VOTE: Which Webtoon Do You need To Read On Soompi

VOTE: Which Webtoon Do You need To Read On Soompi

VOTE: Which Webtoon Do You want to have To Read On Soompi?TeamSOOMPI July 27, 2016 0 VOTE: Which Webtoon Do You'll need to Read On Soompi? Soompi is operating amongst the webtoon app Spottoon to permit you lotto select out about brand-new webtoons that mayseem on Soompi (for free)!

Its all up to you! Check out the synopses for the webtoons in this page, then vote for the one(s) that turns outmaximumattractive to you. You'll be ready to pick up to 4 choices.

Beginning in the route of August, the head four titles might be featured on our limited-edition Soompi Spottoon page, with a new webtoon rolling out each and every other week.

Polling starts straight off and ends on Friday, July 29, 11:00 a.m. KST.

0.0 MHz0_0mhz_1A workforce of young other people tormented via ghosts sign up for hands to discovera systematicreason behind their paranormal reports – and some way out of them.

Confessionconfession_1A reputedlyhighest man, Y-rul, comes to a decision to grow to bea clergyman to repent and break out his damagedbeyond where he lost his true love, Shio. Yet fate is merciless and Y-rul and Shio meet back two weeks sooner than her wedding to every other man. Their pastime and love for one anotheris obvious but the restraints that exist in their existing lives, in addition the pain of the past, could also be too much for them to overcome.

Dieterdieter_1Suzi hasn't ever been thin. But now that she is in her twenties, her addiction to food has spiraled out of keep an eye on and her weight has soared to unhealthy levels. She becomes decided to lose weight with the assistance of a live-in trainer. Chun-hee and Suzi will have tofight diets, exercise, and her inside demons so asfind her way to thinness.

Ero Ero SOSeroero_1A noted actor, a girlat the run, and a good-looking robot locate themselves among a neighborhood of survivors after their aircraft crashes onto a abandoned island. Romance, mayhem, and hilarity ensue as they all attempt tolive to inform the tale their new environment and each one other.

He Is A High Faculty GirlThe antisocial Kang Bae is feared as the most powerful fighter in his neighborhood. He witnesses his more youthful sister bullied by a organizationof ladies and soon makes a resolutionto cross into her school secretly to give coverage to her. However, his sister attends an all-girls school. The sole styleto do that is for him to hide himself as a girl. Now forced into a wide variety of trouble, he no longerbest has to give defense to his sister, but also his secret identity from other threats.

Imitationimitation_1Maha is a member of a woman group, Tea Party, and she becomes famous by imitating popular K-Pop stars. For this very reason, boy band member Ryoc holds a robust hatred in opposition to her. However, his emotionstoward her start totrade into an unforeseen romance which need to be hidden from everybody around them.

My GorgeousInternationalmybeautiful_1Ever since she used to be a child, Yurim has had the power to literally see the darkness in people. Needless to say, this means has crushed her to some degree that she has have shyed away from getting with reference toany persontill she meets a guy named June, who accidentally becomes her friend and someone she mayafter all existcapable ofspeak in confidence and rely on for help.

My Pricey Mariadearmaria_1It isn't about his eyes nor her heart; cash is the simplest thing with which this gold-digging attractiveness falls in love. But just when she concept shed landed the very best marriage of her dreams, he drops the bomb. Now where will she find a new wealthy boyfriend, someone sortample to be fooled into her plans? Perhaps at the Catholic church situated at the central city of the country?

Romanian Gymnastic Societyromanian_1Lizzy has just landed an incredible part-time taskthat permits her to are living in a lavish mansion but now notthe entirety is what it kind of feels equally she realizes the homes mysterious owner is a splitting symbol of herself.

Secretly A large dealsecretly_greatly_1Three North Korean spies are sent to a small South Korean village to anticipate for extra instructions. After years, the venture they are ultimately given is to kill themselves in order to guardexecutive secrets. They would have to now make a decision whether to practice orders or to dedicate treason and be hunted down by the rusticthey'd sacrificed everything for.

Sucker for romancesucker_for_love_1After years, Suk-O is delighted to run into his high school crush, Suh-hee, but is stunnedto determine that she is the mummy of a newborn son. Not able to let her go, he reveals himself in a budding dating with Suh-hee and her kidwhilstsome otherguy from their past comes back into the picture.

