sang-min (Seong Hoon).

She puzzled why he did not mention that he was once brothers with Kim Tae-min (An Woo-yeon). Kim Sang-min said, "Because I knew you maybe can exist uncomfortable. Because I knew you would notfind it irresistiblewhen you knew we were brothers".

"I didn't care. It turned intomany years ago whilst youloved my brother. Now you prefer me. So I did not care. I used to bepleased with the naturaltruth that you in actuality liked me now".

However, Lee Yeon-tae said, "You saw how I cried and harmas a result of him. Does he know that I liked him? I never sought afterto inform him that".

"I can not see him anymore. He was one of thesebeneficial friend that I didn't even tell him that I liked him because I was afraid it would ruin out friendship. Let's just wreck up". She gave him back the ring.

Kim Sang-min said, "I can't get a divorce alongside you. I know I did the inaccurate thing and I noticethe complete lot yous said. Please think it over". However, Lee Yeon-tae didn't alternate her mind.

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Spoiler "Five Children" Ahn Jae-wook and So Yoo-jin in the end get married

Ahn Jae-wook and So Yoo-jin in any casewere given married.

On the thirty-eighth episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama, "Five Children", Lee Sang-tae (Ahn Jae-wook) and Ahn Mi-jeong (So Yoo-jin) got married.

They went via hills and mountains to get married. They went around opting for a space to are living in and furniture for their new home. They sent out wedding invites to their buddies and co-workers who reallywanted them happy.

Jang Jin-joo (Lim Soo-hyang), Lee Sang-tae's ex-sister-in-law got here to the marriage as Lee Yeon-tae's (Sin Hye-seon) friend and had tears in her eyes when she said, "He's no longer my brother-in-law anymore. He is a stranger". Ahn Mi-jeong also saw her ex-husband Yoon In-cheol (Kwon O-joong) glancesourcandy about her getting married.

Lee Sang-tae and Ahn Mi-jeong spent an evening in a hotel after the wedding and promised every other a satisfied future. At the similar time, Jang Min-ho (Choi Jeong-woo) used to beobservedpurchasing the construction in which the newlyweds' new housechanged into in.

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Spoiler "Five Children" Ahn Jae-wook and So Yoo-jin get married and numbers skyrocket to 30s

"Five Children" broke thru 30% once again.

According to Nielsen Korea, the KBS 2TV weekend drama rated 30.9% at the 26th.

This is 5.3% more than the former episode and puts it in the lead. The remaining time it broke via 30% used to be4 episodes ago.

Lee Sang-tae (Ahn Jae-wook) and Ahn Mi-jeong (So Yoo-jin) in spite of everythingwere given married.

Meanwhile, MBC "Happy Home" rated 17.5% and SBS "Yeah, That is How It Is" rated 9.9%.

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