Spoiler "Happy Home" Kim So-yeon resents Lee Pil-mo, why

Kim So-yeon resented Lee Pil-mo.

Bong Sam-bong (Kim Young-cheol) discovered out about Yoo Hyeon-ki's (Lee Pil-mo) illness.

Bong Hye-ryeong (Kim So-yeon) hears from SEO Ji-gun (Lee Sang-woo) that Bong Sam-bong found out.

She told Yoo Hyeon-ki, "My father was once out of achieve without a word. He feels betrayed by way of his son-in-law. It never gave the glance of he become going to forgive yet he sought afterto soak upthe fellow he concept was his son-in-law".

"But that son-in-law is in deficient health and how do you have confidence you studied he feels? I assumed you were never going to discover out. You statedyou were not going to make my circle of relatives suffer again".

Yoo Hyeon-gi walked away to appear for Bong Sam-bong.

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Spoiler "Happy Home" Kim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo get married

Kim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo made up our minds to speed things up with the marriage.

Bong Hae-ryeong (Kim So-yeon) and SEO Ji-gun (Lee Sang-woo) told all and sundry around them that they are getting married.

Bong Hye-ryeong made a decision to get married to Seo Ji-gun quickly, then cried in front of him. He held her hands and said, "I proposed and used to beanticipatingthe solution from somebody else. Thank you for accepting my proposeal".

Bong Hye-ryeong then said, "We is most probably not blessed by way of many people" yet Seo Ji-gun just smiled and wiped her tears as he said, "That's now not true".

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Spoiler "Happy Home" Kim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo promised to get married

Kim So-yeon approved Lee Sang-woo's proposal.

On the thirty-sixth episode of the MBC weekend drama "Happy Home", SEO Ji-geon (Lee Sang-woo) proposed to Bong Hye-ryeong (Kim So-yeon).

Ji-geon met Hye-ryeong and asked her to marry him. "I thought aboutflora and great words in my head yethere is all I will say".

"I would like to be with you from the instant I open my eyes till I close them".

Hye-ryeong said, "Honestly, I am scared" but in any case accepted his proposal and the 2 kissed.

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Spoiler "Happy Home" Kim So-yeon reveals out about Lee Pil-mo's time limit

Kim So-yeon discovered out that Lee Pil-mo was once dying.

On the episode of the MBC weekend drama "Happy Home" on the 19th, Bong Hye-ryeong (Kim So-yeon) found out Yoo Hyeon-ki (Lee Pil-mo) changed into sick.

She found his drugs one day.

She then remembered how he ran out from the eating place and sneaked pills at the back of her back. She guessed he was sick.

Bong Hye-ryeong took his medicine bottle to the drug shop and found out it was for cancer patients.

Bong Hye-ryeong asked Yoo Hyeon-gi if he was loss of life with tears in her eyes.

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Spoiler "Happy Home" Kim So-yeon and Kim Ji-ho need a divorce

Kim Ji-ho asked for a divorce. Kim So-yeon also asked for a divorce sooner than her.

On the eighteenth episode of the MBC weekend drama "Happy Home", Han Mi-soon (Kim Ji-ho) were given into an coincidencewhilst she was once shadowing her husband Bong Man-ho (Jang In-sup) and his mistress Joo Se-ri (Yoon Jin-i).

Bong Man-ho lied to Han Mi-soon in order that he maymove on a go back and forth with Joo Se-ri so she asked, "Are you going on a vacation with your unwell friend? Did the clinic tell you to do that? Are not you lotin the slightest degree sorry to Ji-hwa?" Bong Man-ho replied, "It's greater that I do not encounter her. You convenience her". Han Mi-soon said, "I see. Alright. Go in your trip, you'll be in a position towantnumerous money. Be safe" then she gave him some money.

Han Mi-soon attempted to hit the automobile her husband and his mistress were in yet make the boulevard pole instead. Bong Man-ho asked, "Are you crazy? Were you looking to kill us?" and Han Mi-soon cried, "Were you and Se-ri an 'us'? Then what am I?"

Bong Man-ho said, "You're scary. You knew I used to be going on a ride with Se-ri and gave me cash to go, but is this what you were in realitylooking to do?" Han Mi-soon smiled bitterly and said, "I see you now. Let's prevent it. No, I don't need this anymore".



