These 12 K-Pop Idols Have Such Easiest Proportions They appear Taller Than They In reality Are

These 12 K-Pop Idols Have Such Easiest Proportions They appear Taller Than They In reality Are

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSome idols in the industry have such amazing proportions that they glancefairlya little taller than they if fact exist told are. 

Although they are going to just be reasonable elevationor maybe shorter, some singers in the K-Pop industry have such long legs that they appear like models, who are known for their tall height. Even ifthere are quite a bit of idols that have compatibility this description, here are just a fewthat experiencesurprisedlovers with their precise heights because they appearance so tall in footage and on broadcasts.

Girls GenerationSunny

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These 12 K-Pop Idols Are Noted For Their “Perfect” Bodies And Model-Like Proportions

These 12 K-Pop Idols Are Noted For Their “Perfect” Bodies And Model-Like Proportions

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterTheres for surethat practically all of K-Pop idols are visually enjoyable amongstpossibly to agree that this will also be a requirement to have excellent looks as smartly as a ability in the profession.

However, there are some idols who now notbest takemost sensible visuals yet their frame shape has been praised for their model-like proportions, tall and lanky with sturdysquaddies for men and are compatible with long legs for women. Beneath is a listing of stated idols in no specific order that satisfy the type proportion description, adding TVXQ, VIXX, 9MUSES, and individuals from SHINee, After School and more.

Looking at the list below, do you suspect there are to any extent further idols netizens ignoredthat still fit the description of idol with model-like proportions?

Curious about the heights of different tall idols? Take a glance atthose articles:

► Peak 10 Tallest Ladies of K-Pop

► These K-Pop TeamsModerate Height Cause them to The Tallest of All Idols

TVXQ Changmin and Yunho Image: TVXQ Changmin 61, Yunho 60

BTS Rap Monster Image: BTS Rap Monster 511

WINNER Lee Seunghoon Image: WINNERs Lee Seunghoon 511

9MUSES Image: 9MUSES Average height of 171.9cm or 57

After Faculty Nana Image: After College Nana 171cm or 57

Girls' Generation Sooyoung Image: Girls Generation Sooyoung 170cm or 57

Hello Venus Nara Image: Hi Venus Nara 172cm or 56

G-Friend Sowon Image: G-Friend Sowon 172cm or 56

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Meet After School’s Nana, The K-Pop Idol With The easiest  Frame And Proportions

Meet After School’s Nana, The K-Pop Idol With The easiest Frame And Proportions

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter School member Nana is understood to have one of the mosthighestframe figures in K-Pop and remains to beknown for it as netizens rave over it once again.

On Instiz, a netizen posts a chain of footage of Nana from fan taken images to behind-the-scene photos of her photoshoots for brands and magazines and more to turn the After Collegeparticipants figure.

Currently, After Faculty is following person activities with Raina set to unlock a new single.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

I wish I may pay to have her body ㅠㅠHer 2dimage is so prettyWow her bone layout and proportions.shes so gifted..meanwhile my body in this existence is.Man what a loopy trunk she hasHer waist to hip line danggggg Source: Instiz

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TOP 25 Easiest Lips Of Male Idols

TOP 25 Easiest Lips Of Male Idols

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMany male idols are known for their fan carrier and a fan favourite is hands down when they send kisses to the camera.

A fan on Pann compiled a chain of gifs featuring male idols from a massive range of idol teamsadding GOT7, Block B, SHINee, BTS, INFINITE, BTOB, B1A4, VIXX, EXO, and TVXQ.

Ever wondered why K-Pop boys have the maximum efficient lips? Heres 25 pieces of proof!

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Watch: 9MUSES’s Kyungri and Her Mentor Blow their own horns Their Easiest Proportions On “Muscle Queen Project”

Watch: 9MUSES’s Kyungri and Her Mentor Blow their own horns Their Easiest Proportions On “Muscle Queen Project”

Watch: 9MUSESs Kyungri and Her Mentor Blow their own horns Their Highest Proportions On Muscle Queen Assignment kminjungee February 9, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: 9MUSESs Kyungri and Her Mentor Prove Off Their Perfect Proportions On Muscle Queen Project KBS2s Lunar New Year special, Muscle Queen Project, which aired on February 9, at 5:20 p.m. KST, is a program that strives to inspireother people to determinewhilst having fun. With workoutrunning shoes equally mentors, and other celebrities as the mentees, the mentor and mentee pairs get readymore than a few stages with alternative fitness desires in mind.

