Watch: Jeon Do Yeon Talks About First Drama In 11 Years In The Set Of “The Excellent Wife”

Watch: Jeon Do Yeon Talks About First Drama In 11 Years In The Set Of “The Excellent Wife”

Watch: Jeon Do Yeon Talks About First Drama In 11 Years In The Set Of The nice Wifeleonid June 26, 2016 0 Watch: Jeon Do Yeon Talks About First Drama In 11 Years In The Set Of The Excellent Wife Actress Jeon Do Yeon stocks her mindat the upcoming tvN drama The Smart Wife throughout its first filming.

tvN lately gave a sneak peek of the set on the dramas first shooting day.

The Brilliant Wife, the primary Korean remake of an American series of the similar name, is a court docket drama which starts when famend prosecutor Lee Tae Joon is thrown at the back of bars after being stuck up in a corruption scandal, prompting his wife Kim Hye Kyung, who surrender her taskafter you have married, to suppose the role of the breadwinner and rediscover herself when she returns as a attorney in Search engine marketing Joong Wons firm.

The video finds the frightened Jeon Do Yeon filming her long-awaited go back to tv subsequently 11 years.

With now not only her yet actors Yoo Ji Tae as Lee Tae Joon, Yoon Kye Sang as Seo Joong Won, and Nana as secretary Kim Dan to boot, the pictures of the star-studded set fuels viewerss excitement to look their chemistry in the drama.

Furthermore, tvN teases the July premiere of the criminal drama with clips of Jeon Do Yeon reading the script even whilst on standby, and wrinkling her nose in laughter as she enjoys the vigoroussetting of the drama shooting.

The actress shares her thoughts on her small screen comeback and says, Im adapting to the set since here is my first drama in 11 years. Its an even project and Kim Hye Kyung is a superb character, so I might beready topaintings hard. Everyone, please strengthen The Nice Wife.'

The Good Wife is scheduled to premiere on July 8, taking on the 8:30 p.m. KST time slot of tvNs Pricey My Friends.

Watch the sneak peek for yourself below!

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Video Added new teaser videos with Jeon Do-yeon, Yoo Ji-tae and Yoon Kye-sang for the Korean drama 'The Excellent Wife'

Video Added new teaser videos with Jeon Do-yeon, Yoo Ji-tae and Yoon Kye-sang for the Korean drama 'The Excellent Wife'

Added new teaser videos with Jeon Do-yeon, Yoo Ji-tae and Yoon Kye-sang for the impending Korean drama "The Just right Wife"

"The Smart Wife" (2016)Directed through Lee Jeong-hyoWritten by Han Sang-woonNetwork : tvNWith Jeon Do-yeon, Yoo Ji-tae, Kim Seo-hyeong, Nana, Lee Won-geun, Yoon Kye-sang,...Mon, Tue 20:30SynopsisA housewife's husband, who is a a success prosecutor, gets thrown in felony for corruption so she has to come for the primary time in thirteen years as a prosecutor herself.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/07/08

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'Healer' and 'Celebrity's Sweetheart' actor Yoo Ji-tae joins Jeon Do-yeon in new drama 'The Excellent Wife'

'Healer' and 'Celebrity's Sweetheart' actor Yoo Ji-tae joins Jeon Do-yeon in new drama 'The Excellent Wife'

Yoo Ji-tae returns to the small screen in the process theimminent drama, "The Excellent Wife".

On March 11th, tvN announced, "Yoo Ji-tae has been showedto seem every bit the male lead in "The Smart Wife", which is slated for July this year".

Yoo Ji-tae is in generala film star, who used to make appearances simplest in movies. When he gave the impression in SBS' drama "Healer" and "Celebrity"s Sweetheart', it used to be his first time to megastar in Television dramas. For the ultimate ten years ahead of this drama, he only seemed in movies. Yoo Ji-tae in conjunction with Choi Ji-woo depicted romance between a typical novelist and a celebrity actress.