Spoiler "Happy Home" Kim So-yeon tells Lee Sang-woo about husband's affair

Kim So-yeon told Lee Sang-woo that she knew about Lee Pil-mo's affair.

Bong Hae-ryeong (Kim So-yeon) asked SEO Ji-gun (Lee Sang-woo) to meet.

Seo Ji-gun cancelled the clickingconvention asked via Yoo Hyeon-ki (Lee Pil-mo) and went to satisfy her.

Bong Hye-ryeong asked Seo Ji-gun, "Why did you pull me out of the hotel so quickly? Was once there anything that I should now not have seen?"

Seo Ji-gun hesitated to answer to and she said, "It's alright. I knew about the 2 of them".



Spoiler "Happy Home" Kim So-yeon returns thank you to Lee Pil-mo

Kim So-yeon returned to the in-law's thank you to Lee Pil-mo.

On the episode of the MBC drama "Happy Home", Hyeon-ki (Lee Pil-mo) discovered Hae-ryeong (Kim So-yeon) at her mother's.

Hae-ryeong discussed that she was once sterile and Hyeon-ki said, "It does notsubject if you'll have a kid or not".

Hae-ryeong said, "When I asked you what's left of us, you said, 'being married'. Do we be in a position to are living alongside just that? Will we feel free if we wait?"

Hyeon-ki said, "Getting divorced doesn't come up with the happiness you want. It best makes the oppositemembers of the family unhappy".

Hae-ryeong said, "I can notharm my mother with divorce when her middle aches on account of me. I mustget to the ground of the misunderstandings. Yetthe explanationI am going back has not anything to do with you...at least for now".


Spoiler 'Happy Home' Kim So-yeon cries out in sorrow after witnessing a kiss between her husband Lee Pil-mo and Lee So-jeong-I

Spoiler 'Happy Home' Kim So-yeon cries out in sorrow after witnessing a kiss between her husband Lee Pil-mo and Lee So-jeong-I

Kim So-yeon witnessed Lee Pil-mo and Lee So-jeong-I kissing.

On MBC "Happy Home" aired at the 13th, Bong Hae-Ryung (Kim So-yeon) witnessed an affair between her husband Yoo Hyun-ki (Lee Pil-mo) and Lee Young-eun (Lee So-jeong-I).

On this day, Bong Hae-Ryung made a talk over with to Yoo Hyun-ki's place of job to give him some medicine.

Bong Hae-ryung opened the door hearing Yoo Hyun-ki and Lee Young-eun's voice and saw them kissing.

Bong Hae-Ryung used to be in a perfectsurprise and ran to the restroom.

By the sound of Yoo Hyun-ki trying to find her, Bong Hae-Ryung grew to become the water tap on and cried out in sorrow.


Spoiler 'Happy Home' Kim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo stumble upon for the primary time

Spoiler 'Happy Home' Kim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo stumble upon for the primary time

On the primary episode of MBC's weekend drama, "Happy Home", Search engine optimization Ji-geon (Lee Sang-woo) and Bong Hae-ryeong (Kim So-yeon) encountered for the 1st time.

Bong Hae-ryeong had to strolla long way and may just get on a bus, after her better half's mother Jang Kyeong-ok (Seo I-sook) deserted her on the road.

Bong Hae-ryeong took placeto take a seat down next to Seo Ji-geon in the bus. As Bong Hae-ryeong had a difficult time feeling painful because of a blister led tovia the long walk, Seo Ji-geon passed over a band relief to her.

Bong Hae-ryeong called her husband Yoo Hyeon-gi (Lee Pil-mo) and lied to him that she used to be with her mother-in-law. Seo Ji-geon overheard the communique and wondered what changed into going on.


'Happy Home' Kim So-yeon in enthralling wedding dress, 'Hae-ryeong is getting married'

'Happy Home' Kim So-yeon in enthralling wedding dress, 'Hae-ryeong is getting married'

Kim So-yeon showed off her blamelesscharm in a marriage dress. On July 12, Kim So-yeon has shared a photo of herself in a wedding get dressedthru her non-public Instagram.

Kim So-yeon looks radiant in the marriageclothe revealing her collarbones.

Kim So-yeon put at the marriage ceremony dress to movie a scene for MBC weekend drama, "Happy Home". The approaching episode on July 16 will air the wedding scene of Kim So-yeon (Bong Hae-ryeong) and Lee Sang-woo (Seo Ji-geon).

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