Spoiler Monster 2016 Jo Bo Ah Kisses Kang Ji Hwan In Front Of Seong Yoo Ri

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[Spoiler] "Man Who Dies to Live" Lee So-yeon kisses Sin Seong-rok in front of Kang Ye-won

Lee So-yeon provoked Kang Ye-won.

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Man Who Dies to Live", Lee Ji-yeong B (Lee So-yeon) suddenly kissed Kang Ho-rim (Sin Seong-rok).

Lee Ji-yeong called him out to a vendor near his house.

Kang Ho-rim sneaked out of the house and Lee Ji-yeong A (Kang Ye-won) also came out of the house to give kimbap to Abdullah (Jasper Cho).

Lee Ji-yeong B saw Lee Ji-yeong A walking to their direction and kissed Kang Ho-rim.

Lee Ji-yeong A walked over to them, shocked. Lee Ji-yeong B told her, "We are in love and we're getting married soon".

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[Spoiler] "Hospital Ship" Kang Min-hyuk kisses Ha Ji-won

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Hospital Ship", Song Eun-jae (Ha Ji-won) learned that it was Kwak Hyeon's (Kang Min-hyuk) birthday from his father Kwak Seong (Jung In-gi).

They were walking the park but Hyeon was acting strangely as he joked and laughed a lot. Song Eun-jae asked what was wrong but Kwak Hyeon merely smiled.

Song Eun-jae tried to comfort him by asking him, "What's more annoying; going crazy because of your Alzheimer's father or because of your normal father?" She was talking about her father.

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[Spoiler] "Radiant Office" Ko Ah-seong hits Kim Dong-wuk with a blow

Ko Ah-seong was furious with the way Kim Dong-wuk used his authority.

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Radiant Office", Eun Ho-won (Ko Ah-seong) pointed out Seo Hyeon's (Kim Dong-wuk) injustice during a meeting.

Seo Hyeon claimed that he had no plans for hire in the latter half of the year and Eun Ho-won asked what was going to happen to the preferred conditions of the winners of the second half design contest.

Seo Hyeon said, "Internal circumstances of the company led to the decision so do I have to tell you everything? We never told you to join the contest".

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[Spoiler] "You're Too Much" Uhm Jung-hwa cries over carnation present from Kang Tae-oh

On the nineteenth episode of the MBC weekend drama "You're Too Much", Yoo Jina (Uhm Jung-hwa) found out Ko Na-kyeong (Yoon Ah-jeong) was getting piano lessons from Lee Kyeong-soo (Kang Tae-oh) to make her feel uncomfortable and made them stop.

Ko Na-kyeong told Lee Kyeong-soo she didn't want lessons anymore and Lee Kyeong-soo asked, "Is it because Jina's uncomfortable with me coming in and out of the house?" Leaving the house, Lee Kyeong-soo asked, "Is she in the other building? I'll just go and say goodbye since I won't be coming here anymore".

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[Spoiler] "Father, I'll Take Care of You" Kim Jae-won, Lee Soo-kyung, Lee Tae-hwan and Park Eun-bin's kiss, happy ending

The final episode of the MBC weekend drama "Father, I'll Take Care of You" was a happy one.

Six months after Lee Hyeon-woo (Kim Jae-won) went to prison, Oh Dong-hee (Park Eun-bin) became the writer for a popular drama and Han Seong-joon (Lee Tae-hwan) proposed to her. Han Seong-joon took out a ring on his knees and asked her to marry him although he wasn't a knight on a white horse.

Oh Dong-hee took the ring and accepted his proposal. They hugged and promised marriage to each other. When Lee Hyeon-woo got out of prison and his name was cleared thanks to Bang Gwang-jin's (Ko In-beom) confession which is Han Seong-joon and Oh Dong-hee getting married.