Yoo Ji-tae later returned to the small screen thru KBS 2TV's "Healer" in six years since his first drama. "Healer" depicted the combatvia the young generation opposed to the social absurdities of the sector left by the parents' generation. Yoo Ji-tae played the fame reporter, Kim Moonho in "Healer".

"Healer" starring Ji Chang-wook, Park Min-yeong and Yoo Ji-tae becomeenjoyed much for the nice acting performances by the forged and the suspenseful storyline.

Yoo Ji-tae chose "The Brilliant Wife" this time. The drama is in reaction tothe yankeetv series of the similar title. Lee Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae), the prosecutor husband is arrested amidst political scandal and illegality and corruption, the wife Kim Hyegyeong (Jeon Do-yeon) returns as a legal professional to make a living for the family.

With the provenforged of Yoo Ji-tae, who is depended on for his wonderful acting performances each and every time, "The Nice Wife" is garnering the heated attention. "The Good Wife" is scheduled to get started out in July once 'Misunderstood' has finished.


"The Excellent Wife" Jeon Do-yeon and Nana, 'girl crush'

Jeon Do-yeon and Nana are the hotwoman crushes.

"The Just right Wife" is the tale of a girl (Jeon Do-yeon) who returns to her post as a legal professional for the primary time since she were given married after her a success husband Lee Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae) gets booked for corruption and scandals.

"The Smart Wife" is Jeon Do-yeon's first drama in 11 years and her first lawyer role in her 26 years of acting. Nana is starring in her first Korean drama.

Jeon Do-yeon is a law company lawyer whilst Nana is Kim Dan who is helping her with cases. Jeon Do-yeon is the icon of a sturdyoccupation woman. Nana is an exceptionalparticular person who adjustments her appearances to get knowledge she wishes legally and infrequently illegally. If Jeon Do-yeon makes the case turn out favorably, Nana breaks it down extra and unearths more evidence.

In the stills of the 2 released above, Jeon Do-yeon is dressed in a blank and neat suit while Nana is normally wearing informal pants, a blouse and a jacket.

Jeon Do-yeon acknowledged close to Nana, "She's doing well. I most effectivethought about the lovely and attractivesymbol she has from Orange Caramel yet she's considerate and warm. She provides me numerouspower and I do notwish to give her any advice".

"I have had hassle amongstthe volume of lines I need to memorize and the criminal terms, but it is adifficulty and I am making it via one by one. I'm besides very instinctive and touchy and I relate to my personalityseeking to balance out her paintings and circle of relatives life".

Nana said, "Jeon Do-yeon supports me so muchat the set".

Meanwhile, "The Excellent Wife", which is a remake of the noted American drama, stars Jeon Do-yeon, Yoo Ji-tae, Yoon Kye-sang, Nana, Kim Seo-hyeong, Lee Won-geun and more. The 1st episode can also beobserved on July 8th at 8:30PM.

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"The Excellent Wife" Jeon Do-yeon, Queen of Cannes

Her juniors admired her. Jeon Do-yeon was shy. Her juniors showed her respect. Jeon Do-yeon's face have become red. Her juniors were commemorated to paintings amongst her. Jeon Do-yeon reduced her head.

The premiere of the tvN drama "The Just right Wife" at the 29th, was once also Jeon Do-yeon's comeback ceremony. It was no longer just the audience who were looking ahead to her go backyet Yoo Ji-tae, Yoon Kye-sang, Kim Seo-hyeong, Nana, Lee Won-geun and director Lee Jeong-hyo as well.

Jeon Do-yeon appearedapprehensive close to coming back with a drama for the primary time in 11 years. She said, "I am seeking to adjust and I take into consideration this as my debut once again. However, in spite of her modesty, her juniors would notprevent praising her.

Yoo Ji-tae and Yoon Kye-sang claimed they joined the drama as a result of Jeon Do-yeon. Yoo Ji-tae said, "I felt that acting with a fairconsumerprovidesa decentimpression in my life. I haveat all timessought afterto fulfill Jeon Do-yeon and proportion the honor of operating with the maximum productive actress in Korea. Yoon Kye-sang said, "I chose "The Smart Wife" for a similarreason why every bit Yoo Ji-tae. You'llbe toldso much from excellent people".

