Spoiler 'W' The caricature protagonist hears the fact about his world

Spoiler 'W' The caricature protagonist hears the fact about his world

On the episode of MBC's Wednesday Thursday drama, "W", Oh Yeonjoo (Han Hyo-joo) told Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk) the truth.

Oh Yeonjoo was once confined in a cellular at Seoul Detention Area for being a suspect of Kang Cheol attack case. Once Kang Cheol returned to Korea, he went to peer Oh Yeonjoo.

Kang Cheol asked Oh Yeonjoo, "Are you having difficult time?" and Oh Yeonjoo answered, "This is so ridiculous I can't convince myself. Here's and then unbelievable. I have never ideaI'dfinally finish up in a position like this. I am just a typical citizen". And then she began crying.

Kang Cheol remembered the time when he turned into confined in a solitary cell at a detention condominium in the past.

Kang Cheol told Oh Yeonjoo, "I wouldn't have any excuses to lend a hand you. You can exist investigated and put into trials for attempted homicide and unlawful staying and more. And your existence is ruined that way. They have got already made up our mindsyou are a criminal. They will make whatever it takes to prove they are right. We do notknow the waya long timeit would take though. Then, when the entirety ends, it is going to be hard for you to are living equally an recurring citizen any longer".

He asked her again, "So resolution my questions. I accept as true with what you told me is true. Therefore, answer my questions and disappear. Where are you from?"

Oh Yeonjoo said, "After I disappear, it wouldmotive a turmoil". Kang Cheol said, "I'll cope with it. This is the arena ane live". Oh Yeonjoo have become worried about him so she said, "You'll transform unhappy". Kang Cheol, "I do not think I'm that satisfied now either. I can't sleep neatly because I have no idea when I am going to get killed. You know this. Are you certainyou aregood enough to be confined here forever?"

When Oh Yeonjoo was asked where she lived, she answered, "In Seoul. I live there and you live here". Kang Cheol asked, "Then where did you know about me?" Oh Yeonjoo was silent for a while. Kang Cheol asked again, "What did you mean while youstatedthe area where you live?" Oh Yeonjoo ended up telling the truth, "It's within a cartoon. We are in a cartoon. And you are thecaricature protagonist".

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Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Kang Ji-hwan has seizure when he hears Seong Yoo-ri's name

Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Kang Ji-hwan has seizure when he hears Seong Yoo-ri's name

On the episode 28 of MBC's "Monster - 2016", Gi-tan mayget better his power to combat back thank you to the assist from Gi-ryang. Gi-tan returned to Korea and went to Il-jae's election crusade and declared a war opposed to him.

Il-jae used to besurprised and mayno longer figure out what to do next. Jae-man said, "He could try, yetthere isnot anything he can do', underestimating Gi-tan. Seong-ae suspected that Chae-ryeong should exist Il-jae's undercover agent and copied Chae-ryeong's mobile phone to track her. Chae-ryeong becamestuckwhilst she was chatting with Il-jae on the phone.

Gi-tan was going to dispose of Chae-ryeong following the guidelines of his organization; Gi-tan let her are living because he felt sympathy. Chae-ryeong told Tae-gwang, a new member of Gi-tan's team, that she would transform a double spy. Chae-ryeong told Il-jae that she was being chased down and Il-jae accredited her .

While Gi-tan was observing TV, he got herearound theprisonrecommendationTelevisiondisplay hosted by capability of Soo-yeon. Gi-tan mentioned, "I think we mightwantassistance from her to take revenge against Il-jae" And then he asked Tae-gwang to have the opportunity to touch her. Tae-gwang ideait's farbizarre that Gi-tan could no longerkeep in mind Soo-yeon and taken out reviews some Soo-yeon. Once Tae-gwang beganspeaking about Soo-yeon, Gi-tan had seizure all of sudden. Seong-ae told Tae-gwang, "He lost all of the memories about Soo-yeon. Watch out from now on". Geon-woo hired Soo-yeon as his legal adviser after the continual request from her. Gi-tan published that Il-jae had had a suitable affair ahead of he married Ji-soo, thru a TV show. Il-jae was bowled overto observethe televisionprove while he was running the campaign.

