Teesa Houston of KOLAJ Talks Music, K-Pop Crossovers and More

Teesa Houston of KOLAJ Talks Music, K-Pop Crossovers and More

Teesa Houston KCON(Photo : Leah Westbrook)KCON 2016 L. a. presented via Toyota promised to be the maximum important and best. With a 3-day conference and 2 stellar concerts whose lineups boasted some of the most up to date acts in K-Pop, KCON delivered on that promise, treating lovers from the around the world to a Hallyu enjoy like no other.

While there were many moments over the process the weekend that made the convention memorable, none stands proudrelativelyup to the fantastic performances throughout the evenings M Countdown concerts. Every artist and workforce who conductedthe ones nights delivered stellar performances, all memorable in their own right. Yet ITused to be the special stages, in which artists made authentic and ceaselesslyunforeseen appearances on-stage, that left a more lasting impression.

One such degreecame about during Eric Nams functionality on Sunday night. After wooing the crowd with his candy vocals and captivating smile, Nam turned into joined onstage by a string of special visitors which integrated ASTROs rapper, JinJin, f(x)s Amber and Teesa Houston from the yank EDM duo, KOLAJ.

AdvertisementWe were readyto sit down down down with Ms. Houston and communicate a little about her music, the creatingacclaim for K-Pop and the chance of doing more crossover paintings in the future.

KPZ: You latterly released your hit unmarried Into You with Eric Nam, which is fantastic, by the way. Whilst you offsetgot to workin this track, did you've any concept that it is going to exist and so well-received?

Teesa: Well first off, thank you. "Into You" is one of thesebright experiments that ended up turning out amazing! I suspectall and sundry was a little hesitant in the beginning because this type of collaboration was unprecedented, but since it is been so smartlygained nosotros feel very accomplished.

KPZ: Fuse has categorised KOLAJ as an upstart EDM duo while YoungsterFashion has stated your tune has a uniquetaste of music that may translate from an evening out with your buddies to an off-the-cuff hangout by the beach. In short, you'll be able tousuallyconcentrate to their music any time. How does a duo with such a wide musical base come to work with a K-Pop artist like Eric Nam? Did you ever think youd be making this form of musical crossover?

Teesa: We arein fact quite pleased with being just a little undefinable and having a valid of our own. This collaboration, which got here about thru Eric's brother, Eddie, allowed us to mission even extra into very unexpected overseas territory. We had no clue letstake onsuch a crossover, but or not it's been successful, and we will have even created a new sound along the way. I ambeginning to think my abilityis simplyblending cultures in combination lol

KPZ: Prior to this collaboration, had you had any exposure or expertise amongst K-Pop? Was this anything altogether new for you or were you accustomed to the genre beforehand? Once you were familiar beforehand, which teams are your favorite?

Teesa: Mike and i'vein reality been large fans of K-Pop throughout the years. We really wrote a song for kpop boyband, VIXX "Ottokaji". I enjoyed SHINee, Ladies Generation, Big Bang (I have a largeoverwhelm on T.O.P). And in reality a new fan of the sweetnessWomen since they begangamblingtools ;)

KPZ: You played Into You with Eric Nam during Sunday nights concert, at KCON and I realize this was your debut mainstage performance. How did you're feeling about that? Were you nervous? Excited?

Teesa: I'm incredibly stoked and commemorated because I reallyknow the way passionate and livelyand various Kpop fans truly are! I oddly wasn't that nervous, even if the Staples Middle is ridonkulous...I was just super amped! Being there beside Eric acting and feeling the audience's energy, it was in order that incredible.

KPZ: Was this your first time at something like KCON? What are your mind on it? Did you had a possibility to journey any of the convention itself?

Teesa: I really went to KCON LA two years ago because VIXX was performing and I sought afterto look what it is all about. It's grown so much, even since then! The KPop culture is exciting and addicting, which is why I believe the convention has been such a successaround the globe!

KPZ: Do you notice yourself doing any other K-Pop collaborations in the future? Are there any groups or artists youd love to operate with? If so, who?

Teesa: We truthfully never have a clue who we're collabing with next lol...But we are open! We know there are masses of talented Kpop artists out there. So G-Dragon, T.O.P, CL, hit us up for some K-Trop!!!

If you werent capable of attend KCON 2016 LA this year, dont worry, that you couldtake a glance at Eric Nam and KOLAJs performance here.

