Watch: Rookie Lady Groups Rapper Wows With Vocal Skills On King Of Masked Singer

Watch: Rookie Lady Groups Rapper Wows With Vocal Skills On King Of Masked Singer

Watch: Rookie Lady Group’s Rapper Wows With Vocal Skills On “King Of Masked Singer”ilmare42 June 26, 2016 0 Watch: Rookie Girl Group’s Rapper Wows With Vocal Talents On “King Of Masked Singer” On the maximum recent episode of “King of Masked Singer,” 8 new contestants take to the stage for duet performances to take a glance at out to problemthe present champion, who is actingbeneath the alias of Break out From Unemployment.

The episode’s 2d couplet features contestants Femme Fatale and Troubles Come again Home. The pair perform a rearranged edition of Son Dam Bi’s popular dance music “Saturday Night,” which opens as an acoustic ballad.

SpoilerSome of theindividuals of the fame panel are certain that Troubles Come Back House is an idol, with Kim Gu Ra guessing that she may neatly be Baek Yerin or Baek Ah Yeon.

In the end, Femme Fatale takes the win with 78 votes to Troubles Come Back Home’s 21, and so the latter has to expose her identity.

Before she takes to the air her mask, she sings a section of a song she ready for the moment one round, SEO Joo Kyung’s “Daring Women. When her identity is revealed, all and sundry is stunnedto look that she’s rapper Exy of Cosmic Girls!

As she helps to keep singing, B1A4’s Sandeul reminds all people that she wereat the panel in a prior episode. He’s obviouslyinspiredvia her skills, and yells out, “But she’s a rapper!” as the others dance along to her performance.

After her reveal, Exy explains that she used to be a singer and no longer a rapper, but on account of nodules on her vocal cords, she switched to principally rapping.

Watch Exys performance and exhibit below!

Cosmic Women is a twelve-member Korean-Chinese girl group that debuted in February of 2016 with their mini album “Would You Like?”.

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Hani wows with functionality on “King of Masked Singer”

Hani wows with functionality on “King of Masked Singer”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAlthough Hani is known for being probably the mostmost sensible visuals in the entertainment industry, shes also shown to be incredibly talented as well. 

In fact, the EXID singer wowed lovers after making an appearance on popular show King of Masked Singer. Even if she was onceremoved from the show, Hanis fantastic vocal skillsvery wellinspiredaudienceat the show, many of whom admitted that they were blown away through her singing.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented on the usual article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

946, 156 Holy crap I never knew she becameany suchexcellent singer!!!!

861, 145 WowHanis voice is so husky and amazing

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Watch: Feminine  Comic Shocks the Judges With Her Vocal Abilities On “King of Mask Singer”

Watch: Feminine Comic Shocks the Judges With Her Vocal Abilities On “King of Mask Singer”

Watch: FeminineComic Shocks the Judges With Her Vocal Abilities On King of Mask Singerkminjungee February 14, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: Female Comedian Shocks the Judges With Her Vocal Talents On King of Mask Singer Throughout the February 14 episode of MBCs King of Mask Singer, two singers, Loves Classic Lantern and Genie Who Got hereUltimate Year, face off in circular two.

Loves Ordinary Lantern plays Heart and Hearts You, At a Far flung Place. She showcases a fascinating voice and sorrowful feelingswhilst singing.

Meanwhile, Genie Who Came Last Year sings Lee Seung Hwans During one thousand Years, and captivates the target market with his candy voice and sophisticated expressions.

SpoilerIn the end, the judges at the panel vote for the Genie Who Came Last Year to transport onto the the 3rd round. With that, Loves Traditional Lantern is unmasked, and shocks each person with her identity.

Loves Traditional Lantern is comedian Ahn So Mi. The panel of entertainers used to becertain that it's going to exist singer Kim Hye Yeon, so they gaineda giganticsurprise when it turns out to be someone totally unexpected. The audience as neatly is stunnedby capability of the turn of events.

Watch her functionality and disclose below!

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Watch: Cats Lady  In the end Dethroned on King of Mask Singer

Watch: Cats Lady In the end Dethroned on King of Mask Singer

Watch: Cats WomanIn spite of everything Dethroned on “King of Mask Singer”notclaira January 31, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: Cats Girl In the end Dethroned on “King of Mask Singer” At the January 31 broadcast of MBC’s “King of Mask Singer,” the queen who had reigned splendid for 10 weeks was once finally dethroned.

