“W” And “Uncontrollably Fond” Ratings Combat Surges On

“W” And “Uncontrollably Fond” Ratings Combat Surges On

W And Uncontrollably Fond Ratings Fight Surges Onkokoberry July 27, 2016 0 W And Uncontrollably Fond Ratings Conflict Surges On W has officially overtaken Uncontrollably Fond and is in first position for Wednesday-Thursday drama ratings.

On July 28, viewership ratings studiescorporate Nielsen Korea printed that MBCs W gained 12.9 % ratings with its 3rd episode. Here is a 3.4 percent building up from the former episode. Ratings for W had beencontinuallyexpanding alongsideevery episode thus far.

The 0.33 episode was oncein particularappealingon account of a scene involving Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) and Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) shooting a gun.

KBS 2TVs Uncontrollably Fond obtained 8.6 percent ratings whilst SBSs Sought afterwere given 6 percent ratings respectively.

W” airs each Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. Catch the newest episode on Viki!W-soompi-banner

Check out the newest episode of Uncontrollably Fond below!

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“W” And “Uncontrollably Fond” Compete For Ratings

“W” And “Uncontrollably Fond” Compete For Ratings

W And Uncontrollably Fond Compete For Ratingskokoberry July 22, 2016 0 W And Uncontrollably Fond Compete For Ratings The contest for Wednesday-Thursday dramas is getting fierce.

KBS 2TVs Uncontrollably Fond and MBCs W continue to struggle for ratings.

Previously, Uncontrollably Fond gained 12.9 % ratings whilst due westwere given 8.6 percent ratings for their July 20 episodes. However, it looks as ifthe space between the 2 dramas is getting smaller.

Ratings studiescorporate Nielsen Korea published the July 21 episode ratings. Uncontrollably Fond drew 11.1 percent national ratings leading to a 1.8 percent minimize from its outdated episode. The drama still maintained its first position spot.

W is appearingsymptoms of creatingreputation equally it enjoyed a 0.9 percent build up resulting in 9.5 percent ratings. Meanwhile, SBSs Sought aftergot here in 3rd place with 6.5 percent ratings.

Viewers are eyeing the festival between the dramas and wondering which drama will pop out on top.

W” airs each Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. Catch the maximum recent episode on Viki!W-soompi-banner

Uncontrollably Fond airs each Wednesday and Thursday on KBS. Watch the newest episode below!

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“W” And “Uncontrollably Fond” Fight It Out For Wednesday-Thursday Ratings

“W” And “Uncontrollably Fond” Fight It Out For Wednesday-Thursday Ratings

W And Uncontrollably Fond Struggle It Out For Wednesday-Thursday Ratingschoralee July 20, 2016 0 W And Uncontrollably Fond Struggle It Out For Wednesday-Thursday Ratings Known for being Noted Besties, Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk are going face to face for ratings as either one of their dramas are recently airing on Wednesday and Thursday. In this weeks ratings, Uncontrollably Fond made it to the top.

The KBS drama starring Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy has been airing for the beyond five weeks. It debuted with a score of 12.5 percent, and proceeded to drop to 11 percent, yet then rose back up to 12.9 percent. Even supposing many have acknowledged that the drama is stuffed with cliches, there also arethe ones who say the melodrama has an attracting pull.

If Uncontrollably Fond is a drama that feels familiar, Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joos drama W is a drama that feels unique. The drama is gaining attention for its meta-fiction and fable elements, and is set a webtoon characters crooked lifestyles and what occurs when he meets keen on the webtoon. The primary episode of the display aired this week.

The episode rated 8.6 percent, overtaking the 5.4 %ranking of the SBS drama Sought after and making its way up to 2nd place.

Both Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk gained attention for their strong bromance in the drama College 2013, and feature returned to the drama scene as prominent Hallyu stars. Audiencecan bein a positionto peer how the battle of ratings plays out, adding a fun facet to staring at the Wednesday-Thursday drama line up.

W” airs each Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. Catch the maximum recent episode on Viki!W-soompi-banner

Uncontrollably Fond airs each Wednesday and Thursday on KBS. Catch the newest episode below!

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Suzy promotes 'Uncontrollably Fond'

Suzy promotes 'Uncontrollably Fond'

Singer actress Suzy has shared a selfie online.

July 27th, Suzy posted her selfie on her non-public Instagram with a cpation asking her loversto observe "Uncontrollably Fond", announcing "Please watch the fashioned run of "Uncontrollably Fond"".

In the printed photo, she makes the sassy facial featurestaking a look into the camera lens. Her herbalcoiffure looks cute.

"Uncontrollably Fond" starring Suzy airs at 10 PM each and every Wednesday Thursday.

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Spoiler 'Uncontrollably Fond' Kim Woo-bin confesses his love to Suzy

Spoiler 'Uncontrollably Fond' Kim Woo-bin confesses his love to Suzy

"Uncontrollably Fond" episode aired on July 27th showed Sin Joon-yeong (Kim Woo-bin) opened his centerand commenced getting closer to No-eul (Suzy).

