Watch: SEO Jun Is A Master At Convincing His Uncles To Give Him Money

Watch: SEO Jun Is A Master At Convincing His Uncles To Give Him Money

Watch: Search engine optimization Jun Is A Master At Convincing His Uncles To Give Him Cash leonid July 10, 2016 0 Watch: Seo Jun Is A Master At Convincing His Uncles To Give Him Money Seo Jun knows how to have his way on KBS2s The Go back of Superman.

On the July 10 episode of the diversity program, Lee Hwi Jaes circle of relatives go about their day by way of day activities.

During the show, Seo Eon and Seo Jun are asked by their father to run a snappy errand to the grocery. Seo Eon is tasked to shop for lettuce and meat, whilst Seo Jun is in control of newspaper cups.

The twins nearly fall for the temptation of ice cream, yet they organize to shake it off and effectivelyend their errand, even thoughnow not without creating a couple mistakes.

When checking out, Seo Jun is stopped by the cashier after he handiest hands over the paper cups to be scanned and just about exits the supermarket with the remainder of the groceries in tow.

The brothers are charged 30,000 won (approximately $26) for their items, so they search viaeach and every others wallets only to determine they are short on cash.

Realizing this, Seo Jun pauses and turns to his cameraman uncle. Looking at at him, he asks, Please lend me money. The cameraman replies, If I lend you money, will you pay me back? Not able to refuse either way, he hands Seo Jun his cash.

Watch the adorable twins run their errand below, in additionanything of the episode!

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Watch: “Show Me The money 5” Ultimate Winner And Performances Revealed

Watch: “Show Me The money 5” Ultimate Winner And Performances Revealed

Watch: Display Me The cashfiveUltimate Winner And Performances Published kokoberry July 15, 2016 0 Watch: Show Me The Money 5 Last Winner And Performances Revealed On July 15, the overall episode of Mnets Show Me the Money 5 revealed final performances and the final winner.

The first circular featured the finalists acting alongside their producers. The 2 rappers with the maximum votes/money godirectly tothe 2d one round. For the first time in the displays history, they incorporated reside text vote casting to resolve l% of the effectsat the live broadcast. The remainder 50 percent used to bemade up our mindsby way of the target audience at the scene.

Check out their manufacturer collaboration performances below!

SpoilerBewhY got here in first position for the first aroundwhilst C Jamm came in moment and Superbee were givenremoved coming in third.

Following those results, BewhY and C Jamm held their final stages that mightfigure out the winner. The voting devicechanged intothe similar every bit the first round, with 50 percent of the implications coming from text voting and audience voting each.

Watch their final performances below!

In the end, BewhY won with 53 percent of the text votes and more on-the-scene audience votes. BewhY and C Jamm are known to had been close pals since topcollege which was reflected in the manner C Jamm wholeheartedly congratulated BewhY.

Do you accept as true with the results? Which performances were your favorite?

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Watch: “Show Me The money 5” Performances Resolve  Best 6

Watch: “Show Me The money 5” Performances Resolve Best 6

Watch: Display Me The cashfive Performances ResolveBest half dozen kokoberry July 1, 2016 0 Watch: Show Me The Money 5 Performances Establish Top 6 The July 1 episode of Mnets Show Me the Money 5 featured performances from Dok2 The Quietts team, Zion. T Kushs team, Simon Dominic Grays team, and Gil Mad Clowns team.

First up were Superbee and myunDos functionality of Welcome to Beverly Ills.

Battling them used to be C Jamm and Reddy appearingMaximum Wanted.

Then there were particular person performances. Flowsik held the degree and became later joined through Dok2 and The Quiett. Take a glance at I Just Rapstar below:

Then Xitsuh carried out amongst Zion. T singing. They were joined by Olltii as well.

Next up was BewhYs performance of Forever.

Boi B then was joined by his Rhythm Vitalityindividuals and featured marvel appearances from Cosmic Ladies and Kim Heung Kook in his performance.

SpoilerC Jamm and Reddys performance won opposed to Superbee and myunDos performance. Flowsik was also defeated by Xitsuhs performance. BewhY won against Boi B. The rest contestants at the show are C Jamm, Reddy, Superbee, Xitsuh, BewhY, and #Gun.

Do you accept as true with the results? Which performances were your favorite?

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Watch: Contestants Warmth Things Up All through Diss Battles On “Show Me The money 5”

Watch: Contestants Warmth Things Up All through Diss Battles On “Show Me The money 5”

Watch: Contestants Warmth Things Up All through Diss Battles On Display Me The cashfive soojji June 24, 2016 0 Watch: Contestants Heat Things Up During Diss Battles On Show Me The Money 5 At the June 24 episode of Mnets Show Me the Money 5, the 4groups deuce it out in heated diss battles.

