TWICE Jihyo and Jessica Jung’s secret connection has fanatics curious

TWICE Jihyo and Jessica Jung’s secret connection has fanatics curious

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter seeing pictures of rookie lady group TWICE at a contemporary event, netizens couldnt assistyet focus their eyes on leader Jihyo, particularly at her top. 

And while Jihyo had in the pastreceived attention for dressed in a see-through shirt, the eye she obtained this time used to benow notsuch a lot just about the blouse itself but about where it become from. While many fanaticsspotted that Jihyos most sensible was indeed pretty, some learned that theyve observed the shirt ahead of in former Girls Generation member Jessicas model brand Blanc Eclare catalog. After seeing how amazing Jihyo looked wearing the top, fans praised either Jihyo for making it glance so good, and Jessicas fashion label for designing any suchstunning top. Fans wonder whether it was just a twist of fate Jihyo ended up with that top, or whether theres anything more to the story. Does Jihyo have some unknown connection to Jessica Jung? Take a glance at the photos below!

Check out this fancam of Jihyo performing TWICEs debut song Like OOH-AHH below:

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Jessica gifts fanatics with English edition and track video for “Fly”

Jessica gifts fanatics with English edition and track video for “Fly”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter A bit over a week since making her solo debut with With Love, J and her namesong Fly, Jessica has released an extra music video for the English edition of the song.

Released on Might 28th KST, the music video for the English version got here as a marvel to lovers who did now notbe expecting one for it to be released. Jessicas English mini-album was once released simultaneously with the music video on iTunes and includesall the English versions of her long-established Korean tracks rather thanPricey Diary.

Similar to the Korean version, Jessicas English lyrics for Fly will give listeners hope and a push against their dream because theres no mountain thats tough to move.

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Namgoong Min Makes Fanatics Curious With Behind-the-Scenes Photo of “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim”

Namgoong Min Makes Fanatics Curious With Behind-the-Scenes Photo of “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim”

Namgoong Min Makes Lovers Curious With Behind-the-Scenes Photo of Expensive Fair Girl Kong ShimJiwonYu Might 19, 2016 0 Namgoong Min Makes Fans Curious With Behind-the-Scenes Photo of Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim Actor Namgoong Min loves to tease his fans with behind-the-scenes photos!

On Could 19, Namgoong Min posted a photo on Instagram of himself and ladies Days Minah shooting their newest drama Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim.

He wrote, Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim. Are you in a position tobet what scene this is? So shy. Try and guess.

In the photo, Namgoong Min is crossing his legs in a timid fashion while Minah looks reasonably worn out.

Can you guess what scene this is?

Meanwhile, Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim aired its first two episodes on May also 14 and 15 and is off to a excellentget started with sure viewer response. What the newest episode below!

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BTS leaves fanatics curious with a flow of posts on their reputable Twitter

BTS leaves fanatics curious with a flow of posts on their reputable Twitter

Ever since yesterday, BTS (namely SUGA) has been leaving an unendingmovement of posts on their legitimate Twitter account that left us scratching our heads in puzzlement. From reading the Tweets, it turns out that every bitdespite the truth that SUGA took some time without workto mirror on himself and arrange his thoughts. Although information technology still is just not 100% transparent what those Tweets were in reference to, if there is somethingthat is for certain, it is that SUGA had so much on his mind. 

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Here is what he wrote on January 10:

"Hello, this is SUGA. Many were inquiring about my time off; to position it simply, I walked, slept, and idea a lot. Earlier than ane put out my combine tape I sought after to to head on a go back and forthto lay my mind in order. There was once a position I just had to visit, too.

I needed to do things now not as 24-year-old BTS's SUGA yet as 24-year-old Min Yoon Ki. It turned into fourth dimensionto seem back on myself.  What I say now isn't as an artist to fans, or as BTS to ARMY; I get started this communique because I would likekeep in touch as one user to another.

When I amgoing througha massive number of people, I turn out to be saddest when I come upon the me that cannot treat all and sundry equally. I don' would like toharmany person but there are cases when I do. I still agree withthat i am an inadequate human being.

The 2nd day of the Kobe concert..after that day I do now not believe I take notesound asleep soundly. It may neatly be because I hurt plenty of people, so each time I fall asleep, I wake up in a chilly sweat.

I already hurt many of us because I could not stand on degree once, so I made up our minds to stand on stage regardless of what. But all people told me not to. I truthfully bawled my eyes out at the reality that I will not be able to stand at the stage. Even supposing yous lose when you cry.