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Spoiler 'Oh Hae-Young Again' Eric hears SEO Hyeon-jin's confession of one-sided love in opposition to him

Spoiler 'Oh Hae-Young Again' Eric hears SEO Hyeon-jin's confession of one-sided love in opposition to him

On the episode 6 of tvN's Monday Tuesday drama, Park Do-gyeong (Eric Moon) by accident heard the recording of Oh Haeyeong (Seo Hyeon-jin)'s confession of her one-sided love.

Park Do-gyeong discovered out via Oh Haeyeong's mom that it used to be Oh Haeyeong's birthday in this day. Park Do-gyeong came visiting to Oh Haeyeong's facet to have a drink to celebrate her birthday. When Oh Haeyeong left the spot to answer to a telephone vociferation briefly, Park Do-gyeong grew to become on a recorder without thinking much and he accidentally came aboutto hear a recording. It played Oh Haeyeong's confession of love in opposition to him.

When Oh Haeyeong got here back after answering the telephone call, she learned he listened to the recording of her secret confession. She complained and excused herself, "You will have tono longer accept recorded it when I came" and "I just acknowledged that being drunk. I'mnormally like that onceI am drunk. I at all times become to flirt with any man".

Park Do-gyeong said, "No want to torture yourself that way. Let's call it a day". Oh Haeyeong wasdissatisfied and yelled, "There are no less than4 or five men at paintings who I flirt with. So you don't want to jump to conclusion and get intimated much like that. I'm offended".


Spoiler 'Glamorous Temptation' Joo Sang-wook unearths  the call of the game marriage to world

Spoiler 'Glamorous Temptation' Joo Sang-wook unearths the call of the game marriage to world

Jeong Jin-yeong was oncestunned equally his marriage with Choi Kang-hee becameprinted to the entire world.

On the 31st episode of MBC's "Glamorous Temptation", journalists charged into the warehouse where Eun-soo's daughter Mi-rae was abandoned.

Eun-soo (Choi Kang-hee) reported to the police as her daughter went missing, because she concept all of this was plotted by capability of the father and the daughter. Reporters asked her about her marriage with Kang Seok-hyeon (Jeong Jin-yeong).

All of this was in truth planned by Hyeong-woo (Joo Sang-wook) As the within trackgot here out all across media, Seok-hyeon was shocked. When Seok-hyeon went to peer Eun-woo later, Eun-soo treated him coldly.


Spoiler 'My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol' Song Ha-yoon gets seriously inured in coincidence even supposing she knows all of the fact about Son Chang-min and Park Se-yeong now

Spoiler 'My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol' Song Ha-yoon gets seriously inured in coincidence even supposing she knows all of the fact about Son Chang-min and Park Se-yeong now

On the 19th episode of "My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol", Lee Hong-do (Song Ha-yoon) was once injured on the structure web page because of the poorly controlled site protection stipulations brought about by capability of Oh Hye-sang (Park Se-yeong).

On this day, Hong-do discovered out that Geum Sa-Wol (Baek Jin-hee) became Sa-Wol, whom she were having a look for. However, Sa-Wol still didn"t know that Hong-do was Oh-wol, whom she had been searching for. Hong-do rushed to the construction site to inform all of this to Sa-Wol.

At the similar time, Hye-sang install a plan to expose that Kang Man-hoo (Son Chang-min) had caused the twist of fate in Geumbit orphanage in the past. Hye-sang was going to marry Man-hoo"s son Kang Chan-bin (Yoon Hyeon-min). whilst she was keeping the evidences about the development collapse, she sought after to exploit them as her key that could lend a hand her getting married to Chan-bin.

Hong-do heard all of the fact and she in spite of everything may just piece in combination her old memories to what had been going down to her. Hong-do was stunned and Man-hoo threatened Hong-do. Hong-do also found out about Man-hoo"s evil acts and Man-hoo and Hye-sang were brought to a head. Then again Hong-do were given into an accident on the construction site and fell off a building as a result of Man-hoo. audience were surprised since the scene showed how fatal the accident was and Hong-do may die below the circumstances.

