Ceci Mag Follows K-Pop Idol Sulli On Her Gorgeous  Commute To Italy

Ceci Mag Follows K-Pop Idol Sulli On Her Gorgeous Commute To Italy

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSullis fresh pictorial with Ceci Magazine has gainednumerous attention from fans, with many calling it her most pretty photo shoot yet.

In fact, the pictorial has been so well cherished byfanatics that the magazine even released a couple of videos documenting Sullis trip to Italy, where they shot the gorgeous photos. From her arrival at the airport to the finish of the photo shoot, Sulli used to benot anythingyet smiles, appearingfantastic professionalism and a carefree attitude that fans have learned to love. Apply Sulli on her vacationvia Korea below:

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CCi Previews Their July Edition Duvet  Style Sulli In Italy

CCi Previews Their July Edition Duvet Style Sulli In Italy

CéCi Previews Their July Edition DuvetStyle Sulli In Italysoojji Would possibly 25, 2016 0 CéCi Previews Their July Edition DisguiseBrand Sulli In Italy On Could 25, CéCi Korea posted a photo of former f(x) member Sulli onto the magazines Instagram account.

In the photo, Sulli poses in front of a colorful backdrop covered amongstgeared up mannequins in Positano, Italy. She displays off a adorable new hairstyle, bangs framing her face now. The magunearths that Sulli could be featured at the embrace of the July edition of Ceci Korea.

The caption reads, “Special Mission! In finding Sulli!! #Sulli poses for #Ceci’s July cover in #Italy #Positano. Isn’t she stunning as always? Italy has already fallen in love with her beauty.” “#sullijjang #numberonebeauty #sullioverflowers #truthoverflowers #whereareyougoingsuli #ceci #cecikorea #editor_choidirector”

Sully currently made netizen and fanatics buzz with the scoopof creating her private Instagram account private.

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Sulli Reappears On Instagram With Footage From Her Travel To Italy

Sulli Reappears On Instagram With Footage From Her Travel To Italy

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Regardless of deleting her private account, former f(x) member Sulli remains visual on Instagram all thank you to her upcoming photoshoot. 

On Might 25th, CeCi Korea shared a preview from their commute in Positano, Italy where they shot with singer and actress. Sulli posed with a display screen of dresses, growing a refreshing summer glancedressed in a redget dressed and slippers.

The post extra garnered a massive number of comments from her fanatics who sought afterto peer more of the singer and actress online, whilst others praised her for her attractiveness despite now not wearing any make-up.

With Sulli disappearing from Instagram, some fans are speculating that she is alsogetting ready for a felony case to be filed opposed to the malicious netizens on her posts.

#CeCiLive 특명! #설리를 찾아라!!


Netizens claim Sulli and Choiza’s courting is dangerous after locating new evidence

Netizens claim Sulli and Choiza’s courting is dangerous after locating new evidence

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even supposing theyve been in a dating for slightlysome time now, Dynamic DuoChoiza and former f(x) member Sulli still get preserve ofnumerousgrievance for their relationship. 

And whilst many netizens have pointed to examples of why the 2 are in an bad relationship, a post on Pann has claimed to have discovered irrefutable evidence that the relationship isnt a just right one. Comparing lyrics for fresh song Eat, Do It, Sleep, to lyrics from Smart Love, which used to be written when he became dating his ex-girlfriend Han Jina, the post concludes that Choiza doesnt truly dearest Sulli.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

All day we eat, do it, and sleep,

Eat, do it, sleep, eat, do it, and sleep,

I would like to do it, pretty, deeply,

My lips are a broom and your body’s my canvas,

You’re in awe over my brush work,

My detailed touch is like UHD prime quality,

From your shoulders on your calves,

And you walk on best of the clouds,

And you shiver like brrrrr,

That bends and shivers when I blow on your ear,

The tip of my brush is now,

Going deep into the woodland of reeds,

I’m drawing a landscape now,

A faster, larger crescendo,

An encore that plays all evening long,

We’re stuck close together,

So that even oxygen can’t separate us,

I’m a fish that swims inside,

With a blunt sound, my peg penetrates your body,

It’s so hot, your breath and mine,

I’ll lock the door so that no person send away come in,

Into this room, this night,

You spread your wings and take me out from this hell

When I’m suffering, lend me your narrow shoulders

If you touch my hair with your small hands,

Even my insomnia will cross away

Like a hearth fighter that puts me, who is like fire, to sleep

Without you, anywhere one am, it's far like a grave

When we are apart, I am gettingfearful at the reality that I’m alone

On the tightrope-like world, you're my parachute

When I are taking a look to hide somewhere, you grow to be my attic

If we’re a tree, I'm the roots, you're the flowers

For you, I may beready to deal only with the darkness, you simplywant to bloom

I pray that you are going toat all times exist well

I will do thatall the time – will you come back lay in my arms?