The Sensual Msensualm_1A doubtless clean-cut administrative centeremployeehelps to keep his BDSM sexual fantasies to himself – except he discovers his coworker is a doable dominatrix. Needless to say, the 2 get into funny and awkward hijinks.

Witchs Workshopwitchs_workshop_1Meedan is the final living descendant of an impressive witch that placed a curse on the Montrose circle of relativesa long time ago. Shes wanting to alivean ordinary life, but abruptly two handsome men, with ties to the curse, input her existence with other plans.

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Spottoons “Shall We've got Dinner Tonight” and “Monster Idols” Now To be had to Read on Soompi!

Spottoons “Shall We've got Dinner Tonight” and “Monster Idols” Now To be had to Read on Soompi!

Spottoon’s Shall We've got Dinner Tonight? and Monster Idols Now To be had to Read on Soompi!TeamSOOMPI April 21, 2016 0 LINE it!Spottoon’s Shall We Have Dinner Tonight? and Monster Idols Now Available to Read on Soompi! Soompi is excited to announce that it's going to existrunning alongside the webtoon platform, Spottoon, to bring you two exciting titles, “Shall We Have Dinner Tonight?” and “Monster Idols,” to read without delay on Soompi beginning today!

Webtoons are serialized online comics from South Korea which are optimized for cellular devices, read vertically and stuffed with amazing reports and artwork. You won't have read a webtoon before, yetchances are top thatthat you've got gotobserved a K-drama or movieaccording to a webtoon. 2016’s webtoon-turned-dramas come with “Cheese in the Trap,” “My GroupLegal professional Jo Deul Ho,” and the approaching “Master: God of Noodles,” “Lucky Romance” and “The Mermaid’s Prince.”

Spottoon is a platform that brings a assortedvariety of webtoons from highly acclaimed artists like Yoon Tae-ho, NastyCat and Kang Complete to an English-speaking audience. “Shall We Have Dinner Tonight?” and “Monster Idols” are two webtoons that spotlight why many enthusiasts of K-culture have fallen in love with those stories.

“Shall We Have Dinner Tonight?” is a considerate beloved story, spinning the tale of 2damaged hearts that are brought in combinationthru food. Readers will in finding themselves drooling over the endlesspictures of scrumptious Korean food that seem in every episode, and should appreciate how the theme is incorporated meaningfully right through the webtoon.

Meanwhile, “Monster Idols” is a supernatural take on K-pop that centers on a candy rookie stylist who is drawn into the sector of an insanely popular boy band after she discovers that they aren’t human.

Fans of K-culture, romance, food and track who are trying to findbrand new stories may now not be disappointed with that they locatewhen they dive into the area of webtoons. To have a look at more of what Spottoon has to offer, click here to visit their website, or download the iOS or Android app. Satisfied reading!

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MY Gorgeous WORLD: A Must-Read, Romantic Webtoon for Korean Drama Fans! Blog

MY Gorgeous WORLD: A Must-Read, Romantic Webtoon for Korean Drama Fans! Blog

If you are a fan of romantic K-dramas and K-movies thenMy Gorgeous Worldby Maru would possiblyseize your attention. Webtoons are still such an underrated medium yetthey is alsoready to exist but as enticing and addictive as any Television series or filmavailable in the market if the tale and characters are strong.

My Lovely Worldis about a faculty student named Yurim Lee who has the powerto look darkness in people, or in other words, their true, unkind nature. People scare her so she avoids them and assists in keeping to herself up to possible. But as she enters college, she is driven into a social atmosphere that she can't escape. And unfortunately for her, one of the crucialother peopleround herare not equallygreat and risk free as they appear to others.

One day Yurim unearths herself in a deadlystate of affairs and is rescued via an older guy named June Kim. A former police officer with his own troubled past, he by chance becomes Yurim's protector and friend.

The progression of Yurim's courting alongside June and her own non-publicenlargementoccurs in an excessivelybiological way and readers to find themselves rooting for this couple as they face more than a fewstumbling blockseither as a couple and individually. The webtoon is in a function to strike a excellent balance, addressing serious problemsequivalent to sexual harassment, bullying and confronting beyond traumas, as the romance between the 2major characters develops. There is intensity to the tale and regardless thatthere's a supernatural part to it, it isif fact be told very grounded and realistic. Any otherspotlight is the artwork. Or not it's bright, fairly and engaging. It makes it such a lotmore straightforward to get connected to those characters and the story as it unfolds. It emphasizes the romance in the storey without being overwhelming.