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Spoiler 'Last' Park Ye-jin comes out to the world, her vengeance begins

Spoiler 'Last' Park Ye-jin comes out to the world, her vengeance begins

"Last" Park Ye-jin got here out to the arena to take a revenge.

On the general episode of JTBC"s "Last", Search engine marketing Mi-joo (Park Ye-jin) have been living her lifestyles in seclusion after Ryoo Jong-goo (Park Won-sang)"s death. Even supposing Kwak Heung-sam (Lee Beom-soo) went to peer her, it wasn"t helpful.

And Jang Tae-ho (Yoon Kye-sang) also came to see her to cajole to take a revenge on Kwak Heung-sam, Seo Mi-joo just shook her head.

All of sudden, Seo Mi-joo showed up at where Kwak Heung-sam was once treading assemblymen, as though not anything had happened. Kwak Heung-sam said, "You know quite so much of techniques to marvel people". Seo Mi-joo responded, "I changed into concerned about changing into a messed up one similar to you. yet it wasn"t for me. i suspect I"m just going to take a revenge on you".

Kwak Heung-sam asked, "How?". Seo Mi-joo answered, "I will have the option from now on, don"t worry". Kwak Heung-sam laughed loud, "Great, you Seo Mi-joo shouldn"t be living like that hiding in a dismal room. Your revenge? I can be looking forward to it".

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Spoiler 'Yong Pal' Kim Tae-hee reveals out all of the stunning fact about her ex-lover

Spoiler 'Yong Pal' Kim Tae-hee reveals out all of the stunning fact about her ex-lover

On the 11th episode of SBS" Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Yong Pal", Yeo-jin (Kim Tae-hee) was once deeply stunned when she discovered out all of the reality associated with her ex-lover.

On this day, Yeo-jin went into the limited area, which became her room so she can get in a position to begin taking revenge opposed to Do-joon (Jo Hyeon-jae). When she sat on the chair, which was intended to be a symbol of a throne, a video began gambling automatically to her surprise. the individual in the video was her deceased father.

He asked Yeo-jin to forgive him and printed the stunning truth that her ex-lover Choi Seong-hoon (Choi Min) have been communicating with Do-joon secretly and approached Yeo-jin on purpose. Yeo-jin cried her center out and yelled in shock.

Yeo-jin calmed down herself and followed her father"s instruction to position the call of the game account e book in her hands. With the secret account book in her hands, she announced she was starting a war with Do-joon.

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[Spoiler] ' meeting' Can Jeong Jae-yeong, the fellow in danger, make his dreams  A fact

[Spoiler] ' meeting' Can Jeong Jae-yeong, the fellow in danger, make his dreams A fact

Jeong Jae-yeong is At risk. Can his dream of moveing into the assembly And creating A police combating other folks like himself from every bitsistlessly existing let move via an organization?

on the 30th, KBS2"s Wednesday-Thursday drama " assembly" displays y'all the efforts of Jin Sang-Pil (Jeong Jae-yeong) who has At once knelt prior to Baek make-Hyun (Jang Hyeon-seong) to sign up for his realityion.

Hiding the reality that he went to invite Baek make-Hyun for forgiveness to Choi 1n-Gyeong (Song Yoon-ah), he refused her request of writing A turn over written Apology to Choi 1n-Gyeong And Acknowledged, "Just let me do what 1 would like to do". When every bitked via her what this is, he Acknowledged "I would like to let other folks like me now no longer start fired. i need A police that doesn't let short-scale retail outlets move existneath". She replies via Announcing "That is from y'allr vitalitys" And made him realize the limits of A starting fourth dimension fourth dimension every bitsemblyman.

After existing Attentive to her, he comes to A decision to change into Baek make-Hyun"s puppy so every bit to Acquire more vitality. At A realityion assembly, he drank the entire liqueur passed to him displaying others a great fourth dimension whilst swearing Allegiance in front of the opposite every bitsemblymen. Baek make-Hyun determined to exploit this Jin Sang-Pil. He Appointed him to the birthday party"s usage reaction committee every bit ITs chairman And such. He likewise gild him to discuss pushing thruout the discussions referring to new recomm finishations of doable every bitsemblymen thruout main birthday party assemblys. He extensively utilized him every bit A verbalize slice to place doubt on the legitimacy of the birthday party chairman. 1n other words, Baek make-Hyun is the role of Jin Sang-Pil every bit displacenon fodder.

