Taeyeons attractive new open-shirt selfie has lovers hypnotized

Taeyeons attractive new open-shirt selfie has lovers hypnotized

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterGirls GenerationTaeyeon has enduredto provokeloversnow notbest every bit a vocalist, yet as one of the crucialbest visuals in the industry as well. 

And with the unlock of her 2d solo mini-album, Taeyeon surprised fans another time alongside her overflowing beauty. But whilst fans are used to seeing gorgeouspictures of Taeyeon, many were stunnedto look her release a slightlyboldhorny photo for Why, in which she reveals a bit more skin than shes used to.

Check out some more shocking photos for Why from Taeyeons Instagram below:

A photo posted via TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) on Jun 20, 2016 at 6:08pm PDT

A photo posted by TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) on Jun 20, 2016 at 6:14pm PDT

A photo posted by TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) on Jun 26, 2016 at 10:03pm PDT

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Soyoon Of Pocket Ladies Gifts Lovers A Selfie Of Her Attractive New Outfit

Soyoon Of Pocket Ladies Gifts Lovers A Selfie Of Her Attractive New Outfit

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterRookie womanworkforce Pocket Girls member Soyoon has uploaded a photo of herself in a hot new outfit that lovers are raving over. 

Garbed in tight, shiny red overall shorts and a white top, Soyoon looks wonderful in her rest room selfie. Pocket Ladies debuted with Bbang bbang previousfinal year and are a group created from prior Racing Queen models. Take a glance at Soyoons pic, and their MV below.

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'Familyhood' Kim Hye-soo and Ma Dong-seok take a selfie with cast:

'Familyhood' Kim Hye-soo and Ma Dong-seok take a selfie with cast: "'Familyhood' is open now"

A workforce selfie of "Familyhood" forged is drawing attention.

Ma Dong-seok posted the crowd selfie and also wrote on his non-public Instagram on June 29 pronouncing ""Familyhood' is open now. Please come and revel in #Familyhood".

In the published photo, "Familyhood" leads, Kim Hye-soo and Ma Dong-seok strike pose in conjunction with Kwak Si-yang, Hwang Mi-yeong, Jeon Seok-ho and other actors.

"Familyhood" tells the tale about a superstar, who is a unmarriedlady living alone, and her pregnancy scandal as she tries to create somebody who can at all times be on her side.

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Former Leave out A Jia is Having a look  Attractive in Fresh Selfie

Former Leave out A Jia is Having a look Attractive in Fresh Selfie

Former Leave out A Jia is Taking a lookHorny in Fresh Selfie Jun 27, 2016 08:36

Former Miss A member Jia now a solo artist Meng Jia updates fanatics alongsidean attractive selfie on her instagram.

In the photo, Jia is bursting with sublime and sexy air of mysteryand welcoming gaze which complements the dramatic black and white filter. Meanwhile, Meng Jia held a freelance signing with her new firm Banana Culture on June 8.

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Wonder Ladies Wow Lovers In New Attractive Summer Go well with Photo Shoot For Eider

Wonder Ladies Wow Lovers In New Attractive Summer Go well with Photo Shoot For Eider

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the summer warmth having already taken over Korea, lady group Wonder Girls recently took a travel to the pool with mag star1 to cool down. 

Showing off their toned and beach-ready bodies, the girls teamed up with sports brand Eider for the pictorial by capability ofdressed in their new line of rash guards, that havechange intoone of the crucialbeststyle trends of the summer in Korea. The girls unquestionablyglancein a position for their summer comeback, with many fanatics claiming that theyre currently at their visual peaks.

While the girls are getting ready to unlock their new summer comeback, be certainto have a look at the tune video for their first song as a 4-member group, I believe You, below:

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WINNER Thank you  Lovers and Open Up About Their Comeback

WINNER Thank you Lovers and Open Up About Their Comeback

WINNER Thank youFanatics and Open Up About Their ComebackJiwonYu February 10, 2016 0 LINE it!WINNER Thanks Fans and Open Up About Their Comeback WINNER has made a comeback in a year and five months with their new album EXIT:E. Whilst their album claimed best spots correct later on its release, the gang sat down for an interview to proportion their mind about their long-waited comeback.

