'Thumping Spike 2' will continue its touching tale passed down from the prequel

'Thumping Spike 2' will continue its touching tale passed down from the prequel

Song Jae-rim and Hwang Seung-eon's web-drama, "Thumping Spike" is drawing much attention for its quality production from the drama lovers in Korea in addition in China at the similar time.

It is predicted that the sexy qualities of "Thumping Spike" may be passed down to its sequel, 'Thumping Spike 2".

The early lifetalein accordance with the intensively competitive and dynamic sports, volleyball is coming back with more exciting entertainment.

In the prequel, "Thumping Spike", the teenagers stars, Song Jae-rim, Hwang Seung-eon and Lee Tae-hwan had the netizen viewers' hearts flutter with their toughbeginning of performances. Kim So-eun and Lee Won-geun werepassed over the baton to convey the lively and refreshing story in 'Thumping Spike 2'.

The supporting actors, who showed off their robust screen presence and delivered such a lot laughter, will also give a contribution the exciting entertainment to the sequel again.

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"Thumping Spike" Song Jae-rim and Hwang Seung-eon, 3 seconds sooner than a kiss

Song Jae-rim and Hwang Seung-eon were spotted 3 seconds clear of a kiss.

Stills of them from the web-drama "Thumping Spike" were released at the 8th.

"Thumping Spike" is a romantic drama about Hwang Jae-woong, the ace of a topcollege boys' volleyball team and Kang Sara who is the coach.

In the stills, Hwang Jae-woong and Kang Sara are about to get intimate. Their lips are just inches faraway fromevery other.

Hwang Jae-woong has one hand around Kang Sara's head and she has her eyes softly closed.

What can bethe outcome of this scene?

"Thumping Spike" used to be released in China and Korea. In China, it is being released in Cinefox, Gom TV, Webhard and cable VOD.

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Video Added Korean drama 'Thumping Spike' all episodes 1 to 20

Video Added Korean drama 'Thumping Spike' all episodes 1 to 20

Added all episodes 1 to 20 for the Korean drama 'Thumping Spike'

"Thumping Spike" (2015) Directed by way of Kim Jin-yeong-II Written by Choi Ji-yeon-I With Song Jae-rim, Hwang Seung-eon, Lee Tae-hwan, Bae Jin-woong, Lee Ho, Kang Hui,... 20 episodes - Sat, Sun 00:00 Synopsis A volleyball trainer and his avid gamersobjective for good fortuneright through which they increasemore potent bond and friendship for every other in addition teamwork. This youngertaledisplays sportsmanship and center thumping romance. Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/02/20

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Song Jae Rim is a significant athlete in still cuts for 'Heart Thumping Spike'

Song Jae Rim is a significant athlete in still cuts for 'Heart Thumping Spike'

Web drama 'Heart Thumping Spike' unveiled some still cuts of its male lead Song Jae Rim, who plays a topfaculty volleyball player!

The photographs dropped currentlyblow their own horns his excellent looks in addition how serious the natureis setthe game and how serious the actor is about his role. Even though the volleyball team is the worst in the nation, he's the ace at the team, which should mean he isno less than decent, right? Nah, with that height and build, he has to be larger than decent.

The production crew's facetpublished that he at all times had a volleyball on him so asto fully get into his character. On most sensible of that, he learned the entire lot from spiking to serving in preparation for his role. That is dedication!

It can be released in 20 portions in Korea beginning on March 2.

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'Thumping Spike' stars Hwang Seung-eon and Song Jae-rim take selfie together

'Thumping Spike' stars Hwang Seung-eon and Song Jae-rim take selfie together

On October 30th, Hwang Seung-eon posted a photo of herself with a quick caption saying, "Glad to peer you back outside, the leading actor in "Thumping Spike"".

In the printed photo, Hwang Seung-eon and Song Jae-rim glance stunning in combination at the hole rite of Chinese movie Festival 2015, which came about in Yeouido CGV, Seoul.

The two sitting next to each and every other friendly will co-star in the hot web-drama, "Thumping Spike".


Lee Tae-hwan forged in 'Thumping Spike'

Lee Tae-hwan forged in 'Thumping Spike'

Lee Tae-hwan from the actor team wonder is leading the Korean-Chinese web-drama "Thumping Spike".

He plays Baek Woo-jin, the captain of a volleyball team which at all times comes last. he's filled with interest for volleyball and has a superb brain for a volleyball team setter.

Lee Tae-hwan, who played a loopy top faculty youngster named Oh Tae-suk in the drama "The King of High School Manners" and Kang Soo in "Pride and Prejudice", is a professional volleyball team captain who could also be remarkable in quite so much of fields.

Rising Hallyu big name who also starred in a Chinese drama currently is expected to earn recognition throughout the drama "Thumping Spike".

Meanwhile, "Thumping Spike" is a sports romantic comedy about Woo-jin and a feminine volleyball team goddess Sera (Hwang Seung-eon) in addition a member of the men"s volleyball team Jae-woong (Song Jae-rim).

"Thumping Strike" may be released in Korea and China.

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Upcoming Korean drama 'Thumping Spike'

Upcoming Korean drama 'Thumping Spike'

Added the approaching Korean drama "Thumping Spike""s page to HanCinema database"Thumping Spike" (2015)With Song Jae-rim, Hwang Seung-eon,...SynopsisA volleyball trainer and his gamers objective for luck all the way through which they broaden more potent bond and friendship for every other in addition teamwork. This younger tale displays sportsmanship and center thumping romance.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2015


Deadbeat children come to life in touching motherly tale

Deadbeat children come to life in touching motherly tale

Deadbeat children come to life in touching motherly tale

In "Aging Family", the 69-year-old mother, center, must still work to feed her grown children.