Jin Sang-Pil likewise knows this. staring At his Activities And worried via them, Choi 1n-Gyeong every bitks why he's moveing And then overboard amongst displaying his loyalty. He Answered via Announcing he used to exist doing what he used to exist doing existcause, "In my existing country, i will now no longer do the rest in the following x months. 1"ll start A birthday party recomm finishation. 1f the rest, 1"ll start IT. Please every bitsist me start IT". on the opposite turn over, existence isn't that simple And this is moveing for the desires of Jin Sang-Pil as well as. He used to exist wear the list of assembly men who wouldn"t start A recomm finishation.

This used to exist A surprise to Jin Sang-Pil who used to exist doing All he may just to turn Baek make-Hyun his loyalty. yet now no longerhing got here of IT. He would now no longer exist returning At the finish of his term. We Are expecting watching whether Jin Sang-Pil who is existingly At risk displace combat Baek make-Hyun over the economy town"s every bitsemblyman seat And do what he began out to do? we need there exist A sliver of mild shining upon the street of thorns laid prior to him.

" assembly" is A Am employing coming of historic period drama in which A " courageous existcause he's ignorant" former welder change intos An every bitsemblyman. 1t Airs each Wednesday And Thursday At x PM.

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[Spoiler] "The King"s Face" Seo In-guk accepts fact Jo Yoon-hee is Lee Seong-jae"s woman

On the 18th episode of KBS2 drama, "The King"s Face", Seo In-guk asked Ga-hee (Jo Yoon-hee) to guard Seonjo (Lee Seong-jae).

Ga-hee had come into the palace in order to protect Gwang Hae. But Gwang Hae only dealt with Ga-hee only officially.

It made Ga-hee step back saying, "I am sorry I have forgotten about my duty momentarily".

Meanwhile, the conspiracy to assassinate Seonjo started to come into action. When there was an attempt to assassin Seonjo, Gwang Hae called in Ga-hee. He gave the bow, Ga-hee had left previously, back to her and said, "You gave me this bow to forget yourself of the past".

Gwang-hae asked her to protect Seonjo as the best bowman in Joseon. He repeated saying, "Protect him with your bow. Can you do it".

Although Ga-hee could not hide her mixed feeling, she said, "Yes, your majesty, Crown Prince", accepting their relationship as a crown prince and king"s woman.


[Spoiler] A ‘rage virus’ takes over the world on ‘Running Man’

[Spoiler] A ‘rage virus’ takes over the world on ‘Running Man’

[Spoiler] A rage virus takes over the world on Running Man

In the year 2013, a deadly rage virus has taken over the planet, voiding the world of laughter. As the last remaining members of humanity to not have been infected with the virus, the Running Man cast members were tasked with going into the last remaining virus-free zone on the planet and retrieving the vaccine that could cure them all.

However, there was soon more to the episode than met the eye, as one by one, they became infected with the virus due to an unknown assailant. The surviving members grew suspicious of a spy in their midstespecially towards Yoo Jae Suk, who had a prior reputation of reversals.

The truth was, however, Yoo Jae Suk had been given a secret mission: there was someone amongst themselves who were spreading the virus, and passing him or herself off as his alter ego, Yoomes Bond, in the process.

Given his usual arsenal of high-powered H2O high-velocity ejection devices (or water guns), Yoomes Bond set out on his mission to find out who was sullying his name and trying to destroy the world of laughter.

However, it was only after half of the cast members were infected that Yoo Jae Suk finally figured out the truth: it was Song Ji Hyo who had been undermining the mission, having been given a secret task beforehand to infect everyone without their knowledge.

When only the two secret agents remained, Yoo Jae Suk eventually triumphed over the betrayer, putting a thrilling end to the latest episode of the Yoomes Bond series.

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