Spoiler "Mirror of the Witch" Yoon Si-yeon and Kwak Si-yang counterattack

Yoon Si-yoon and Kwak Si-yang worked in combinationto place Yeom Jeong-ah in danger of wasting her Black Magic.

On the episode of the JTBC drama "Mirror of the Witch", Heo Joon (Yoon Si-yoon) used to be angry about Hong-joo's (Yeom Jeong-ah) plot and discoveredsome way to cast off her Black Magic in order that she may just never put Seo-ri (Kim Sae-ron) at risk again.

Poong-yeon (Kwak Si-yang) attacked Hong-joo so that she could not role Black Magic yet Choi Hyeon-seo (Lee Seong-jae) came to visit at that moment and stated she couldn't use Black Magic without the Black Stick. They wished bait and Seo-ri volunteered.

Heo Joon found the Black Stick. Hong-joo saw him with it and concept he turned into dazzled via Black Magic. However, Heo Joon overcame this and threw the stick over a fireplace created by Poong-yeon. Black Magic appeared to ooze out of the stick.

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Kwak Si Yang Says Good-bye To “Mirror of the Witch” Audience

Kwak Si Yang Says Good-bye To “Mirror of the Witch” Audience

Kwak Si Yang Says Good-bye To Replicate of the Witch Target market JiwonYu July 15, 2016 0 Kwak Si Yang Says Goodbye To Mirror of the Witch Audience Actor Kwak Si Yang mentioned how he feels as his drama Mirror of the Witch is now coming to an end.

On July 16, he relayed his mindthru his agency, saying, I used to bemore than pleased to have met wonderfulother folksby way of Mirror of the Witch. I was once very worried and went through some hardships because this became my first historic drama, yet I was in a positionto end it neatlythank you to the folk around me. He also thanked the audience for the entire love they've given.

He continued, This was a meaningful time for me. Despite the reality that its going to be unhappyto mention goodbye to everyone, I was capable ofenjoyanything new and it's going toassist me move one step extra equally an actor. I could be able toget back alongsideevery otherpaintings so please stay watching.

Kwak Si Yang played Poong Yeon, a guy with good-looking looks, a sort personality, and large martial arts abilities who loves the witch (Kim Sae Ron).

The ultimate episode of Mirror of the Witch will air on July 16 at 10 p.m. KST.

Catch up to the newest episode of the drama below!

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Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Yoon Si-yoon saves Kim Sae-ron from being burned at the stake

Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Yoon Si-yoon saves Kim Sae-ron from being burned at the stake

On the episode 19 of JTBC's Friday Saturday drama, 'Mirror of the Witch, Heo Jun (Yoon Si-yoon) stored Yeon-hee (Kim Sae-ron)'s life. .

Yeon-hee (Kim Sae-ron) used to be condemned to be burned at the stake in this day. She became tied to the stake and Poong-yeon (Kwak Si-yang) set the fire. Hong-joo (Yeom Jeong-ah) was staring at all of this with a chilly smile on her face.

Queen Park (Kang Han-na) at the time was fumbling with Yeon-hee's first infantrobe she was holding. And dark smoke flew over and went into her body. Her frame was floated in the air and this made King Seonjo (Lee Ji-hoon-I) freak out. And then he remembered what Queen Dowager (Jang Hee-jin) told him up to now that, if the princess dies, curse will wrap up the royal family.

King Seonjo went to fulfill Heo Jun (Yoon Si-yoon) in the prison. The king asked him, "Is what Hong-joo is making an attempt to do is to bring all of the imperialcircle of relatives to an finishby skill of killing the princess?" Heo Jun nodded his head.

And the dark cloud began thickening and Yeon-hee's hair became white after she screamed. She then fell unconscious. At the moment, Poong-yeon accrued his wits back and he helped Heo Jun, who rushed to the terrible scene, saving Yeon-hee.

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Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Yoon Si-yoon rescues Kim Sae-ron

Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Yoon Si-yoon rescues Kim Sae-ron

On the episode 11 of JTBC Friday Saturday drama, "Mirror of the Witch", Heo Jun (Yoon Si-yoon) attempted to save Yeon-hee (Kim Sae-ron)'s life.

On this day, Hong-joo (Yeom Jeong-ah) defeated Choi Hyeon-seo (Lee Seong-jae), who possessed King Seon-jo (Lee Ji-hoon-I) and then took King Seon-jo to where where Yeon-hee used to be staying. Hong-joo tried to manipulated him, whilst telling him , "If you kill this girl, you'll be in a position to gain a new frame for you". However, King Seon-jo hesitated and Hong-joo instructed to him to take action.

