The Just right Wife, Episodes 1-2: A Remake Done Right

The Just right Wife, Episodes 1-2: A Remake Done Right

20160711_seoulbeats_thegoodwife_jeondoyeonThe great Wife, Episodes 1-2: A Remake Done AppropriateWritten by skill of Laverne On July 12, 201620160711_seoulbeats_thegoodwifeSouth Korean remakes of yankdisplays takeat all times come beneath intense scrutiny by globalfanatics and The Excellent Wife is not any exception. Fans of the normal were worried about the total lot from casting to plot, wondering how the Korean edition would deal with things. Which arcs would be omitted? Would the Kalinda identical retain her bisexuality? How would the tale of Alicia Florrick be remodeled by its new context of Korean society?

Its the closingquerythis isin particularappealing and it will also be argued that framing the tale of Alicia Florrick Kim Hye-kyung, played by Jeon Do-yeon in a Korean context makes the story even more compelling. In a society which emphasizes long paintings hours and seniority, how can a lady who has been out of the work force for over a decade compete? Especially when she is older than the colleagues she is in direct pageant with. Of course, things are even extracomplex by the well known sexual and political scandal of her husband and the chance of being a unmarriedmom to two teenage children.

While the primary two episodes of The Sensible Wife observethe yank version moderately closely, the series mightstart to diverge later on, especially as the writers should condense seven seasons value of subject matter into 16 episodes (with lately no plans for further seasons).

Please note the the subsequent review is according to having watched the yankee version of The Nice Wife in its entirety. As such, there is also spoilers.

Our heroine, Kim Hye-kyung, is a housewife who is thrust into the personnel after her husband is embroiled in a sexual scandal. Jeon Do-yeon is fantastic as Hye-kyung, portraying her with a degree of complexity no longerceaselesslyobserved in K-dramas. She balances Hye-kyungs being crushed amongst a sophisticated assertiveness that starts to grow to be more forceful as the episodes progress. This assertiveness is vital every bit Hye-kyung navigates either tricky prisonscenariosand private vendettas by those thatwant to manipulate her. Even though Hye-kyung knows the law, so as to live to inform the talethose shark infested waters, she would have towas adept at the games played by other attorneys.

20160711_seoulbeats_thegoodwife_yoonkyesangSeo Joong-won (Yoon Kye-sang) and Search engine marketing Myung-hee (Kim Seo-hyung)  Will Gardner and Diane Lockheart are siblings who run a company founded by their father. Both actors galvanizeand simplyembrace their characters; Joong-won and Myung-hee are right away identifiable as their respective opposite numbersprior to the displayofficially introduces them.  Myung-hees commanding presence and intelligence shine viathank you to Kim Seo-hyung and contrasts with Joong-wons easy-going yet sharply intuitive character.

Joong-wons naturalness with Hye-kyung is refreshing especially as he'sthe nearest thing Hye-kyung has to a confidante. Her vulnerability in the elevator was onceanything that may justsimplesttake place with him and it is going to exist intriguing to look how The Good Wife handles their approaching affair. . . or if the affair will occur at all.

Speaking of affairs, Hye-kyungs cheating husband, Lee Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae), rounds out the majorforged as a a success prosecutor who faces corruption fees after videos of his sexual infidelity spreads. His ambiguity is provocative as the viewer doesnt know where he stands. He admits to the infidelity but refutes the corruption charges. Yet it's fardifficult to agree with Tae-joon isn'tresponsible when he continues to orchestrate occasions from prison, even going so some distance asto drag strings to lend a hand Hye-kyung get her consumer some semblance of justice.

Which begs the question, what are Hye-kyungs morals? She obviously has no preferenceto damage the law, but has no trouble with her husband bending it when it matches her. This uncertainty is what made the original Alicia an engaging character, especially when she defended customers that glaringly had committed the serious crimes they were accused of. Will Hye-kyung pass down the similartrail or navigate things differently?

20160711_seoulbeats_thegoodwife_yoojitaeThe last two characters of importance in these first two episodes are David Lee (Cha Soon-bae) and Kim Dan (Nana). David Lee was by chance hilarious in the original as a pessimistic divorce attorney who excelled at his job. Whilst he gained only quick of screen-time in the 1st two episodes, the displays nod in opposition to the original prove with Soon-bae literally dressed as the satan was comical and entertaining.