It's simple to suppress my own grief. But it's tougher when the folksI admire are grieving. I have once back made the other folks I love heartbroken. If I will turn back time, I might take stood on stage whatever what they feecan have been.

"That's why there has been a place I totallywill have to visit. During my time off, I went to Kobe. Many attemptedto forestall me but had I not gone, I should not have been readyto stand myself. So I forced my far more than to Kobe." 

It's the moment time I went to a concert corridor later the concert was over. The primary time was when I visited AX Hall after out first concert, 'Red Bullet'; the second time was when I visited Kobe's Global Memorial Hall, where I did not become to stand on stage.

I in point of fact hate being forgtten. Of direction I did notare taking a look toconsider these wonderful days when many folks dearest me. I didn't wish to exist forgotten. So I discovered my way over to AX Hall and World Memorial Hall once again.

I trulylovedstatus on stage and I still do like it. Even if I carried out in front of a crowd of 2individuals when I used to be 17, I still wear a formidablefunctionality and maintained eye contact. But after debuting, I do not think I was capable of be bold with myself. It's going towere that I knew higher that I was lacking.

And for the 1st on stage performance of 'HwaYangYeonHwa,' I was able tooptimistically meet the eyes of the audience.

"But I didn't have the self assurance to face muchfolks after the second day of the Kobe concert when I didn't get to stand on stage. That's why I visited Kobe; from the time I arrived at the venue, I paced the vicinity tillthe instant that our display had begun."

From the ticketing booth, the entrance, to each corner of the venue, I wished to feel the entire thing that you felt. I did enjoy many emotions. Happiness, the being antsy as I watch for the prove to start, sadness, resentfulness, anger, and disappointment, among others. I wanted to realize you, and I do realize you. That's why I'm sorry and sorry again. Because I'm a not up to perfect human being.

Because I'm a human being who pretends to be robust evening though I'm weak, I felt another time that I'm a flawed. I would in all probability not be spiritual but I prayed then and there. That even though the finale is decided in stone, that this feeling is more than likely not forgotten.

You have taken up an important portion of me, who have continuously wanted to be alone. It subjects not to me your age, gender, nationality, religion, or what language you speak. Today's the day that we now have been scheduled to move on 'Music Bank' all of a sudden so I'm returning an afternoon early.

I have returned after organizing my many thoughts. I discovered again that I'm blessed and iwould have toare living as an individual who is at all times grateful. Thank you for turning me into a blessed human being, ARMY's. Though I would possibly not say it frequently because my expression is awkward.

I relay my thoughts once again thru this trivial writing. Because I'm a unsuitable human being, I'll live always being thankful for each moment. I love you, ARMY's."

And then today, BTS up to date amongst these tweets, which look like from Rap Monster:

"Thank you for being my and our fan. I'm also your fan. A fan who silently cheers you on as you bear loneliness, trials, and life. I send you my fan letter written in notes and melodies from behind the curtain and from the studio. I'm hopingthat you're going to read that longing sound! Though I won't be say it all in words, or maybevia music, I cheer you on with my gaze and my heart! - RM."

What are your thoughts on these tweets by way of the BTS members? 


Weekly Recap:

Weekly Recap: "Secret" tensions, catch Jessica if you can, and continued legal woes

It"s been a busy week for the K-pop world. Catch up on the latest rumors, legal troubles, and long-awaited comebacks!

Miss Jessica? Catch her if you can in the leaked video!

Earlier this week, SONEs were besides themselves with excitement over leaked screenshots of former Girls" Generation member Jessica from the previous music video of "Catch Me If You Can." To add onto the nostalgic excitement, the leaked video came out shortly, giving fans one last time to see all 9 original members together.

Meanwhile, the 8 current members of Girls" Generation are scheduled to appear on "Running Man," so SONEs definitely have something to look forward to!

Continuing legal woes Kim Hyun Joong

As Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend Ms. Choi continue their legal feud, his agency came out this week with their own doubts of the alleged pregnancy of his former significant other. After his lawyers examined the sonograms, they claimed, "There is a disparity between the time recorded on the sonogram pictures and the time Ms. Choi went in for a checkup. Her name isn"t even recorded on the pictures." They also cited other suspicious submitted evidence, such as a lack of pregnancy-related medical records as well as edited text messages.

The next trial between both sides is scheduled for July 22.


