Wanna.B’s “Why” is Mediocre, Yet Enjoyable

Wanna.B’s “Why” is Mediocre, Yet Enjoyable

20160709_seoulbeats_wannabWanna.Bs Why is Mediocre, YetRelaxingWritten by capability of Lorenza On July 10, 2016Wanna.Bs newest comeback, Why?, is a a laugh bop for the summer time. Its an attractivesame old pop song; it has a catchy melody and simply danceable beat. They do a excellentactivityhanding over a fun song and its difficult to get the refrain out of your head once youve heard it. Plus, the key hook of synthesized strings uploada captivating layer to the remainder of the song.

The synths help in making the song stand out a bit, but thats about all that separates it from what other womanteams accept put out this year so far. Its an overly nondescript song overall and if any person told me it used to beany other group, I more than likely would have believed them. With summer releases from other girl groups like Sistar and the Wonder Girls, its hard to compete.

The content of the lyrics is what you could expect. The object in theirpreference is a guy who couldnt care less about them. They bemoan his indifference, singing:

But you won’t to finda woman like me

You won’t even glance at them

There’s no girl like me so what’s wrong?

They need him so badly that they are attemptingall of thecommonplacestrategiesof having a guy to note you: dressed intop heels, perfume, and expertly carried out makeup. It turns out that all this doesnt tempt him and he assists in keepinggambling difficult to get. He ignores them, doesnt even recognize them. Throughout the chorus they accuse him of playing hard to get. Perhapsthe explanation hes playing hard to get is because hes now notinterested byladies at all.

070716_seoulbeats_wannab_whyThe video itself has similarities to Mamamoos Um Oh Ah Yeh and Girls Generations Lion Heart. They all middle around having a weigh down on a guy and them seeking to become his attention. In Why?, though, bestone of the crucialindividuals has a crush and anything else of the crowd tries to assist her get his attention with varying degrees of disaster.

The song video opens with Wanna.B putting out at a sleepover, doing what girls do at sleepovers. When theydetermine that theyre going to assist their lovesick member, they locate themselves pretending to be flight attendants. So as to have an excuse to start up contact, one of the opposite girls spills and they have got to assistancethe manblank up. Thosetype of mishaps take placewithin the video; from him passing out from drinking wine (whether or not they drugged him isnt clear), to her appearing CPR in a medical institution room.

In between, theyre dancing in costumes suitable for the settings and posturing for the camera in a vibrantly coloured room. The cultured of the room is terribly reminiscent of a few other MVs like I believe You. The dance itself is maybethe maximum efficienta section of the video. Whilst its not flashy, its complex and makes smart role of the seven members. The music video may neatly besignificantly more fun to observe if the dance cuts were longer. Their use of hand gestures and transitions from one formation to the following makes it fun to watch.

Overall, Wan070716_seoulbeats_wannab_why2na.Bs Why? is mediocre, but enjoyable. It doesnt stick out from the crowd, but it without a doubt isnt bad either. Wanna.B as a collection has the prospectiveto supply music that might bein reality fun and other while keeping up the core catchyness that their other songs contain. Unfortunately, Why? isnt that song and the music video reflects that.


Park Hae Jin Alternatives Which Drama Was once  Most enjoyable to Film

Park Hae Jin Alternatives Which Drama Was once Most enjoyable to Film

Park Hae Jin Selections Which Drama Was onceMost enjoyable to Movie notclaira April 23, 2016 0 LINE it!Park Hae Jin Picks Which Drama Was Most Fun to Film On April 23, Park Hae Jin held a fanmeeting to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of his debut.

When a fan asked him, “What was the most fun drama to film?” he replied, “It could be unexpected, yet IT was ‘Cheese in the Trap.’”

“I individually enjoyed it,” he continued. “The setting was good. Most of the other actors were my peers, so there has beena huge number ofpower on set.”

Park Hae Jin played the nature of Yoo Jung in the drama adaptation of webtoon “Cheese in the Trap” previous this year.

