Spoiler "W" Han Hyo-joo slaps Lee Jong-suk then kisses him

Han Hyo-joo slapped Lee Jong-suk and kissed him.

On the episode of the recent MBC drama "W", Oh Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) slapped Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk) and kissed him. Yeon-joo discovered out that 30 mins of her lifestylesif fact exist toldused to be 2 months in the web-toon world.

She also learned that she may justgo back to reality when the web-toon crossed over to the following episode and she had to do it at the proper time. So she slapped Kang Cheol.

However, the sector 'continue' did not pop up so Yeon-joo kissed Kang Cheol to peer if she changed into right.

Meanwhile, "W" will also beobservedeach Wednesday and Thursday at 10PM.

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[Spoiler] "I Hear Your Voice" Lee Jong-suk kisses Lee Bo-yeong on the cheek

Lee Jong-suk shocked fans with a sudden kiss on the cheek.

On the thirteenth episode of the SBS drama "I Hear Your Voice", Park Soo-ha (Lee Jong-suk) learns that Jang Hye-seong (Lee Bo-yeong) likes him. However, he hid the fact from her thinking that she might distance herself from him.

Jang Hye-seong and Soo-ha were sitting at a bus stop when Hye-seong pointed out a pen mark on his cheel.

However, Park Soo-ha kissed her cheek instead. She told him that he had a pen mark on his cheek and he said, "Do I? Well I misunderstood".

Meanwhile, the thirteenth episode of the drama rated 21.6%.



[Spoiler] "Respond 1997" Song Jong-ho kisses Jung Eun-ji on the forehead

Song Jong-ho kissed Jung Eun-ji on the forehead.

On the eleventh and twelfth episodes of the tvN drama "Respond 1997", Yoon Tae-woong (Song Jong-ho) and Seong Si-won (Jung Eun-ji) met up late at night.

Si-won gave Tae-woong a neck tie as a gift. He said, "Presenting someone with a neck tie means 'I want you'".

Si-won was shocked and said, "That's not what I meant. I meant for you to succeed in your business". Tae-woong answered, "That's disappointing. I was hoping it meant the first one" and kissed her on her forehead.

Yoon Yoon-je (Seo In-guk) was walking out of the house and happened to see that. He turned around and walked off.


Spoiler 'W' Han Hyo-joo saves Lee Jong-suk from death

Spoiler 'W' Han Hyo-joo saves Lee Jong-suk from death

On the episode two of MBC's new Wednesday Thursday drama, "W", Oh Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) back sucked into the arena of web-toon whilst she used to bespeaking to her father, Oh Seong-moo (Kim Ee-seong) on the phone.

When Oh Yeon-joo discovered the web-toon character, Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk) become in fatal situation, she ran to his health center room. When a nurse was about to inject poison into his body, Oh Yeon-joo stopped her. Oh Yeon-joo yelled, "This isn't antibiotic yet injection to make centerprevent beating" and the nurse ran away.

When Kang Cheol asked how she discovered out, Oh Yeon-joo just vaguely spoke back saying, "When I used to be only passing by capability of and concept the nurse was suspicious". Kang Cheol asked her if she was Oh Yeon-joo. Oh Yeon-joo answered no.

Kang Cheol pointed out Oh Yeon-joo's call on her gown. He said, "It says Oh Yeon-joo" and "we in the end met".

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Spoiler "W" Han Hyo-joo is going into the web-toon global and saves Lee Jong-suk

Han Hyo-joo stored Lee Jong-suk.

On the primary episode of the MBC drama "W", resident physician Oh Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) gets summoned by way of Professor Park (Heo Jeong-do) who tells her to get the spoiler to her father's web-toon "W".

She relates with the professor by telling him that she is partial to the male personality Kang Cheol in "W". She laughed and said, "Who does not like him? He is so sexy".

Professor Park told her he would let her open up and close a patient's chest throughoutsurgical operation if she discovered out the spoiler. Oh Yeon-joo could notlend a handyetfeel free and called her father's student Park Soo-bong (Lee Si-eon) and asked him for the spoiler.