My Attractive Worldis a truly perfect example of a webtoon that incorporates asturdy narrative supported by engaging imagery that immerses readers into the sector of these characters. The romance and the go with the flow of the story may justwithout difficulty translate to a k-drama but webtoons can bea superb source of entertainment all by themselves. The story turns on the reader's mind's eye and leaves readers wishing that characters like this in point of fact existed. Webtoons are a wonderful spot to turn to discover heartwarming stories. You'll be able to readMy Exquisite Worldhere. While you realize how mesmerizing webtoons can be, what's going to y'all read next?

Content Courtesy of Spottoon - at the start posted HERE.

For more from Spottoon, Take a glance at the links below:

Read All Episodes of "My Beautiful World"

Romantic Webtoon From Korea "Cat and Dog"

"Shall We've got Dinner Tonight?"


The Combat Returns! 24 Hours Best – Vote for Highest Fandom in Soompi Awards 2015

The Combat Returns! 24 Hours Best – Vote for Highest Fandom in Soompi Awards 2015

The Struggle Returns! 24 Hours Most effective Vote for Easiest Fandom in Soompi Awards 2015benightedxflame December 28, 2015 0 LINE it!The Wrestle Returns! 24 Hours Only Vote for Most efficient Fandom in Soompi Awards 2015 Welcome to the Best Fandom vote casting for Soompi Awards 2015!

This year marks our second inaugural Most efficient Fandom Twitter battle, and we've gotself assurance that many fandoms will take over the trending charts in countries international (because we could face it, K-pop fanatics best fans). Final year, we garnered over 20 million votes thru Twitter lets display our teamswe might beready to do it again!

For the following 24 hours, you can vote via tweeting the next hashtag justupdate the blank with the call of your bias group:

As with last year, votes will be made up our minds based ONLY on voting from Twitter in two 24-hour periods: Circular One will starts NOW and will finish tomorrow, December 29, 8PM KST, and Around Two will commence a couple of days overdue on January 3, 8PM KST and end on January 4, 8PM KST. The overall winner will be decidedin accordance withthe fullselection of votes/tweets sent between those two 24-hour periods. 

There are not any restrictions on how repeatedlyyou'll vote, so be certain you get your tweets in! (Nows the very best fourth dimension to write that fanfic shipping you and your bias 14o-characters at a time just kidding.) Fans who tweet can also be randomly selected to win giveaway prizes, so the more you tweet, the simplerprobabilityyou've got at being selected!

Ready, set, tweet! Can alsothe most productive fandom win!

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Fandoms, Unite! Vote Your Faves for The 11th Annual Soompi Awards!

Fandoms, Unite! Vote Your Faves for The 11th Annual Soompi Awards!

Fandoms, Unite! Vote Your Faves for The 11th Annual Soompi Awards!benightedxflame December 21, 2015 0 LINE it!Fandoms, Unite! Vote Your Faves for The 11th Annual Soompi Awards! VOTE NOW!

Its the vacation season, which manner its that point of the year back welcome to the 11th Annual Soompi Awards!

Last year, you came, you saw, you conquered Twitter, LINE and internet with over 23 million for #SOOMPIAWARDS2014. This year, were returning to the degreelarger and fiercer than ever, with either K-pop and K-drama contenders fighting information technology out for best spot in 30 categories. Who will reign supreme and take house the crown? Thats up to you to decide!

In case youre wondering why theres a countdown on eachballoting page this year will also mark the go back of a MYSTERY CATEGORY that might only take position on Twitter all the manner through two particular 24-hour classesbeginning December 28 and January 3 at 8PM KST. Be certain to [email protected] the hashtag #TheBattleReturns on Twitter for the maximum recent update!

Voting will last for 2 and a part weeks and should end on January 7. The winners might bemade up our mindsvia votes from the web, our accounts on LINE, and our Soompi Track Charts (as applicable). So download the LINE app now and get began – in finding Soompi beneath “Official Accounts” and upload us, and you’ll acquirecommands on how to vote! Citizens volition also automatically be entered into a giveaway for signed CDs and other K-ent merch, so be yes to get the ones votes in!

Last yetfor surenow not least, were proud to introduce our special MCs of the event, Topp Dogg! Youll see them introducing each one nominee on our social media pages in the approaching days, so be certain tostay an eye out! They actually have a exceptional pre-voting message for you

What are you waiting for? Vote for your favorites in Soompi Awards 2015 now!VOTE NOW!

