TWICE’s Tzuyu Sheds Tears On Television Broadcast For The primary Time Ever

TWICE’s Tzuyu Sheds Tears On Television Broadcast For The primary Time Ever

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Regardless of being best eighteen years old, TWICETzuyu has earned a name in her crew for being the mot in keep an eye on of her emotions. 

In fact, even after her neighborhood won 11trackdisplay trophies for their first comeback Cheer Up, enthusiasts noted that Tzuyu used to bereadyto hang back her tears and only specific happiness with each and every win. However, on a contemporary episode of form show Please Take Vehicle of My Refrigerator, in which she and fellow organization member Jungyeon appeared as guest stars, Tzuyu shed tears on tv for the primary time.

After dining a Chinese dish readyby capacity ofprobably the most chefs at the show, Tzuyu failed to carry back her feelings and broke down in tears as cried that the food reminded her of her mother, whos these days back house in Taiwan. At the sight of her tears, many fans expressed sympathy with Tzuyu, whos been education in Korea since she changed into fourteen years old.

Check out this video of a few of Tzuyus funniest moments below:

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Tzuyu Sheds Tears For The primary Time On Broadcast

Tzuyu Sheds Tears For The primary Time On Broadcast

Tzuyu Sheds Tears For The primary Time On Broadcast Jun 27, 2016 10:54

Despite the typhoon she have beenthru before, she has simplest shown her sturdysymbolyet this time, on broadcast, Tzuyu sheds tears for the 1st fourth dimensionwhilstbringing up her family.

On the new episode of "Please Cope with My Refrigerator", Two times Tzuyu and Jungyeon are guests. Right through an interview, Tzuyu stocks the satisfied moments she had while diningfoods alongside her family. Jungyeon comments that Tzuyu incessantly mentions that she is thinking of her mother while eating.

Tzuyu adds, "I have memories of eating luckily with my circle of relatives at home". When the MC asks, "Is there a time that you bring to mind your mom while you are eating?" To his, Tzuyu chokes up and tears up while Jungyeon is shocked telling the hosts, "It's the first time she cries on broadcast," while comforting Tzuyu.

She will have to be lacking his circle of relatives and eating with them in her homeland so much. Be stable Tzuyu! Comparable VideosNEWS,Twice,Tzuyu Facebook Twitter Google

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Watch: TWICE’s Tzuyu Sheds Tears Fascinated about Her Mom On “Please Deal with My Refrigerator”

Watch: TWICE’s Tzuyu Sheds Tears Fascinated about Her Mom On “Please Deal with My Refrigerator”

Watch: TWICEs Tzuyu Sheds Tears Considering Her Mom On Please Deal with My Refrigeratorehk38 June 27, 2016 0 Watch: TWICEs Tzuyu Sheds Tears Thinking About Her Mother On Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator At the 85th episode of JTBCs food display Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator, Chef Lee Yeon Bok chefs up some scrumptious Chinese wraps for the solidparticipants and guests.

TWICE members Jungyeon and Tzuyu, who seemed equallyvisitors this episode, very wellexperience the food. Tzuyu literally cant lend a handyet smile as she savors the food.

The food strikes a chord in my memory of the Chinese food I ate when I used to be young with my family. Being in a position to consume IT for the primary fourth dimension in some time makes me so happy.

Jungyeon adds, She kept pronouncing as she used to bedining that it reminds her of her mom.

MC Kim Sung Joo says to Tzuyu, Eating food turns out to remind you of your mom. In response, Tzuyu cant assistance but shed tears.

Tzuyu hasn't everearlier than cried on a broadcast; here is her first time. Jungyeon says in surprise.

We hope Tzuyu gets to percentage a meal with her mom and the remainder of her circle of relativesback soon!

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Simon D cries for the primary time on broadcast

Simon D cries for the primary time on broadcast

The February 8 episode of 'Please Deal with My Refrigerator' was a crying fest thank you to Simon D, whose tears got here unbidden when he tasted a dish that reminded him of his liked mother. 