Cats Girl sang Yoo Jae Ha’s “Hidden Road,” appearing off for the ultimate time her tough vocals and emotional tone. In spite ofthe superb performance, her challenger, Our GroupSong General, took the crown.

SpoilerWhen she took off her mask, the mysterious Cats Girl grew to become out to be Cha Ji Yeon, a musical theater actress.

Other contestants on the display included SG WannabeKim Yong Joon, who sang Kim Kwang Seok’s “Those Days,” and actor Ahn Se Ha, who sang VIBE’s “Looking at Pictures.” Square Dream turned out to be none rather then 2PM’s Jun. K, who captivated audiences with performances of Lee Juk’s “Rain.”

Blocking Cats Girl’s 6th win, the panelists noted here isthe primary time in 28 weeks that a male singer has been crowned on “King of Mask Singer.” “Becoming the king becamesimplestconceivableon account of Ms. Cats Girl’s graciousness,” Music Overall said. “I’m thankful and I think like I’ve inherited the crown in position of taking it. Thank you very much.”

Watch the expose of Cats Girl and her ultimate interview below:

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AOMG artist wows the crowd on “King of Masked Singer”

AOMG artist wows the crowd on “King of Masked Singer”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter At the January 17th episode of King of Masked Singer, this AOMG artist blew the target market away with his published identity.

The BloodlessTown Monkey was once none rather than Jay Park himself. Many enthusiasts noted that although his voice is extremely distinctive, it is great to pay attention him go backto a couple wearisome songs after his more than a few hip hop tracks that he has released in the outdated few months.

In either rounds, the artist showcased his slow, RB style, leaving probably the mostforged in confusion as to who he truly was. Upon revealing his identity, feminine fans in the audience went wild as well.

Check out some of the clips from the episode and from the week prior to here:

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Ha Hyun Woo Says He Struggled With One Explicit Line In BIGBANGs Fantastic Baby On King Of Masked Singer

Ha Hyun Woo Says He Struggled With One Explicit Line In BIGBANGs Fantastic Baby On King Of Masked Singer

Ha Hyun Woo Says He Struggled With One Particular business In BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” On “King Of Masked Singer”ilmare42 June 22, 2016 0 Ha Hyun Woo Says He Struggled With One Specific Line In BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” On “King Of Masked Singer” Brand new from his nine-time winning streak on “King of Masked Singer” beneath the alias of Our CommunitySong General, Ha Hyun Woo of Guckkasten seems on June 22’s episode of “Radio Star” and talks about his studiesat the show.

During the episode, Kim Gu Ra says that the hosts heard that Ha Hyun Woo’s functionality of BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” brought aboutthe largest crisis for him.

“I’m the sort ofperson whocan paya massive number of attention to the lyrics when I’m singing, yet ane had totally no clue what ‘Boomshakalaka’ meant,” Ha Hyun Woo replies, making the alternativevisitors laugh. “No subject what way I sang it, it appeared to sound weird.”

“After being worried or so information technology for a long time, I determined to sing it as even though it were a magic spell,” he explains.

Did you pass over Ha Hyun Woos performance of “Fantastic Baby”? Watch it below!

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Watch: EXOs Dance Teacher Kasper Wows With Excellent Looks And Call Me Baby Functionality On Star King

Watch: EXOs Dance Teacher Kasper Wows With Excellent Looks And Call Me Baby Functionality On Star King

Watch: EXO’s Dance Trainer Kasper Wows With Just right Looks And “Call Me Baby” Functionality On “Star King”ilmare42 June 15, 2016 0 Watch: EXO’s Dance Instructor Kasper Wows With Perfect Looks And “Call Me Baby” Performance On “Star King” On June 14’s episode of “Star King,” dancer Kasper (real call Kim Tae Woo) appears as a guest to blow their own horns his talents, and finally ends up wowing the crowd with either his talents and his brilliant looks.

Kasper has worked with many SM Entertainment artists, and is presentedat thedisplay every bit being EXO’s dance instructor. He in an instant wins the hearts of a lot of thefemininecontributors of the panel, who cheer wildly for him as he plays “Call Me Baby”! Watch his performance below.

