"The Handmaiden" Kim Tae-ri, mesmerizing

Actress Kim Tae-ri who starred in "The Handmaiden" and surprised the world, was oncenoticed in a photoshoot.

She posed elegantly in minimum designs without much detail and showed the profacet of her.

Kim Tae-ri had a excellent time with the workforcewhilst on standby yetonce cameras began rolling she concentrated on what she had to do.

More imageswill also bevisible in the July factor of BAZAAR.

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Photos 'The Handmaiden' Kim Min-hee, Ha Jeong-woo, Kim Tae-ri sing their own praises the actually  mesmerizing chemistry

Photos 'The Handmaiden' Kim Min-hee, Ha Jeong-woo, Kim Tae-ri sing their own praises the actually mesmerizing chemistry

'The Handmaiden' (directed through Park Chan-wook) stars Kim Min-hee, Ha Jeong-woo, Kim Tae-ri met back in Style pictorial.

"The Handmaiden" is the tale of a royal woman amongsta truly perfectlarge fortune inherited from her parents, a count who needs her wealth, a servant and a dad or mum who are introduced a scrumptious deal by the count.

The Vogue Korea pictorial published on Would possibly 23 is reallycrowd pleasingon the topic of the mesmerizing visuals and the refreshing chemistry by the 3 leads Kim Min-hee, Ha Jeong-woo, and Kim Tae-ri who met for the primary time for the movie.

The dainty costumes encouraged by 1930s styles coordinated in the recent styles creates the distinct vibe integrating the original hairstyles and the dreamy glanceat the actors' faces.

Vogue Korea June factormay be published with the 3otherduvet pages the usage of the Kim Min-hee and Ha Jeong-woo's duo image, Kim Min-hee and Ha Jeong-woo's person images.

'The Handmaiden' is opening on June 1st.


“The Handmaiden” And “The Wailing” Selected As Two Of The maximum productive  Film Posters From Cannes

“The Handmaiden” And “The Wailing” Selected As Two Of The maximum productive Film Posters From Cannes

The Handmaiden And The Wailing Selected every bit Two Of The maximum productiveFilm Posters From Canneskminjungee July 9, 2016 0 The Handmaiden And The Wailing Chosen As Two Of The suitable Movie Posters From Cannes In CNNs contemporary list of the pinnacle 20 best movie posters from the 69th Cannes Movie Festival, South Korean movies The Handmaiden and The Wailing are highly lauded for their aesthetically enjoyable designs.

The teaser poster for The Handmaiden used to bein realitydecided on as the highest movie poster of them all through CNN, who praises it for being gorgeous and stylish. The 4major characters are depicted as illustrations whilst embodiments of pine and cherry trees duvet the foreground. It draws attention for its swish and fashionable design with classic influences.

CNN also highly praises The Wailings major poster for its esthetics that remain true to its country of origin. They also comment, Sadly, it changed intonow not displayed at the festival itself.

Meanwhile, eithervideos were shown at Cannes, and are being highly acclaimed worldwide. The Handmaiden also vied for the Palme dOr in the foremostfestivalphase of the festival.

Have you noticed either of thosefilms yet? If so, what are your thoughts?

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Film Review 'The Handmaiden'

Film Review 'The Handmaiden'

The time is the japanese Occupation. Sook-hee (played byKim Tae-ri) is a street-level thief and con artist who like somebody else is solelylooking to get by. Opportunity arises in the sort of the Count (played byHa Jeong-woo) who wishes assistance as a section of an elaborate scheme to gain get correct of access to to the circle of relatives fortune of Hideko (played byKim Min-hee). All isn't equally information technology seems. Even supposing in the movies, when is it ever?

There are 3 distinct acts in "The Handmaiden". The primary is told from Sook-hee's point of view, the 2nd one Hideko's, and the third...well, I'm going to get to that later. Standpoint is the entire lot in "The Handmaiden". Whilst Sook-hee is the major character, we arelooking at a tale more or less the plucky woman from the streets willing to take any possibility for the sake of betterment of her life. As times is going by, this fate becomes increasingly more intwined with Hideko, a girl who lives unhappily in luxury.

Once the tale turns to Hideko's angle "The Handmaiden" gets markedly more weird. In mundane weirdness, it turns out Sook-hee had many scenes no longerdiscussedright through her element of the story that make the plucky girl appear more the objective than the con artist. Retrospectively this providesthe 1st act the sensation of being the story that Sook-hee tells other folksin order that she looks more heroic.

Advertisement Yet Hideko's more exotic weirdness involves...well, tentacle rape and the like. I more or lesswould like to assault "The Handmaiden" for being anti-Japanese through resorting to the old gross hentai attack, but the normal source subject material for "The Handmaiden" has Victorian England as a setting. Which in truth gets into all types ofappealingquestions on how the colonialist upper magnificenceinternational tended to descend into perversion most commonly because they did notmust do any precise work.