Simon Dominic Grey team chose to compete with Zion. T Kush, which left the Gil Mad Clown and Dok2 The Quiett teams to combatevery other. Every one contestant chose an opponent on the alternative team to rap against, making for a 3circular rap strugglefor every team.

During the conflict between teams Gil Mad Clown and Dok2 The Quiett, the line up was once Donutman vs. Flowsik, Boi B vs. myunDo, and #Gun vs. Superbee. Flowsik and Boi B gave impressive performances, making the wrestleseem like a tie. However, in spite of spilling the beans on Superbee, who called #Gun to chop a deal, #Gun forgot his lyrics and may justno longerend his rap, which gave his team a disadvantage. Dok2 The Quiett team won with a four point lead.

The battle line up between teams Simon Dominic Gray and Zion. T Kush consisted of ONE vs. Xitsuh, G2 vs. Reddy, and the highlight, BewhY vs. C Jamm. Xitsuh redeemed himself with what he does best, whilst ONE made mistakes in his lyrics. G2 also stumbled, while Reddy gave a blankbirthaddingunusually harsh words. BewhY and C Jamm, either gave impressive performances, yet ITbecome mutually agreed upon that BewhY won this battle. However, on account of ONE and G2s mistakes, Zion. T Kush team got here out on peak alongsidea gigantic lead.

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Watch: Yunho, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, And Shindong Vow To give coverage to Korea In Armys New MV

Watch: Yunho, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, And Shindong Vow To give coverage to Korea In Armys New MV

Watch: Yunho, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, And Shindong Vow To give coverage to Korea In Army’s New MVilmare42 June 23, 2016 0 Watch: Yunho, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, And Shindong Vow To guard Korea In Army’s New MV SM Entertainment label pals TVXQ’s Yunho and Great Junior’s Eunhyuk, Sungmin, and Shindong have reunited whilst in the army to place their dancing and vocal skillsto exploit for the military!

On June 23, the Republic of Korea Army’s YouTube channel shared a track video created for new recruits entitled “The Native land I Protect.” In position of a traditional, stirring army song, this track is obviously going for a true K-Pop vibe, which this unofficial sub-unit of K-Pop veterans naturally pulls off flawlessly.

All 4 guys wear their uniforms in the music video as they perform, with a set of dancers to back them up. Try it out below!

The four stars all enlisted in 2015, with Shindong joining on March 24, Sungmin on March 31, Yunho on July 21, and Eunhyuk on October 13. Yunho’s fellow TVXQ member Jaejoong may belately serving in the military, a smartly every bit Siwon and Donghae of Super Junior.

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Watch: “Show Me The money 5″ Manufacturers Get The Degree Lit With Special Performances

Watch: “Show Me The money 5″ Manufacturers Get The Degree Lit With Special Performances

Watch: Display Me The moneyfiveManufacturers become The Degree Lit With Special Performanceskokoberry June 10, 2016 0 Watch: Show Me The Money 5 Producers Get The Stage Lit With Special Performances The June 10 episode of Mnets Show Me the Money 5 featured special performances from producers Dok2 and The Quiett, Simon Dominic and Gray, Zion. T and Kush, and Gil and Mad Clown.

Each manufacturer team carried out as a a phase of the team variety process. The groups had several special appearances from artists like Song Mino, Heize, and Jung In. Following their performances, the rappers voted for the maximum productive performance.

SpoilerZion. T and Kush won first position with the most votes. Following them used to be Gil and Mad Clown for 2nd place. 3rd place went to Dok2 and The Quiett. Simonic Dominic and greygot here in remaining place respectively.

Watch their performances below!

Which functionality is your favorite?

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11 Amazing “Show Me The Money” Performances You will have Watch

11 Amazing “Show Me The Money” Performances You will have Watch

11 Amazing Display Me The money Performances You'll need Watchamycwang93 Would possibly 25, 2016 0 11 Amazing Show Me The Money Performances You've were given to Watch As the rap survival show Show Me the Money embarks upon a new season, dependableenthusiasts of rap and hip hop can infrequentlyclingdirectly tothe brinkin their seats waiting to look what abilitymay became upon and slick rhymes will be spit. Weve compiled a listing of one of the vitalmaximum impressive and heartfelt performances from beyond seasons that embrace the art of rap.

1. Worry Song Minho ft. Taeyang

First at the list is WINNERs Song Minhos emotional tune Fear depicting the difficulties he concept were preserving him back which just ended up being his own fear. He speaks to the household tasksconcerning his shoulder and we witness a heartfelt moment between him and his father. No longer to mention, the component of wonder of Taeyangs guest appearance surprisedaudiencethru and through.