Q. How do you're feeling about having made a comeback in so long?

A. Lee Seunghoon: We after allgot here back. First of all, I suspect this comeback is that a lot more meaningful and active. Thats why I truly like this album a little more. We poured our center and soul into it, so it did excite and concern United States at the similar time. We went back to our roots to organize for this album, so I wish toexperience this comeback up to 1 can.

Q. What worried you the maximum about this comeback?

A. Song Mino: Since our hiatus was once and so long, we gave it our all and we feel self-assured about this album. Many fans also waited for our comeback, so it worried us if this album will do justice. We worried about being forgotten or having lost fans.

Q. Yet y'all rose to first position in the tune charts after the album release. How do you feel?

A. Nam Taehyun: We did upward push to first or 2d place initially but our rank has fallen a piece now. The individuals promised each and every other not to take the music chart rank to heart. Were just thankful for being remembered in spite of our long break. If the song proves to be good, it's going to remain in the charts. For example, Park Hyo Shins Wild Flower is still in the charts. We wish totransform a team who gets remembered for many years like that.

Q. Is there a distinctexplanation why to why your hiatus became thence long?

A. Kim Jinwoo: There were rumors that we were driven back on account of iKON. It's miles true that iKON debuted all over our hiatus. We were if reality exist told supporting iKONs debut. Our hiatus was long for the explanation that overflowing love we were given for our first album was a piece overwhelming for us. We were afraid that our moment album would no longer makesmartlyin comparison to our first one. Thats why our preparation procedure got longer and longer. We persisted to get readytill all five people were completely satisfied.

Q. Then how happy are you about your new album?

A. Nam Taehyun: First of all, we listened to our identify song Little one Baby and wondered if such a genre fits well with us. Surprisingly, it did fit us well and I used to be very proud. In truth speaking, our first album wasnt fully adequate to us pushing aside how well it did in the charts. We idea nosotros gave it our all at some level in that time, but having a look back to it we just say, What were we thinking? I feel its telling us that weve matured that much more. We are very convinced amongst our new album as compared to our closing one.

Q. What do you needto turn the target marketthru this comeback?

A. Kang Seungyoon: First of all, I need to thank our members for being enthusiastic about music. All and sundry diligently participated in this album. I also needto mention thank you such a lot to fans who have waited for us all this time. We candisplay mature and down-to-earth facets of ourselves and make WINNER fans proud. We havent been on many Televisionpresentations yet, so we'llattempt to greet fans viaquite so much of TV displays in the future.

winner exit e album yesasiaImprove the artist throughpurchasing Winner – Exit : E from YesAsia Source (1)

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truthfully open up about why they had no 
to head the attractive path

Stellar truthfully open up about why they had no selection yet to head the attractive path

Stellar truthfully open up about why they had no selection yet to head the horny path

When Kpop lovers pay attention the call Stellar, their first theory isn't of the lovable and quirky idea that the ladies de yeted with, yet rather the provocatively horny ideas that created immense buzz, and needless to say, backlash.

Stellar made their de yet in 2011, yet it was oncen"t in point of fact till 2014 that they was a familiar call. all over their early years, the ladies went via songs like "Rocket lady", "U.F.O", and " learn about", that had been amusing and spunky, yet fairesulted in gain traction. Then 2014 got here and the ladies made their comeback with "Marionette", the song that introduced them into highlight because of the erotic nature in their out have compatibilitys, choreography, and song video.

Through an interview with Kuki News, the ladies sat down for a decent interview, frankly revealing what resulted in their ex switch in theory and why they continue to advertise this provocatively horny symbol that gains much backlash.

"Marionette" (February, 2014)

Q: it sort of feels like there can had been many complicatedies because of consecutive unluckful liberates. 