* Sit down side by side to me (sit next to me)

Lean on me and close your eyes (my girl nigh your eyes)

For me, who is like a idiot (you give love for me)

You promised forever (I’m satisfied you’re mine)

So thank you for giving me excellent love brilliant love nice love

Thank you – good love good love good love

You take my tightly closed heart

And so effortlesslydestroy the padlock

And you stole my very choosy heart

You put it next to your heart

Then you trapped me in the island of love

You are the flower of plant life – more gorgeous than any other

A true better half – our relationship is so deep

You are the trap of traps – protecting tight to my ankle

Our love is a wall of walls that no person privyglance past

Sometimes we fight, sometimes we get mad

Sometimes we act chillier than any other stranger like ice

But I still don’t fear about our relationship

Because we’re good over one drink, similar tothe start

Just like a kid who stepped on the pedals of a two-wheeler motorcycle for the primary time

When I used to be swaying from lifestyles (you held onto me)

When I obsessed over good fortune and have become a little crooked,

And I'd sway from being intoxicated (you held onto me)

You are so great – sometimes a section too much

Sometimes, I’m this kind of jerk and bloodless hearted

But you still trust in me – my cheerleader

Until the day my breath leaves my lungs, I run for you

Some would possibly say that I’m loopy but

If I can also be amongst you, I wish to go crazy

Some could point fingers at us but

I don’t need to lose this hand that I got then difficultly

You put a fire in me, who was once a dead star

I become the sun and stopped the long-time monsoon in your eyes

Like the odor of spring, in the breath of our brand new love,

I dream of forever once back

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented on the fashioned article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

750, -31 He's seriously the worst boyfriend. Im a guy and way I see it Choiza seduced her when she was young and tamed herif he actuallyenjoyed her he would have stopped Suli from making such Instagram posts and prior tothe locationwere given this bad

579, 20 You gave Han Jina love and what did you give Suli?

375, 31 If Choiza left Suli ..that would seriously be messed up

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Fans stunned at the serious chemistry between Sulli and Nam Joohyuk

Fans stunned at the serious chemistry between Sulli and Nam Joohyuk

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSince her departure from popular SM Entertainment girl group f(x)Sulli has most commonlytaken with photo shoots and pictorials. 

And as neatly as solo pictorials comparable to her go back and forth to Italy with Ceci Magazine, Sulli was these days featured along actor and model Nam Joo Hyuk for a heart-fluttering photo shoot. After seeing footage and gifs from the pictorial, fanatics unanimously agreed that the point of chemistry between Sulli and Nam Joo Hyuk was once off the charts, with many claiming that such photo shoots turn out why Sulli is stillone of the crucialmost sensible visuals in the Korean entertainment industry.

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Sulli spotted at nightclub tournament with boyfriend Choiza

Sulli spotted at nightclub tournament with boyfriend Choiza

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Regardless of her brief absence on some social networking sites, many are wondering about the activities and whereabouts of singer and actress, Sulli

Recently, a post on Pann uploaded multiplepictures of Sulli being out with artist boyfriend, Choiza. The post published Sulli’s contemporary whereabouts and showed her getting down at the club. Sulli used to be reportedly in the similarcorridortournament amongst Choiza with the post unveiling her dancing around in the back of the DJ booth.

Surprisingly, netizens appear to be in favour of her recent activities and posted sure comments of her free, self sustaining and relaxed lifestyle. Some were also optimistic of her newestcoiffure claiming it to be cute.

Since her departure from f(x), Sulli won much criticism for her sexual posts on social media, yet now apparently that lovers are in spite of everything accepting her for who she is and supporting her once again.

Check out her current photos below!

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Sulli Is Back With A New Selca! Blameless   Sexy

Sulli Is Back With A New Selca! Blameless Sexy

Sulli Is Back With A New Selca! Blameless Sexy? Jun 28, 2016 05:39

326 -36 I knew it was once too quiet for the beyond couple of days kkk

284 -120 Does she have a sponsor or anything else? Speaking about the ability of a sponsor... they take thosenormalladies and turn them into genuine estate householders overnight for a couple of give and takes

275 -46 She looks stunning in pictorials, yetthe space between her eyes looks bizarre in selcas

28 -7 I seriously have no idea why is she beautiful? kkkk her eyes just glance weird kkk

28 -5 It is simplya typical selca, but she still looks so weird, I wonder why?

22 -5 Her cheesy bangsㅠㅠ Similar Videosf(x),sulli,weibo Facebook Twitter Google

#f(x) #sulli #weibo

Fans Involved For Sulli’s Fitness After Obvious Weight Loss In Newest Pictorial

Fans Involved For Sulli’s Fitness After Obvious Weight Loss In Newest Pictorial

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter seeing footage from Sullis latest photo shoot with Ceci Magazine, lovers expressed worry for her health. 

Sulli shot a colorful new pictorial for CeCi magazine, and even supposing many fans compliment her permanentattractivenessand stylish aura, some felt that shes used to be to taking a look thinner than usual, and feature expressed difficulty for her health. Take a glance atprobably the mostimages from her shoot below!

You can watch Sullis complete adventure traveling to foreign lands for her shoot with CeCi in this video below!

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Big Bang Win Track Award in Italy

Big Bang Win Track Award in Italy

Korean boy band Giant Bang won an award at the Italian MTV awards which used to be held in Florence, Italy on Sunday.

They turned intothe sole Korean act to win the prize at the yearly event.

Previous winners come withinternationalnoted singers equivalent to Ariana Grande, Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber.

They are recentlygetting readyquite so much ofoccasions to celebrate their 10th anniversary this year.