UP10TION Compares Their Contributors To Lady Groups, Says They Won’t Lose

UP10TION Compares Their Contributors To Lady Groups, Says They Won’t Lose

UP10TION Compares Their Participants To Lady Groups, Says They Wont Losenotclaira August 4, 2016 0 UP10TION Compares Their Members To Girl Groups, Says They Wont Lose On August 4, UP10TION held a exhibit for their fourth mini-album, Summer go!

The workforce opened the developmentthrough claiming, We think that we have got an merit even a few of the girl neighborhood competition.

Xiao has a refreshing personality that doesnt lose to girl groups, Sunyoul added. I suspect that Wooshin is solely as lovely as any girl organization member.

Kuhn said, There are numerous girl group comebacks recently. We are probably the most few boy groups sellingappropriate now. I feel that this will likely make us competitive. Were very bright and refreshing yetwhile youglance closely, we might beready to exist cool too.

Wooshin said, We havent yet accomplished our objective so we still feel greedy. Theres still far to go.

We would like to showcase each members talent, Bitto said. We canpaintingschallenging and display an artists prosymbolin position of a rookie image.

UP10TION released their album on August five KST and shouldcling their first level on Song Bank at the same day.

UP10TION - Summer Go!Beef up the artist by purchasing UP10TION - Summer Go! from YesAsia Source (1) (2)

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Netizens respond to lady groups’ “before and after make-up” comparison photos

Netizens respond to lady groups’ “before and after make-up” comparison photos

18kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Weve all noticeda form ofearlier than and after makeupfootage of our favourite male and feminine idols, yet accept you visiblethose seven womanteamcontributors and their sparklingnaked faces?

Dispatch, a Korean media publication, collected earlier and after photographsof 7 of the maximum up to datefeminine idol stars known for their authentic make-up styles adding Girls Generations Tiffany, KARAs Goo Hara, SISTARs Hyorin and Soyou, f(x)s Sulli, EXIDs Hani, and Apinks Son Na Eun.

The publications article reinforced the theoryof ways powerful make-up use can in fact exist for the enhancement of a persons physical appearance. The thing too sprouted the interest of many readers who have no longer yet viewed the before photos in their favorites artists.

Many netizens who checked out the articles list of idols showed their distaste and truthfulreviewsin opposition to the photos—some leaving brutal comments and others leaving compliments of the stars.

Check out a choice of the before and after photos of the ladyneighborhood members below:

KARA's Goo Hara: before and after make-up comparison. KARAs Goo Hara: before and after make-up comparison.

① KARAs Goo Hara: is known for being the representative of all naturalblameless female idols. Referred to as Barbie Goo, the KARA member looks utterly pure and captivating when she has no make-up on. Her smooth, flawless skin and no longeremploying asymptoms of acne or scars makes her no make-up face a lot more baby-like and innocent. However, with all of thepretend lashes and cat-eye eyeliner, she flips a complete 180 degrees into a gorgeous Barbie.

f(x) Sulli's before and after make-up comparison. f(x)s Sulli: before and after make-up comparison.

② f(x)s Sulli: is well known for being the stunning maknae among most South Korean girl groups. Even her nickname is Sulvely, a mixture of her call Sulli and the noticeadorable put together. However, it's miles seen that the f(x) maknae obviously loses much of her loveliness without a complete makeover and gains cuteness and style amongst her bare face despite the truth that the dark circles have a tendency to cut down the scale of her once charismatically massive eyes in half. Once the big name puts on a full face of make-up with the ones rosy purple blushes and shiny lip tints, the lovely peach Sulli makes a comeback.

SISTAR's Soyou: before and after make-up comparison. SISTARs Soyou: before and after make-up comparison.

③ SISTARs Soyou: is most commonly known for her resemblance to a cat with her standard dark, smokey, horny center make-up. Althoughmost of the people meet the SISTAR vocalist as a strong, fearless girl, without the make-up she looks just as soft-hearted, fragile, and harmless equally a cute baby. Seen in the before shot is Soyou as she wakes up in the morning; her relatively swollen eyes and messy hair bun are charismatic. However, when dressed in nighttime pink lip tints and colouredtouch lenses with winged eyes, the intensity of her charm triples.

SISTAR's Hyorin: before and after make-up comparison. SISTARs Hyorin: before and after make-up comparison.