Jeon Do-yeon was smiling when Yoo Ji-tae talked, but if Yoon Kye-sang added on, she became shy. Then non-stop messages of compliment ensued which brought about her face became redder and redder.

Lee Won-geun said, "I was so nervous right through the making of the drama. It was making me nervous simply bythe truth that I may smartly be next to her. I kept reminding myself to work challengingobserving her work".

Nana, "I think I used to be the most worrying because I had more scenes with her than Lee Won-geun. I'm just a novice and then I made some mistakes, but Jeon Do-yeon helped me and I learned much from her". Jeon Do-yeon lowered her head in embarrassment.

The hostess Park Ji-yoon ended the development with a gentle joke. Soon, Jeon Do-yeon may beobserved on Television and she's back as a lawyer.

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Yoon Kye-sang to superstar in

Yoon Kye-sang to superstar in "The Excellent Wife" with Jeon Do-yeon

Yoon Kye-sang is starring in the recent tvN drama "The Excellent Wife".

The 'dream team' is entire amongst Yoon Kye-sang joining Jeon Do-yeon and Yoo Ji-tae in "The Smart Wife".

Yoon Kye-sang takes at the role of Search engine optimization Joong-won who is sophisticated, mild and chic. He speaks coldly without emotions and is a co-representative of a law firm. He's a multi-dimensional personality who is bloodlessagainst commanding lawyers and great to customersyet at the similar time does notaccept as true with them entirely. He is a sought afterguy in magazines for his trendysymbol and is any individual who is helping Kim Hye-kyeong (Jeon Do-yeon) becomea tight lawyer.

Yoon Kye-sang claimed that he is excited to be in this drama with Jeon Do-yeon and Yoo Ji-tae.

Meanwhile, "The Brilliant Wife" is the Korean edition of the yank CBS drama "The Nice Wife". A a hit investigator gets arrested for corruption and his wife stands up as a attorney once back and becomes the breadwinner of the family.


Jeon Do-yeon to look in Television Drama for 1st Time in 11 Years

Jeon Do-yeon to look in Television Drama for 1st Time in 11 Years

Actress Jeon Do-yeon is returning to the small screen for the primary time in 11 years. She canseem in a remake of the hit U.S. Television serial "The Just right Wife", scheduled to be aired in June. She remaining starred in the SBS drama "Lovers in Prague" in 2005. "The Smart Wife" revolves around a girl who resumes her profession equally a legal professional afterwards 15 years of being a homemaker as her husband is jailed following a political corruption and sex scandal. The recent tvN series will center of attention on portraying a woman's struggles as a lawyer, a mom and a human being after her husband's betrayal."I was once attracted to the sectionbasicallyas a result of the genre and tale line", Jeon said. "I am excited and worried at the similar time as it is my first drama role in over 10 years. I'm thankful that many of us showed passion and support. I cantake a glance at my very bestnow not to disappoint them".


Jeon Do Yeon to cross back to the small screen after 11 years with tvN's 'Good Wife'!

Jeon Do Yeon to cross back to the small screen after 11 years with tvN's 'Good Wife'!

Veteran actress Jeon Do Yeon can be making her go back to the small screen after 11 years thru tvN's upcoming drama 'Good Wife'!

SEE ALSO: Drama Review 'Murim School' - Episode 11

'Good Wife' will be Jeon Do Yeon's first drama role since 2005 SBS drama 'Lovers in Prague'. In her new role, the actress will transform the wife of a husband who all of sudden gets arrested, forcing her to cross back to her former career equally a legal professional to improve herself and her children.

Regarding her new, unexpected role, the actress relayed, "I won this gloriousbe offering just as I used to be about to get started out widening my acting choices. I was once drawn by capability ofthe recent genre and the exciting plot. It is bothexhilarating and provoking to take on a drama role after 11 years. I am so thankfulfor everybody who is taking a lookahead to my return to the small screen and feel the wish to do well. Arrangements for filming will start in March."