However, Soo-bong shocked her with the scoop that her father has been lackingbecause the day before. Yeon-joo idea her father had just left to transparent his head in sorrow that he had to let move of a character he'd been running on for 10 years. But Soo-bong showed Yeon-joo an image of the finishing of the drama and said, "He attempted to kill Kang Cheol finally and acknowledged it used to be his want to have him killed".

Just then, a couple of bloody hands popped out of the web-toon and dragged Yeon-joo into the picture. Yeon-joo did notcheck in that she became in a web-toon international and found Kang Cheol laying subconscious and bloody on the rooftop of a hotel. She used the stairs to name 119 and saved him.

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Lee Jong Suk Enchants With Winks And Kisses In Behind-The-Scenes Clip For “W”

Lee Jong Suk Enchants With Winks And Kisses In Behind-The-Scenes Clip For “W”

Lee Jong Suk Enchants With Winks And Kisses In Behind-The-Scenes Clip For Wkminjungee July 14, 2016 0 Lee Jong Suk Enchants With Winks And Kisses In Behind-The-Scenes Clip For W Whilst Lee Jong Suk could also begambling the rushing and charismatic chaebol Kang Chul in MBCs upcoming drama W, hes not anythingyet adorable behind the scenes.

In a clip shared by ability of MBC on July 14, the actor seems to be practicing a victory pose for when his persona wins an Olympic gold medal for pistol shooting.

He shyly continues to train his winks and air kisses, searching forthe easiestperspective for his gestures. The video also presentations a glimpse of his crowd pleasing shooting in action, a contrast to his other actions.

Prepare your centersooner than watching the video here!

W will premiere on July 20, at 10 p.m. KST, following the finish of Fortunate Romance.

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Spoiler 'Bring It On, Ghost' Taecyeon wonder kisses Kim So-hyeon-I

Spoiler 'Bring It On, Ghost' Taecyeon wonder kisses Kim So-hyeon-I

'Bring It On, Ghost' romance has begun as Taecyeon marvel kissed Kim So-hyeon-I.

On the episode 2 of tvN's new Monday Tuesday drama, 'Bring It On, Ghost', Park Bong-pal (Taecyeon) captured a ghost thank you to the lend a hand from Kim Hyeon-ji (Kim So-hyeon-I). This helped their courting progress.

The topfacultylady ghost Kim Hyeon-ji with amnesia mayhave in minda work of her lost reminiscence subsequently she by accident kissed Park Bong-pal. She attempted to kiss him back several times seeking to bring back more of her lost memory. However, Park Bong-pal gave her no room whilst acting defensive very well to refuse her kiss. As the result, Kim Hyeon-ji kept following Park Bong-pal around closely.

Kim Hyeon-ji even helped Park Bong-pal take a same magnificence with his one-side love . In the meantime, GhostNet Choi Cheon-sang (Kang Ki-yeong) and Kim In-rang (Lee David) began following after Park Bong-pal in order thatthey maymovie a ghost and save their club. The 2discovered out Park Bong-pal had special skillto lookor even touch a ghost.

Park Bong-pal and Kim Hyeon-ji went to a motel to capture a ghost per request from someone. And Choi Cheon-sang and Kim In-rang also followed Park Bong-pal to the motel.

After Park Bong-pal may capture the ghost thanks to Kim Hyeon-ji's help, he asked her, "Why do you remain next to me. Do you prefer me? Or are you attracted to my masculine energy..." Kim Hyeon-ji confessed shyly, "I lost the entire memory. YetI maydo not forgetanything after the incident". Park Bong-pal acted he used to be ignoring what she said. But he surprise kissed her. And it turned intothe actualstartingin their romance.

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Spoiler "Doctors" Kim Rae-won dances with Park Shin-hye in the rain and kisses her

On the episode of the SBS drama "Doctors" on the 5th, Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won) and Yoo Hye-jeong (Park Shin-hye) had a just right time.