When MC Kang Ho Dong asks him to ascertain the claim that he’s EXO’s instructor, Kasper says, “I were given the choreography for ‘Call Me Baby’ from an in some other country choreographer and trained on it, and then helped teach the moves to EXO, giving them recommendation and assisting them be told the gestures. We’re recentlyoperatingin combination on their new songs.”

Kang Ho Dong asks if he’s worked with any other artists at SM Entertainment, and Kasper replies that he’s taught Large Junior’s Eunhyuk and SHINee’s Taemin. MC Leeteuk of Super Junior looks a littlefearfulstatus next to him since thegoal of the episode is to figure out which of the contestants isn'tin point of fact a dance instructor.

Kang Ho Dong asks Leeteuk if he knows Kasper, since he’s claiming to be a instructor at his agency, and Leeteuk replies, “To be honest, I’ve noticed him before. Yetthere are the kind ofgreat amount ofthose that come out and in of our offices, I presumed he was once a trainee.”

The prove as well shares a photo of Kasper with EXO’s Lay, and when Leeteuk asks about Kasper’s sharp suit, he says, “This is TVXQ’s Yunho’s, he wore it once in a track video.”

Kasper could also be asked by capability ofthe fame panel about how he’s controlled to turn into a dance instructor at such a widecorporate as SM Entertainment. Kasper replies that he’s very precise when it comes to expressing the sounds in music, and presentations how he can pay attention to the primary pointsinside a dance move. He then offersone of the vital members of the panel a snappy dance lesson! Test it out below.

What do you bring to mind Kaspers edition of Call Me Baby?

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Watch: Woman  Workforce Member Makes Unforeseen Appearance On “King Of Mask Singer”

Watch: Woman Workforce Member Makes Unforeseen Appearance On “King Of Mask Singer”

Watch: LadyWorkforce Member Makes Unforeseen Appearance On King Of Mask Singerkminjungee June 12, 2016 0 Watch: Girl Organization Member Makes Unexpected Appearance On King Of Mask Singer The newest episode of MBCs King of Mask Singer saw once moreany other girl group member making her mark and proving her skills as a professional vocalist!

SpoilerAt the June 12 episode, Victorys Cheerleader and In some other country Musician Michol face off in the primary round, where they sing Byun Ji Subs You to Me Again. Their delicate and candy voices harmonize neatly together, spell binding the audience.

Perhaps it was oncebecause ofan overpoweringquantity of nerves, yet Cheerleader finally ends up unfortunately wasting to Michol, and shoulddisclose her identity. Whilstmaking a song the song she at firstready for the following round, Jo Sumis If I Leave, the contestant gets rid of her mask.

Cheerleader turns out to be no rather then EXIDs Hyerin!

Kim Gura, shockedby way of her appearance, seems likehe's frozen in position from the shock. The panel even idea at one point that it is going to existsomebody closer to the age of 60, as a result of her sensitivity when singing. Born in 1993, as printed by the idol herself, Hyerins bright and cheerful appearance makes all and sundry in the target market and panel smile.

Did you accuratelywager who it was?

Meanwhile, watch highlights from old episodes on Viki:

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Watch: Popular Boy Staff Member Impresses On “King of Mask Singer”

Watch: Popular Boy Staff Member Impresses On “King of Mask Singer”

Watch: Popular Boy Workforce Member Impresses On King of Mask Singerehk38 June 12, 2016 0 Watch: Popular Boy Organization Member Impresses On King of Mask Singer SpoilerKing of Mask Singer once back proves the singing talent of idol group members!

On the June 12 episode of MBCs King of Mask Singer, Im Your Father and Captain Korea face off in a first circular battle.  Both put on strong performances, yet Captain Korea wins.

The identity of Im Your Father is published and to the marvel of the panelists and the target marketcontributors (squeals of enjoymentwill also be heard everywhere the room), the fellowin the back of the mask is INFINITEs L. Just is goingto turnthat there's more than meets the attention to even the visual of a boy group!

L debuted with Countless 7 years ago and has also been active as an actor. He is the primary INFINITE member to look on King of Mask Singer.

Were you shockedvia the identity reveal?