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K-Indie Duo Dead Buttons Talks Music, Inspiration and KCON EXCLUSIVE

K-Indie Duo Dead Buttons Talks Music, Inspiration and KCON EXCLUSIVE

(Photo : Angie Turbines For KpopStarz)North America's biggestconference of "all things Hallyu," KCON 2016 backedby way of Toyota, wrapped up this beyond weekend in Los Angeles.

Boasting performances by one of the crucial industry's best stars, KCON 2016 L. a. attracted the eye of enthusiaststhe sector over. Yet idol teams and actors were notthe only real artists to make an appearance at this year's convention. Several of Korea's most neatly liked indie bands showed up to accomplishat the convention degree over the process the weekend. For rather a lot of of those bands, this will be the start fourth dimensionthey havecarried out at a traditioncorresponding to KCON. Among these, the indie rock duo, Dead Buttons, tops the list.

Advertisement Regardless of their irritating schedule, the duo, created from guitarist Hong Ji Hyun and drummer Lee Kang Hee, controlledto discover a moment to take a seat down and communicate alongside us about their music, their inspiration and their revel in at KCON 2016 LA.

KPZ: You'vethis type of wide number of sounds to yoursongit ispracticallyvery unlikely to describe your style. How would you describe yourself to somebody who hasn't heard your music before?

Ji Hyun:We've been encouraged by vintage rock and country music and punk rock, especially.

KPZ:Who are some of your favorites?

Ji Hyun:Personally, Johnny Cash. Musically, there is and much. I actually like a lot.

KPZ:Your sound could also be incredibly wealthy and a joy to pay attention and slightlyunforeseen for a duo. Let us knowa section or so your ingeniousprocedure when growing music.

Ji Hyun:Actually, we began out as 3 but if the bassist left, I attempted to fill the bass component but now days it does not matter. There isn't any limits.

KPZ:Are there sure artists who have inspired or impacted your work?

Ji Hyun:I was oncetrulyinterested by US garage rock scene. We are in the 3rd revival now. I have been really interested and inspired by that.

KPZ:Would you assert your sound is more very an identical to this taste or have you simply used this as inspiration to head off and do your own thing?

Ji Hyun: I am into numerous music, I watch so much of music videos, and I'm inspired by all of that but I do notwould like to exist that.

KPZ:When you started out as Dead Buttons, there were 3 of you but your bassist left...

Kang Hee:That came about on Korean independence day, actually.

KPZ:Oh really? That is kinda crazy!

KPZ:Most groups, when they lose a member, would either update that member or simplyutterly fall apart. You two did neither. As a substitute you lot scratched your whole old music and begantotally over. What inspired you to take such an atypical path?

Ji Hyun:After going via 2 other bassist, we were givenbeautifuluninterested infacing them so we just made up our minds to do without them.

KPZ:You currently wrapped up a 23-stop Ecuexcursion that integrated stops in the UK, Switzerland, Denmark, France and Spain. How became that? Do you have any favourite memories or reviewsyou wouldlove to share?

Ji Hyun:Primavera Sound, this isthe maximum efficient festival ever! Either the musicians and the target audience were the best. They were great.

KPZ:You've played at many of music fairs and such over the last few years and now you would possibly beon the point ofcarry out here at KCON, later today. As an indie band, did you ever see yourself functioning at a convention such as this? How has your expertise been so far?

Ji Hyun:This is our first time at a position like KCON. I don't really know what to name this but whatever it is, here is our first time at a K-Pop thing.

KPZ:Do you watched your time here will bring in more fans for you, will your appearance develop people's musical interests?

Ji Hyun:We don't know. We just play. We're just here for the music and to have a just right time.

KPZ:How has your journey been here so far?

Ji Hyun:This is my first time visiting the US. So I am goingloopy because tools are so reasonable here. It makes me mad! Or not it's cool though.

Ji Hyun:Yeah, it's too big. I like muchof yankee musicians, I used to be inspired to look them in their own country, so this is actually exciting.

(Photo : Dead Buttons Legitimate Facebook )Despite the truth the duo was a little unnerved by the choice of fans attending KCON this year, they did not let that prevent them from giving a stellar functionality this past weekend. To come up withan idea of what Dead Buttons is really like, make sureto try their video for "16-22" below!

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INFINITE’s Woohyun Talks About Upcoming Solo Debut   Identify  Music “Nodding”

INFINITE’s Woohyun Talks About Upcoming Solo Debut Identify Music “Nodding”

INFINITEs Woohyun Talks About Upcoming Solo Debut IdentifySong Noddingleonid Would possibly 7, 2016 0 INFINITEs Woohyun Talks About Upcoming Solo Debut Title Track Nodding INFINITE’s Woohyun, who will soon make his long-awaited solo debut, is so passionate about music!