Hye-jeong asked Ji-hong for her grandmother's operation records and he said, "If the reality makes you happy, then I willlend a hand you".

Suddenly it began raining and they bumped into a payphone box, yet Ji-hong just pulled her back into the rain and danced.

Ji-hong then stated to her, "I'm going to do anything now, as a guy to a woman" and kissed her.

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Spoiler 'Oh Hae-Young Again' Eric survives and kisses Search engine marketing Hyeon-jin

Spoiler 'Oh Hae-Young Again' Eric survives and kisses Search engine marketing Hyeon-jin

On the episode 17 of tvN's Monday Tuesday drama, "Oh Hae-Young Again", Park Do-kyeong (Eric Moon) was oncegetting ready for his death by myself quietly.

On this episode, Oh Hae-young (Seo Hyeon-jin) and Park Do-kyeong showed off their affection in opposition toeach and every other constantly. As Park Do-kyeong made a confession of love to Oh Hae-young on a bus, Oh Hae-young also shouted, "I love Park Do-kyeong too" whilst the passengers were looking at them.

With such a lot love, Oh Hae-young looked at herself in the reflect and statedfortuitously that she have become prettier. Later, Oh Hae-young met Park Do-kyeong's circle of relatives at a dinner table and told them, "Can I take Park Do-kyeong and carry him? I actually like him a lot that I may bungee jump in combination without a rope", which surprised his household members.

However, Park Do-kyeong's dull and detached attitude made other people around him get keen on him. His mom suspected that Park Do-kyeong may smartly be sick. Oh Hae-young also said "I'm worried because I am and happy" while she became still pleased with a marvel gift from Park Do-kyeong.

Park Do-kyeong even stored Han Tae-jin (Lee Jae-yoon-I), who was meant to kill Park Do-kyeong in the future. Han Tae-jin, being drunk, practically fell off a footbridge. However, Park Do-kyeong saved Han Tae-jin. Han Tae-jin said, "If I mightglance back at this moment, I will never remorseful about what I have precisely done".

He in spite of everythingdeterminedto inform Oh Hae-young everything. He went to peer her and told her, "I saw you prefer a memory. I could not see anything else else well yet you. Like a reminiscence running via rapidly, when I used to bedemise in the future. I was dying, I was pondering you only".

While Oh Hae-young did no longer know Park Do-kyeong's death was imminent, she was just glad being with him together. They shared a kiss in bed. Oh Hae-young's folks likewisepermitted their relationship.

But, at the finish of the episode, the fateful moment came. Park Do-kyeong and Oh Hae-young were going to head on a go back and forth together. And Oh Hae-young won a text message from Han Tae-jin, pronouncing "I'm unlikelyto invite you to forgive me, I'm sorry".

Oh Hae-young, feeling uneasy about the peculiar message, rushed to Park Do-kyeong. She discovered Park Do-kyeong facing Han Tae-jin in a car. Han Tae-jin beganriding his automobiletoward Park Do-kyeong but he stopped. He remembered that Park Do-kyeong had saved his life.

Park Do-kyeong did now not die. He met Oh Hae-young and kissed her. As the 2replaced their future, it's miles predicted that they are going to own a pleasedfinishing in the followingultimate episode.

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Spoiler "Beautiful Gong Shim" Minah kisses Namgoong Min

Minah from "Beautiful Gong Shim" kissed Namgoong Min.

On the episode of the SBS drama "Beautiful Gong Shim", Gong-sim (Minah) was onceunder the impact of alcohol when she bumped into Ahn Dante (Namgoong Min) on her long ago home.

She began babbling to him, "I changed into so angry that you dumped me. Yesterday, I assumed about your flaws".

"You haven't any money. You would possibly begrimy and you're cheesy".

Furthermore, she asked him why he dumped her, then she said, "Never mind, do not say me. No, I'm curious. Tell me".

Dante did not say much. Gong-sim then took his face in her hands and kissed him.

She then became around to leave yetno longerearlier than she said, "Don't ever tell me why you dumped me. I don't would like tolisten it".

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