King Seon-jo drew his sword after all. Heo Jun gave the impressioncorrectat the prevailing time and aimed his sword at Hong-joo. Heo Jun turned intosparkling at the moment, and spirit got here out of King Seon-jo's body once he saw the glowing light. The colour of Yeon-hee's hair became back to the traditional color. Hong-joo shouted at Heo Jun, "It's you, the safety barrier for this girl" and then she tried to kill him.

Poong-yeon (Kwak Si-yang) showed up nowadays and aimed his sword at Hong-joo. Yeon-hee and Heo Jun may just escape. Heo Jun gave hug Yeon-hee, who was crying. He promised her, "I'll never leave you again. I willremain right next to you".

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Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Yoon Si-yoon sees Kim Sae-ron becoming a witch

Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Yoon Si-yoon sees Kim Sae-ron becoming a witch

On the episode nine of JTBC "Mirror of the Witch", Kim Sae-ron was oncesurprised when she learned that Yoon Si-yoon saw her when she changed into a witch.

Yeon-hee became into a white haired witch on the former day. Heo Joon discovered her turned into a witch for the explanation that protective barrier have been broken. However, she recovered her standard self back in Heo Joon's arms.

Yo-gwang believed that Heo Joon become being the protecting barrier for Yeon-hee. However, Yeon-hee did now not feel pleased withthe reality Heo Joon had observed her turned into a witch. She left the spot after saying, "I wouldn't have him. Please send him out".

Heo Joon advisedto stick there for Yeon-hee and his thoughtful words stirred Yeon-hee's heart.

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Kwak Si Yang And Kim Sae Ron Have Emotional Reunion On Mirror of the Witch

Kwak Si Yang And Kim Sae Ron Have Emotional Reunion On Mirror of the Witch

Kwak Si Yang And Kim Sae Ron Have Emotional Reunion On “Mirror of the Witch”notclaira June 9, 2016 0 Kwak Si Yang And Kim Sae Ron Have Emotional Reunion On “Mirror of the Witch” On June 10, the JTBC drama released stills of Kwak Si Yang’s persona (Poong Yeon) and Kim Sae Ron’s character (Yeon Hee) embracing affectionately.

Kwak Si Yang holds Kim Sae Ron protectively in the embrace, whilst Yoon Shi Yoon (Heo Joon) looks on from a distance.

It is expounded to be the characters’ first reunion in five years. Poong Yeon has been in seek of Yeon Hee in spite ofwasting his reminiscence of the day she was once cursed. However, she has been in hiding below the callSEO Ri, afraid that her curse is killing him. Even now, he'signorant ofthe real nature of her curse.

The production body of workers stated, “With Poong Yeon’s entrance, the drama can beconstruction like a wave. Heo Joon and Poong Yeon either have complexemotions for Seo Ri and it'lllead to tension.”

“Mirror of the Witch” airs each Friday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. KST. Watch the newest episode below:

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Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Yoon Si-yoon is brought back to life, Kim Sae-ron hones sword of revenge

Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Yoon Si-yoon is brought back to life, Kim Sae-ron hones sword of revenge

On "Mirror of the Witch" episode 5, people who had to stand death regained their strength one through one.

Crown Prince (Yeo Hoi-hyeon), and Poong-yeon (Kwak Si-yang) spread out their eyes. Heo Joon (Yoon Si-yoon) also experienced a unusualcurative that got rid of the arrow wound from his body. However, Heo Joon had lost his mom (Kim Hee-jeong) as a result of his evil half-brother Heo Adequate (Jo Dal-hwan).

As Queen (Jang Hee-jin) asked Hong-joo (Yeom Jeong-ah) if the black wonder magic might be ready to have brought about the unhealthystate of affairs to Crown Prince, Hong-joo overtly answered, "What would you do if the black marvel magic would possibly have caused this? You don't appear to be the just one who gave birth to Crown Prince. My magic also gave birth to him".

Although Crown Prince recovered his consciousness, he all of surprising lost his life. It used to be Hong-joo's terrible revenge opposed to Queen, who changed intoseeking to have a regulate over her.

Heo Joon returned house after he discovered out his half-brother Heo K had killed his mother. However, Heo Ok did now not feel to blame at all about what he had done. He in its place held his own birthday party. Heo Joon hiding his anger told Heo Ok, "I wish you excellentfitness and longevity".