Of larger importance, though, is Kim Dan, the corporations investigator. Nana, in her first drama role, was strangelyrelaxing as the mysterious investigator and played neatly off Do-yeons Hye-kyung. Dans maximum interesting scene, however, was one without Hye-kyung in which The Good Wife all but showed Dans non-heterosexuality.

As discussed earlier, Dans American counterpart, Kalinda, is bisexual. Many fans werent certain that the show would leave this facet of her identity in. Of course, Dan may additionally turn out to be a lesbian as a substitute of bisexual, but it form of feels The Good Wife needsto stick true to the original, creating a bisexual Dan a lot more likely.

The first two episodes of The nice Wife remain very similar to the original show but this doesnt mean that the remainder of the series will continue to do so. Already, it sounds as if husband Tae-joon is taking a far more active role. And with a condensed quantity of episodes, the plot will must be rushed along. What other demanding situations volition Hye-kyung face? Will she finally finish up in an affair with Joong-won? And how will the parties of The Good Wife be reinterpreted in a context that suits Korean society?

Whichever direction the show comes to a decision to go, something is for sure: with tvN at the back of this remake, anything of The Good Wife will certainly be worth watching.

How did audience of the original The Good Wife like these initial episodes? How did emblem new viewers feel about it? Ensure youlet us know in the comments below!


Yoo Ji Tae in Talks to Megastar in tvN Remake of The Just right Wife Along Jeon Do Yeon

Yoo Ji Tae in Talks to Megastar in tvN Remake of The Just right Wife Along Jeon Do Yeon

Yoo Ji Tae in Talks to Megastar in tvN Remake of “The Just right Wife” Along Jeon Do Yeonleejojoba February 18, 2016 0 LINE it!Yoo Ji Tae in Talks to Star in tvN Remake of “The Excellent Wife” Alongside Jeon Do Yeon Actor Yoo Ji Tae’s firm Namoo Actors announced on February 18 that he'sthese days in talks to star in tvN’s remake of “The Sensible Wife.”

Agency representative commented, “Yoo Ji Tae has been approached to painting the husband of the lead feminine role, yetnot anything has been showed yet.”

“The Nice Wife” is an American tv series by skill of CBS and its Korean remake will air on tvN.

He would play the nature Lee Tae Joon, a targeted and heartless prosecutor who is goingfinallyforms of criminals. However, he himself lands in felonyas a result ofan excessively public political corruption scandal. He tries difficultto hang his circle of relativesin combination and come back on his feet again.

After her husband lands in prison, Kim Hye Kyung assumes obligation for her family. She also resumes her profession as a defense attorney taking fee of her family’s destiny. Actress Jeon Do Yeon is currently taking into consideration the role of Kim Hye Kyung drawing attention.

“The Good Wife” could be directed by Manufacturer Lee Jung Hyo of JTBC’s “Heartless City,” tvN’s “A Witch’s Romance,” and On Style’s “My First Time” (working title). Author Han Sang Oon of KBS 2TV’s “Spy” will be liable for the script.

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Jeon Do Yeon Recently in Talks to Celebrity in tvN Remake of The Just right Wife

Jeon Do Yeon Recently in Talks to Celebrity in tvN Remake of The Just right Wife

Jeon Do Yeon These days in Talks to Megastar in tvN Remake of “The Just right Wife”leejojoba February 17, 2016 0 LINE it!Jeon Do Yeon Currently in Talks to Star in tvN Remake of “The Excellent Wife” On February 18, actress Jeon Do Yeon sat down for an interview to discuss about her upcoming movie “A Guy and A Woman.” In the film, she portrays Sang Min, a woman in love.

Jeon Do Yeon also unfolded close to her next project saying, “I’ll be acting in a tv drama. It’s ‘The Sensible Wife.’”

Her firm Management Soop commented, “It’s no longershowed yet. She’s still reviewing and taking into account the role and shouldin all probability do it.”

“The Nice Wife” is an American television series by way of CBS and its Korean remake will air on tvN. This would possibly increasingly mark Jeon Do Yeon’s first comeback to the small screen in 11 years.

