The SB Mixtape: 7/16/2016, 2016 K-pop B-sides, Phase 1

The SB Mixtape: 7/16/2016, 2016 K-pop B-sides, Phase 1

20141115_seoulbeats_mixtapeThe SB Mixtape: 7/16/2016, 2016 K-pop B-sides, Section 1Written via Gaya On July 16, 2016Hello, and welcome to any other edition of The SB Mixtape.

We are more than half-way thru 2016, and whilstthe following six months have so much for us to stay up for music-wise , there is still numerous already-released song to appreciate.

So, for this mixtape, I provide to you an expansion of non-promoted tracks from 2016s releases, so far. And when I say non-promoted, I mean it: each effort has been made to keep away from even the secondary song that many acts carry out on comeback week. So while Lunas Keep it up Doing and AOAs 10 Seconds didnt make the cut, there is still Galaxy and Loopy Boy to enjoy, among others.

2016 K-pop B-sides, Element 1 from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.

What had been your favorite B-sides from the primarypart of this year? Let us know in the comments below!


The SB Mixtape, 1/21/2016: B-sides From 2015’s Debuts

The SB Mixtape, 1/21/2016: B-sides From 2015’s Debuts

20160122_seoulbeats_gfriend_sourcemusicThe SB Mixtape, 1/21/2016: B-sides From 2015s DebutsWritten by ability of Gaya On January 21, 2016Hi everyone, and welcome back to any other edition of The SB Mixtape, where the SB team puts in combination thematic playlists for your listening pleasure.

Our first mixtape for 2016 reaches back into the former for inspiration, and is beautiful much what it says at the tin: a selection of non-promoted tracks from the beginners of 2015. Some songs have nuanced permutations of a teamsidentifysong and sound, yet there are some tracks that canwonder yous in how they go away from our assumptions about an act, in keeping with just their single(s).

B-sides From 2015s Debuts from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.

What are some of your favorite B-sides from the magnificence of 2015, readers? Did any of the songs in this mixtape pleasantly surprise you? Let us know in the comments below!

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The SB Mixtape: 7/3/2016, Take Me to Church

The SB Mixtape: 7/3/2016, Take Me to Church

20141115_seoulbeats_mixtapeThe SB Mixtape: 7/3/2016, Take Me to ChurchWritten through Camiele On July 3, 2016For any person who spent the primary twelve years of her existence in church each and every Sunday, being right away attracted and moved by artists with vocal strength and nuance is par for the course. However, many would contend K-pop has very little to do with exact song prowess and more to do with flash and visuals; mildat the substance, K-pop is principally all about style.

That being said, there are some K-pop artists who didnt get that memo. Their voices cant be contained. Some teams have a unity and so tight with vocals so robust one cant assist exist feel a little slain in the spirit. Some soloists are so deeply rooted in soul, they hit thick runs without breaking a sweat and still take care of pitch and range. And whilst the songs themselves won't necessarily be sacred, theyre without a doubtnon secularample to have you screaming, Hallelujah and passing round thesequence plate!

The doors of the Seoulbeats church are open. Come to the front and give your soul over to K-pop!

Take Me to Church from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.


The SB Mixtape: 6/15/2016, Avenue  Go back and forth I  At the Road

The SB Mixtape: 6/15/2016, Avenue Go back and forth I At the Road

20141115_seoulbeats_mixtapeThe SB Mixtape: 6/15/2016, StreetCommute one — At the RoadWritten through Qing On June 15, 2016Temperatures are hiking as many nations around the sector ease into summer. Hailing from tropical Singapore where its endlessly hot and soupy, Im now not especially fond of the heat. Yet as a large fan of young adult novels, Im still enthralled by the speculation of summer—the promise and freedom that this warm season brims with.

It sounds likethe rest can take place in summer, and nowhere is this feeling of optiongreater captured than in a road trip. So in this edition of the SB Mixtape,  Ive put in combinationa listing of songs that Identification love to jam along to in the auto as it cruises from one destination to another.

Regardless of whether youre going on a real road trip, plug in and let the soaring vocals of Chen and Hyomin, the lively choruses of AkMu and VIXX, and the plucky guitar chords of B1A4 and Juniel take you on an imaginary cross-country drive.

Road Trip I: On the street from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.

What songs would you put in your summer road vacation playlist?


The SB Mixtape: 4/13=4/2016, Get Hype!

The SB Mixtape: 4/13=4/2016, Get Hype!

20141115_seoulbeats_mixtapeThe SB Mixtape: 4/13=4/2016, Get Hype!Written by way of Camiele On April 14, 2016Between running around for my job, riding a grand overall of 56 hours by Greyhound to and from Austin, TX for South by Southwest, and running the graveyard shift (midnight to 8 a.m.) of the con suite for a small convention where I live, my framewas oncereasonablysomewhatdissatisfied alongside me the beyond two months. It’s times like these that motivation is difficult to come by. Even for me any individual like me who adores her job, the physical and intellectual strain of keeping up one’s will to paintings is exhausting.

Luckily we have got K-pop, yes? It’s track that we all here at Seoulbeats were given sucked into in one way or another, and we’ve toed the line between totally loving it for its power and its skill to uplift the spirit, and rolling our eyes at its chintz. Yetregardless of where you fall at the spectrum, one thing’s certain: the music does anything to the listener, giving her the power to get thruany other day. Especially in moments when everything just gets too tedious.