④ SISTARs Hyorin: mightappear to bethe horny and tough diva of all girl teamsat the market, but if she isnt wearing any make-up, the intimidating unnie that we all think she is disappears into 1000 little pieces. So where does her sexiness pass when she takes the make-up off? It doesnt truly disappear, its simply hidden in the back of her flawless tan skin and more youthfulhaving a look face. Before the make-up is a baby-faced Hyorin who radiates with cuteness, and after the make-up is the robust vocalizerwe adore to see.

Apink's Son Na Eun: before and after make-up comparison. Apinks Son Na Eun: before and after make-up comparison.

⑤ Apinks Son Na Eun: is in truth known for looking outthe similarirrespective of the make-up she wears or doesnt wear. However, if theres somethingthat would inducereplaced from her before and after photos, its the eyebrows that get lighter and not more noticeable when bare. Though her eyebrows and lips tend to hold a bland color, the remainder of her skin looks beautiful flawless and doesnt appear to want any basisto hide up. Because her eyes are already so giant and round, so as to uniquely exchange her style, her approach of eyeliner leans more towardthe straightforward and long pin-up instead of the bolder tom cat or cat-eye style.

Girls' Generation's Tiffany: before and after make-up comparison. Girls Generations Tiffany: before and after make-up comparison.

⑥ Women Generations Tiffany: definitely has a drastic difference in her before and after make-up shots. Before she wears make-up, she showsan excessively young and refinedherbalattractivenesswhilst her after make-up face radiates a luscious and sexy beauty. In her before shot, Tiffany looks as ifan extraordinarily shy student who has a excellent looking crescent eye-smile. In her after shots, the Women Generation member makes you watchedof a pretty doll. The red lipstick, which is most often the toughest make-up to drag off, looks abnormalin this Girls Generation vocalist.

EXID's Hani: before and after make-up comparison. EXIDs Hani: before and after make-up comparison.

⑦ EXIDs Hani: is the most up to date female idol to take over the new wave of K-pop and could also bethe overall female idol to exhibit her before and after make-up comparisons. The doll-like EXID member who is understood for being pretty, sexy, and wisetoo can possess negative complexions similar toanything else of us. Is that even possible, you say? Well, judging by capability of Hanis before photo, it more or less feels to be fairlytransparent that she is still pretty flawless. Though its undeniable that there'sanythinga bitlacking in her before make-up shot, the idol star is fast to adorn her appearance with the luxe eyeliner and rosy pink lip tint.

Now that youve seen all seven of the idol members photos, have a look at the top-voted netizen responses, translation courtesy of Koreaboo, below:

6212, -216 They claim that these are all before make-up photos, but none of them are of tangible bare faces. Kekeke.

3611, -131 They also borrowed the strength of further procedures as neatly asthe use of make-up.

3307, -216 Tiffany kekekekekekeke.

2582, -334 What are we going to do about Hyorin and Son Na Eun? Keke.

2090, -104 Man, riding bare-face selcas for this article is a foul. How can these photos be considered as bare faces when they used telephone apps and other editing toolto mend their flaws~~?

447, -52 Hani shouldnt reveal her forehead, it makes her face glanceactually long.

350, -17 The mentality of this fool journalist who claims that these bare faces used for make-up advertisements are their genuine bare faces kya~ Its glaringly edited to make their products appearance good.

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Jellyfish Drops Teasers Of 3 Contributors Of New Lady  Staff gx9

Jellyfish Drops Teasers Of 3 Contributors Of New Lady Staff gx9

Jellyfish Drops Teasers Of 3 Participants Of New WomanStaff gx9ehk38 June 13, 2016 0 Jellyfish Drops Teasers Of 3 Members Of New Girl Organization gx9 Jellyfish Entertainment has dropped person teasers for 3 members of the nine members of the agencys new girl group gx9.

In the teasers, which have been released on June 14, Jellyfish Entertainment finds members Hana, Mimi, and Nayoung.

A Produce 101 trainee, Nayoung used to beup to nowshowed to be debuting with Jellyfish Entertainment new girl group along side fellow Produce 101 trainees Kim Sejeong and Kang Mina, who due to this fact debuted with transient girl group I.O.I.

Jellyfish Entertainment kicked off the authentic teasers for gx9 the day long past by on June thirteenvia revealing what seems like the official logo for the group.

gx9 is slated to debut by the finish of June.

What are your mindat the member lineup so far?

