The epic leg scene in SHINee’s “Everybody” MV has fanatics  shedding in laughter

The epic leg scene in SHINee’s “Everybody” MV has fanatics shedding in laughter

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Taking a look back at old clips of SHINees beyondtune video Everybody, fanatics are in a are compatible of laughter after the truthof the way the teams epic leg scene was oncepublished to had been recorded.

Originally released over two years ago, the behind-the-scene video revealed a small camera vehicleridingduring the groups stretched out legs. However, in this actual shot, the auto hits Jonghyuns leg who dramatically falls down, causing laughter at the set.

Fans left comments such as, Ack, kekekeke oh my gosh kekeke, I assumed their legs collapsed kekeke, and more.

Watch the usual music video: 

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Korean Fanatics Bustle With Excitement As GOT7 Teases For EPIC Comeback

Korean Fanatics Bustle With Excitement As GOT7 Teases For EPIC Comeback

6kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter After locatinggood fortune with several comebacks ultimate year, male group GOT7 recently announced that they would be making a return soon.

And whilst the JYP Entertainment groups old releases were also relatively popular, the teasers for their upcoming liberate FLY has receivednumerous attention. After seeing several teasers for the comeback, netizens couldnt hide their anticipation for the release, with many wishing GOT7 much fulfillment in their upcoming promotions.

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at thenormal article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this text being published.

84 / -3 I may bein a position to sense that will most probably be daebak. Concert is going to be sold out! Their personality, ability and appearance are all perfect! Shall we go!

83 / -3 Im no longer a fan yet Im taking a lookahead to their song. I believe their song and idea will be good. hahahahahaha. Also they areactually talented in dancing

51 / 0 Lets do larger this time!!!!!!! I have tests bobbing up but congratulations to their comeback!!!!!!!!! Person concert fighting!!

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Lee Hong Ki Says His Insensible MV Kiss Scene With Park Shin Hye Was once Filled with Laughter

Lee Hong Ki Says His Insensible MV Kiss Scene With Park Shin Hye Was once Filled with Laughter

Lee Hong Ki Says His “Insensible” MV Kiss Scene With Park Shin Hye Became crammed with Laughter Lee Hong Ki mentioned his kiss scene with Park Shin Hye in his fresh “Insensible” song video.

During the singer’s solo debut exhibit on November 18, he started out saying, “I acted with Park Shin Hye. We became very best buddies after you have to grasp each and every other in the drama ‘You’re Beautiful.’”

He continued, “I talked with Shin Hye at the telephone yesterday. She told me the music video got here out pretty. I asked her, ‘You think you outshined me?’ Then she said, ‘I’m now not sure.’ It’s up to the audience to tell.”

Lee Hong Ki went directly to cope with the kiss scene, saying, “Originally, Shin Hye is meant to be giving me a kiss. yet I knew that she was going to make amusing of me for approximately one hundred years if I let her, so I kissed her instead. We either laughed so much,” and smiled.

Having debuted with FTISLAND in 2007, “Insensible” is Lee Hong Ki’s first solo album. he's going to soon start live promotions on the various music shows.

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Kim Soo Hyun Discusses Epic buss Scene alongside Cha Tae Hyun in producer

Kim Soo Hyun Discusses Epic buss Scene alongside Cha Tae Hyun in producer

Kim Soo Hyun Discusses Epic snog Scene amongst Cha Tae Hyun in “producer” In a contemporary interview with SohuTV‘s “Korean Entertainment,” Kim Soo Hyun spilled the beans on his epic kiss scene with Cha Tae Hyun in KBS drama “producer.”

To a query some how he felt when he commencement saw the kiss in the script, theActor responded, “I felt power in having toAct under the influence ofAlcohol as IT’s [on the whole]Acting out anAbsolutely other personality.”

He persisted, “And because there used to beA kiss scene on best of that, i used to beApprehensive mentallyAnd physically.”

Kim Soo HyunAs well printed that rightAway once they filmed the kiss, heApologized to Cha Tae Hyun, “I’m sad. That came some without my goal.”

no longer going to lie, Kim Soo Hyun gave the impression ofA herbal for howApprehensive he used to be! you'll beAble to relive the instant under.