The particpants incorporated TWICEs Jungyeon, AOAs Chanmi, Dal Shabets Subin, 9MUSESs Kyungri, Kahi, NaraStephanie; and G.NA as the mentees, in addition Insooni, Jung Ah Reum, Shim Ecu Ddeum, Oh Hyun Jin, Kwon Do Ye; and Hyung Ju Hyun as the mentors.

On this day, mentee 9MUSESs Kyungri and mentor Kwon Do Ye ready a fantastic stage with the purpose of training the frame for perfect proportions. Kyungri captivates the target market amongst her authentic gaze, and flexibility, while Kwon Do Ye, two time Musclemania global champion, shines with her stunning looks and her well-proportioned body. They dance to Toddler Boy, and Woman Marmalade, hanging on a pretty show thats still a workout.

Watch their amazing functionalityunder and practice along!

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Netizens explicit  worry for idols who cross to bad lengths to seem taller

Netizens explicit worry for idols who cross to bad lengths to seem taller

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even though some unhealthy slips and falls on degree are unavoidable accidents, netizens have found out that one thing thats contributed to stage falls is actuallybecause of idols seeking toglance taller. 

After sparselygazing some performances, netizens found that shorter idols such as EXOBakehyun have been dressed in insoles on their shoes to seem taller on stage. Regardless of the shoes effectivelyaiding the singer create the illusion, however, the added height has also contributed to more slips and falls as the singers ankles gave out. Upon making the realization, netizens have expressed their worryreferring to singers wearing insoles, urging coordinators to forestall making them wear insoles.

Find out what Netizens had to mention just aboutthis text below!

During EXOs Wolf stage, he looked as though he was floating in the air. I was once very frightened for him because he looked so high up

He wore the ones shoes backsuch so much of times.

It at all timesseems like his ankles were about flying out.

He fell because his shoes were too bigㅜㅜ

His shoes are so large because hes striking insoles inside of them.

Its more or lessfascinating and cute, yet I wish their coordinator would cease him from wearing them

Heres an image of him next to Chanyeol

In addition to SM, YG also has their short contributors too

Their ankles are overworked 

He also has to wear super enormous shoes

When hes next to his hyungs, hes actuallylovable and charming

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

145, 52 Stylist please.Jinhwan fell during Inkigayo Jimotmi stage too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

131, 48 Please ㅠㅠㅠ our Jinhwan

117, 5 Baekhyun and Jinhwan appear to be babies. Theyre sexyeven if theyre shorter ㅠㅠㅠ ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

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Reality Check: Fans and Idols Dating

Reality Check: Fans and Idols Dating

20150419_seoulbeats_leehongki Reality Check: Fans and Idols Dating Written by Morgan On April 21, 2015 FT Island’s Lee Hong-ki got into some strife on April 12 when dating rumors surfaced about him and the Japanese model Ai Shinozaki. While his company, FNC Entertainment, quickly leaped to deny rumors stating that the two were just friends, Hong-ki took to twitter to address the matter further.

He replied to a ‘fan’s’ comment that condemned the possible relationship with a message that seemed to stun many.

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You havent known me for that long, huh??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Dont like me as someone of the opposite sex (boyfriend), Ive said that for a while now. If you hate me for this, then bye ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

He has since deleted that tweet, but the message is clear: he doesn’t care what his fans think of him dating. He hasn’t apologized for this incident either and there is probably little chance that he will in the futurenot that he should. This seemed to turn quite a few eyes to this incident as this isnt a very common direction for an idol to take. He was quickly labelled by netizens as immature and like a junior high student. However, was this action really immature and irresponsible for him to take?

While in some cultures, celebrities dating rumors are taken lightly, dating rumors are seen as serious business within the Korean entertainment industry. In some cases, it leads to harsh criticism and a possible drop in popularity with fans losing interest if the celebrity is really off the market’. SNSD’s Taeyeon and EXO’s Baekhyun were outed and subsequently objected to the following media and fan circus. Taeyeon actually apologized to her fans at an airport. If that doesn’t strike you as wrong, then you might want to think again. Not just them, as Sullis dating scandal with Dynamic Duos Choiza lead to her taking a hiatus from the entertainment industry. There are so many examplesfrom Super Juniors Sungmin to IU. In Hong-ki’s case, his response can ruin that relationship between fan and idol, subsequently losing FT Island fans. In that sense, this could be called an irresponsible move on Hong-ki’s part.

