T-ARA’s Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk Get a divorce After A Six-Year Relationship

T-ARA’s Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk Get a divorce After A Six-Year Relationship

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter six years together, T-ARAs Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk of Click-B have officially called it quits.

According to TV Report, the 2 take agreed to continue their junior-senior relationship in preference to lovers. For awhile now, fans have begun to notesymptomsin their breakup after noticing Click-B individualsnow not following Soyeon on social media. Fans have speculated that it will getsupposed that the two ended their courting on bad terms.

Prior to beginning a relationship with some other another, the two had a junior-senior relationship. Oh Jong Hyuk made his debut as a section of the boy team Click-B in 1999 whilst Soyeon debuted as element of the ladycommunity T-ARA in 2009. Additionally, Soyeon used to be known to werea large Click-B fan.

The two celebrities started a relationship in December 2010 yetbecome not made known to the public till September 2013 after Oh Jong Hyuk was spotted picking up Soyeon for their 1000th day celebration. In 2011, Oh Jong Hyuk entered the army where he joins the ranks of the marines for his army services. In spite of his two-year leave, Soyeon persevered to look forward to him and the two communicated viatelephone calls and letters all through her activities with T-ARA.

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T-ara’s Soyeon And Oh Jong Hyuk Damage Up

T-ara’s Soyeon And Oh Jong Hyuk Damage Up

T-aras Soyeon And Oh Jong Hyuk Get a divorce kokoberry July 4, 2016 0 T-aras Soyeon And Oh Jong Hyuk Break Up Long-time famous person couple T-aras Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk are confirmed to have damaged up.

On July 5, their agencies addressed the break up and showed the news.

T-aras firm MBK Entertainment said, Either one of them naturally drifted aside afering specializing in their separate entertainment industry activities. We have gotproven that it's far true they broke up recently.

MBK Entertainment continued, Having dated for a long time, they have gotmade up our minds to care for a excellentdating and stay supporting every others work.

Likewise, Oh Jong Hyuks agency DSP Entertainment commented, Oh Jong Hyuk and Soyeon lately broke up. Since its a personalsubject we can'tremarkto any extent further on it.

It seems as even though the pair have unfollowed one another on quite so much of social media platforms.

Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk began dating in overdue 2010 with their relationship being printed to the public in September 2013.

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Click-Bs Oh Jong Hyuk Offers an Update on Courting With T-aras Soyeon

Click-Bs Oh Jong Hyuk Offers an Update on Courting With T-aras Soyeon

Click-B’s Oh Jong Hyuk Presents an Update on Relationship With T-ara’s Soyeon Click-B‘s Oh Jong Hyuk currently mentioned his long-term relationship with T-ara member Soyeon all over interviews about Click-B’s contemporary comeback.

During an interview on October 20, he’s asked whether he’s still dating Soyeon. Oh Jong Hyuk replies, “We’re luckily dating. Soyeon at all times supports me, regardless of what I do.”

He is then asked about the prospect of upcoming wedding bells. Oh Jong Hyuk replies, “We haven’t idea about marriage yet. We’re just dating without any giant problems.”

Oh Jong Hyuk also acknowledged in an interview on October 21, “When the Click-B individuals all get together, we get apprehensive and fear about the public’s reaction. When we do that, Soyeon gives us numerous advice, from the viewpoint of a fan.”

When asked back about any long term marriage plans, Oh Jong Hyuk replies that he sounds like he must display an easier aspect of himself to his folks prior to they get older. “But thankfully my older brother still hasn’t gotten married, so I have time,” he jokes.

Oh Jong Hyuk and Soyeon began dating back in past due 2010, and their relationship was once published to the public in September of 2013.

Click-B is a first-generation K-pop crew that made a long-awaited comeback on October 21 with their first album in thirteen years that includes all seven members.

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T-ara discuss Soyeon

T-ara discuss Soyeon"s boyfriend Oh Jong Hyuk, ideal types, and more

T-ara discuss Soyeon

During a recent interview session with Ilgan Sports, T-ara"s Soyeon, Eunjung, and Jiyeon addressed the topic of dating and ideal types.

The interviewer asked, "Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk are an official couple. Is Oh Jong Hyuk close to the members, as well?"

Soyeon said, "We don"t even have time to meet each other," and laughed. She continued, "The both of us are so busy with work and we respect each other"s work because we can"t cause a disturbance. We try to split our time as best as possible to see each other sensibly. There are even cases where we see each other for just ten minutes."

The interview addressed the other two: "I feel like you two would also want to date when you see Soyeon dating. What kind of man would you like to meet?"

Eunjung stated, "I don"t have anything specific in mind. I"m okay with people in the business, but I also think I"d be able to date an ordinary person if we were to have a connection. I don"t really have a criteria for a type of person I dislike."

Jiyeon replied, "To tell the truth, for a long time, I wanted to date, but these days, I don"t. [That feeling] disappeared as we started working on the album."