“A Man and A Woman” is a tale of a man and a woman who to find dear in snowy Finland. It's miles directed by Director Lee Yoon Ki who is understood for his attention to ins and outs in works reminiscent of “My Pricey Enemy,” and “Come Rain, Come Shine.” Here isthe 2d one time Director Lee Yoon Ki and Jeon Do Yeon team up since operatingin combination in “My Dear Enemy.”

“A Man and A Woman” is slated to open on February 25 in Korea.

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tvN to remake America's drama series 'The Excellent Wife'

tvN to remake America's drama series 'The Excellent Wife'

You know the preferred CBS series, 'The Just right Wife,' in the United States?  There's going to be a Korean remake!

CJ E&M confirmed the scoop on December 22 with, "We are showedto supply a remake of yank CBS drama, 'The Smart Wife.'  We plan to air it via cable Television tvN in 2016."

SEE ALSO: Get to grasp FNC Entertainment's 'Neo School' trainees in self-introduction video

'The Perfect Wife' centers on a wife who had surrender her taskupon getting married, yet returns as a attorney in 13 years so as to take duty for her family's livelihood because of her husband's political scandals and corruption.

Producer Cho Moon Ju published that he determined to remake the yankee series as a result ofno longermost effective its focal pointat thefelony and melodramatic facets of the displayor maybe the heroine's recovery from hardship but also her intellectualexpansion and the focal point on her feelings.

It might be directed by Lee Jung Hyo of 'I Want Romance 2012' and 'Witch's Romance.' It's going to exist written by Han Sung Woon of 'Spy.'