After this, Heo Joon's lifestylesbecameutterly different. He chose to are living a life of idle and purposeless gentry. Yet the more pathetic Heo Joon's life became, the happier Heo Ok felt about it. However, it was all Heo Joon's plan to arrangeregularly to take revenge for his mother's death.

Yeon-hee (Kim Sae-ron) also was alive. However, Yeon-hee lived below a new name, Seo-ri. This was the sole way she may just survive. She at all times lit a candle. When she had best8 candles left, Seo-ri promised herself, "I'll unravel the curse regardless of what and offer coverage to the ones I love".


"Mirror of the Witch" Kwak Si-yang, "I'm anxious about my first historical"

"Mirror of the Witch" Kwak Si-yang is going to change into a Joseon edition of a "Mother"s friend's son'.

Stills of the recent JTBC drama "Mirror of the Witch" were released on April 22nd. Kwak Si-yang takes at the role of Poong-yeon, a being concernedand durable character.

Kwak Si-yang seems in the drama in a Hanbok. His tightly closed lips displayhe's a decidedguyyet his eyes explicit lonliness. He is goingthrua transformation after Yeon-hee disappears. Like his father, he is sort and caring to Yeon-hee.

Poong-yeon is the son of Choi Hyeon-seo (Lee Seong-jae) and a warrior. He is excellenthaving a look amongsta fairmiddle and is a wonderful martial arts fighter. He is a guy of justice as he can not stand the unjust. He is Yeon-hee's (Kim Sae-ron) most effective friend but one day opens the Box of Pandora and starts a chain of unlucky events. He puts his lifestyles on the line to discover Yeon-hee.

Yoon Si-yoon plays Heo Joon and Kim Sae-ron plays Yeon-hee as they were announced earlier. Yoon Si-yoon and Kwak Si-yang play opposing characters in othereventualities and fall into a three-way romance.

Kwak Si-yang is making an attempt at his first ancient drama since his debut and is operating very tough on his character. He is done a superbactivitythus far and it is hard to consider that here's get-go historical drama.

Kwak Si-yang said, "I am fearful more or less my first try onlyit bea laughoperating with the director and staff".

According to resources from the set, Kwak Si-yang has been appearing a securefunctionality in being Poong-yeon. Kwak Si-yang's efforts have made Poong-yeon a dimensional character.

"Mirror of the Witch" is a myth historical drama about an unfortunate princess who becomes a witch with a frozen heart and Heo Joon's passionate youth.


Kwak Si-yang to famous person in

Kwak Si-yang to famous person in "Witch Exemplar" with Yoon Si-yoon and Kim Sae-ron

Actor Kwak Si-yang is starring in the recent JTBC drama "Witch Exemplar" with Yoon Si-yoon, Kim Sae-ron, Yeom Jeong-ah and more.

"Witch Exemplar" is a fableancient drama about an unlucky princess who used to be born cursed and white-haired till she meets warm-hearted Heo Joon.

Kwak Si-yang is trying at his first historical drama and he plays a personality who best has eyes set on Yeon-hee (Seori). He's takingat the role of Poong-yeon, Choi Hyeon-seo's eldest son.

He is the only real brother to Yeon-hee whom his father brought house when she became 2 years old. Poong-yeon is the singleresult in the out of doorsinternational for Seori and he adored and enjoyed her with all his heart. They then fall into a three-way romance with Heo Joon (Yoon Si-yoon).

Kwak Si-yang said, "I am apprehensive and desirous about this new genre. I might beready toyou'll need todisplay you anything new".

"Witch Exemplar" is directed through Jo Hyeon-tak.


Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Kim Sae-ron warns Yeom Jeong-ah:

Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Kim Sae-ron warns Yeom Jeong-ah: "I'll confine you in curse"

On the episode 17 of JTBC's Friday Saturday drama, "Mirror of the Witch", Yeon-hee (Kim Sae-ron) conceptthe consumer whoattemptedto hurt Queen used to be Hong-ju (Yeom Jeong-ah).

Hong-ju acted perfectly cool telling Yeon-hee, "If you need to have to kill me, please do so". Yeon-hee said, "You do these sort of nasty and terrible things because you observedI will not kill you. Death does now not necessarily mean stabbing a knife for your neck. Wait and see. I could beready tofree up the curse and confine you in curse rather moreawful than death".

Hong-ju replied quickly, "Try. Let's see who will finally finish updeathon account of the curse".

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