Soyeon put in, "Jiyeon has an ideal type that is not idol-like, so I think it"s harder for her to meet a man. To tell the truth, the idols eye one another, so there are many cases in which they connect through dating. There are many male idols around Jiyeon, but she does not really like pretty boys or delicate men, so they don"t connect. She likes the warm type like Yang Dong Geun, but there aren"t many idols like that around us."

Eunjung added, "But that doesn"t mean Jiyeon likes the manly man style with big muscles. What we mean is she likes the warm and kind type."


Oh Jong Hyuk becomes flustered with questions about his girlfriend T-ara

Oh Jong Hyuk becomes flustered with questions about his girlfriend T-ara"s Soyeon on "Radio Star"

Oh Jong Hyuk becomes flustered with questions about his girlfriend T-ara

Oh Jong Hyukwas put in a tough spot by the hilarious yet ruthless MCs on"Radio Star" when asked about his relationship withT-ara"s Soyeon!

After targeting their other guest Song Chang Ui about his past relationship with Lisa, the MCs naturally moved on to Oh Jong Hyuk and his relationship.Kyuhyunbegan,"Oh Jong Hyuk sshi asked to not talk about the Marine Corps, which everyone was most curious about, last time. But this time, you asked to not talk about dating, which we"re most curious about now."Oh Jong Hyuk seemed noticeably flustered he shared,"To be honest, I have nothing to lose [by talking about my relationship] so it"s okay, but that friend [Soyeon]"s situation is still not good yet", possibly referring to the public"s perception of T-ara following their past controversy.

Kim Gu Ra, who seemed to be confused about which T-ara member Oh Jong Hyuk was dating, asked, "What do you mean her situation isn"t good? She released a solo album and is doing well", to which Oh Jong Hyuk corrected him, "She didn"t go solo", and Kyuhyun also corrected him, "The person you"re talking about is Hyomin."

When asked "Aren"t you dating beautifully?... Are you guys doing well?", Oh Jong Hyuk brought laughs as he noticeably avoided eye contact in hopes of preventing himself from being asked more questions, and answered, "Yes" to both questions.

Kim Gu Ra, curious about why the lead vocalist of T-ara did not have solo promotions, asked the actor"What is that friend [Soyeon] doing then? The other members are doing solo promotions, but she"s the lead vocal." Oh Jong Hyuk responded, "I don"t know why that is... She is resting."

Kim Gu Ra later asked whether the two sport couple rings and such, but Oh Jong Hyuk hilariously got back at the MCs by cutting their questions off by remarking, "No, we don"t like wearing accessories." This leftthe MCs to chuckle and say, "He"s good at answering these things."


Jiyeon reveals she's jealous of the Soyeon-Oh Jong Hyuk couple and comments on Hyomin's solo debut

Jiyeon reveals she's jealous of the Soyeon-Oh Jong Hyuk couple and comments on Hyomin's solo debut

T-ara"s Jiyeon shared her nervous excitement for her solo debut!

SEE ALSO: T-ara"s Jiyeon finally kicks off her anticipated solo debut with MV for "1MIN 1SEC" ("Never Ever") + dance practice clip

During the press conference for her solo debut at Core Contents Media"s practice room in Nonhyeondong, Gangnam in Seoul on May 19, Jiyeon touched upon her solo debut, "I was hesitant about the suggestion of making a solo debut because I thought that I don"t have enough skill at first, but through my members and Duble Sidekick"s support, I was able to gain courage. But to be honest, I still can"t sleep well."

She also gave some hints on Hyomin"s solo debut as well, "The style of Hyomin"s song is the total opposite of mine. Although I can"t share many details, she is practicing hard for it. I think we can be of help to each other, so we mentioned a lot of the things we"re lacking to each other."

When asked for updates on the Soyeon-Oh Jong Hyuk couple, Jiyeon expressed her jealousy, "I"m quite fond and jealous of the Soyeon-Oh Jong Hyuk couple... After finishing our schedule, I see Soyeon talking on the phone with Oh Jong Hyuk and think, "Ha, I"m jealous." All of the little things are what I"m jealous of and look fondly at."

She also elaborated on the reviews she hopes to receive, "I want to be complimented on how hard I practiced and how much effort I put in. I didn"t even think about getting #1. I want to receive the compliment, "You improved a lot from when I see you with T-ara.""


T-ARA Soyeon Shares About Her Boyfriend, Actor Oh Jong Hyuk,

T-ARA Soyeon Shares About Her Boyfriend, Actor Oh Jong Hyuk, "We both work hard"

T-ARA, Soyeon, Oh Jong Hyuk, Jiyeon

T-ARA’s Soyeon Talks About Lover Oh Jong Hyuk, ‘We both work hard…’ Girl group T-ARA's Soyeon talked about her lover Oh Jong Hyuk.

On October 23rd, T-ARA appeared on Yonhap News TV "News Y" and shared their thoughts on having their comeback in 1 year. They participated in the interview, which was titled, "Now everything is precious."

The host asked, "The questionnaire tells me to ask about the members' present conditions. However, I really only want to ask this to one person," and pointed to Soyeon. The MC asked Soyeon, "How are you nowadays? I know you must be happy."

