Netizens pass wild over Han Ji Min’s vintage airport look

Netizens pass wild over Han Ji Min’s vintage airport look

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens had been going wild over actress Han Ji Mins vintage airport glance equally she turns heads even with undeniable outfits.

The footage capture her sublimeattractiveness as she donned a easy white collared blouse and pleated black skirt. She accessorized with a couple of black sun shades and a nude handbag as she casually graced the airport with her near-perfect style.

Check out her chic appearance here:

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this text being published.

Is she in reality human..are you certain shes now not an angel??How is thisairport images I presumed it was oncemagimages seems like a photoshoot oh my godHan Jimins a official goddess Source: Instiz

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Suzy's attractiveness makes impromptu pictorial a stylish one

Suzy's attractiveness makes impromptu pictorial a stylish one

Suzy"s aura is so sturdy here.

Tenasia has met with Suzy as of late for an interview relating to her role in the film "Dorihwaga". the site is in a cafe in Seoul and Suzy seemed in an overly informal attire: denim skirt, grey sweater and brown heels.

Moreover, she most effective has plain make up yet her good looks is sporting the entire atmosphere. With her difficult poses and wise facial expressions, one may think it"s a glamour pictorial. Irrespective of the setting and her not-so-glam up appearance, Suzy is radiating with charisma in each and every photo.

Netizens are mesmerized and commented, "I bet she can appear to be this even if she"s just woken up.","Her garments aren"t even fashionable but her face carries it all!","Her cosmetic is crazy!","This isn't a glam pictorial? Why is she so glamorous?" and so on.

See below:



Stylish 4-minute make airport their runway!

Stylish 4-minute make airport their runway!

4MINUTE women are spotted at the Incheon airport as of late departing for China for where their circle of relatives concert "Cube Festival" is taking place.

Noticeably, the entire girls are further trendy exhibiting distinct styles in general making the airport a runway. In particular, Sohyun and Jiyoon rock their denim glance in totally contrasting manner. at the other hand, Gayoon and Jihyun are having a look difficult in their all-black outfits accentuated with hat and sunglasses. Lastly, Hyuna remains elegant in her pleated miniskirt and mustard blazer.

The girls appear to be they specially glammed up for today. They are all beautiful, aren"t they?



Simple yet elegant - Suzy

Simple yet elegant - Suzy"s airport fashion

miss A"s Suzy is spotted at the airport!

She is seen wearing simple and casual clothes at the airport, despite her simple fashion she still garners much attention from netizens.

Fans commented, "simple but nice, only Suzy can do it", "she"s really a star, no matter what she wears she shines" and etc.



[Airport Fashion]  Girls' Generation Looking Stylish At The Airport

[Airport Fashion] Girls' Generation Looking Stylish At The Airport

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) made sure that all eyes were on them as they departed for Taiwan on March 20 via Incheon International Airport.

Tiffany fixes up her pants as soon as she steps off the van

Looking cheerful as always

She has so many rings on

Seohyun shows up in a classic trench coat

Dressed for the chilly early-spring weather

Sooyoung looks stylish in her wide-legged pants

She sweeps back her hair

Sunny shows off her legs in hot pants

Yuri adds a girlish touch to her chic leather jacket

Taeyeon looks comfortable in her leggings

Yuri and Seohyun walk side by side in different styles

Hyoyeon goes for the sporty look