Another fan asked him about marriage plans. “I have to this point to get married,” he said. “I haven’t been in a position to date for years. I don’t have any explicit plans, but if a just rightuser appears, I don’t would like to wait too long.” When the loversgave the impressiondisillusioned with his answer, he joked, “Aren’t you all going to get married too?”

Which of Park Hae Jin’s dramas would you select as your favorite?

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 SNSDs Taeyeon Says Competition with 2NE1 is Enjoyable

SNSDs Taeyeon Says Competition with 2NE1 is Enjoyable

One of the hottest issues in K-Pop these days is the comeback of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and 2NE1.

Despite the fierce and tense competition expected between the two girl groups, SNSD’s Taeyeon revealed that the competition is ‘enjoyable.’

Having made its comeback through Mnet’s M Countdown on March 6, SNSD received much of the spotlight after performing Mr.Mr. and Wait a Minute.

Meeting with enews before the performance took place, Taeyeon talked about her thoughts on finally making a comeback and upcoming competition with 2NE1.

 SNSD’s Taeyeon Says Competition with 2NE1 is Enjoyable

When asked about the upcoming competition with 2NE1, Taeyeon said, “Many people have been showing their interest in the competition. Personally, I think it’s really fun and enjoyable. Not only 2NE1 but many others, such as CN Blue, have made their comeback. I hope everyone can enjoy their performances.”

Taeyeon also said, “We don’t really stress about it (competition with 2NE1), since we both have very different colors. I’m just really happy to be promoting along with many other singers. I also hope that our fans will continue to support us.”

Putting priority on keeping SNSD together and showing it to the fans over competition with others, Taeyeon concluded, “Our basic goal is to keep the top place. But more important is to keep SNSD together, and showing our activities as a whole to fans.”

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 Girls Generation 4th Mini Album Mr. Mr. Is Enjoyable and Addicting

Girls Generation 4th Mini Album Mr. Mr. Is Enjoyable and Addicting

 Girls’ Generation 4th Mini Album “Mr. Mr.” Is Enjoyable and Addicting After listening to Girls’ Generation’s newest album “Mr. Mr.” a few times, I have to admit it’s an enjoyable and addicting album. The newly released six track album is exciting with each track having a unique sound and vibe. Some songs have an acoustic feel, while others have a more electronic dance sound. Some songs offer support, and other songs just make you want to dance. Lets take a closer look at the six songs from Girls’ Generation’s fourth mini album “Mr. Mr.” below.

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 Girls’ Generation 4th Mini Album “Mr. Mr.” Is Enjoyable and Addicting

Track 1: “Mr. Mr.”

The album begins with their title song “Mr. Mr.” which was produced by The Underdogs. The song gives an energetic start to the album and instantly makes you want to listen to more of the album. The electronic melody is catchy, and I can see why the girls started off their comeback with this song.

Final Rating: 4.5/5

Track 2:”Goodbye”

After an energetic and upbeat start to the album, Girls’ Generation begins the second track “Goodbye” with a simple melody and beat. The song has more of sad, but redemptive tone, as the girls sing about leaving. The song seems to be a break up song to play after you part ways with your lover. The electric guitar sounds nice and the hook which goes “really really good bye” is very catchy and makes listeners want to sing along. It’s my favorite track of the album.

Final Rating: 5/5

Track 3: “Europa”

Track three “Europa” is a bubbly electronic song with a cute vibe. The girls sing with a more higher tone and the beat is upbeat. It is a trance song with the girls cheering you on. It kind of has an European dance music sound to it.

Final Rating: 4.5/5

Track 4: “Wait a Minute”

Track 4 “Wait a Minute” is a funky song with a nice acoustic guitar melody and strong kick. It talks about the exciting feelings you get when you see your love. This is my second favorite track of the album.

Final Rating: 4.5/5

Track 5: “Back Hug”

“Back Hug” is an angelic song that heals the soul. The melody is slow and the voices sound so pure and smooth. The song has a slow rhythm and a beautiful string melody. This song would be good to listen to when you’re down or when you want to relax.

Final Rating: 4.5/5

Track 6: “Soul”

The album ends with the powerful song “Soul” which features a jungle rhythm filled with strong drums. The song features a heavy metal guitar sound and the girls sing with power. However, there’s a lot of loud sounds going on the background, and the beat and melody overshadows the voices of the members.