Cantabile Tomorrow Episodes 1-12: An Honest Remake

Cantabile Tomorrow Episodes 1-12: An Honest Remake

20142411_seoulbeats_tomorrowcantabile9 Cantabile Tomorrow Episodes 1-12: An Honest Remake Written by Morgan On November 24, 2014 If you have any knowledge of Japanese dramas, there is one drama that is a must see, Nodame Cantabile. Based on a popular manga, the story spawned both a popular anime and drama in Japan. With that success under its belt, KBS commissioned a Korean remake renamed Cantabile Tomorrow staring Joo Won and Shim Eun-kyung as the quirky main leads, Cha Yoo-jin and Seol Nae-il. The result was presently surprising! Some Korean remakes such as Boys Over Flowers or Playful Kiss, though successful, lose that spark the original Japanese drama had. However, despite having low ratings, the production of Cantabile Tomorrow seems dedicated to creating an honest reproduction of the original drama. Its attention to detail is where this production really flourishes. From the dedication to characterization, plot progression, aesthetics and music; they have captured the original spark of the story. The plot focuses on the unusual relationship between music prodigy, Cha Yoo-jin, and the quirky pianist, Seol Nae-il. They have completely different personalities with Yoo-jin being cold and precise and Nae-il being messy and childish; the only thing they have in common is that they both play piano. Joo Won and Eun-kyungs portrayal of these characters is refreshing but fully embodies the lead characters of the original, Chiaki and Nodame. Once the two characters find out that theyre neighbors and decide to play a duet together, Nae-il starts to grow a very obvious crush on Yoo-jin. From this point onwards, she starts invading his life to his dismay. Now we are invited to enjoy a relationship with a quirky dynamic that even Nae-ils second love interest, Lee Yoon-hee, could not break. From the introduction of the main pair, more and more eccentric and quirky characters are added to develop the plot of the drama. The side characters are just as important as the main characters, providing comic relief and more drama. There is the small contra-bass player, Mini Min-hee, the outgoing rock violinist, Yoo Il-rak and the excitable timpanist who openly declares his love for Yoo-Jin, Ma Soo-min. Together, they make up the main members of the S Orchestra. Their honest personalities enable them to easily become friends with Nae-il and force Yoo-jin into becoming friends. Their antics are interesting and entertaining, if not slightly ridiculous at times. So far, the funniest character would definitely be Yoo Il-rak’s father, the overemotional chef is so dedicated to his son’s dreams he allows all his son’s friends and classmates to eat free at his restaurant. All. The. Time. At this point, I have no idea how the restaurant has not gone out of business. The only character portrayal that is disappointing in this drama would be the supposedly eccentric conductor, Franz Stresemann. He is the main catalyst for many of the trials the characters have to go through. However, he seems to pale in comparison to all the other characters. His role as a teacher is eclipsed by the portrayal of the character; he speaks about performing with emotion, yet he himself doesnt even seem capable of showing a large spectrum of emotions at all. You would expect his facial expression to be exaggerated like in the Japanese drama, yet the actor seems to present to the viewer the same expression, paired with a pair of monotonous, dead eyes. We have been stuck with the same portrayal since the start and I cant help but feel a little put off every time this character comes on screen. The plot is anchored in the development of characters as they come upon trials in their pursuits of music. Though the characters can be called eccentric and sometimes unrealistic, they go through authentic transitions that reels in the viewer with relatability. Pressures about their futures, friends and family threaten to take over as they strive for their dreams, all the while trying to stay true to themselves. The creation of the S Orchestra was the first step for Yoo-jin in pursuing his long time dream of becoming a conductor. Through this orchestra, Yoo-jin started to gain things he would have never thought he could achieve, one of the biggest ones being friends. With them, he starts to grow away from the cold and precise character we were first introduced to into a warm character that is able to rely on others. The characters start to learn from each other, despite being in a competitive university environment, to find a balance between pursuing their dreams and reality. There is no limit to what the characters can learn; all the characters are set up for development from the very start. Even the strict Professor Do, who can be defined by his use of a fan to discipline his students, starts to develop when he starts to pursue Nae-il as a student. He comes to realize that using force and discipline does not work on everyone, especially in the case of Nae-il. The viewers are invited to change their opinions on characters, even the likable characters have sides of themselves that are not perfect. For instance, when Yoo-jin refuses to apologize to Nae-il for mistreating her or when Yoon-ho tries to force Nae-il to do a duet with him as a requiem for him starting losing usage of his hands. This drama is unique; no character is completely evil or good, except maybe that one lady on the university board. They are just humans trying their best. They make mistakes, get frustrated and confused; this makes it incredibly easy to become emotionally invested in these characters when they get over their problems together. I ended up crying more when they were triumphant than when they lostI get emotional when watching dramas. When Min-hees dad came to her concert after telling her for ages that contra-bass was a waist of money or when Yoo-jin finally apologized to Nae-il for miss treating her, these moments bring the drama to life. Anyone staying away from this drama due to the classical music focus of it, is really missing out. Classical music, for some people, seems like a boring and complicated form of music but this show breaks down that wall by making it accessible to anyone. Even if you don’t know a thing about music, it doesn’t matter because the show invites you to indulge in and understand the emotional level of classical music. They use classical music as the soundtrack to set up the emotion of a scene all the time. If Maestro Von Stresemann has just taken the rug out from Yoo-jin once again, we receive a dramatic or sad piece of music that suits the situation. Through this, viewers can start to understand the emotions interwoven with the melodies later on when viewing a performance by the characters. The music has been beautifully woven into this show, giving the production the perfect finish. The movie I’m a Cyborg but that Is Okay shares some similar elements to Cantabile Tomorrow. I personally recommend readers check it out if they find themselves becoming fans of the Cantabile series. I’m a Cyborg but that Is Okay is filled with eccentric and quirky characters that reel us in as they grow over the course of the movie. Set in a mental hospital, it focuses on one young man’s desire to help a girl who believes she is a cyborg. Though a little more abstract than Cantabile Tomorrow, the entire story is deep, hilarious, cute and very real. So check it out if youre interested! I have watched every form of Nodame Cantabile since it first came out and every time I have watched it, I have been left stunned. All the different productions have their differences; there is something in this story that can never be changed. It really shows just how similar people are despite differences in culture, class or personality. This is an honestly touching television show and I find myself crying, laughing and smiling all the way through it. Now, with four episodes left, lets hopefully Cantabile Tomorrow will be able to achieve the ratings it deserves. (Images Via KBS, YouTube)


Ryoo Si-won's

Ryoo Si-won's "Goodbye Dear Wife" plummets down in just 2 episodes

Actor Ryoo Si-won's Channel A drama "Goodbye Dear Wife" plummeted down in just two episodes.