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Girl’s Day’s Yura Choices  the pinnacle 3 Bodies Among Lady Groups

Girl’s Day’s Yura Choices the pinnacle 3 Bodies Among Lady Groups

Girls Days Yura Choicesthe pinnacle iii Bodies Among LadyTeams JiwonYu April 13, 2016 0 LINE it!Girls Days Yura Picks the Most sensible 3 Bodies Among Girl Groups Women Days Yura picks her top 3easiest bodies among girl workforcecontributorsat the upcoming episode of Happy Together 3, with Hyeri, Lee Se Young, and Choi Sung Won as other visitors on the show.

During the filming, Yura displays how much pride she has about her own body. As some fanaticsmight know already, Yura even has insurance on her legs. When asked who she thinks is in the height three most efficient bodies among girl groups those days, Yura answers, AOAs Seolhyun is relatively popular as a result of her body. And HyunAs frame is pretty, too.

Yura continues, The closingconsumer is Yura, and with somewhat of luckissues to herself.

Hyeri is disappointed to discover that her call isnt on Yuras list. Im offended, Hyeri says to the amusement of the others in the studio. When the MCs ask Yura about Hyeris body ranking, she makes each person laugh through asking, How many girl community members are there in Korea? jokingly implying a low ranking.

To watch more of Yura and others, catch the following episode of Happy Together 3 on April 14 at 11:10 p.m. KST.

Who do you observed belongs in the top three?

Watch Happy Together 3 on Viki:

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Music & Lyrics: Anatomy of a Debut – Lady Groups

Music & Lyrics: Anatomy of a Debut – Lady Groups

160217_seoulbeats_snsdSong Lyrics: Anatomy of a Debut WomanTeamsWritten through Pat On February 17, 201620151019_seoulbeats_yeeun_wondergirlsDebuts are momentous events. They are the culmination of years of educating for peoplethat experience striven to stand proud ofthe opposite trainees to be selected to debut. Even if one does debut, its now not a make it likely for your staff will stand out. It takes a mix of the gang members, concept, firm power, media play, choreography (if applicable), and, of course, the real debut song.

When it comes down to it, the debut song is the mainside of a debut. It shapes the groups symbol from the get-go, and to have one that stands proud already supplies the neighborhood a boost. As noticed in episodes 3 and four of Produce 101, there are various girl groups with noteworthy debut songs. Among the songs incorporated were A Pinks I Dont Know, f(x)s LaChaTa, and Wonder Girls Irony.

Something these sorts of groups have in common? They are all popular groups, some even having had the National Girl Organizationidentifyconnected to their call at one point or the other. Every act also their own niche or own sound an identity each one group has had since their debut, which has best matured and grown every year since.

Some debut songs have stayed in thedepended on formula that has made other groups popular Wonder Ladies Irony, Karas Destroy It, and CSJH The Graces Boomerang are all examples of this. Vocally strong, with a legitimate very reminiscent to the sounds of the early 2000s, they also had lyrics that were about relationships long past wrong. In what would most likely existrobust for that time, the lyrics laid out why the courtingwas once all wrong, and why they had to transport on from the male.

(Irony) It doesn’t make sense, It actually doesn’t make sense

You say you played all your ex girlfriends, and you tell me that I’m different, what is that meant to mean?

20100901_2ne1_seoulbeatsAt the similar time, there are people who essayto damage the mold. The maximum efficient instance of this is 2NE1s Fire. Released in 2009, it changed into the much expected debut of Big Bangs feminine counterpart.

Ill bring you down to the finish come on and applystick to me

Were breaking the entirelawsyou put yourself, cross on and let it free

Watching me from the facet wont get you in the flow

Cause its all about lettin go

Go forward and get low low low

Im bringing hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot back tonight

So hot you run out the door, yet then run back for some more

And youll be screaming out my name to let the fire unfastened

At that time, it was nearlyinnovative information technology was so other from the attempted and tested formulas that constituted a debut from any female act. It was not historically feminine, and the lyrics were not about a love affair gone wrong for example their strength. Instead, it spoke of breaking your completeprinciples and being themselves.

Some debut songs seek to introduce not just the group, but also what makes this group different. What makes them stand out? What do they stand for? Regularly times, they would take a tried and tested formula, and give it their own little spin in the lyrics.

jyp-miss-a_seoulbeats_july12010A fresh example would be TWICEs Like Ooh-Aah, which used a commonplace formula in pop music and its lyrics (Let me see, just how youre gonna treat me/ Aint no easy/ Largertake into consideration it twice) to stand out. But a neater example would be miss As Bad Girl Just right Girl.

On the outside, I’m a Bad Girl.

On the inside, I’m an even Girl.