Final Rating: 3.5/5

 Girls’ Generation 4th Mini Album “Mr. Mr.” Is Enjoyable and Addicting

Girl’s Generation’s fourth mini album “Mr. Mr.” is overall is a great addition to have in the collection. The songs all have a different vibe and no two songs on the track sound alike. My personal favorite from the album is the track “Goodbye” with “Wait a Minute” coming in at a close second.

Overall Album Rating: 4.5/5

What is your favorite song in the album?

 Girls’ Generation 4th Mini Album “Mr. Mr.” Is Enjoyable and Addicting

What did you think about Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Mr.” album?

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A Mediocre Step Up from Last Year: 2013 KBS Gayo Daejun

A Mediocre Step Up from Last Year: 2013 KBS Gayo Daejun

A Mediocre Step Up from Last Year: 2013 KBS Gayo Daejun A Mediocre Step Up from Last Year: 2013 KBS Gayo Daejun A Mediocre Step Up from Last Year: 2013 KBS Gayo Daejun Fridays KBS Gayo Daechukje kicked off the year-end music programs. Featuring the smallest list of attendees out of the three programs, the show was decked in different collaborations to fill the hours. This years line-up was better than last years, which was essentially a Music Bank special rather than a real year-end program. For the special stages, there were six different sets: (1) a dance symphony with different pair-dancing routines; (2) a rival round where vocalists or dancers went head-to-head (in three different rounds); (3) a stage with Kim Yeon-woo, IU, Daybreak, Yoo Hee-yeol, and Shinees Onew; (4) a Gag Concert special featuring 2pms Taecyeon and Nichkhun and Shinees Min-ho; (5) a Lee Seung-chul performance with Infinite; and (6) a Lee Hyori and Dynamic Duo collaboration. Also present was a round of performances of songs from the 90s.

Some stages hit the mark while others were only so-so. Honestly, if KBS had done more of those Gag Concert skits with rotating cameos, the program would have livened up much more. As it was, the program was riddled with strange audio and odd choices in camera work. The audio was especially a problem, with stages either sounding shaky or having a backtrack that was far too loud, making live singing useless. In addition, for several of the collaborative performances, there was a lack of real collaboration on stage, leaving them empty. As for the other performances, of songs from earlier in the year, they werent recreated in ways that worked well, and so had not come across as very worthy of marking the year-end special.

Nevertheless, below here are performances that I feel could be taken away from the night. Please comment with your favorites!

Sistars Bora and Soyu: Sistar Symphony

Ive included this just for Boras part. Id like to see her have an entire dance break to herself because I think shes captivating enough as a dancer to do well in one.

miss As Fei and 2pms Chan-sung: Dance Symphony to the Pussycat Dolls Hush Hush

This was Feis show, and Chansung might as well have been an unknown face dancing with her because I certainly wasnt looking at him. With all the spins and steamy glances at the camera, Fei owned the performance right down to almost ditching Chansung once it was over. It was a great surprise to see her put some of her Dancing with the Stars background to use for the show because, oh right, she won her season.

Ailee and Sistars HyorinLady Gagas Telephone

I was expecting Ailee to work the stage, but Hyorins voice came right up with her. The two voices were a good match, with Hyorins coming across as more melodic and Ailees being more throaty. When strong vocalists sing alongside each other, you often get one overpowering the other, but this performance wasnt case. Both girls committed to the sassy nature of the song, and the stage was one of the pleasures of the night.

A Pinks Eun-ji and Beasts Yo-seobJamie Foxx and Beyoncés When I First Saw You

These two are clearly used to working with one another, and this performance was appealing to the ears. Mark called a subunit of these two Bubblemaker, and Id be willing to hear more from them.

IU and Daybreaks covers of Kim Kwang-jins Letter, Toys That I Was Once By Your Side, and Daybreaks Got It Covered

With few sound issues plaguing her performance, IU seemed to be one of the lucky ones of the night. Daybreaks lead vocalist Lee Won-suk on the other hand, wasnt so lucky with the audio. Despite these irregularities, IU and Daybreak sang a series of songs that delivered an unlikely catchiness that stood out during the night.