'Good Wife' is decided to air a while in June!


Yoo Ji Tae in Talks to Megastar in tvN Remake of The Just right Wife Along Jeon Do Yeon

Yoo Ji Tae in Talks to Megastar in tvN Remake of The Just right Wife Along Jeon Do Yeon

Yoo Ji Tae in Talks to Megastar in tvN Remake of “The Just right Wife” Along Jeon Do Yeonleejojoba February 18, 2016 0 LINE it!Yoo Ji Tae in Talks to Star in tvN Remake of “The Excellent Wife” Alongside Jeon Do Yeon Actor Yoo Ji Tae’s firm Namoo Actors announced on February 18 that he'sthese days in talks to star in tvN’s remake of “The Sensible Wife.”

Agency representative commented, “Yoo Ji Tae has been approached to painting the husband of the lead feminine role, yetnot anything has been showed yet.”

“The Nice Wife” is an American tv series by skill of CBS and its Korean remake will air on tvN.

He would play the nature Lee Tae Joon, a targeted and heartless prosecutor who is goingfinallyforms of criminals. However, he himself lands in felonyas a result ofan excessively public political corruption scandal. He tries difficultto hang his circle of relativesin combination and come back on his feet again.

After her husband lands in prison, Kim Hye Kyung assumes obligation for her family. She also resumes her profession as a defense attorney taking fee of her family’s destiny. Actress Jeon Do Yeon is currently taking into consideration the role of Kim Hye Kyung drawing attention.

“The Good Wife” could be directed by Manufacturer Lee Jung Hyo of JTBC’s “Heartless City,” tvN’s “A Witch’s Romance,” and On Style’s “My First Time” (working title). Author Han Sang Oon of KBS 2TV’s “Spy” will be liable for the script.

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Jeon Do Yeon Makes Small Screen Comeback With 'The Excellent Wife'

Jeon Do Yeon Makes Small Screen Comeback With 'The Excellent Wife'

Jeon Do Yeon(Photo : KDramaStars) Jeon Do Yeon, 43, will make her small screen comeback with a role in the Korean adaptation of the CBS program "The Just right Wife." She can play the wife of a celebrity prosecutor who gets stuck up in a sex scandal. On account of his scandal, her personality is forced to cross back to paintings as a legal professional after thirteen years. Yet that in the end turns out to be a fair thing. The role used to beat the start portrayed in the yank series by way of Emmy winner Juliana Marguiles.

Jeon has no longer had a leading role at the minor screen since she seemed in the 2005 drama "Lovers in Prague." Since then she's best done a cameo in the 2008 drama "On Air."

But she has been busy with movie work, earning compliment for her roles in moviesequivalent to "Secret Sunshine" and "The Shameless."Her film roles have earned her two invites to the Cannes Film Festival and praise from her co-stars.

Kim Nam Gil, who worked with her in "The Shameless," stated he changed intosurprised by her functionality when he first saw their movie.

"I discovered what the fuss about Jeon Do Yeon was all about," he said in an interview with the Korean media outlet Star Today.

Gong Yoo, who seems alongside her in the film "A Guy and A Woman," also presented praise.

"I was glad to work with Jeon," he told the Korean media outlet Chosun Ilbo. "That was one of my desires as an actor."

"A Man and A Woman," which is scheduled to be released on February 25, tells the tale of a man and girl who meet on a go back and forth to Finland and feature an extramarital affair.

Jeon Do Yeon's co-star in "The Sensible Wife" could also be Yoo Ji Tae, closingnoticed in "Healer." If he accepts the role formerly played by Chris Noth, the 39-year-old actor-director will play a prosecutor with the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office.

Lee Jung Hyo, who directed "Cruel City" and "Witch's Romance," will direct "The Perfect Wife." Han Sung Woon, who wrote the screenplay for the drama "Spy" and the film "My Recurring Love Story" will write the script.

The drama is scheduled to air in July.