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 Vote for Soompi Awards 2013 and Win K-Pop Figurines, CDs and LINE Plushies!

Vote for Soompi Awards 2013 and Win K-Pop Figurines, CDs and LINE Plushies!

 Vote for Soompi Awards 2013 and Win K-Pop Figurines, CDs and LINE Plushies! Hi Soompiers!

Can you believe that Soompi Awards 2013 is almost over? No way, right!

As such, we’re throwing a giveaway from now until the end of the voting period (Monday, January 13 @ 11:59pm KST).

We’ll be randomly giving away 20 LINE character plushies (aren’t they soo cute?!), 10 random signed K-Pop CDs including 2PM, Super Junior, and MBLAQ to Soompiers who participate in the giveaway and random K-Pop idol figurines (cost up to $150- WOW!).

Read: [Exclusive] Who’s Currently on Top? Halfway Results for Soompi Awards 2013

Read: [Vote] Support Your Favorites in Soompi Awards 2013!

Check the “Important Note” section below for answers to possible questions you might have!

So, how do you participate?

1. Add Soompi’s official account (Go to MoreOfficial AccountsSoompi) 

2. Vote for Soompi Awards 2013 through Soompi’s official account on LINE 

3. Submit your email address and a message that you’ve voted when Soompi goes “On Air”

That’s it! Youre DONE!

Important Note! As the app might be new for many users, we’ve provided answers to common questions below.

Q: What exactly is LINE?

A: LINE is a communication mobile app, which offers many neat (free) features. You can read more of the features and check out which of today’s most popular K-Pop celebs have official accounts here.

Q: How do I add Soompi’s official account?

A: Look at the bottom of the screen. Go to MoreOfficial AccountsSoompi

Q: What exactly is “On Air”?

A: “On Air” is a neat function on LINE where fans can send text messages to Soompi’s official account and it will be received! When Soompi is not “On Air,” you usually get a message that we didn’t receive your text.

Q: Okay, got it. But, how do I know when Soompi is “On Air”?

A: There will be an “On Air” sign right next to our account.

Q: Who can participate?

A: Anyone and everyone! Just have to follow the 3 simple steps listed above. ^^

Q: Will other people see my texts?

A: Nope! Only Soompi will see your texts. No one else will be able to see your messages sent to us.

Q: What will you do with our email addresses?

A: We will randomly pick users and contact them through the email address provided that they’ve been selected to win! More information will be included in the email message sent to the winners.

Q: When exactly will Soompi go “On Air”?

A: From NOW to Monday, January 13 at 11:59pm (KST)

Q: Will I have a higher chance of winning if I vote multiple times?

A: Yes. Please send us a screenshot for the different times you’ve voted to increase your chances to win!



W, Episodes 1-2: Blurring Truth with the Fiction of a Webtoon

W, Episodes 1-2: Blurring Truth with the Fiction of a Webtoon

20160721_seoulbeats_wW, Episodes 1-2: Blurring Truth alongside the Fiction of a WebtoonWritten through Laverne On July 23, 2016Lee Jong-suk returns to dramaland along Han Hyo-joo in a funny fablemystery close to two other people in parallel universes. Hyo-joo plays Oh Yeon-joo, a clinical resident whose father is the author of popular webtoon, W. This titular webtoon stars a tender man, Kang Chul (Lee Jong-suk), on his quest to discover his familys killer. The core of the drama happens when Yeon-joo is pulled into the webtoon, changingthe tale line and resulting in consequences for either one of them.

W is a fabricated frompublisher Song Jae-jung who also wrote time-bending dramas Nine and Queen In-hyuns Man. Jae-jungs ability and authentic plot shines in W as it expertly blends two realities. In this aspect, the script is helped by the directing and CGI the usage of this blend as a transition from Hyo-joos fact to Kang Chuls and back again.

This blending of art and reality is a gorgeousaggregate and permits the display to play with the constrictions of a webtoon. Every other example of here is when Yeon-joo, waiting to have a look at and re-enter her reality, is fast-forwarded two months whilst sitting on a bench. She realizes that during webtoons, there is continuously fourth dimension jumps to steer transparent of dragging out a story. In this case, Kang Chuls two month health facilityremain is speedy forwarded over to jump to his discharge. Two months could have passed for him, yet for Yeon-joo, it was oncea question of seconds.