Originally sentenced to 9 years of jail time for fraud, CEO Cho of label Martin Kyle, Clara"s former label, found his sentence reduced to 7 years.

If you find his punishment too harsh, the court explained their decision for the ruling and sentencing, saying, "He denies all accusations and does not show any remorse for his actions even though the victim"s financial losses were not recovered. He even threatened the victim by saying he would reveal his secrets, so a strict punishment was unavoidable." 

Yoo Seung Joon

Notorious for being barred from entering South Korea after evading his mandatory military service and for a recent video where he apologized profusely for his actions, actor Yoo Seung Joon once again recently expressed his wishes to reenter Korea. On his Weibo, he posted, "I didn"t give up yet. I am still being brave. I am still praying. I am still dreaming. Thank you for giving me courage. I will stand up once again." 

Drug use investigation in the idol world

According to a report by "The Fact," a 32-year-old staff member tested positive for cocaine usage. Prosecution is now looking into idols who may have used the drug with the staff member. One user in particular, a Hallyu star who is under the same entertainment company as the staff member, was specifically named by the staff member as someone he/she took drugs with. Authorities are still investigating this case.

Is Sulli leaving?

Rumors of Sulli"s departure from F(x) abounded on the Internet, stating that she was to remain under SM Entertainment"s management for an acting career. SM Entertainment was rather quick to respond, saying "There is nothing that has been decided. We will make a decision on Sulli"s future group activities after careful consideration." They also added, "We are flustered that such articles have come out when nothing has been concretely decided on regarding Sulli." 

A wonderful comeback!

After a long, long wait, the Wonder Girls are back! After rumors spread about the girls filming a new MV as well as their new formation of an idol band, JYP Entertainment finally responded, confirming their upcoming comeback. To make matters even more exciting, former member Sunmi will be joining members Yubin, Yenny, and Lim to form an idol band! As band members, each member will play an instrument, with Yenny on keyboards, Lim on guitar, Sunmi on bass, and Yubin on drums

It"s been three whole years since we last saw the Wonder Girls together. Are you excited to see what they could do as a band?

Secret tensions between members?

What"s going on between SECRET members? Previous SNS posts seemed to hint at some sort of discord between members Sunhwa and Hana. When fellow member Hyosung appeared on MBC"s "Radio Star" to discuss the situation and assure viewers that the posts were misunderstood by fans and that the two members are actually still quite close, Sunhwa tweeted a mysterious message that some took as a direct reply to Hyosung"s remarks. Saying "I was falling asleep but awake now... That"s not what it is," her words seem like a response to Hyosung.

SECRET"S management at TS Entertainment also responded, releasing their own statement on the situation. Saying "We saw the words that Sunhwa posted on SNS. We think she just posted them about a personal matter... Because of her words, there are rumors of discord, but they are not true. They have an Asia fanmeeting coming up and all the members will be attending without any problems," they assured fans that there are no problems between members and that things will continue smoothly as planned.

What do you think of the situation? Are there hidden tensions, or are Sunhwa"s tweets about something else entirely?

Sizzling summer comebacks SISTAR"s "Shake It"

Admit it, you shake it whenever this song pops up on your summer music playlist! After a series of mysteriously sexy teasers, SISTAR released their newest mini album and music video for "Shake It." To make matters even more exciting for them, the song quickly achieved a perfect all-kill while the video quickly garnered more than 2 million views! The girls are planning a special video to celebrate these achievements. Despite their success with this summer hit, the girls remain modest and humble, even as they placed in the top tier on Sport Chosun"s girl groups column along with 2NE1 and Girls" Generation. "It"s such an honor. But we"re not thinking about rising up by stepping down on our sunbaes," said Dasom.

Watch the video here:

AOA"s "Heart Attack"

Meanwhile AOA gave us all heart attacks over their newest hot music video! Despite joining the wave of girl group summer comebacks, members remained confident in their success as well as honored to be promoting alongside their sunbaes. "It"s an honor to be able to promote with our senior groups and we believe that there could be a lot to learn from closely watching the seniors," said Chanmi. To highlight their own strengths as AOA, she added, "However, we want to show charms that are unique to ourselves." 

And it seems that Chanmi"s wishes to show off AOA"s unique strengths and charms were answered, as the music video easily surpassed 2 million views just a few days after its release! Congratulations to them for their success!

Meanwhile, both SISTAR and AOA appeared on "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook" to throw on some hot performances of their respective summer hits!