However, there has been a stark change in recent years with many idols coming forth and admitting theyre dating. SNSD’s Tiffany and Sooyoung admitted that they were seeing fellow celebrities in 2014. Though suffering some backlash, they have been pushed through and are generally accepted. These couples seem to be made up of older idols whose fans have been able to grow up and pursue relationships of their own.

That said, the question remains: are idols supposed to patiently wait for the approval of fans to date? I mean, what do most people wish for in their life? To date? To get married? For most people, this is a definite. So why deny someone else the same dreams?

However, this is what is encouraged, or at least not discouraged, in the K-pop sphere. K-pop is marketed on fantasy, further than just the alien, vampire and werewolf concepts, where fans are encouraged to create a emotional connection with artists, seeing them as their everything. This seems to equate in some peoples eyes to an imaginary contract where idols have to give up all prospects of a private life for their career and fans. As there is no written contract between fans and the musician not to date. For example, Got 7s Jackson revealed he has a three year dating ban written into his contract on the variety show, Dating Alone, and we all know 2NE1’s Sandara Park and Park Bom are plagued by a dating ban even though they are both grown women in their late 20s. The control over dating has been institutionalized and made ‘normal’ in the eyes of most. Yet, does it make those that do not wish to participate in this different?

Hong-ki’s message is a reality check for all those fans out there that like him for those reasons. It also provides a hard line stance against fans who dont like idols dating, especially when he told the fan that he was okay with him/her not being his fan anymore. Its the implication that if you have a problem with your favorite idol dating, then you are the problem. Facing fans with indifference may seem rude and immature in the context of the idol industry; however, it is a very much needed response to these ridiculous attitudes. Ultimately, this incident doesnt seemed to have deterred Hong-ki or FT Island with them rocking their recent comeback with the album, I Will ”. So, why can Hong-ki get away with it without a massive dip to his popularity, while other idols would not?

Lee Hong-ki has built himself an image quite different from the ordinary idol, especially if his nail art obsessed rocker image is anything to go by. He has always been known to have a bit of a 4D personality, taking boundaries as just a drop in the ocean. FNC Entertainment’s CEO even admitted that Hong-ki has ‘acted out more’ in relation to dating. Hong-ki’s blunt honesty is a characteristic he has had from debut; he even stated on the variety program Witch Hunt that he didnt care what other people think when he is dating. So after building up a personality that pushes the idol bubble, especially when it comes to dating, it really isnt that surprising that he responded in such a way. In effect, it isnt surprising that he can get away with saying these things either. As he pointed out, he doesnt care if his fans dont want him to date.

Super Junior’s Heechul mirrored Hong-kis attitude when he addressed the issue of dating in his own unique way on the television program War of Worlds. He stated he told fans from his debut to not see him as their ‘everything’ and to live their lives. You know what? He says it worked too. Apparently, fans are now telling him to date, instead of sitting at home hugging his Anna from Frozen pillow. Heechul is an idol with a very unusual character; he is seen as SM Entertainments ‘free’ voice. He seems very much in charge of his own image and what he says. It is no wonder that he and Hong-ki are friends.

Both Hong-ki and Heechul are still considered idols, despite there deviation from the common stereotype. They have made it clear to their fans where the boundaries of their relationship lie. Despite neither having publicly confirmed a relationship, they are challenging the expectations of idols by showing that idols and fans can exist outside the fantasy relationships that are created. By doing so, it further shows that idols can take back control over their personal lives from fans.

I think that it is better for idols and companies to take a hard stance against fans that only like them because they want to date them. YG Entertainment said it best when releasing a statement on the rumored relationship between G-Dragon and Kiko Muzuhara: We tend to respect the privacy of our idols. These small stands and dating reveals are necessary to change the attitudes towards idols dating. Who knows? Maybe we will have the K-pop version of Taylor Swift on our hands. After all, there is nothing wrong with dating lots of people as long as you’re not doing it at the same time, without consent.

What are your thoughts on idols dating, and Hong-kis management of the issue?