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After dining Choi Hyun Suk's pasta dish which used to beencouraged from his mother's galbitang, the rapper stated tearfully, "It's the flavor that makes me would like todevour alongside my mother." The tears came more freely when Simon D tasted the dish created by way of Hong Suk Chun, who had cooked up a variation of risotto out of the samgyetang in the beginning made by his mother. Simon D said, "I can truly taste the samgyetang. It is the first time I have cried on TV." 

Soon all of the studio have become a sea of tears as the MCs and the chefs's eyes also welled with tears. 

No doubt Simon D misses his mom a lot; let's hope he were givento head see his circle of relatives for the Lunar New Year. 


Clara opens up on Korean Television for the primary time in a year

Clara opens up on Korean Television for the primary time in a year

Clara is back! And despite the reality that her first acting comeback is in China, she seemedearlier than the Korean target audiencevia an interview with SBS's 'One Evening of Television Entertainment' on January 6! Previously, she had sued her former firm CEO, Lee Kyu Tae, for making her feel sexually humiliated, which led toa huge number of intense back and forths. Ultimately, either side reached an agreement with Clara shedding her lawsuit.

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Clara acknowledgedrelating to her hiatus from the entertainment world, "This is my first time in Korean media since January closing year. I thinkapprehensive and it's far awkward. I presumed to myself, 'It took many years for me to get the call Clara out there, yet the keenness I accrued for nine years may disappear in one moment like this.' Did I now nottake a glance at excessively to appearjust right because I all at oncegained love and pastime in a unmarried moment after spending a long time in anonymity? I regularlyidea that I mightneed to meana couple of times about my habit and speech."

She even discussedthe motive of her dropping her lawsuit. "It's not that we suddenly reached an agreement, rather lawyers from eitheraspects met every other such so much of times so asto discoveranythinglets agree over," she explained. "As the locationwas once getting big, the either one of the States wondered if it's going to existlarger for us to briefly put our affairs in order, so we ended up settling."

Clara added, "I wonder how this happened. From where the difficulty started. I had the ones thoughts, too," and beganturning into teary-eyed. She also mentioned her considerationsconcerning her horny image. "I'm careful about how I would be viewed," she said. "I've promoted as an actress for nine years, yet there shouldn't bejust a sexy image," and promised to turna fairsymbol in the future, as well.

"I thank the lovers who have depended on in me and waited for me all that time," she said in conclusion. "I will paintings evetougher in a tight production, so I would love it if you have to please open your hearts a bit, stay up for it, and watch over me."


T-aras Soyeon Sheds Tears While Talking about Hwayoung Controversy for the First Time

T-aras Soyeon Sheds Tears While Talking about Hwayoung Controversy for the First Time

T-ara’s Soyeon Sheds Tears While Talking about Hwayoung Controversy for the First TimeT-ara’s Soyeon spoke out for the first time since the Hwayoung controversy broke out last month. On August 13, Chosun Ilbo released an exclusive video interview with the group’s leader where she shared her honest feelings about the entire Hwayoung controversy.

“We were really upset about our agency’s CEO and Hwayoung after this whole incident. But I’m sure Hwayoung is suffering as much as we are,” Soyeon said to start off the interview.

“We saw the video netizens put up as ‘evidence’ of us bullying Hwayoung. Watching the video, it made us think, ‘If you only saw this video, you would really think like that.’ It is true that the members got really mad at Hwayoung during the Tokyo concert. Hwayoung said she couldn’t do the concert because of her leg injury, but when we found out that she went to the beauty shop instead, the members really got upset. So after the concert, we told our CEO, ‘Please take care of this matter.’ That was the beginning of all the issues, but we didn’t know it would lead to Hwayoung’s departure,” she said.

She was asked if the members specifically asked for Hwayoung’s expulsion from the group, but she responded, “Never. We all found out after reading the news reports. We blamed the agency a lot. All we did was ask our agency to solve the problem. If Hwayoung were to get kicked out like that, we knew all the blame would be put on the members ourselves. But our CEO only said, ‘Let’s solve it this way for Hwayoung.’ We were really upset.”

When asked to address member discord and hazing of Hwayoung, she said, “We have 7 to 8 girls in their late teens and early 20s living together. Each one of us wants to be liked and have the desire to get more attention. So it would be a lie to say there’s no discord. But we fight, solve issues, and become friends again. The Hwayoung controversy was the same type of problem. If you’re asking if we had bad relationships just based on that, then everyone would say we were on bad terms.”