According to AGB Nielson Media Research on the 9th, the second episode of "Goodbye Dear Wife" rated 0.375%. This is 0.465% lower than the previous episode.

Having shown unsteadiness from the first episode, the second episode fell to 0.3%. this is similar to the average number rated by the previous drama "KPOP: The Ultimate Survival".

The cast of "Goodbye Dear Wife" is made up of Ryoo Si-won, Hong Soo-hyeon, Park Ji-yoon and more but the results are just not following.

On this day's episode, Cha Seung-hyeok (Ryoo Si-won) and Kang Seon-ah (Hong Soo-yeon), a married couple is approached by Oh Hyang-gi (Park Ji-yoon) and Kim Hyeon-cheol (Kim Min-soo) and creates a four-way love connection. Although they have succeeded in the legendary marriage of a fighter and a nun, this couple had come to a risk of 3 years.


Video Added Korean drama 'Monster - 2016' episodes 31 and 32

Video Added Korean drama 'Monster - 2016' episodes 31 and 32

Added episodes 31 and 32 for the Korean drama "Monster - 2016"

"Monster - 2016" (2016) Directed by way of Joo Seong-woo Written by Jang Yeong-cheol, Jeong Kyeong-soon-I Network : MBC With Kang Ji-hwan, Seong Yoo-ri, Park Ki-woong, Soo Hyeon, Gi-kwang, Lee Yeol-eum,... 50 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00 Synopsis "Monster - 2016" depicts vengeance by a man, who fights opposed to the irrationality of the society Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/03/28

Note : because of licensing, videos would in all probability not existto be hadfor your country

#Gi-kwang #Jang Yeong-cheol #Jeong Kyeong-soon-I #Joo Seong-woo #Kang Ji-hwan #Lee Yeol-eum #Park Ki-woong #Seong Yoo-ri #Soo Hyeon #Monster - 2016 #news

Nana Responds To Certain  Stories Of Her Acting In “The Just right Wife”

Nana Responds To Certain Stories Of Her Acting In “The Just right Wife”

Nana Responds To SureReports Of Her Acting In The great Wifeehk38 July 14, 2016 0 Nana Responds To Positive Reviews Of Her Acting In The coolest Wife After Faculties Nana, who is making her first foray into performing on tvNs new Friday-Saturday drama The Just right Wife, stocks her mindat the positive comments she has been receiving for her acting.

Nana first expresses gratitude for the positive viewer response. I'm so thankful to the variousaudience who are taking a look kindly on my acting, even supposing Im sure Im missing in numerousfacets since here's my first try at acting domestically.

She continues, There are moments when I believe dazed, yetup to Ive been receiving positive reviews, I canmanner my acting with a feeling of responsibility. I'm going to give my all, learn aboutthe nature Kim Dan, and paintingschallengingin order thatI'm able todisplay yous an even largeredition of myself.

In The Smart Wife, which is a remake of the yankeetv series of the similar name, Nana plays the role of Kim Dan, an investigator running for a law firm.

The Perfect Wife airs each Saturday at 8:30 p.m. KST on tvN.

Are you playing Nanas acting in this drama?

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Let’s Fight, Ghost, Episodes 1-2: A mixture of Horror and Comedy

Let’s Fight, Ghost, Episodes 1-2: A mixture of Horror and Comedy

20160714_seoulbeats_letsfightghostShall we Fight, Ghost, Episodes 1-2: A combination of Horror and ComedyWritten through Laverne On July 14, 201620160714_seoulbeats_letsfightghost2While maximumglobalenthusiastspartner horror entertainment with the season of fall, South Korea has a tendency to view horror entertainment with the goal to cool off in the summer heat. And what higher way to spend summertime than gazing a ghostly drama? Of course, unlike horror films, Lets Fight, Ghost shies clear ofnatural horror and mixes in a hearty dose of comedy.

Starring Taecyeon from 2PM as ghost exorcist Park Bong-pal and popular kid actress Kim So-hyun as teenage ghost Kim Hyun-ji, Lets Fight, Ghost follows the 2 equally they pair up to fight ghosts and lend a hand them in finding peace. Their adversarialdating is adorableto observe and adds a feeling of light-hearted amusing to the display as they bicker and, begrudgingly, beef up one another.