Such questions have a tendency to beinappropriate to "The Handmaiden", though, which for all useful intents and applicationsis simply a love story with an advanced framing structure. The 3rd act exists principallyto permit directorPark Chan-wookto remodelall of the contradictory story datanow we havenoticed into anything mostly coherent. But it isat all times the plot that has to be installedcomplete perspective. While "The Handmaiden" has all types of vaguely intriguing ideas simmering at the surface, none of them trulyfinally finish upwhich meansa complete lot upon closer analysis.

Even calling the film an erotic mystery is giving the story a little too much credit. There isnow notactually all that much sex and an specific bespeak is made about how words and photographsby myselfcan also be a more robust stimulant than the genuine thing. I mean, shoot, take a glance at outKim Min-heein that adorable kimono. The manor grounds too prove a slightly impressive backdrop.

The visual design of "The Handmaiden" is itself borderline pornographic- which makes the motion picturebeautifulnot possible to dislike. And I did like it. My impartialresearch is chiefly a outcome of the film's narrative being impressive in presentation in position of depth. While that much most certainly prevents "The Handmaiden" from qualifying as actually great, I may beready to still state rather conveniently that it befairly good.

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Kim Min-hee sparks

Kim Min-hee sparks "The Handmaiden"

The sparks have fallen at thefilm "The Handmaiden".

The rumors between Hong Sang-soo and Kim Min-hee have influenced the motion picture "The Handmaiden" which has not anything to do with the rumors.

A media reported the beside the pointdating between director Hong Sang-soo and Kim Min-hee on the 21st. Apparently, the movie biz knew about this yet kept it on the down low simply because Hong Sang-soo is a worldnoted director and "The Handmaiden" used to be butround the corner.

However, their scandal has affected the movie. Some are even pronouncing they remorseful aboutlooking at information technologyas a result of Kim Min-hee.

Officials of the movie say, "Please just watch the movie for the movie. We cannot orderanything else roughly the actress's personalexistence but we just hope you watch the movie for what it is".

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'The Handmaiden' finds ten unpublished still cut images

'The Handmaiden' finds ten unpublished still cut images

The hidden pictures of 'The Handmaiden' were unveiled.

The newly printed still images from 'The Handmaiden' put across the complex interlaced view issuesby way of the lady, the maiden, the count, and the dad or mumin addition the more than a fewattention-grabbing appeals by each and every character.

Kim Min-hee, who plays Lady Hideko sending a mysterious glance to Kim Tae-ri, who plays her maiden, and Kim Tae-ri, who has brought her unpredictable vivacious persona to life, conveysuch a lotappealingtalein combination in the images. Especially, Kim Min-hee in the e-book reading club scene where she showed off her highest acting functionality that captivated all the audience, amazes us with the vintagetough presence in the fairway costume.

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Interview "The Handmaiden" Kim Tae-ri, "I used to paintings challenging as a student"

The pageantof one out of 1,500, Park Chan-wook, Cannes, gay bed scenes, exposure...these were one of the most things Kim Tae-ri had to endure. It used to bea truly perfectquantity of weight for a rookie yet she controlled it.

"The Handmaiden" is a film about the characters fooling every other around and around to get their hands on money. Park Chan-wook reworked Kim Tae-ri as a servant named Sook-hee.

Sook-hee became hired via the conman count (Ha Jeong-woo) to scouse borrow Hideko's (Kim Min-hee) wealth as a servant but she feels affectionate for The Handmaiden. Sook-hee is orphan and she suppliesall of the love she did not go equally a child, to Hideko who may be an orphan with out a relatives.

So Sook-hee had to be any individual alongside innocence, nerve and warmth. Kim Tae-ri was easiest for Sook-hee. Kim Tae-ri joined the Kyeonghee University Branch of Mass Communications to turn into an announcer. She did many jobs to care for her day by dayand faculty life. That ended in her sturdy livelyhood. This stood out in Park Chan-wook's eyes.

"I did a massive number of jobs whilst I attended school. I had to. I worked at KFC, at a newspaper company, or even cafes. I even worked at a multiplex for 6 months while I used to be on a destroy from school. I amcertainthere has beenanything about me that handiest I had to play Sook-hee. Sook-hee is a sensiblewoman who can make anything else out of anything".

The bed scene was the freshest topic, but Kim Tae-ri says she discovered something else more difficult and that was the hearty laughter and dressed in the silver thimble. She had to laugh like an fool just she couldn't. In the scene where Sook-hee sharpens Hideko's sharp teeth, she shook so bad that she panicked.

"I was so nervous. The director asked me what was wrong. Kim Min-hee told me to respire in and calm down".