4minutes Ji-yoon and Teen Tops Chun-ji, Ricky and L.joeUptowns Lets Meet Again

Of the 90s stages, this was my favorite. It also helps that this was one of the better songs that they covered. The only thing I wish was for some sign of interaction between the performers.

Ailees UI

From her vocals, down to her demeanor, this was probably one of Ailees own strongest performances of her songeven on this night of unsteady sound. The fact that shes able to pass off a seemingly regular performance for a year-end special appearance, says a lot about her stage ability.

Lee Hyoris Miss Korea and Bad Girls, and Dynamic Duos BAAAM

This stage was strange. I wouldnt call it one of the best of the night, but its the kind of stage you hear about and need to see only once, if only to satisfy curiosity. Lee Hyoris songs were essentially by herself while for Dynamic Duo, she took over the chorus. It was an oddly appealing change to the songsomething youd have to hear to even consider as okay or notbut definitely not an adjustment that Id want to hear on the regular. Each part was okay on its own, but as a whole makes me worried for future hip-hop stages of her songs on MBC.

Share your thoughts below!

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'Superstar K' Singer Shines in Mediocre Sports Movie

'Superstar K' Singer Shines in Mediocre Sports Movie

'Superstar K' Singer Shines in Mediocre Sports Movie

Seo In-guk, who won the inaugural season of the popular audition show "Superstar K", recently made his film debut in "NO-BREATH". The movie focuses on the rivalry between two teenage swimmers as they attempt to set a record in the sport.

Although it clearly targets young female moviegoers, critics have blasted the 118-minute film as being hackneyed and dull, more like a soap from the early 90s than a gripping melodrama. However, if the film has one saving grace, it would be Seo's standout performance, suggesting that the budding actor may have a bright future ahead in acting.

"It was definitely a challenge, because the character I played is very different from me and I had to work hard to get in shape for the swimming scenes", said Seo.

He added that his on-screen rivalry with rising star Lee Jong-suk added some pressure as Lee has a well-toned body.

"I worked hard on my physique. When guys go the gym together, there's always some rivalry in terms of who's got the best body", Seo said, adding that the hardest thing while shooting was sticking to the strict diet.

Breakfast consisted of a slice of apple and a shake. Lunch meant a chicken breast salad, and for dinner he was allowed either tofu and cucumbers, sweet potatoes, or just a few bananas. This went on for a grueling six months.

"I enjoy eating, so enduring such a strict dieting regime was really hard", he said.

Seo got his acting career off to a start by taking minor roles in several TV dramas.

Asked how he felt about the switch to acting after striving so hard to become a singer amid intense pressure and competition, he said, "I've always dreamed of being a singer, but when I started acting I found it was just as rewarding, and a lot of fun. Now both are important to me".

He said there were transferable skills between the two as singing before a live audience requires a certain degree of acting skill to win them over.


  KCON: A Hectic but Enjoyable First Convention

KCON: A Hectic but Enjoyable First Convention

KCON: A Hectic but Enjoyable First Convention The US first K-pop convention, KCON, felt like an earnest attempt at staging a large scale K-pop event that was more than just a concert. Since Hallyu started going big, a lot of concerts have taken place in the States, most of them resulting in less than stellar results.

KCON was pretty ambitious for what it was: there were a good number of K-pop related panels and activities that involved quite a few special guests from the industry, before ending with a concert that evening. The venue was packed, the energy level extremely high, and it did feel like there were a range of things to do for everybody.

K-pop isnt K-pop without the song and the dance, and it was good that fans got panels from choreographers, music and show producers. There was a choreographer panel with some big shot K-pop choreographers such as Aimee Lee Lucas and Rino Nakasone; there was a panel on the making of M! Countdown. There was a good mix between the people who work in K-pop, and the people help give K-pop the push it needs, most notably: the fans. Fan clubs were very present, there was a panel discussing fanclubs, and there were Youtube stars who were sort-of K-pop stars, sort of K-pop fans, a pretty important online demographic that helps propel Hallyu.