The mother is 69 years old but still works hard to feed her eldest son, who is already overnourished. He spends his days flipping through comics, scratching his rippling belly fat and munching on snacks. At 44, his only accomplishment is being convicted of a crime.

Soon enough, the mother is also welcoming her two other grown children back home.

The second son, the only college graduate in the family, returns after his debut film flops with only unpaid bills and cigarette butts. He spends much of his time pondering whether to stay true to his artistic values or accept an offer to make an erotic film called "Watermelon Terminator".

The daughter also shows up with her troubled teenage daughter after her second marriage ends and she decides to live like a Buddhist nun.

The average age of the three children is 39, and they come to get together under the roof of a run-down house located in the outskirts of Seoul. And that is where "Aging Family" unfolds.

Based on a novel of the same name written by Chun Myung-gwan, the film gathers the nation's top character actors in a dysfunctional family.

Led by Yoon Yeo-jeong as the mother, Park Hae-il (second son), Yoon Je-moon (first son) and Kong Hyo-jin (daughter) are surely the selling point of this movie.

The first part of the film focuses on the characters, especially the two sons, revealing their old yet still immature souls. The three siblings often vent their anger at each other.

The numerous conflicts and swearing scenes are a little exaggerated, but the three siblings should remind viewers about the tendency to be especially mean to close family.

The conflicting siblings, however, enter a new phase as the teenage daughter of Mi-yeon runs away from home. The runaway leaves a note that she can't put up with her broken family.

At this point, the film may have lost its witty tone, but its biggest virtue is the obvious message about mothers.

The most memorable scene is probably when all of the family members sit down to eat their first meal together. Steamy stews and neatly placed side dishes have all been diligently prepared by the aging mother who always encourages her grown-up children to gather in the sunlit living room. The sign of pure commitment to family is quite calming.

After the first meal scene, others follow, all aiming to make sure the three children gain the strength needed to carry on and upward. They owe a lot to their mother, who keeps boiling stews and grilling pork belly for her children.

Fortunately, "Aging Family" doesn't resort to the obvious formula of an ailing mother who has only a few months to live, prompting her indifferent family to realize how much they owe her. But there still are disappointments.

Since the film is mainly focused on the two sons, it seems to neglect the mother and the daughter, unlike the novel. If there were more stories about the two female characters, the film could gain some complexity. It is a shame that the director does not make full use of the two brilliant actresses.

He also tweaked the ending of the film to encourage mass appeal by highlighting the bond between brothers, but the film ends up concluding in a cliched trap.

Even so, "Aging Family" is a breath of fresh air among a sea of run-of-the-mill family-themed Korean films because of actors who truly know how to breathe life into their characters.

By Sung So-young Photo provided by CJ Entertainment


Video Added Korean drama 'Touching You' all episodes 1 to 12

Video Added Korean drama 'Touching You' all episodes 1 to 12

Added all episodes 1 to twelve for the Korean drama "Touching You"

"Touching You" (2016) Directed by capacity of Park Soo-cheol Written by Seong Min-ji Network : NAVER tvcast With Taecyeon, Song Ha-yoon, Kim Jong-moon, Lim Yoon-jeong, Gil Ha-ra, Park Joo-hyeong,... 12 episodes - Mon~Fri 10:00am Synopsis Taecyeon ("Bring It On, Ghost") and Song Ha-yoon ("Dream Knight") celebrity in a paranormal romantic comedy that defies time itself. Artful and good-looking make Jin-woo (Taecyeon) has a distinct ability: each fourth dimension he touches someone, he can see into their future. One day, he meets and falls in love with aspiring makeup artist Jin Hee-yeong (Song Ha-yoon), who is an angel to theseround her and does not let the selfishness and cruelty of the arenaalternate her willingness to lend a handother folkson the alternative hand she can. But, because he can see the future, Jin-woo knows this woman is doomed to a terrible fate. Can he use his powers to save her life, or will time turn out too robust an enemy to conquer, even for somebody who knows what is coming? Adding to the drama are Oh Yeong-dal ("Gu Circle of relatives Book" actor Park Joo-hyeong), who runs a fortune-reading cafe, and Kang Hyeon-seo ("Faith" alum Kim Jong-moon), a qualified investor. Sometimes called "I'm Going to Touch You", "Touching You" is a internet drama that debuted on Naver TelevisionSolid on July 4, 2016. First announced remaining March, the drama is produced by JYP Entertainment and airs each weekday, for an expected run of ten 15-minute episodes and a finale scheduled for July 19, 2016. The prolonged cast for "Touching You" comprises Taecyeon as Do Jin-woo, Song Ha-yoon as Jin Hee-yeong, Park Joo-hyeong as Oh Yeong-dal, and Kim Jong-moon as Kang Hyeon-seo. Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/07/04

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TV Audience In Korea Surprised And Touched By skill of This Girl’s Tale Of Fight And Triumph

TV Audience In Korea Surprised And Touched By skill of This Girl’s Tale Of Fight And Triumph

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter staring ata up to date episode of popular Korean communicate show Let Me In, audience were surprised to listena shockingly heartbreaking and touching story. 

The episode told the tale of a tendergirl who dressed up and put at the mannerisms of a man, revealing that she began doing so after she used to be sexually assaulted in center school. In spite of her hardened exterior, however, she published that deep within she at all timessought after to transforma hornygirl again, yet felt like she now notmay just with her face and body.

After hearing her heartbreaking story, Let Me In granted her wish by way of paying for her full-body operation, which turned into revealed to price 62,190,000 won (approximately $54,500 USD). Following the surgery, the young woman was ready to with somewhat of luck smile and pose for pictures, warming the hearts of all of the viewers.

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