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"Reply 1994" Shares Another Epic Romantic Scene

"Reply 1994" Shares Another Epic Romantic Scene

Reply 1994 Shares Another Epic Romantic SceneThe third episode of tvN drama “Reply 1994” captured the hearts of female viewers. Having created a syndrome known as “Reply 94 Love,” the drama’s third episode that had aired on October 25 had a scene of Garbage (Jungwoo) patting Na Jung’s (Go Ara) face, causing many female viewers to swoon.

[Spoiler below!]

The scene portrayed a chance encounter of Na Jung and Garbage after Na Jung’s sulky mood over the inability to contact Garbage. After waiting all night for Garbage’s call without any response, the hurt Na Jung was momentarily forgiving after hearing about Garbage’s lost pager, but was jealous and hurt again after discovering Garbage leaving to spend White Day with his girlfriend.

Wearing thin clothes outside in the early morning, Na Jung’s sadness was countered by a worried Garbage who placed his jacket over Na Jung after his return.  With a concerned voice and strong dialect, the country boy placed his jacket over his friend and said, “It’s cold, you’re going to get sick,” and proceeded to pinch and pat Na Jung’s cheeks, creating a romantic, movie-like scene. Jungwoo’s ability to shine his character Garbage has stirred a national love for both actor and character.

On the other hand, after hearing of Garbage’s break up with his girlfriend, an excited Na Jung narrated, “My age, 20. Starting my inexperienced and tacky love,” alluding to the future events to take place over the conflicting love triangle between Na Jung, Garbage, and Chil Bong.

The drama “Reply 1994,” which airs on Thursdays and Fridays at 8:40PM (KST), will convey the blossoming first love of Go Ara’s character Na Jung and the relationship changes between the characters.

Reply 1994 Shares Another Epic Romantic Scene


f(x)s Sulli and SHINees Min Ho have mixed responses to their kissing scene

f(x)s Sulli and SHINees Min Ho have mixed responses to their kissing scene

f(x)s Sulli and SHINees Min Ho have mixed responses to their kissing scene

f(x)s Sulli and SHINees Min Ho recently talked about their kissing scene.

On August 13, a press conference for SBSs new Wednesday-Thursday series To The Beautiful You at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul.

The series, which is based on Japanese comic Hana Kimi, will be directed by Jeon Ki Sang, who previously directed the series Boys over Flowers and Delightful Girl Choon Hyang.

Sulli appeared at the press conference and looked like a pretty boy with short hair. She plays the role of a girl named Goo Jae Hee, who transfers to the all boy school to meet high jumper Kang Tae Joon (played by Min Ho).

When Sulli was asked how she felt about their kissing scene, Sulli replied, It was okay. We had to shot the kissing scene several times and I didnt hate it but I was comfortable rather than nervous.

Min Ho, however, replied, I worried a lot because I didnt know how to shoot the kissing scene. I knew director will make us to shoot the scene several times and since I had to kiss her, I decided to be brave. When we shot the scene over ten times, Sulli looked okay but I felt awkward.

The series will start airing on August 15 at 9:55 p.m.

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Seo Hyun Jin Chooses Eric As Very best Kissing Scene Spouse For His Ideas

Seo Hyun Jin Chooses Eric As Very best Kissing Scene Spouse For His Ideas

Seo Hyun Jin Chooses Eric As Perfect Kissing Scene Spouse For His Ideas?ehk38 July 23, 2016 0 Seo Hyun Jin Chooses Eric As Most efficient Kissing Scene Partner For His Ideas? At the July 23 episode of KBS 2TVs Entertainment Weekly, SEO Hyun Jin sits down for an interview with the show.

During the interview, Seo Hyun Jin chooses between beyond drama co-stars in a kissing partner tournament. The general two applicants are Lee Jin Wook and Eric, yet Oh Hae Young chooses Oh Hae Young Back co-star Eric without hesitation.

When asked what Erics kissing taste is like, Seo Hyun Jin says, He receives you well.

She continues, Eric oppa has excellent ideas, like hell recall to mind what poses to do. Hell say like, Here neatlytry this and then this, and then Sick hug you,—he has a huge number of ideas.

