Talk Display Discusses Park Yoochun’s Alleged Toilet Fetish

Talk Display Discusses Park Yoochun’s Alleged Toilet Fetish

Talk Display Discusses Park Yoochuns Alleged Toilet Fetishkokoberry June 27, 2016 0 Talk Show Discusses Park Yoochuns Alleged Loo Fetish The June 27 episode of Channel As Heard It Throughout the Grapevine discussed Park Yoochun and the sexual attack allegations surrounding him.

Writer Park Young Jin who has written about male-female psychology discusses Park Yoochuns conceivablelavatory fetish all over the episode.

Park Young Jin says, On June 17, a post titled A psychoanalysts research of Park Yoochun was once posted on a network site. Park Yoochun gave the impression as a guest on an in a foreign country radio program in 2008 and picked bathroom among 3 things that he mates with the notice beautiful. He published a drawing and a loo is drawn along himself.

He continues, Its appealing that he thought of the words conversation, sigh, and toilet when hearing the word beautiful. Thats why I believehe'san individual who has at all times been very enthusiastic about bathrooms.

Then Park Young Jin adds, The explanation why this shapedas an examplemight be because when we are young we are still getting potty-trained. However, receiving sturdyforce from folkswhilst potty-training can create trauma and an bizarre attachment can be formed that calls forhaving a look at or touching a relaxation room to have mental stability.

Previously, Park Yoochun changed into accused of sexual assault in bathroom by capacity of4 individuals. The case is ongoing.

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Talk Display Peels Back The Veil On Park Yoochun’s 10 Cafe

Talk Display Peels Back The Veil On Park Yoochun’s 10 Cafe

Talk Display Peels Back The Veil On Park Yoochuns 10 Cafeehk38 June 28, 2016 0 Talk Show Peels Back The Veil On Park Yoochuns 10 Cafe Additional information on 10 Cafe, the website of Park Yoochuns alleged sexual attack of the primary accuser, has been revealed.

The first accuser has since dropped her feesopposed to Park Yoochun, yet 10 Cafe has persisted to incite interest as it was once reportedly the stars widespread haunt.

Talk show Heard It In the process the Grapevine these days peeled back the veil on 10 Cafe for its June 27 episode.

The 10 cafe Park Yoochun went to is status quo B situated in Yeoksam-dong in Gangnam-gu. The pricetag of alcohol per head is around 500,000 to 1 million won (approximately $428 to $856 USD). Its an incrediblyprime alcohol payment so many of theshoppers are high profile politicians, industry men, or celebrities, Park Young Jin explains.

Because they are public figures, the shoppers dont like to moveoutdoor of their rooms to exploit the restrooms. Thats why there's a restroom inside of of every room, Park Young Jin continues. However, the restroom is terribly compact. Theres just a sink and one urinal.

Park Yoochun has been accused of sexual assault in toiletsby capacity of4 individuals. The case is ongoing.

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J.Y. Park discusses alleged 'sajaegi' at best agencies

J.Y. Park discusses alleged 'sajaegi' at best agencies

J.Y. Park discusses alleged

J.Y. Park unfolded about alleged sajaegi going on at the main agencies at the September 30th episode of JTBC"s "Newsroom".

If you remember, Yang Hyuk Suk recently addressed reports of sajaegi, a banned train that comes to firms purchasing massive amounts of albums or streaming tune by capacity of its own artists so as to control music chart rankings, on the similar show. J.Y. Park commented, "The 4 agencies (SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment) don"t have issues of sajaegi so a long way as I know."

He added, "Album sajaegi is anything that a person or a superstar himself can do, so the chances are open. you will need have a extensive investigation because any individual from the composer, writer, and singer can do it."

What do you bring to mind J.Y. Park"s comments?

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Park Bo Gum And Kim Yoo Jung Display Their True Chemistry In “Moonlight Drawn by way of Clouds” Teaser

Park Bo Gum And Kim Yoo Jung Display Their True Chemistry In “Moonlight Drawn by way of Clouds” Teaser

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMoonlight Drawn by way of Clouds (Love in the Moonlight) is gaining numerous attention for its oozing chemistry thru their newest teaser stills. 

Set to air on KBS on August 15th, the drama won overwhelming love from their enthusiasts following the liberatein their promotional teasers featuring its leads Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung.