As fellow writer Johnelle has already discussed, KCON was way more organized and helpful than almost all of the States-side events weve seen, and weve seen many complete messes. But that isnt to say that the entire event was smooth-running. There were enough bumps here and there on the day of the event, and the biggest bump probably came from the fansign events and the organizers totally underestimating the, uh, ferocity of fans when it comes to seeing their idols. The fansigning directions given to fans were unclear, which led to a lot of chaos on the day of, which is just unfortunate for everybody. Fans do what they do for a chance to see idols who they rarely ever get to see, and it caused a lot of issues that could have been prevented by both the organizers and the fans.

KCON: A Hectic but Enjoyable First Convention Its probably worth noting that while KCON could have done better in terms of organizingand lets face it, seems like K-pop itself as a whole could do with better organizingthey have been pretty honest with admitting faults, which is better than the explanation-less last-minute cancellations and total system breakdowns weve seen from other events.

The concert itself was like most K-pop concerts weve seen in the States, though it was pretty notable that Mnet themselves probably told all the groups to attempt as much as possible to communicate with the audience in English. This was pretty hard for almost all the groups without at least one English speaker, and nobody said anything we havent already heard, but its the effort that counts, right?

It was a good idea to open the concert with BAP, whose swag and musical style was just the kind of concert opener an event like this needed. GNa was up next, and I had hoped she would sing a different track for a concert in the States, seeing as she just released Oui, but no dice. I left the concert with a better impression of Vixx because N reading off a pre-written note in English was probably the most effort any non-English speaking idol made that night. Nuests songs are insanely catchy and its not a lie that their music is probably the music I came away from the concert loving the most.

KCON: A Hectic but Enjoyable First Convention

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), Exo-M was made out to be a major act of the night, performing four songs as opposed to the three that everyone else except for 4Minute got to perform. I guess it helps that there is an English speaker in the group, though the groups newbie awkwardness was not remedied by having Kris, and the groups on-stage moments with MCs Danny and GNa felt too long and were somewhat uncomfortable to watch. The crowd loved them, though, and in retrospect, it was probably bad idea to put 4Minute on after Exo-M. Sunbae status aside, 4Minute was not the attraction of the night, and a good portion of the fans made their exits for the night after Exo-M finished, which is unfortunate. The group also performed one member short and the overall audience energy did feel a little lower as they performed.

Danny and GNa were not the most finessed of MCs and their repeated appearances didnt do much to usher the show along, unlike Paul Kims brief but energetic introductions at the beginning of the show. There was a lot of sponsorship and product plugging, but that was negligible overall.

All in all, KCON had mishaps here and there, and it wasnt a perfect event, but it was admirable for what it was. Hopefully it can continue to be as adventurous in the coming years.


miss A’s Suzy makes ‘Big’ more enjoyable #dreamhigh #missa

miss A’s Suzy makes ‘Big’ more enjoyable #dreamhigh #missa

miss As Suzy makes Big more enjoyable #dreamhigh #missa

miss As Suzy makes Big more enjoyable #dreamhigh #missa miss As Suzy will appear on KBSs Monday-Tuesday series Big.

On June 7, the series released stills of Gong Yoo and Suzy posing cute.

Gong showed off his great sense of humor through the 1st and 2nd episode of the series and captured the publics attention. Suzy will start appearing in the 3rd episode of the series and make it more enjoyable.

In the pictures, Gong, who is sending a kiss, and Suzy, who is posing funny in the middle of the street, will perform in great harmony and draw a lot of attention.

In the 2nd episode of the series, Gong (plays the role of Seo Yoon Jae) has turned into a man who has spirit of a 18-year old boy named Kang Kyung Joon. Suzy (plays the role of Jang Ma Ri) flew to Korea from the United States to find Kang and met Lee Min Jung (plays the role of Gil Da Ran).

Suzy asked Lee to find Kang and she will do whatever it takes to find him. Lee will find the truth of Gong and face various incidents in the future.

The series, which is about a female teacher, and a man of ability, who has the spirit of a boy. It will air every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 p.m.

Source: Xportsnews