Yeon-joos webtoon realizations aren't limited to this instance. In a later scene, she realizes that so as to come again to her reality, she wishes the webtoon bankruptcy to end, and webtoon chapters love tofinish on cliffhangers. This meta statementis pleasant because now nothandiest is it true, but it also applies to dramas as well, giving W a adorable sense of self-awareness.

20160721_seoulbeats_w_kimeuisangBut W isn't all light-hearted; there are dark moments that lift more questions than they answer. Yeon-joos father, Oh Sung-moo (Kim Eui-sung) is hiding an ominous secret that he refuses to divulge to his daughter, even after she gets sucked into the webtoon, AKA Kang Chuls reality. Its glaring that Sung-moo knows that his webtoon universe is alive but he'sdecided to kill off Kang Chul for unknown reasons.

In Sung-moos eyes, much to the detriment of his daughter, Kang Chul is his advent and thus, he can do whatever he wants; to Sung-moo, killing Kang Chul is not identical to murder. But the end of episode two hints that there's so a lot more going on here. Kang Chul rewrites the fate Sung-moo has drawn for him, much to Sung-moos astonishment and horror.

W has succeeded in growing a complex drama with parallel universes that can not be untangled from each and every other. And while lots of the first two episodes make it appearas though only Yeon-joos reality can have an effect on Kang Chuls, the finishing of episode two suggests that the opposite is possible, leading to a plethora of possibilities. Compounded with robustperforming from Han Hyo-joo and Lee Jong-suk, W is a drama to stay an eye on.

Did you prefer this reality-bending drama? Have theories about the webtoon coming to life? Let us know in the comments below!


Watch: Webtoon Author  Alternatives Park Bo Gum and Ahn Jae Hong As Ideal Cast

Watch: Webtoon Author Alternatives Park Bo Gum and Ahn Jae Hong As Ideal Cast

Watch: Webtoon CreatorSelections Park Bo Gum and Ahn Jae Hong As Ideal Solid choralee July 21, 2016 0 Watch: Webtoon Writer Picks Park Bo Gum and Ahn Jae Hong As Ideal Cast On July 20, webtoon writer Park Tae Joon described his ideal reside action cast for his popular webtoon, Lookism, on MBCs Radio Star.

Radio Megastar had a themed episode titled I Introduce My Loopy Friend, with guests Jeong Jinwoon, Urban Zakapas Jo Hyuna, and webtoon writer Park Tae Joon. As the writer mentioned how his webtoon used to be going to turn into a movie, Park Tae Joon said, Ahn Jae Hong would be best as the foremost character.

It would be fantastic if Park Bo Gum becomethe oppositemajor character. I suspect he would in point of facthave compatibility the character. If Vasco and Jay Park may just also be cast, I might exist thankful, the writer added.

Lookism has been published serially since November 2014 on South Korean portal website Naver and made it to number 1at the sites overall rankings, gaining much popularity.

Check out the complete episode below!

http:?start=0" frameBorder="0">Source (1)

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Entertainment professionals vote on the maximum efficient of K-Pop: Solo, Group, and Song

Entertainment professionals vote on the maximum efficient of K-Pop: Solo, Group, and Song

10kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Recently, song industry and entertainment professionalsgot herein combination to vote on the maximum efficient of the simplest in a ballot given out by way of media portal Asia Today.

The media portal surveyed one hundredother peoplethat come with broadcasters, staff that worked in film, drama, entertainment, and music to vote at thehighestmegastar (actor, entertainer, and singer) from the beyond x years (2005-2010).

So who shined the most ago 10 years when it comes tomost sensible song, most effective solo, and most competitive male and feminine groups? In finding out below!

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

#1 |  PSY Gangnam Taste 51 votes

#2 | Busker Busker Cherry Blossom Finishing 27 votes

#3 | Kim Dong Ryul, Sung Si Kyung 12 votes

#1 | Women Generation  88 votes

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented on the customary article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the most neatly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

Why..where is WG. Dang glance at Large Bangs votesㄷㄷIU, Big Bang and Psy are irreplacableNo topic what your age and gender I suspectindividuals love Big Bang..Busker Busker is still there in any casethose yearsSNSDs votes ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋThis is more like the finalfive years than 10 Source: Instiz and Asia These days

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