On this day, the explanation why Sin Joon-yeong have been treating No-eul coldly has been revealed. The explanation why Sin Joon-yeong had taken No-eul to the region clear of Seoul the alternative day was once revealed. Sin Joon-yeong told to No-eul, who fell asleep next to him, "Honestly, I sought after to take you to an island" and "but I am going alone. If I might have you, then I mightwish to hide you in the island and may notassist you topass to any person else. So do not get spottedby potential of me. If you'lldisplay up back in front of my eyes, then I will just take you away". He had been treating No-eul coldly because he did notneed her to note his love in opposition to her.

However, No-eul had no concept approximately this and kept apologizing to him because she needed to make him feel better. Sin Joon-yeong kept looking tosteer transparent of having his feelingssaw by her. He counted ten on each occasion he felt the urge to inform her about his love. When No-eul had her finger cut by a knife whilst cooking, he treated the damage while counting, "Nine and half, and part of half". With each and everyunmarried incident took place making him realize his love toward her, he had to count ten.

Choi Ji-tae discovered out No-eul become staying at Sin Joon-yeong's house. Choi Ji-tae went to Sin Joon-yeong's space and asked him to let No-eul leave the homefor the explanation thatnerve-rackingnewshounds left. Sin Joon-yeong told Choi Ji-tae, "I is now not going to let her go. I am going to stay her". Choi Ji-tae said, "Don't treater her like an object to own. I know I don't deserve her. But neither do you".

At the moment, No-eul misunderstood the location as Sin Joon-yeong's firm falsely made up the scandal. Sin Joon-yeong said, "I'm no longercertain what you'll haveobserved or heard, they are all lies" and "listen to me only. Eul, I like you, Eul". No-eul shed tears and regretted saying, "I will have to possess listened to Jik. Then Sin Joon-yeong kissed No-eul.

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Video Added Korean drama 'Uncontrollably Fond' episode 7

Video Added Korean drama 'Uncontrollably Fond' episode 7

Added episode 7 for the Korean drama "Uncontrollably Fond"

"Uncontrollably Fond" (2016) Directed via Park Hyeon-seok Written by Lee Kyeong-hee With Kim Woo-bin, Suzy, Im Joo-hwan, Lim Joo-eun, Jin Kyeong, Choi Moo-seong,... 16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00 Sometimes called "Lightly, Ardently", "Arbitrarily Fond", "Indiscreetly Fond" Synopsis Two people, who were given separated all over their youthbecause of an ill-fated relationship, meet back equally an incredibly bossy famous person and as a materialistic and servile manufacturer of documentary programs. The drama depicts a sassy and ardent love tale between the two. Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/07/06

Note : because of the licensing, videos would perhaps not existto be hadfor your country

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SISTAR’s Hyorin Lends Her Soulful Vocals To Latest “Uncontrollably Fond” OST

SISTAR’s Hyorin Lends Her Soulful Vocals To Latest “Uncontrollably Fond” OST

SISTARs Hyorin Lends Her Soulful Vocals To Latest Uncontrollably Fond OSTehk38 July 26, 2016 0 SISTARs Hyorin Lends Her Soulful Vocals To Newest Uncontrollably Fond OST SISTAR member Hyorin headlines the maximum recentusual soundtrack for KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama Uncontrollably Fond.

Entitled I Leave out You, the OST functions Hyorins soulful vocals which bring to existencethe feelingsat the back of the ballad. The accompanying tune video is a compilation of scenes from Uncontrollably Fond featuring lead actors Kim Woo Bin and Suzy.

Uncontrollably Fond follows the tale of star actor and singer Joon Young (played by way of Kim Woo Bin) who crosses paths with his ex-lover No Eul (played by Suzy), who is now a documentary generating director. It airs new episodes each and every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55 p.m. KST on KBS.

You can watch the latest episode of Uncontrollably Fond on Viki below!

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"Uncontrollably Fond" Kim Woo-bin and Suzy kissing

On the 7th episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Uncontrollably Fond", Kim Woo-bin and Suzy have their first kiss at last.

Kim Woo-bin and Suzy's first kiss was once taken in February sometime. They seemed on set with bright faces yet were frightened about the approaching snog scene. They did not say much whilst getting able and best concentrated on getting their feelings ready. They went during theregimenor even discussed on the easiest kiss angle.

Even despite the reality that Kim Woo-bin and Suzy had to do that in the cold, they worked hard. They had more than one NG's but they did notbrain and repeated the scene backtill they were satisfied.

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"Uncontrollably Fond" Suzy and "The Handmaiden" Kim Tae-ri at the airport

Suzy from "Uncontrollably Fond" and Kim Tae-ri from "The Handmaiden" were spotted at the airport.

Suzy left for Sydney at the 25th.

She wore a nude colourget dressed that seems like a trench coat with suede ankle boots.

Her hair was once let down naturally and her lips were red.

Kim Tae-ri gave the impression at the airport naturally dressed.

She wore a white T-shirt with black pants. In its place of fancy accessory, she added a move bag to match.

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