For my first SB Mixtape, I used to beencouraged by one workday in specific where I turned into falling asleep at my desk. Then BTS’s “Dope” popped up in my iTunes, and GIRL! I was hype for the following several hours. There are some songs that just get me, you know? Songs that make it imaginable to get throughout the day with a grin on my face. These fourteen songs have all controlled to reinvigorate me, and it was simplestherbal oneproportion them with you all.

The SB Mixtape: 4/14/2016, Get Hype! from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.


K-Pop Mixtape: January 2016 Disbandments

K-Pop Mixtape: January 2016 Disbandments

KARA in the Cupid music video 2016 has rarely begun, yet were already seeing ends to a couple K-pop acts. January saw the disbandments of act like iconic ladystaff Kara and boy bands LC9 and NOM. To commemorate the 3 groups, we've got a playlist that specializes inthe great times we spent with them.

LC9 MaMa Beat feat. Brown Eyed Ladies Ga-in

LC9- Just A Dream (Nelly Cover)

Kara- Cross Go Summer (Japanese release)

LC9- What Make You Gorgeous (One Direction cover)

Tamar Herman is a multi-media journalist and the co-founder of KultScene. She is a freelance creator and replica editor, and has written for MTV Iggy, Noisey and Paste Magazine.

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K-Pop Mixtape: B.A.P Sides

K-Pop Mixtape: B.A.P Sides

B.A.P, Bang Yong-guk, Zelo, ONE SHOT

K-Pop Mixtape: B.A.P Sides K-Pop Mixtape: B.A.P SidesA rookie group with a whole lot of clout, B.A.Pthrust onto the K-Pop scene last year and have seen unmeasurable success.

From their breakout single "Warrior" to the massive hit second EP, One Shot, their fame and recognition does not seem to be slowing any time soon.

The versatile six-member hip-hop group from South Korea is about to wrap-up their sold out US leg of the Live on Earthtour as part of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and have already played west coast shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as a concert in Washington DC.The guys are now ready for their final performance this weekend in New York City at the Best Buy Theater.

With their 'tough guy' looks, strong dancing skills, and hit songs, B.A.P (Best Absolute Perfect) entertain and excite their audiences and truly up to their namesake.

To celebrate their performances in the US, and to give a run-down for fans who were not lucky enough to score tickets for the American tour (or even those who did), this K-Pop Mixtape will run through the B.A.P songs every fan should know.


The first single was released to the world in January 2012, and instantly everyone knew B.A.P was a force to be reckoned with.


"Power" was the group's April 2012 comeback song and was released as a single album.Shortly after going on sale, the initial batch of 30,000 copies sold out.

"One Shot"

B.A.P released their second EP in February of this year and it turned out to be just as powerful, if not more so, than their first."One Shot" shot to the top of the charts and earned the group international recognition.

"Never Give Up"

Before B.A.P debuted, leader Bang Yong-guk and Zelo already had a sub-unit formed."Never Give Up" was released in November 2011 as a sort of prequel to the full group's first official release.

"Rain Sound"

The second single from the latest EP release, "Rain Sound," breaks things down a bit and allows the individual members to show off their charisma.

"Dancing in the Rain"

This track from the No Mercy EP sounds a bit different from other songs from B.A.P.It is a catchy tune that channels their "boy band" side and proves that they really are a versatile group able to change tones and the drop of a hat.

"What the Hell"

From the Power single album, "What the Hell" draws on some heavy rock riffs and powerful vocals - a song that energizes and entices one to hit the 'replay' button.

"Secret Love"

"Secret Love" was written by B.A.P leader Bang Yong-guk (who actually writes lyrics for a majority of the group's tracks) and features vocals from Song Jieun of SECRET.

"I Remember"

One of the additional tracks added to the No Mercy repackaged EP, Crash, "I Remember" is performed by Bang Yong-guk featuring fellow group member Daehyun.

"No Mercy"

And to end this mixtape on a strong note, "No Mercy" is over-flowing with swag.Enough said.


Video Upcoming Korean film

Video Upcoming Korean film "Like Father, Like Son - 2016"

Added the impending Korean film "Like Father, Like Son - 2016"'s page to HanCinema database

"Like Father, Like Son - 2016" (2016)Directed by way of Choi Seok-won-IWith Chae Rin, Hae Il, Min Joon,...SynopsisKang-se is released from felonyand springs back house in 6 years to determine his father who lived by myselfused to be killed by a lady named Ok-ryeon.Release date in Korea : 2016

#Chae Rin #Choi Seok-won-I #Hae Il #Min Joon #Like Father #Like Son - 2016 #news

Trick (2016)

Trick (2016)

Genres: Drama and Suspense

Directed by: Lee Chang-yeol

Starring: Kang Ye-won, Lee Jeong-jin, Kim Tae-hoon

Synopsis: A manufacturermotion pictures a documentary of a guy who most effective has six months to live, beneath a care for his boss that he would get the positon of a branchleader if the documentary becomes a hit. It indeed turns out to be a perfectgood fortune upon release. However, the fellow gets increasinglyill and soon refuses to continue the filming. The producer comes to a decision to push forwardand picture him on his death bed and offers his wife an be offering she cannot refuse.

#Kang Ye-won #Kim Tae-hoon #Lee Chang-yeol #Lee Jeong-jin #Trick #news