The teaser photo featured Park Bo Gum in classic wear, smiling refreshingly as he lays at the lap of actress, Kim Yoo Jung. The refreshing take for the drama also gained other insights for the pairing and were givencertain comments on their visuals and chemistry.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is ready Kim Yoo Jung’s persona disguising herself as a guy and counsels fellow men on dating ahead ofby accident bumping into the Crowned Prince played by Park Bo Gum.

Filming for the drama beganultimate month and is aimed to air its first episode on August 15th. Image: Moonlight Drawn By Clouds / KBS

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Jay Park and unsightly Duck display that AOMG is a Birthday party in new MV!

Jay Park and unsightly Duck display that AOMG is a Birthday party in new MV!

Jay park brought the birthday celebration amongstUnsightly Duck in their new mv 'Ain't No Party Like and AOMG Party'.

I bet it ain't lit ifAOMGisn't at a party ( I cannotaccept as true with I acknowledged lit....ugh), that is what Jay Park says. With excessiveframe paint and dance moves, this song makes you're feeling like a rap-star's girlfriend. Just beware ofthe ones dancers who dislocate their limbs, it gets you, have confidence me. Watch this and party, causeAOMGknows how to turn dull into Party Central. Please revel in and supportJay Parkand theAOMGfamily. Have a pleasant day/night everyone.

© Copyright 2016 Officially Kmusic. All Rights Reserved.

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Netizens talk about alleged “ghost face” hiding in Song Joong Ki’s photos

Netizens talk about alleged “ghost face” hiding in Song Joong Ki’s photos

10stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Song Joong Ki is in heartof a giant debate online after his pictorial with an alleged ghost figure in the background went viral. 

Fans had been commenting about a post highlighting a shadowy figure in the back of Song Joong Ki in one of his shoots in Hong Kong. The post, which originated from Sina, in the end spread thrumore than a few media shops in South Korea.

At first glance, it looked as though Joong Ki had an unknown shape in the background as he posted. However, Dispatch released two pictures depicting that the acknowledged viral photo used to be edited, suggesting it to in all probability have been a prank made through netizens.

In the normal photo shot in Hong Kong released by Harper’s Bazaar, it changed into pointed out that the smoky figure being discussed was no longer there. It was concluded that with a play of lighting, together with the cracks at the wall and reflection, made it appear that there has been a ghost in the background.

Check out the comparison photos below.

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First Alleged Sexual Attack Victim Reportedly Presses Fees  Opposed to Park Yoochun Again

First Alleged Sexual Attack Victim Reportedly Presses Fees Opposed to Park Yoochun Again

First Alleged Sexual Attack Victim Reportedly Presses FeesOpposed to Park Yoochun Back kokoberry July 1, 2016 0 First Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Reportedly Presses Charges Against Park Yoochun Again Channel A has reported that the primaryperson who submitted charges of sexual assault against Park Yoochun, hereafter known as A, has all over again pressed charges after shedding them earlier.

Previously, A pressed charges on June thirteenreferring to alleged sexual assault that took placeat theevening on June 3/early hours of June 4. However, it was oncepublished that the charges were dropped on June 14.

According to Channel As report, throughout the investigation procedure (which began later on A dropped the charges), A acknowledged she become forced into the sexual act which classifies it as sexual assault.

A said, The adult entertainment bar madam blocked the door so I couldnt get out. Park Yoochun dragged me to the toilet and I used to be sexually assaulted. An additional explained that the madam averted her from leaving the room around five a.m. when all of the other femininestaff had already left work. Apparently, the madam and Park Yoochuns acquaintances who were with him at the time of the incident were questioned.

A source from Gangnam Police Station commented on the record and said, In the case that a lawsuit is dropped, it isn'tconceivable to sue with the similar reason. However, it's milesdoubtless that during investigations A can alternate her statement.

Park Yoochun was puzzledby way of the special taskforce on June 30. Extrawondering is being scheduled for him.

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Popular Korean Actor Song Joong Ki Accused Of Frequenting Brothel With Alleged Rapist Park Yoochun

Popular Korean Actor Song Joong Ki Accused Of Frequenting Brothel With Alleged Rapist Park Yoochun

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Whilst law enforcement government are lately investigating sexual attack accusations against JYJYoochun, media outlet Dispatch confirmed that he was oncean ordinaryvisitor at the adult entertainment facility in which he changed into accused of rape. 