(Naver [1][2][3], Nate, TV Daily, Netizenbuzz, YouTube. Images via FNC Entertainment, TV Daily, Dispatch, jTCB, Top Star News)


F.T Island to release

F.T Island to release "I Will" special album + star in first 19+ reality program for idols

F.T Island to release

F.T Island will be dropping a special edition of fifth album "I Will" on April 6 and premiering their new reality program soon!

According to FNC Entertainment, "The "I Will" special album will have the original eleven tracks as well as a 160-page photo shoot. The photo shoot took place in Paris, France last January, and as the exotic scenery is mixed in with F.T Island"s carefree charms, the holding value has increased."  160 pages of eye candy for fans? Yes, please.

In addition, the boys" reality program, SBS MTV"s "Coming Out! F.T island," will air its first episode on April 7, but it"s garnering even more attention in advance thanks to its new 19+ rating. This would make it the first idol reality program rated mature!

The production crew stated, "F.T Island has always been famous for their frankness, but they said such mature-rated remarks in front of the camera that even we were shocked. We decided to show their carefree selves--all of it," explaining why they decided to go with 19+.

Hongki had even stated to the production crew, "Please do not lock us up in stereotypes. I want to show our true selves through "Coming Out,"" hence the title?

This will be the boys" first exclusive reality program in nine years, so fans are extremely excited. Check out the premiere on April 7 and the preview above while you wait!


OFFROAD Eats A Kangaroo For 'Adventure' Reality Show: SBS MTV Program Puts The K-Pop Idols Through The Paces

OFFROAD Eats A Kangaroo For 'Adventure' Reality Show: SBS MTV Program Puts The K-Pop Idols Through The Paces


OFFROAD Eats A Kangaroo For 'Adventure' Reality Show: SBS MTV Program Puts The K-Pop Idols Through The Paces Hot off the heels of their appearance in Little Psys Gentleman parody video, the K-pop group OFFROAD is again doing something weird; this time gutting and eating a kangaroo for their reality TV program OFFROAD, The Adventure.Hot off the heels of their appearance in Little Psy's "Gentleman" parody video, the K-pop group OFFROAD is again doing something weird; this time gutting and eating a kangaroo for their reality TV program "OFFROAD, The Adventure."

In the reality show, produced by South Korean music channel SBS MTV, the members of OFFROAD travel around Australia looking for trouble to get into.

The pop idols have reportedly been good sports throughout the filming of the show, participating in in the local customs.

But that was before they heard about the kangaroo meat.

Although OFFROAD was not asked to catch the kangaroo, they were expected to clean and eat it, according to the website allkpop.

"The OFFROAD members felt so badly about the kangaroo and had a hard time even looking at it at first," a member of the reality show's production crew recalled.

"However, they were able to get over their initial reaction to the situation and enjoyed the meat later."

Last month OFFROAD band member G.I shocked fans when he fainted for several hours after filming scenes in an abandoned house.

G.I. said he saw a ghost.

The incident happened as the band was wondering around an abandoned "ghost town" to find hidden items to complete an "OFFROAD, The Adventure" challenge.

"When G.I. fainted, all of the staff were so shocked that the filming was paused," said a member of the film staff.

"Fortunately, G.I. came back to consciousness shortly after. We thought about his health first and decided to cancel filming for the entire day but G.I. kept insisting that we continue filming. It seems like his body was weak due to the tight overseas schedule so we felt bad."

Up until the incident, G.I. had appeared confident, saying he had seen ghosts before.

When they walked into one particular haunted house however, the OFFROAD singers confidence failed him.

G.I. woke up several hours later.

"I have no memory of fainting," he said.

Check out an episode of the SBS MTV reality show: "OFFROAD, The Adventure," RIGHT HERE


The Male Idols With Perfect Proportions

The Male Idols With Perfect Proportions "The Mask Fits Right On Their Face"

B.A.P., Dae Hyun, EXO-K, Soo Ho, Se Hoon

The male idols perfect proportions attracted attention.The male idols' perfect proportions attracted attention.

On an online community, a picture titled 'Male Idols With Perfect Proportions" was uploaded.

In the picture, a mask depicting the perfect proportions of someone's face was superimposed on pictures of some idol members.

B.A.P.'s Dae Hyun, EXO-K's Soo Ho and Se Hoon's faces were perfect for the mask. Their 'perfect proportions' made the internet users jealous.

People commented, "They are idols with perfect proportions," "They are good looking guys," "How could the mask fit so perfectly?"