Meanwhile, you'll be in a position to watch episode 63 of King of Mask Singer on Viki below!

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Watch: Our Community  Song  Overall Attempts To Take 10th Consecutive Win On King Of Mask Singer

Watch: Our Community Song Overall Attempts To Take 10th Consecutive Win On King Of Mask Singer

Watch: Our CommunityTrackOverall Attempts To Take 10th Consecutive Win On “King Of Mask Singer”ilmare42 June 5, 2016 0 Watch: Our Neighborhood Music General Attempts To Take 10th Consecutive Win On “King Of Mask Singer” Many lovers of the preferredmaking a songpageantdisplay “King of Mask Singer” were at the edge in their seat this week as they waited to peer if contestant Our Neighborhood Music General would continue his amazing winning streak, or be defeated and featureto expose his identity!

SpoilerOn June 5’s episode of “King of Mask Singer,” Our Neighborhood Music General is shooting for his 10th win in a row, which he can take if he beats the contestant who wins the 3rd round.

In circular two, the contestant appearingbeneath the alias Get away Unemployment takes to the levelto accomplish Daybreak’s “Love Actually.” He wins the round, and is goingdirectly to defeat his opponent in the 1/3around every bitneatly alongside his functionality of Lee Eun Mi’s “Nocturne.”

Escape Unemployment is now the challenger for the King of Mask Singer title, and Our Neighborhood Music General attempts to protect his throne with a a laugh operation of 015B’s “Lovers For an excessively Long Time.”

Although every personturns out to experience his performance up to ever, he's defeated by capability of Escape Unemployment, who receives 66 issues to Our Neighborhood Music General’s 33.

This methodthat when twenty weeks on the show, the instant has in the end arrived for Our Neighborhood Music General to take off his mask. When he does, it’s printed that he is Guckkasten’s Ha Hyun Woo – as many audience and fans had predicted!

Kim Sung Joo asks him to discuss his time on the show, and Ha Hyun Woo jokes, “First of all, it was onceactually hot. If I had known I’d be on for so long, I'd have worn lighter clothes.”

He then adds, “I conceptI might have were given used to this stage after doing it for so long. Yet the anxiety and worry that I thinkin this phasehasn't everlong gone away, it’s at all times been as it becamethe primary time. But I continuously saw everybody in the target market cheering me on, which gave me a huge number of strength.”

He says it’s been a really perfectexpertise for him as it allowed him to grow to be Our Neighborhood Music General on stage, and he felt that he was in a position to be an even higher singer whilstgambling the role. Ahead of he makes his exit, Ha Hyun Woo puts his mask back on and plays a line from one of his noted performances, which has everyone cheering once again.

After his reveal, we get to see pictures of Ha Hyun Woo in the back of the scenes of his old episodes, in additionone of the vitalpresentations designers speaking about the adjustments to his mask design over the weeks, messages from the fame panel, and interviews with the talented singer.

Were shown clips of Ha Hyun Woo looking to goof around with his expressionless safety detail, fortunately admiring his dressing room and throne, stunningbody of workers with his talentsall through rehearsals, or even raving about the quality of the displays sofas, which he continuously took naps on during breaks.

He explains in a former interview that he sought after to come on the prove because an older fan had told him that she overlooked seeing him since his appearances on “I Am A Singer,” and asked him where he’d been all this time. This had stunned him, because he has been very active with Guckkasten. I discovered that I had to turn my face and perform on tv as well, he comments.

Lastly, he says, “I thought I’d be unhappycommencing the mask, but if 1 did it, everyone told me I did an excellentactivity and worked hard. So I used to becapable offinish things happily and gratefully.”

Although fans will naturally be sad to see him now not appearing as a contestant on the show, the preview for next weeks episode stocks a glimpse of his go back with a distinct performance as Our Neighborhood Music General!

On June 5, Ha Hyun Woo shared a photo to Twitter of himself holding up his Our Neighborhood Music General mask and “King of Mask Singer” mask while sitting in the famous throne. He writes as the caption, “I was so gladso that you could run into you lot all each week, and it was an honor with a view to sing for all of you. I admire you, thank you! Our Neighborhood Music General.”

Watch Our Neighbourhood Music Generals performance, Ha Hyun Woos reveal, and the entire fun behind the curtain footage below!

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