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Jessica reveals a secret about her body on 'Jessica & Krystal'

Jessica reveals a secret about her body on 'Jessica & Krystal'

Jessica revealed a secret about her body on "Jessica & Krystal"!

On the July 1 edition of OnStyle"s reality show featuring the lovable Jung sisters, Jessica said, "My navel is really up high. The other Girls" Generation members" navels are low, but mine is really high." She revealed that when they were standing, her navel was on the same level as the tall members YoonA, Yuri, and Sooyoung.

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Her stylist said, "Even though you"re short, you have good proportions. You and Krystal have blessed bodies, so be grateful to your parents," making Jessica laugh.

Did you know about this "secret"?


Lee Jongseok and Song Jihyo as a Secret Couple

Lee Jongseok and Song Jihyo as a Secret Couple

Lee Jongseok and Song Jihyo as a Secret Couple Lee Jongseok and Song Jihyo as a Secret Couple

If Mr. Gae sees this, we’re sure he’s going to be mad.

On SBS’s “Running Man”, actor Lee Jongseok and Song Jihyo were given a mission to behave like a secret couple on set.

Missions included linking their arms and holding hands, a kiss on the forehead and a back hug, however they were only able to accomplish three and failed to carry out the back hug mission.

For those of you who watched the episode already, you may have seen the other members of “Running Man” eyeing the two actors and catching onto why they appeared to be so close.

Since the other members knew Song Jihyo was a rather introverted person, they found it strange that she seemed to be so close to Lee Jongseok, which is what made their challenge obvious, and thus resulted in the failure of accomplishing their mission.

Meanwhile, Lee Jongseok is one of the most glorified men in South Korea right now, and so this mission has called upon much attention and perhaps even a little bit of jealousy among their female viewers.

Source: Sports DongA


What's The Secret Behind SNSD Jessica's Moisturized and Bright Skin

What's The Secret Behind SNSD Jessica's Moisturized and Bright Skin

girls generation, jessica

What's The Secret Behind SNSD Jessica's Moisturized and Bright Skin? jessica banila co cc creamThe video clip of Girls' Generation (SNSD)'s Jessica revealing the secret behind her flawless skin is generating buzz.

Jessica, who is banila co.'s model, revealed the secret behind her skin recently during photo shoot filming with BEAUTY+.

Jessica said, "While working as banila co.'s model, many people asked me about how I take care of my skin. I've been using CC cream of banila co. recently, and on the days that I use it, a lot of people comment on my skin."

She continued, "Even though it's a makeup product, it's full of moisture like a skincare product, much more than other CC cream products. Whenever I go to the airport or I meet my friends, I just use this."

'It radiant CC Cream' by banila co. is a popular product that sold out within 5 days of release.

The video clip of Jessica talking about her skin can be seen through banila co.'s website.

Photo Credit: banila co.


More on Jessica's Secret Little date!!

More on Jessica's Secret Little date!!

This is Taken in Cheong dam Dong, Seoul's classiest neighborhood! You can clearly See Jessica and Heartthrob Lee Donguk, looking cozy and comfy around each other, talking and laughing! It seems that it's during a birthday party by one of "Moohan Dojon" show, who invited them. But regardless, the Two look PRETTY CLOSE hmm..

More on Jessica's Secret Little date!!More on Jessica's Secret Little date!!More on Jessica's Secret Little date!!More on Jessica's Secret Little date!!More on Jessica's Secret Little date!!More on Jessica's Secret Little date!!More on Jessica's Secret Little date!!


Jessica Answers Questions about Marriage Plans

Jessica Answers Questions about Marriage Plans

Jessica Answers Questions on Marriage Planskokoberry July 19, 2016 0 Jessica Answers Questions About Marriage Plans Following Jessicas attendance for a Blanc Eclare tournament on July 19 in Hong Kong, Chinese media reported on her comments about marriage.

During an interview with a news outlet, the singer-fashion dressmakerprinted that she got here up with all theideas for the brand. After being asked whether she came to the development alongside her boyfriend, she replied, Its trickyto answer to about private matters. When asked about her marriage plans, she said, I recentlydon't have any plans for marriage.

With her Chinese movieI like That Loopy Little Thing set to open in theatres soon, she also commented, I would liketo have a look at any more or less role. I especially wish to film an action or romance movie.

Jessica is currently busy with activities associated with her logo and movie.

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