Junyool: We didn"t have cash for rides, and it was once a hard sit downuation to the point that we"d must percentage one order of food among all folks. There were many unhappy cases. Once, we used the prepare room that a noted choreography team would use. But if we went early and waited, they would give us glances. But at the time we didn"t have cash to visit a cafe, or anyplace else to head and wait.

Minhee: It was once the bloodless wintry weather, and to kill time [prior to shall we use the prepare room] we played a game of rock paper scissors to make a decision who would take one step. So this fashion, we took one hour for a shuttle that handiest takes five mins to get there. If we saw a noted girl workforce pass by way of us in their vehicles, we'd hide out of embarrassment.

Q: Is that why you made a decision to take at the surprising skin exposure?

Minhee: We had to role each and eachthing at the line. We weren"t in a posit downion to con facetr what is moveing to come after. The luck of "Marionette" was once moveing to make a decisi at the lifevogues or disbandment of the team.

Junyool: I ready with the idea that this was once moveing to be our retirement album. I watched other sunbae workforces who took at the horny theory and sharpened my knife.

Gayoung: Honestly, we didn"t think ourselves to be horny. Even our firm wondered if this would suit us. But as we prepared, we discovered we would possibly neatly be [ horny].

Q: At the time, you won a wide number of backlash for the sexual nature of your theory. What did you observed?

Gayoung: 3 of our contributors took ballet prior to, so when we first saw our out have compatibilitys, we just theory "Oh they just appear to be leotards".

 Hyoeun: That"s appropriate. We were [comfortready] to the point that we"d run around and play on set. But once the lighting fixtures grew to turn into on, our skin was once transparently visual, and it glanceed erotic.

Minhee: Our song video was once especially erotic. We didn"t even are aware of it was once moveing to be erotic to that extent. The script just stated, "Lie in bed then sit down up" "Drip milk whenever you drink as you long for any person". We were surprised when we learned what the entirese references had int finished, handiest after reading the comments we won. I bet it's essential say we were blameless.

Q: So was once the finish result ample?

Gayoung: It grew to turn into out in point of fact neatly for us. We were given heaps of love demands quite numerous match performances and our negative [bank] balance was posit downive. We also were given a automobile and a dorm. We also were given a tradition room that shall we use all we wished.

"Mask" (August, 2014)

Q: thank you to the luck you were ready to liberate some other song. it sort of feels like you toned down the quantity of skin exposure.

Minhee: as an alternative of sexiness, we wished to pour our sincerity into the liberate ["Mask"].

Gayoung: We incorporated in the lyrics why we had no selection yet to do the horny theory for "Marionette". We sought after to provide an explanation for that we did it to obtain love from the public.

Hyoeun: But, no one appeared interested by way of our sincerity. It was once to the point they didn"t even know we made a comeback. other individuals who pay attentioned to the track stated it was once just appropriate, yet other individuals wouldn"t even give it a pay attention.

Minhee: because the finish effects weren"t just appropriate, our promotion cycle was once short.

"fool" (March, 201 five)

Q: You ex replaced up your taste totally for this one, and there has been once no skin exposure.

Junyool: in fact we theory "fool" was once just moveing to be an aspect song, we didn"t know we'd finally prove selling with it.

Gayoung: We theory the song was oncen"t all that just appropriate, yet the firm driven us pronouncing that it"s a song that makes other individuals call to mind their first love.

Hyoeun: At the time "Infinity mission"s ToToGa was once the entire rage...

Minhee: That"s appropriate. They even brought up that we must wear wide-legged pants that S.E.S sunbaenims wore.

Q: But unfortunately, the finish effects weren"t wonderful.

Hyoeun: We were persuaded finally by way of the firm, yet it didn"t turn out neatly. Later on, we even attempted to switch out out have compatibilitys to horny ones, yet it just didn"t have compatibility in conjunction with the song, so it was once a wide failure.

Gayoung: 2 weeks when we started promotions, the firm told us "We"re sorry" and "From now on, we're moveing to be ready to observe your reviews."