However, things arent so undeniable as they seem, and in those outset two episodes, audience are presented to loads of mysteries. The most vital mystery is Hyun-jis reminiscence loss. Hyun-ji doesnt know why or how she died nor why she is stuck in limbo. Via an accidental kiss, she unearths herself reunited with the briefest of memories and thus ensues her quest to kiss Bong-pal back and regain her memories.

Lets Fight, Ghost follows the similar machinations of Oh My Ghostess in which a feminine ghost again and again tries to make a pass on a human man. The placement is played off for laughs yetno longerall and sundry will feel happy with this portrayal especially as Kim So-hyun is still a minor in genuinelifestyles (while Taecyeon is in his past due twenties).

To its credit, Lets Fight, Ghost avoids sexualizing Kim So-hyun and the kiss is rather chaste. Even the kiss at the finish of the 2d one episode looks fake, as though the proveis making an attempt to keep away from having the actors in truth kiss. So far, while the ghost-pursues-kissing plot makes me roll my eyes, I dont have issues ofthe manner the show is development Hyun-ji and Bong-pals relationship.

And while there are a couple of inconsistencies with Lets Fight, Ghost, the bulk of the drama thus a ways is enjoyable. Of specific note is the balance of horror and comedy. The ghosts in the drama are creepy with fantastic CGI to reinforce the horror factor. However, Lets Fight, Ghost never veers into pure horror territory; the show relativelysteadily subverts expected drama tropes and turns them into comedy instead.

20160714_seoulbeats_letsfightghostFor example, when Bong-pal is first introduced, a ghost does its absolute best to scare him. Bong-pal responds by slapping the ghost and in its place of a fight, the ghost asks for forgiveness prior to leaving. And as a substituteof establishing up Bong-pal to be a ghost-hunting badass, the show injects humor by having him run faraway from a ghostly Choi Hong-man cameo by the noted MMA fighter. Basically, Bong-pal fights ghosts, but only the susceptible ones.

While humor remains the strength of the show, Lets Fight, Ghost, slowly lays down the root for extrastruggle and unanswered mysteries that maystay viewers turning in. Why did a ghost kill Bong-pals mom and why does he appear to feel find it irresistiblewas once his fault? What makes some ghosts just right or bad and why are some more sentient than others? And what does veterinarian and professor Joo Hye-sung (Kwon Yool) must do with anything? Sure, he has a ordinary supernatural expansion on his back, but how does he are compatible into the tale of Bong-pal and Hyun-ji?

All these are questions that the show wishes to answer, but it is going to come down to when Lets Fight, Ghost makes a decision to answer. After all, I dont think Hye-sungs mystery might bepublished for a while, but in the meantime, more world-building would be preferredin additionfinding out about Bong-pals past. But even supposing nosotros dont get that, so long as the drama continues its authenticcombine of horror and comedy, it would exist a fun, summer watch.

How did you favor Lets Fight, Ghost? What are your speculations on Hyun-jis past?


Dongho Explains Why He Denied Reports About Wife’s Pre-Marital Pregnancy

Dongho Explains Why He Denied Reports About Wife’s Pre-Marital Pregnancy

Dongho Explains Why He Denied Reports About Wifes Pre-Marital Pregnancysoojji July 13, 2016 0 Dongho Explains Why He Denied Reports About Wifes Pre-Marital Pregnancy At the July thirteen episode of MBCs Radio Star, former U-KISS member Dongho reveals, My son is 42 days old.

After commenting on Donghos marriage ultimate November and having his son this beyond May, MC Kyuhyun addresses the elephant in the room: You denied ago that it used to beno longer a pre-marital pregnancy. What become going on?

Dongho explains, It is going toappear to be an excuse, yet nosotros were in realitygetting ready to get married this year. However, in the route of preparing, we learned of my wifes pregnancy. My wife sought after to get married when she was her prettiest, so we moved the marriage forward. We told folksjust about us about the pregnancy. I had no selection but to disclaim information technology to the public as a result of the negativity she would have received.

Watch the clip of the episode below!

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