You don’t even know me well, you simplyglance at me from the outside.

I to find your gaze to be funny because you spot me as a pitiful girl.

The lyrics of Bad Girl Sensible daughterspeak about how folkspass judgement on others so temporarilybecause of their out of doors appearance. It reminds individuals that the idol they are judging according to their ideaon my own (These roughly clothes, the kind of hair, a woman who does thoseform of dances is obvious) are in truththe various off-stage. It was a snappy reminder not to judge a group, and whilstpass over A have lyrically gone in a different direction, Bad Girl Perfect lady friend was memorable then, and is stillapplicablenowadays equally well.

20140425_seoulbeats_midriff_snsd_geeThen there is what is some of the iconic girl group debut song there is SNSDs Into the hot World. How may anecommunicate more or less female debut songs and not come with this song?

Walking the various and unknowable paths,

It’s something we’ll do in combination to the end,

there’s a coarsestreet in front of us

with hindrances and long term that can’t be known,

yet I won’t change, I can’t give up.

In some ways, it could be taken as a love song because of the the proclamations of I admire you, similar to this, but Ive at all times viewed this song as SNSDs birth into the new world this is being an idol and being in front of cameras. The song with its lyrics was, for loss of better word, uplifting. It spoke of following a trailregardless of how toughit is going to be. It spoke of hope in this time of uncertainty, and this type of message truly resonates, whatever what the year. In a way, one too can argue that this song could also beacceptable to while youget started being an adult moving clear of your parents and beginning the rough road that's adult-hood.

Wonder Women Irony, 2NE1s Fire, miss As Bad Girl Nice Girl and SNSDs Into the New International are all iconic debut songs. Many new acts follow the formula set by these songs, or mix what has made the songs such a success to make it their own. In a scene where debuts are not any longer momentous occasions, but rather something that occurswith regards toa week or two, its transformmore and morevery important to stand out from the very beginning.

What about you? What are some of your favourite debut songs?

(AZLyrics, WordPress 12, ColorCoded Lyrics 12, Photographsby way of SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment)


Netizens talk about visual contributors of male groups

Netizens talk about visual contributors of male groups

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter As neatly asa primary vocalist, rapper, and dancer, many idol teams have one member in command of visuals. 

And whilst looks are subjective, netizens these days discussed male idols who wereoftengenerally known asthe maximum important visual in their respective groups. A post on Pann checklist visuals has gaineda massive number of attention recently, with many netizens agreeing with the posts choices.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the most well liked comments at the time of this article being published.

translation wished for the remainder of the thing

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QUIZ: Are you in a position to  Call All Contributors of the Top-Selling 2015 Feminine K-Pop Groups

QUIZ: Are you in a position to Call All Contributors of the Top-Selling 2015 Feminine K-Pop Groups

QUIZ: Are you ready toCall All Individuals of the Top-Selling 2015 Feminine K-Pop Groups?harmonicar January 21, 2016 0 LINE it!QUIZ: Can You Name All Members of the Top-Selling 2015 Female K-Pop Groups? Were following up our quiz at the top selling male artists of 2015 with this one whoshall wethe women take the middle stage! Names of groups had beenselected from the top 50 groups on the 2015 list of album sales, even supposing there are simplest 13 groups, dont get too self-assured just yet!

How did you do? Let us know what your ratingused to be in the comments below!harmonicar is situated in the Seoul workplace and is a former instructor who once taught at CNBLUE’s Yonghwa’s topfaculty in Busan. She is an avid Countless fan, and become once served beer via Sungyeol in Seoul.

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10 Times Boy Teams Proved They could also be  ready to Be As Revealing As Lady Groups

10 Times Boy Teams Proved They could also be ready to Be As Revealing As Lady Groups

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter In contemporary times K-Pop fanaticshad been in heated discussion about the attractivevogue K-Pop is taking, with womanteamsideas seeming to be increasingly sexy each year. Whilstthe subjectsteadilyturns out to revolve around girl groups and their performances, it shouldnt be forgotten that boy groups also have grew to become up the warmth and the bulk of fangirls dont appear to mind.

These groups in specific have proved they love giving their fans anything to scream about, especially in these shirt-tearing performances!