As the interview went on, Soyeon started to shed tears and get emotional over the whole matter. She ended the interview saying, “I thought I got really strong over the last three years since my debut. But after experiencing this whole Hwayoung controversy, I realized I still have a long way to go to grow up.”

You can watch the full video clip below!


Krystal of f(x) sheds tears at ‘High Kick 3′ final broadcast meeting

Krystal of f(x) sheds tears at ‘High Kick 3′ final broadcast meeting

Krystal of f(x) sheds tears at High Kick 3 final broadcast meeting

On March 30th, a video of High Kick 3s final broadcast meeting was posted on MBCs official Cubiter blog.

All the actors of the show, director Kim Byung Ok, and the rest of the staff members gathered to watch the final episode. As the final episode ended, the actors rose from their seats to give a standing ovation as the credits went up.

High Kick 3s youngest members Krystal of f(x) and Kim Ji Won began to shed tears. Director Kim Byung Ok saw that Krystal was crying and offered his comfort by patting her on the shoulder. He then gave a 90-degree bow out of gratitude for his actors and staff members.

New series Stand By will begin airing on April 9th in High Kick 3s time slot.

Source: OSEN


Watch Korean Ladies  Check out  Genuine Mexican Food For The primary Time

Watch Korean Ladies Check out Genuine Mexican Food For The primary Time

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter gaining viral attention for her attractiveness and cute personality as a core member of YouTube channel DigitasojuTV, model Kim Ji Eun is in the limelight another time after any other hit video. 

Starring in DigitalsojuTVs newest video Korean WomenTake a glance atGenuine Mexican Food, Kim Ji Eun joined several other Korean girls as they experienced numerous Mexican cuisine including carnitas, tripas, chorizo, lengua, tamales, menudo, and fish and shrimp tacos.

Although lovers were entertained viaall of the girls reactions to the unfamiliar dishes, many fans pointed out Kim Ji Eun, who stands out for her surprising visuals and outgoing personality. As a a success model whos been featured in most sensible magazines equivalent to MAXIM Korea, her familiarity and convenience in front of the camera certainlyinspired viewers.

In addition to modeling for mag and starring in YouTube videos, Kim Ji Eun has also been featured in a wide range of CFs for popular brands in Korea, such as Baskin Robbins and BBQ Chicken, in addition in countries such as Thailand and Singapore. Take a glance at some of her CFs below!

Follow Jieun now on her authentic Instagram: Ji Eun Kim (@shiningjenna)

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BTS To accomplish At “A-Nation” For The primary Time This Year

BTS To accomplish At “A-Nation” For The primary Time This Year

BTS To accomplish At A-Nation For The primary fourth dimension This Yearjun2yng July 4, 2016 0 BTS To Operate At A-Nation For The First Time This Year BTS may befunctioning at “a-nation,” one of Japan’s bestsong festivals, for the first time this year.

This year’s “a-nation stadium fes.” will be held in Tokyo on August 28, where the gang will be sharing the degree alongsideJap artists corresponding to Da-iCE, Koda Kumi, SKE48, TRF, and Ayumi Hamasaki.

BTS has noticedlargegood fortune in Japan, hitting no. 1 at the Oricon weekly unmarried chart with their fourth Japanese single “For You” in addition no. 1 on the Oricon day-to-day unmarried chart with Japanese versions of “I Want U” and “Run.”

Before a-nation in August, BTS is scheduled to hit up Japan for the following stops in their “2016 BTS Reside Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa on stage : epilogue” Asia tour, going to Osaka on July 12 and 13, and Nagoya on July 15 and 16.

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"Doctors" Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye reunite for the primary time in thirteen years

According to Nielsen Korea, the hot SBS drama "Doctors" rated 15.6%. Here's 1.2% more than the former episode.

Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won) and Yoo Hye-jeong (Park Shin-hye) reunited for the primary time in thirteen years.

Meanwhile, MBC "Monster - 2016" rated 11.1% and KBS 2TV "Beautiful Mind" got here in closing with 4.5%.

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