You can catch Seo Hyun Jin and Erics kissing chemistry in Oh Hae Young Again to be had in complete on Viki below!


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“Let’s Combat Ghost” PD defends Kim So Hyun and Taecyeon’s kiss scene

“Let’s Combat Ghost” PD defends Kim So Hyun and Taecyeon’s kiss scene

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThe director of ongoing drama Let’s Combat Ghost explained in detail how they filmed the kiss scene featuring leads Kim So Hyun and Taecyeon

On July 20th, the director of the tvN drama issued a observation after the kiss scene between Kim So Hyun and Taecyeon used to be aired. The stated episode garnered a huge number ofreaction for the onscreen couple’s chemistry and reporteldt rated well.

However, as the subject of the kiss scene got here to light, the director publishedthat whentaking into consideration Kim So Hyun’s age, the production team felt that they did no longerwish to make the target audience uncomfortable with the scene. In the end, they made up our minds to movie and edit the scene with care, regardless ofthe truth that Kim So Hyun’s personality is five years older.

Netizens have also expressed their mindat the scene and said that it becomenow notirrelevant at all inspite of So Hyun’s age. Others have in comparison the scene to Yeo Jin Goo’s outdated projects, who despite being a minor as well, was also eager aboutquite so much of intimate, kissing scenes.

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Son Ye-jin on Starring in Large  Historic Epic

Son Ye-jin on Starring in Large Historic Epic

Son Ye-jin made an appearance at a press preview of her newestmovie "The Ultimate Princess" overdue terminal month.

Directed via Heo Jin-ho, the film is an adaptation of the bestselling novel of the similarname by Kwon Bi-young.

The actress told newshounds she felt a feeling of obligation every bit it was once her first time gambling a historic figure.

Son plays Princess Deokhye (1912-1989), the last princess of the Korean Empire who became exiled to Japan as a sort of hostage to the empire-builders.

"The toughphase was working out how to correctlycombine what I knew from documentaries and the historical listing with what I felt she would have done", Son said.

Heo is easiest known for directing such romantic melodramas as "Christmas in August" and "One Spring Fine Day".

Switching to a historical epic was without a doubt a stretch.

"I wished an actress who can painting the princess from early life to old age, and I assumed in Son's craft", He said.

Son's co-star is Park Hae-il, who plays an independence fighter on a project to bring the princess back to Korea.

"The reports of other folksright through the duration when they had to chance their lives to cry out for Korea's independence broke my heart", he said.

The film is scheduled for free up in August.

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Underage Kim So-hyeon-I's kiss scene in

Underage Kim So-hyeon-I's kiss scene in "Bring It On, Ghost"

tvN drama "Bring It On, Ghost" released some issuesto glance at out for in the drama: from the colour of the drama to the chemistry between Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I.

The production of "Bring It On, Ghost" told Television Report, "The reaction for "Bring It On, Ghost" is beautifuljust right so far".

"Bring It On, Ghost" rated 5.2% at the first episode and Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I are a hit. Taecyeon stars as shaman Bong-pal and Kim So-hyeon-I as a ghost named Hyeon-ji.

The two quarreled since the instant they met yet they soon joined forces for their goals.

The production said, "Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I were possessed by ability of their characters and are doing an excellent job. They get along neatlyand they're so cheerful on set".

Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I even had a kiss scene together. However, Kim So-hyeon-I is underage, so there were concerns. The production said, "In the drama she's a teenager, but she's a ghost that is been dead for five years. She's in reality a year older than Bong-pal who is 21 years old. However, we canbe certain that the audiencedo not feel uncomfortable about it".

Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I are in control of 'comic' and 'horror' but this guy is accountable for 'mystery' Hye-seong (Kwon Yul) is the youngest university professor in the drama. He's a psychopath who is other in and out.

The production went over the direction of the drama. "We added realism to the drama and there can be more comic, romance and horror in the future".

"Bring It On, Ghost" is ready Park Bong-pal who makes a living off battling ghosts and a ghost named Hyeon-ji who died reading her entireexistence but never were givento take a seat down for the varsityfront exams.

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