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[Spoiler] "Ruler: Master of the Mask" Yoo Seung-ho chooses Kim So-hyun

Yoo Seung-ho chose Kim So-hyun.

He wasn't afraid to risk his life. Everyone tried to stop him but he only thought of Kim So-hyun.

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Ruler: Master of the Mask", Han Ga-eun (Kim So-hyun) found out who the Prince (Yoo Seung-ho) really was.

Lee Seon (L) received an antidote from the prince.

However, the court lady who ate this antidote threw up blood and died. Lee Seon thought the Prince tried to kill him and told Dae Mok (Heo Joon-ho) who the real prince was. Then he bowed his head and said he would do his best if he was made king.

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[Spoiler] "Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People" Lee Soo-min-I, also known as Eorini, recalls being brainwashed by Ahn Nae-sang

Eorini was Lee Soo-min-I and she recalled being brainwashed when she was young.

On the episode of the MBC drama "Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People", Sang-hwa (Lee Soo-min-I) saw the blue string Gil-dong (Yoon Kyun-sang) had and yelled, "I am not Eorini".

She then set out to find Song Do-hwan (Ahn Nae-sang). However, next to him was Madam Cham-bong's relative who'd driven Eorini's family into catastrophe.

He'd said to young Eorini, "You have no one. We're the only ones you can rely on now. Your family abandoned you so you have to follow our orders".

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[Spoiler] "Whisper" Lee Sang-yoon becomes unfaithful to save Lee Bo-young

Lee Sang-yoon made himself an unfaithful husband to save Lee Bo-young.

On the latest episode of the SBS drama "Whisper", Lee Dong-joon (Lee Sang-yoon) turned unfaithful to make an alibi for Sin Yeong-joo (Lee Bo-young).

Sin Yeong-joo was framed for murder and Lee Dong-joon said, "I will make an alibi for you at the time of Chairman Kang Yoo-taek's murder. Let's make up a story to defeat lies. We were in a relationship and you were in my room. I am going to deny it, and when the evidence is out, people will believe you more than me".

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[Spoiler] "Whisper", Lee Bo-young and Lee Sang-yoon's satisfying ending

The ending was satisfying.

Sin Yeong-joo (Lee Bo-young) and Lee Dong-joon (Lee Sang-yoon) succeeded in arresting Choi Il-hwan (Kim Kap-soo).

The situation was intense.

Lee Bo-young and Lee Sang-yoon almost had everything but Park Se-yeong was a tough match. Still, she weakened and even let go of the lover she loved in the past.

Lee Bo-young and Lee Sang-yoon was soon no match for her.

They arrested Kim Kap-soo, but it wasn't like him to stand down so easily.

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[Spoiler] "Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People" Yoon Kyun-sang shoots arrow at Chae Soo-bin

Hong Gil-dong (Yoon Kyun-sang) chose the people over Ga-ryeong (Chae Soo-bin).

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People", Ga-ryeong was kidnapped by Yeon-san and she yelled to Hong Gil-dong she would never forgive him if he turned around because of her. Gil-dong yelled her name and cried in desperation.

Yeon-san mocked them and said, "Put the girl down. I've seen everything I want. I want to see Gil-dong's face".

Gil-dong tried to go to Ga-ryeong but his brother stopped him and said he'd die if he went.