While SHINee conducted at the MBC SMTown Seoul concert, Jognhyun printed his amazingly formed abs and wowed the thousands of screaming fans that witnessed the infrequent sight.shinee

Jay Park is understood for his toned and well-sculpted framevia all fan girls. He uses this to his benefit while functioning on stage: ripping his blouse off totally in front of thousands of screaming fans.jaypark2jaypark1

When he made his unmarried comeback in 2009, Seulong had a show off show, where he wore an excessively revealing see via shirt that best accented his chiseled body.seulong1

In November of 2012, 2AM covered SISTARs hit tune Alone, while dressing up in red dresses, mimicking the woman groups choice of apparel for the song. Fans answered very positively, while Jo Kwon manifestlygainedlots of the attention, known to rock out to feminine idol songs with a absolutely uniquequantity of sass and diva flare.2am red dress2am sistar

For Taemins solo debut, he ready by deiting and hitting the gym. Then right through his

performance he surprised fans by without warning tearing his garments off and going full

When Rain gained a fan base after his functionality in Ninja Assassin, his fans also fell in love with his rock forged abs. Since then, he uses his body to his virtue to make his fans scream tougher and more durableeach show.rainrain2

In July of 2014, Jo Kwon took at the function of a drag queen in a musical named Priscilla. Despite the truth that he obtained many negative comments about his role, he nevertheless perfected the role and went a ways and beyond to make the nature that a lot more memorable.jokwon1jo kwon

In July of 2012, an epic moment used to bestuck on camera as SHINee completed at a concert named SHINee Global Concert II. At this point in time, member Jonghyun fees at Taemin, grabbing him by his hair and teasing fans with a nearly kiss moment.jonghyun

Ever since Gangnam Taste gained a huge amount of fans round the world, PSY has driventhe bounds of K-POPs presence in other countries: equivalent to the underneath image, where he wore leotards while appearing Beyonces Single Girls in 2012.psy beyonce song

Changmins chocolate abs. You cant stare at them without drooling all over the place yourself first. Fans are not any stranger to seeing his shirtless upper body, yet he manages to get impress thousands of screams when he takes to the air his shirts every single time.changmin1chagming2

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Netizens talk about  the head 3 K-pop lady groups

Netizens talk about the head 3 K-pop lady groups

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter year-end promotions, it used to befairlytransparent that Girls Generation has solidified their prestige as the pinnaclewomanstaff in all of K-pop appropriate now.

However, netizens spotted that it turned into unclear who else belongs in the ranks of the elite girl teams in the industry. With news of KARA disbanding and 2NE1 still on an indefinite hiatus, netizens speculated which up and coming girl community would upward thrust to the instance and compete with  SM Entertainments reputedly unrivaled group.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Im really curious. Back in the old days, it used to be Wonder Girls, Ladies Generation, and KARA. 

Who are the end 3 girl groups right now? Women Generation is there for sure, yet I do now not know about the rest.

Im not speaking about who stayed there the longest, but their existing popularity.

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at thefashioned article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximumneatly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

223, 48 I suspect SNSD is beautiful much the best followed via APink, f(x) and ladies Day?

185, 38 I considered SNSD, APink and SISTAR.fanbase is SNSD, albums are SISTAR and APink does well too

184, 40 Having a look at albums and songs I'd say SNSD, f(x) and APink?

91, 4 SNSD and APink do incessantly well and f(x) too but f(x) turns out a little missing in affect

77 , nineI cant recall to mindany otherorganization on point alongside SNSD.

66, 22 SNSD, TaeTiSeo and Taeyeon.

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SBS Gayo Daejun beneath  hearth for posting pictures of lady groups’ stockings

SBS Gayo Daejun beneath hearth for posting pictures of lady groups’ stockings

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThe 2015 SBS Gayo Daejun, which has received a lot of grievance for their remedy of artists, has come beneathhearth once again.

Although the displaycame about a couple days ago, it left this type of sour flavor that enthusiasts are still locatingtactics to criticize SBS and its Gayo Daejun. For example, netizens rediscovered a tale from 2013, when a personnel member from the prove stole and posted footage of stockings that allegedly belonged to idol groups KARA and 9MUSES. The discussedworkers uploaded the pictures of the stockings on an internetamassing of other people with stocking fetishes of which he was once member. Netizens used the tale to argue how unprofessional Gayo Daejun group are, urging SBS to make some main changes.

Find out what Netizens had to mention roughlythis text below!

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

230, 5 I bet SBS in reality is a meeting of in deficient health freks like ilbeNot to mention that they arrange to piss off us Inspirits each and every year.

161, 3 What the hell;;;;; what is occurring with the arena

109, 2 This is disgusting;;

69, 10 Of the 3 broadcast stations SBS is the worst. They treat artists so otherwise and they do that too

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