On Could 7, the idol hosted the “Nam Woohyun’s Write Album Preview Show” via V app.

During the reside show, Woohyun acknowledges that the loversshould accept waited a long time, and says, I have also been getting ready for a long time. I had to paintings slowly and steadily. I in realityreadyfor 2 years so as to show my own authentic color, one that’s other from when there’s seven of us. I ask for forgiveness I made you guys wait for so long.

The singer also supplies his fans a sneak peek of all of the tracks and finds more information about the album.

He explains, “All six tracks at the album are love songs, and each song has a different breakup story. I am hoping y'all guys will staythat duringbrain when paying attention tothose songs.” The singer also says that despite the reality that they all paintingvariouskinds of music, there's ahabitual theme in the songs.

After gambling a a section of championship track “Nodding” (working title), Woohyun describes it as a love song which expresses “the misery, emptiness, and loneliness” after a separation. He says, “Real tools were used when recording. This song used to bevery well made piece by piece. The lyrics really moved me. The singer also adds,  “Jay Yoon and Kim Yi Na wrote the lyrics to this song. It’s truly good, isn’t it? The primary fourth dimension I heard it, I fell for it and kept listening for 3 months.”

His debut solo album, Write, will drop on Can also 9.

Beef up the artist by purchasing Nam Woo Hyun - Write from YesAsia Source (1) (2)

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Rhymer talks about whether he was once  careworn  by way of Kim Gu Ra to settle for MC Gree in to Logo New Music

Rhymer talks about whether he was once careworn by way of Kim Gu Ra to settle for MC Gree in to Logo New Music

Some of you cangreater know him as Kim Gu Ra's son; Kim Dong Hyun, aka MC Gree, will in spite of everything exist making his solo debut!

The rapper, who signed with Brand New Track last year in February, has no doubt proved that he iswere given what he's taking to be a a phase of the famed hip-hop label.

Brand New Music's head Rhymer publishedall througha up to date interview with 'International bnt' that he plans to officially debut MC Gree inside of this year, saying, "I saw MC Gree's hobby and potential. I consider that the hundreds will know what I mean when he officially makes his debut this year."

Rhymer also touched upon the bit of controversy on how some other people believed that MC Gree entered the K-Hip hop scene by means of riding on his father's fame.

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He explained, "It is right that Kim Gu Ra asked if his son had the potential. Yet there used to be no power whatsoever or meddling on his end."


Beenzino talks music, ideal type, and what he thinks about Black Nut in 'Monograph'

Beenzino talks music, ideal type, and what he thinks about Black Nut in 'Monograph'

Talented, eccentric rapper Beenzino wasn't afraid to get private in a contemporary interview with 'Monograph,' touching upon varioussubjectsreminiscent of his love for music, his beautiful girlfriend, and what he thinks about his biggest, maximum passionate fan, Black Nut

The rapper, who lately released two new songs, "Break" and "We are going to," admitted, "I do not do tune for fanaticsyet rather, because I think suffocated and preferI am goingloopy if I don't. Whether I position first or now not on charts is secondary." 

On fellow rapper Black Nut, who also occurs to be his greatest fan, Beenzino said, "He's passionate, pure, and kindhearted. What I consider is most significant for an artist is identity, and no person can replace him in the hip hop scene." 

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The rapper then detailed the sort ofwomen he likes, saying, "I don't in reality like girls who truly dolled up or showy. I really likethose whoI could beready to actually truest and who will make a deep mark in my life," revealing that he likes his girls down-to-earth and straightforward.


SB Chat Box #46: Henry Bloomfield Talks Music and Culture

SB Chat Box #46: Henry Bloomfield Talks Music and Culture

20150506_seoulbeats_henry bloomfield2 SB Chat Box #46: Henry Bloomfield Talks Music and Culture Written by Leslie On May 8, 2015 Seoulbeats Chat Box is back this week with something different: an interview with Henry Bloomfield, a US-born musician and songwriter who is currently trying to make it in Korea. We talk music, food, language and the big question of what its like to be a foreigner in the Korean music industry and the issues that go along with it.

Be on the lookout for Henrys next project, and in the meanwhile you can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

(Images via Henry Bloomfield)


Uhm Jung Hwa thanks fans for the renewed interest in her music + talks about a possible comeback

Uhm Jung Hwa thanks fans for the renewed interest in her music + talks about a possible comeback

Uhm Jung Hwa thanks fans for the renewed interest in her music + talks about a possible comeback

Uhm Jung Hwathanked fans for the renewed interest in her music after her performance on "Infinity Challenge"s "90s special and revealed that she plans on making a comeback!