Kim Tae-ri was thankful for Park Chan-wook for his attention and affection. He was so thoughtful he filmed the bed scene with a far flung controlled camera.

"The director has willing eyes for each scene and each cut. He knows preciselyneeds and then we accept as true with him. The entirety is a first for me. He does notforget about my reviews and listens to me. I believe like my opinions are a section of the movie".

Kim Tae-ri was so into Kim Min-hee and she no longer only were givenforged for the film but also got to visit Cannes. She's being expected with something else soon but she doesn't wish tofear about it.

"I be anxious about things when they hit me. I did not eve worry about "The Handmaiden". If I disappoint in the following film, I feelI willget better in any other film. The maximum importantdifficulty I have these days is where I stand in this heated attention I'm getting for the time being and what I will have to do. I'mwanting hard to stand in a impartial point".

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Video Track video released for the Korean film 'The Handmaiden'

Video Track video released for the Korean film 'The Handmaiden'

Music video released for the Korean film "The Handmaiden"

"The Handmaiden" (2015)Directed via Park Chan-wookWith Kim Min-hee, Kim Tae-ri, Ha Jeong-woo, Jo Jin-woong, Kim Hae-sook, Lee Yong-nyeo,...Also referred to as "Agasshi" and "Fingersmith"Crank in : 2015/06/15Crank up : 2015/10/31SynopsisThe theatrical edition of Sarah Waters' "Fingersmith".The motion pictureis readya tenderwoman who inherits a fortune, her mother or father uncle and a fraud count (Ha Jeong-woo) who is after the wealth.FestivalCannes 2016Release date in Korea : 2016/06/01

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Photos Added new stills and up to date  solid for the Korean film

Photos Added new stills and up to date solid for the Korean film "The Handmaiden"

Added new stills and up to dateforged for the Korean film "The Handmaiden" (2015)Directed via Park Chan-wookWith Kim Min-hee, Kim Tae-ri, Ha Jeong-woo, Jo Jin-woong, Kim Hae-sook, Lee Yong-nyeo,... MoreAlso referred to as "Agasshi" and "Fingersmith"Crank in : 2015/06/15Crank up : 2015/10/31SynopsisThe theatrical edition of Sarah Waters' "Fingersmith".The motion pictureis seta tenderwoman who inherits a fortune, her dad or mum uncle and a fraud count (Ha Jeong-woo) who is after the wealth.FestivalCannes 2016Release date in Korea : 2016/06/01

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Interview Ha Jeong-woo,

Interview Ha Jeong-woo, "Kim Tae-ri was once born for "'The Handmaiden'"

Actor Ha Jeong-woo praised actress Lee Tae-ri who starred in the film "The Handmaiden".

Ha Jeong-woo was once interviewed at the 27th of May. He discussed Kim Tae-ri via saying, "She's young yetthere may benot anything about her that I wish to point out. She's neatly trained and director Park Chan-wook put a huge number of effort in her".

"She have compatibility in easily. We ate and drank tea so muchand this is the reason more than any other times we make movies. We ate in combinationeach fourth dimension nosotros had Japcourses for the movie. I meet Jo Jin-woong a lot. I used to bestunnedto peer an actress like Kim Tae-ri because she become so ready. From her acting to attitude, she was a fitmade of heaven. I at all timesidea she was intended for the role of Sook-hee".

Ha Jeong-woo were givento grasp her more all the style throughthe japanese classes. Park Chan-wook sought after them to be as friendly as possible. Their Japanese instructor and actor was also there with them the overall time.

Ha Jeong-woo said, "When we did our lines in Japanese, we did it over and over to make sure that we sounded Japanese and that Japanese folks would think we sound like natives. Thank you to that, I talk Japanese well and I will be able to read from the menu".

He is going to Hawaii each now and then. He goes there to research his characters for movies. He cools off and warms up in Hawaii.

"I do not travel. I crossround the Pineapple Farm, The Chinese Hat Rock, Shrimp Truck, Tortoise Rock, Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor and Waikiki in a day. Then I walk around Hawaii and devour local food. I drink Kona Coffee and perhaps take some beers. I visit bed around 9PM at evening and wake up at 4~5AM in the morning. I eat ice cream and just stare at things and watch planes land. I go there to drain myself out".

Ha Jeong-woo spends the complete year targeted in movies. "I am a curious man. I don't take into accountswhat isappropriate for me. I'd still be trying to find what's right for me. I don't reflect my opinion on the things the group of workers give me. I just think that is how they see me".

We took the time to have a look at Ha Jeong-woo and what others like Park Chan-wook, Ryoo Seung-wan, Choi Dong-hoon, Na Hong-jin, Kim Yong-hwa, Kim Byeong-woo, Sohn Young-sung, Yoon Jong-bin and others see in him.

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