"Vibrato" (July, 201 five)

Q: i used to be surprised after seeing your teaser symbol [photo above]. Not just me, yet each and eachone was once surprised.

Hyoeun: Honestly, we were surprised too. We didn"t do it because we wished to. Having experienced two screw ups after "Marionette", we authorised the truth and come to a decisiond that we wished anything that might transform a most sensibleic.

Junyool: We sought after to get Stellar"s song in the market. When we didn"t have skin exposure, no one even knew we liberated a new song. If it"s no longer provocative, there's no longer any reaction.

Minhee: We were even asked "Why didn"t you guys pop out back after "Marionette"?" when we had already made two comebacks after that song...

Q: You"re receiving backlash to the point of your "Marionette" promotions.

Minhee: It was oncen"t a thong like many folks were imagining. It was once actually move well with bottoms, yet because a portion of it was once covered by way of the get clotheed, the image got here out taking a glance more erotic than it in point of fact was once.

Junyool: There"s an opportunity that even those who insult us will pay attention to our song. And if our song is just appropriate, then they would possibly transform our lovers. And i think that as a lady, we've were given a appropriate to be horny.

Gayoung: rather than seeking to provide an explanation for each and on each occasion a hardy is raised about our sexual ideas, we just wish to continue striving ahead, trusting in those who see appreciate our efforts.

Q: But it turns out like you still have some worries.

Gayoung: we've were given to advertise ourselves, yet I mightn"t get myself to upload the debatable teaser symbol folks on my SNS. But we can"t at all times re facet doing handiest what we wish. we've were given to do what the public needs for them to pay attention our song.

Junyool: That"s appropriate. Of course we do have worries, yet each and on each occasion I move up on degree, the urge to do song continues to grow.

Hyoeun: If a set isn't from a wide-scale firm, it"s hard to gain attention despite the fact that the song and theory are wonderful. Because here's fact, it"s pitiful when we see workforces from other smaller agencies also come to a decision to take on horny ideas to transform luckful.

Q: You got here back when festival is complicated. What is your function for this promotion?

Gayoung: We in point of fact hope it turns out neatly. The firm told us that if we are ready to stick most sensible 20 on song charts for a week, they"ll s finish us on a holiday in some other countake a glance at, we in point of fact hope it occurs.

Minhee: They say that once you get into the pinnacle 20, you don"t without problems fall backtrack. If that occurs, then we can see [ the probability] of a next album. We in point of fact hope we succeed in luck.

Junyool: If that occurs, then I wish to hang a guerrilla concert clotheed in the out have compatibilitys from our song video.

Q: If "Vibrato" succeed ins luck, will you put away the horny theory?

Junyool: I wish to check out an attractive idea that"s [more toned down] and just at the point of pay attentioning "It"s lovely".

Hyoeun: i need us to advertise with a song that we can all experience in combination. most likely there won"t be over the pinnacle skin exposure.

Minhee: It"s no longer that we don"t do blameless ideas because we don"t know the way to do it. We are most often like other girls in their early Nineteen Twenties. however, I do hope that Stellar can retain just a little of our colour still.

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"Twenty" actress and actor Lee Yoo-bi and Junho take friendly selfie like friends or lovers

"Twenty" actress and actor Lee Yoo-bi and "Junho" revealed their duo-selfie.

Lee Yoo-bi posted a pic on her Instagram on March 19th along with a caption, "Hello everyone! I finally have the "Twenty" VIP preview done yesterday. Great job. Clap clap clap. I"d like to see you again on stage after the film release".

The revealed photo shows Lee Yoo-bi and "Junho" making cute faces and gazing into the camera. Their friendly presence like friends or lovers catches viewers" eyes.

Netizens said "Lee Yoo-bi and "Junho", both of them are cute", "They look great together somehow", ""Twenty", I"m waiting for it" and so on.

Movie "Twenty" starring the two will be released soon on March 25th.