Her agency rep told Ilgan Sports on January 5, "[Uhm Jung Hwa] always had releasing an album in mind as she acted in movies and dramas up until now. She planned on releasing an album even before "ToToGa" ("Infinity Challenge"s "90s special). The only thing that is uncertain is when it will happen... There have been a lot of requests for her to perform on stage with a new song after the broadcast. We are only grateful for the good response."

Uhm Jung Hwa"s "Poison", Jinusean"s "Tell Me" feat. Uhm Jung Hwa, and Kim Gun Mo"s "Wrongful Meeting" also topped music charts after "Infinity Challenge" recent "90s special broadcast. Uhm Jung Hwa took to her Instagram, sharing, "It"s really been a long time since things like this happened to me. Thank you so so much. ㅠㅠ I want to enjoy this moment for today!!!"

Meanwhile, the film "Wonderful Nightmare" starring Uhm Jung Hwa and Song Seung Hoonwill be hitting theaters early this year.



GOT7"s Jackson reveals he often gets asked about KARA"s Youngji + talks about their music


After garnering a lot of attention for his cute and bickering relationship with "Roommate" co-star, KARA"s Youngji, GOT7"s Jackson assured everyone they were not in a "some" relationship (in which "something" is going on, but nothing official in the romance department). He emphasized this once again in a recent meeting with media outlet TV Daily, but he also talked about the group"s music.

He said, "Differently from our last promotions with "A," this is a slightly sexy concept. J.Y. Park really wrote this diligently and well. To tell the truth, I thought I was the main in the MV, but I wasn"t. There will be a chance next time, right?" and laughed goodheartedly.

The reporter said, "These days, your relationship with Youngji in "Roommate" is uncommon." Jackson responded, "I get asked whether I"m in a "some" relationship with Youngji a lot. Rather than being in a "some" relationship, it is because we are really very close. In addition, truthfully, there"s no one else with whom I can bicker. I can"t go to Park Joon Hyung and be like that."

Going back to the boys" songs, Jackson said, "I really like our tracks this time. I really hope they will do well and I won"t forget my original intentions and will do my best. I want to make sure to hear this time that we are a group with musical talent."


Hong Jin Young compliments VIXX on their good manners + talks about her new music

Hong Jin Young compliments VIXX on their good manners + talks about her new music

Hong Jin Young compliments VIXX on their good manners + talks about her new music

Hong Jin Young and VIXX reunited on the November 6 edition of SBS radio program, "Cultwo Show," where they revealed their good impressions of each other. Despite a writer recently expressing her displeasure in VIXX"s manners on variety programs, Hong Jin Young proved to have not found any problems with them.

Ken stated, "I went out on a cable program once in the past where Hong Jin Young watched over me a lot, so I was grateful." Hong Jin Young responded, "VIXX are very well-mannered unlike other people these days. I met them once, but I often said they were good people."

Leader N stated, "Hong Jin Young gives off the feeling of being a noona-next-door."

In addition, Hong Jin Young talked about her latest music, saying, "I received a great amount of songs. I received about 70 songs and it was extremely hard choosing songs." When asked whether the CEO chose the title track, she replied, "It was half and half. The CEO and my viewpoints went hand in hand." She also revealed she got nervous for live broadcast.


V.O.S reveal that they will be releasing new music this month + Choi Hyun Joon talks about his son

V.O.S reveal that they will be releasing new music this month + Choi Hyun Joon talks about his son

V.O.S reveal that they will be releasing new music this month + Choi Hyun Joon talks about his son

On the October 16th broadcast of SBS Power FM"s "Two o" Clock Escape Cult Two Show", RB group V.O.S revealed that they were determined to release something new, saying, "This month, even if it"s just one song, we plan on making a release."

Member Kim Kyung Rok added, "It"s been a year since my military discharge. Hyun Joon hyung was discharged and I was discharged, and while preparing for our album, we appeared on shows like "Immortal Song" during the year," revealing that they have been slowly re-immersing themselves into the music industry ever since they concluded their military activities.

Choi Hyun Joon, who recently got married and is currently a father, shared, "My son was born in February." He continued, "It"s been 8 months. He really doesn"t listen to me."

The DJs reassured Choi Hyun Joon, saying, "It"s only been eight months. It would be stranger if he listened to you well," making the studio crack up.

Stay tuned for more details on V.O.S" upcoming release!