And because popular actor Song Joong Ki has been known to be pals amongst Yoochun, rumors arose that the 2 had frequented the room salon in combination in the past. In gentle of this rumor, however, media outlet Dispatch has stepped in and denied those accusations, clarifying that Song Joong Ki was in realityno longera collection of the men spotted with Yoochun at the adult entertainment facility.

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Accuser In Park Yoochun Case Supplies Her Account Of What Took place The Evening Of Alleged Sexual Assault

Accuser In Park Yoochun Case Supplies Her Account Of What Took place The Evening Of Alleged Sexual Assault

Accuser In Park Yoochun Case Offers Her Account Of What Took place The Evening Of Alleged Sexual Attack jun2yng June 28, 2016 0 Accuser In Park Yoochun Case Gives Her Account Of What Happened The Night Of Alleged Sexual Assault In the wake of the new Park Yoochun scandal, MBC’s “PD Notebook” interviewed one of the mostgirls who got hereahead in the sexual assault case. The interview used to be broadcast on June 28.

The woman, generally known as “A, said, I think and so shameful … Because I feel like I used to betotally played with… And I couldn’t argue because he's a celebrity, and he left without a unmarriedobserve of apology.

She explained in detail what happened the night of the incident:

“When you switch the track on there, it fills the space. Park Yoochun sings and turns club music up in point of fact loud. I didn’t trulyunderstand howto check the temper because I hadn’t been running there for long, and I becameoccupied with what I must make when he came and put his arm around my waist and commenced dancing.”

She continued, “He kept asking me ‘How much cash practice you lot need,’ and ‘Why are you here.’ He then said, ‘I can’t listen you, let’s pass to the bathroom.’ I didn’t think the rest of it and followed him in.”

“He asked, ‘How much money do you want that you began working here? I might bein a position to just generate profits and then quit.’ His tone and attitude made me feel like he was wantingto shop for me, and his consistentcommunicateof cash started to irritate me. He kept speaking about money. He then kissed me. He grabbed my face and kissed me, and when he pulled away, he said, ‘What is this, there’s no emotion.’”

“A” acknowledged that at the time, she was in the route of her menstrual cycle. “When he was kissing me, he lifted my skirt, so I told him to stop. I without a doubt said the three words. To stop. I said, ‘Stop, I’m on my period.’ He then said, ‘Oh, yet 1 still wish to see whenever you and I are compatible.’”

She said she attempted to leave. I was going to leave, but in the instant when I looked in the mirror, he took his pants off. When I was status there frozen in surprise, he forced me down. I said I didnt wish to and I wasnt going to, so he then stood me up and became me around.

I started crying, and he said, ‘It’s okay, because we’re going to date. We’re going thus far now. You’re going to give oppa your number, right? Right?’ I didn’t respond.”

“I didn’t need to have sex in that way in a leisure room where all and sundry give the axe hear. Especially when Im on my period, even supposing information technology were my boyfriend. I’m now not even inquiring for help. Really, just the truth that it happened in that small rest room is so embarrassing. And I was scared: What do I do if people in finding out?’”

She explained that she really wanted coin at the time. “I obligatorya huge issue of money. I wanted money for education. There’s no prostitution there and you'll be able to earn quite a few money, so I set to work at the ‘ten cafe’ (adult entertainment establishment). I had never heard of employees leaving to visit a 2nd location with customers, and the cafe also stops you from going, because they don’t wish problems.”

“In my opinion, Park Yoochun treated me as anythingnot up to a human being. If I were any person he really loved, would he have done it like that, there? As a man. I think he had the concept that ’the ladies that paintings there won’t be capable offile anything, they won’t be able to deny what I say, and there’s no CCTV in the bathroom, so they wouldn’t dare think to sue me.’”

“A” said, “I think he thinks that he’s a superstar and a most sensible star, and that we wouldn’t brainsound asleep alongside him. For me, I in truth needed the money, and my parent’s don’t have a really perfect background, so I was operating there purely for subsistence. But for the straightforwardreality that I worked there, he thought not anything of me and sexually assaulted me. I can’t forgive him.”