Soyeon answered, "I'm doing well. He (Oh Jong Hyuk) and I both love our work, so we are both working very hard." She had previously admitted to being in a romantic relationship with singer Oh Jong Hyuk.

Jiyeon was then asked the question, "How do you feel when you see Soyeon? Do you have a desire to start dating?" She answered, "When I look at Soyeon, I envy her," and elicited laughter onset.

Photo credit: Y News screen capture


T-ara's Soyeon and Boyfriend Oh Jong Hyuk Are Thinking About Being on "We Got Married"

T-ara's Soyeon and Boyfriend Oh Jong Hyuk Are Thinking About Being on "We Got Married"

T-aras Soyeon and Boyfriend Oh Jong Hyuk Are Thinking About Being on We Got MarriedT-aras Soyeon has given some thought about appearing on the popular program, We Got Married with her real-life boyfriend, Oh Jong Hyuk.

On October 21, Soyeon met with a reporter for an interview where she was asked if she had any thoughts on appearing on We Got Married with her boyfriend. Soyeon honestly answered, Yes, if We Got Married wants us.

Last month, Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuks three year relationship went public.

Soyeon continued, After the news was released, I couldnt meet Oh Jong Hyuk often. We were both so busy, there werent many chances to see each other, and My boyfriend is going to the jungle again for Law of the Jungle and I think it suits him well. I am worried but I have positive thoughts. Since its a program that shows viewers about the experiences you have at a place like that, I think it has a good purpose.

Meanwhile, T-ara is showing a strong presence and popularity with their latest single, No. 9.

Read more about Soyeon proudly talking about her boyfriend, Oh Jong Hyuk, here.



T-ara Soyeon: "I Am Proud of My Amazing Boyfriend, Oh Jong Hyuk"

T-ara Soyeon: "I Am Proud of My Amazing Boyfriend, Oh Jong Hyuk"

T-ara Soyeon: I Am Proud of My Amazing Boyfriend, Oh Jong HyukT-ara Soyeon revealed her boyfriend, Oh Jong Hyuk, as someone who she is “proud of” and finds “amazing.”

During an interview on October 14 at a café in Gangnam, Soyeon said, “As T-ara made a comeback with our eighth mini album, ‘AGAIN,’ along with our double titles “No.9” and “I Know the Feeling,” he (Oh Jong Hyuk) encouraged me saying ‘You can do it’ and ‘I believe in you.”

Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk officially began dating on December 28, 2010.While on a date to celebrate their 1000 days together back in late September, their relationship was captured on camera and later exposed to the public. The couple, who have dated for about three years, supported and encouraged each other during the difficult times in their entertainment careers, conveying their ability to grow their love. Their love and commitment towards each other showed even when Oh Jong Hyuk was in the marines, as Soyeon was able to visit him despite her busy schedules.

T-ara Soyeon: I Am Proud of My Amazing Boyfriend, Oh Jong Hyuk

When she talked about her motivations behind waiting for her boyfriend for two years, Soyeon explained, “Before we started dating, the ideas of ‘my idol identity’ and ‘military issue’ were a great worry to me. However, because of our serious personalities, when we both started to date we didnt take our relationship lightly. Since there was trust in our relationship, waiting for him was actually easy.”

Moreover, Soyeon added, “Though while in the military he must have had struggled at certain times, it was actually when I had a hard time outside that he would take care of me. Two years of dating has developed trust and confidence in each other.”

On the topic of how Oh Jong Hyuk delayed his Marines discharge a month later, Sohyun stated, “Actually, regarding that issue, my boyfriend and I discussed about it beforehand. Although as his girlfriend I was worried, I didnt show it on the outside because it was his decision made out of conviction and belief in the right decision. As I watched him actively take part in his military service, it made me proud of him,” and continued to compliment her boyfriend by saying, “Ever since he was young, his dream was to be part of the Marine Corps. Watching him achieve his dream makes me think he is amazing.”

Oh Jong Hyuk was a former member of boy group Click-B that was active from the late 1990’s to the early 2000’s. Today, T-ara is busy promoting their new album, “Again,” as they recently made a successful comeback with their double title songs, “No.9” and “I Know the Feeling.”


T-Ara Soyeon,

T-Ara Soyeon, "I Had To Think Carefully About Dating Oh Jong Hyuk"

t-ara, soyeon, oh jong hyuk

t-ara soyeon careful about dating oh jong hyuk Girl group T-Ara's member Soyeon revealed that it took her a long time to come to the decision to date actor Oh Jong Hyuk.

In a recent interview, Soyeon said, "Because he had to go to the army and because I'm an idol member, we had to be very careful to come to the decision. Because our dating started from trusting each other, in a way, waiting for him while he was gone for the army was the easiest part. He must've had a hard time at the army too but whenever I had a hard time with anything, he took really good care of me. It was actually better that we had those 2 years to build trust in each other."

Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk had started dating 3 years ago and the relationship continued throughout Oh Jong Hyuk's 2 years of service in the army. He had even volunteered to stay one more month, catching much attention.

Soyeon said, "As his girlfriend, of course I was worried. But I couldn't express it. But I'm proud of him. He did well."

Photo Credit: OSEN