In addition to the interview with the woman, the show aired a clip of an actor, who remained anonymous, talking about his enjoy with Park Yoochun, in which he explains his challenge believing the news: “First, Park Yoochun is so sincere, and in the case of work, there’s nothing to bitch about. In each and every aspect, I honestly handiest acceptjust right things to say. He’s respectful, at all timesgreat to the staff. On account of that, I actually had a difficult fourth dimension believing what I read in the news.”

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"Band, the toilet and habit"... Park Yoo-chun's nature

There had beenfourgirls so far. A pressed fees then cancelled them. B called 112 closing year and is going forward amongst suing him. C and D also claim they were raped.

She worked at Ten Cafe ahead of and she's met Park Yoo-chun as a customer. Then she was oncepractically raped. However, she did not press charges.

"Who is going to agree with a waitress who works at a bar?"

We took a glance at the text messages between E and her friend.

E told her friend what happened.

"I became nearly raped via Park Yoo-chun".

E and her friend don't have any secrets. E told her friend Park Yoo-chun got here to the bar and anything almost came about to her in the bathroom.

"There was a band that came in to play music. Then Park Yoo-chun called me to the toilet and attempted to force me to have sex".

There was a squabble. E didn't wish this and she refused to do it. A couple ofmins later she were given out of the bathroom.

What E felt at the moment, was fear. The rest room is a secret position for anyone. Yet at the similar time, it is somewhere nobody volitionlend a hand you.

E texted her friend when she got out. She was angry but she had to stay IT in. She knew it was just shaming herself if she didn't.

"Will it be over if I just sue him? Each person would point palms at me. No one will have confidence me. Who would believe that a waitress at a bar would get raped?"

E still may not press charges.

Dispatch did furtherstudiesin this case. We met with 4 or more space caf waitresses. They all met Park Yoo-chun before.

They remembered him clearly. He likes hip hop, suppliesjust rightpointers and can pay the invoice without a hassle.

Another thing they remembered was 'band' and 'bathroom'.

"When the band starts playing, he is going to the lavatory and he is taking his spouse with him. But no one knows what goes on in there".

"When Park Yoo-chun went into the bathroom, his buddies laughed. They know what is going on inside. We just assume".

F and G asked about sex scandal and their solution was simple. Park Yoo-chun was a visitor and the ladies claiming to be sufferersalso are waitresses who paintings at a bar.

They didn't say much about the case being rape of not. He didn't hit them. Then, were all of the intercourses consensual? They shook their heads.

"Some could make it because they adore it simply some might no longer acceptbeloved it. Still, or not it'snot easy to push him off you and run out. That is her job, operating at the bar. That's why".

H discussed 'fear'. She stated there was force and the concern was no longer roughly being raped but about not being protected.

What if the women controlled to push him off and got out? The terrorwill be the same.

"The chums would mock her. Suing would make her a con artist. They would tease her and say she's a bar waitress and that is the reason what she's meant to do".

This is more or less why A cancelled her charges.

Dispatch was ready to get knowledge about A and the verbal exchange she had with her friend.

"There are simplest about 10 witnesses to the case. Battling would only get my identity leaked and not anythingsensible can come from it".

Park Yoo-chun's case is still in progress. A, B, C and D claim they were raped in the bathroom. Just a claims there was no 'force' involved.

These women are being called con artists. They might be.

However, the processof the waythey is also able to brand their statements is extremely limited. They work at night, at a bar and other folks take them for 'easy women'.

The prisonsame old of this example is whether the sex was forced or not. However, there is somethingin the back of it and that is Park Yoo-chun's dependancy and attitude.

Finally, there might be I. I is an reliable at a room salon caf. He said habit. He mentioned that Park might not stimulateidentified the wrongness of it.

"Ten cafes have no 2d rounds. Sex trafficking is illegal. But there are those who come to the bar in hopes of having some game".

E almost got raped in the bathroom. F and G witnessed Park's toilet fetish.

"Park Yoo-chun might've been unfortunate and got concerned with a con artist but it mightactually precisely be his habit".

There's 'con artists', 'mobs' and 'half one billion won'. At the other hand, the victims mentioned repayment first and the accused put 'someone' (member of the Yangeun Gang) ahead but are denying it.

Park Yoo-chun's scandal is now a game. He is instantly the victim and claiming he's been framed.

However, there are some women who have not pressed ratesopposed to him yet.

In the end, he's given the pretext himself. He went along doing his customary matter in the bar and here's where it got him.

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