2. What I will be in a position to Do Black Nut ft. Jessi

Black Nut was once one of the ones contestants that stuck our attention in the most unconventional techniques from the get go. From his wild antics of exposure to his collection of disses in the diss fight round, he had amasseda robustquantity of fans and anti-followers. This functionality talks about his hardships hes encountered over the years and the summation of his efforts in this show. He in any case gets the risk to end up his abilities and value in the rap world.

Iron puts his own twist to the lyrics and discusses the hardships he felt, especially because of poverty. Incessantly times, those rap performances and lyrics are serious narratives to figuring out the performers tale and a manifestation of their trials and triumphs, which Iron demonstrates so convincingly. He also has a slight reggae feel which makes him stand out some of the other contestants.

Bobby changed into a contestant that many had eyes on prior to he went on the show and got here alongside an established fan club already. He uses Show Me the Money to prove that he's more than just the artist tagged to YG Entertainment. This performance encompasses his naturalskillability and charm. He is able to hype up the target audience like no other and all of the room can feel the keenness and swag radiating off him.

5. House Double K Loco ft. Jinsil

A performance that hits domicile and permits viewers to empathize with the rappers. Jinsils angelic voice compliments the contestant Loco pour out his center and soul on circle of relatives with his own mom in the audience with his mentor Double K. Performances like here is what makes rap this kind oforiginal and ingeniousshape of art.

6. Oppas Vehicle Incredivle ft. Jinusean Tablo

Its challenging to pinpoint the most efficienta section of this performance because its all so great. From Sean riding in on the mini vehicle to Tablos diva-tastic hat and Incredivles lyrics. They are precisely what the fan ladies were trying to find and give an excellent depiction of the glamour related with lifestyles in the spotlight. The performance is playful and entertaining and gets the audience moving on their feet!

With an infusion of his own taste and taste, Olltii helps to keep the framework of G-Dragons hit about love and seeing the only youre destined to be with with someoneyet you. His lyrics in realityupload that umph and distaste for the oppositeguy to the song this is already filled withcolour and resentment.

8. Coming of Age Mad Clown Outsider ft. Ivy

If youre having a look for one of the fastest rappers in the game, glance no additional because Outsider totally nails it. It starts of slow and for smart reason, to emphasise the emotion of the song with Mad Clowns soliloquy like verses. Input Ivys stunning voice and close out with Outsiders performance. This performance hits on all their surecharacteristics and implausible talent and is the very best composition.

9. Recognize Sik-K, Lil Boi, Geegooin

This lighthearted adaptation is certain to get you in your feet and bouncing along side the rappers. It keeps it fun, clean, and respectful! You'll be able to tell throughlooking at the other judges interactions and reactions that they reallyrevel in the presentation and function by the contestants.

For loyal fans of iKON and B.I in particular, its no surprise that he was overcommitted with being a trainee, filming CombineFit and being a contestant of Show Me the Money. Despite the truth that he hit some rough patches with his time on the survival show, this performance of his is helping him redeem his recognition on the show and actually demonstrates his talent and lyric writing skills. His authenticity is noticed in the rap and very reminds us that you must be yourself, if not, who else are you able to be?

11. Get up Basick ft. MAMMAMOO

If you need to have a reason whyto appearance at this video, do it to monitor the behind the scenespictures of the complete other judges and contestants reaction. They know that they're in problem because Basick utterly dominates the degree and gets the crowd so hyped to the point where we see San E smiling so wide and dancing like a child. He really cant involve his excitement, much likethe remainder of the audience and viewers.

What performance do you observed is worth re-watching? Let us know in the comments below!amycwang93 loves singing, dancing, and reading. When she isn't imagining appearingalong BTS, she spends her time running and so she can make cash and consult with her idols!

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WATCH: I.O.I Participants Give A Excursion  In their Adorable Home

WATCH: I.O.I Participants Give A Excursion In their Adorable Home

WATCH: I.O.I Contributors reach A ExcursionIn their Adorable House ehk38 Would possibly 17, 2016 0 WATCH: I.O.I Members Give A Tour Of Their Adorable Home At theMay just 17 broadcast of the 2d one season of JTBCs With You, Yoon Jung Soo and Kim Sook discuss with I.O.Is home.

Kim Sook stocks more or less how she got here to make the visit, I saw I.O.I on tva couple of times, and I grew fond of them. They told me just as a courtesy that I will have tostopover at their home some time. I had time so I told them I'd come over, yet Yoon Jung Soo acknowledged he sought after to tag along. I'm worried that he's going to overreact and stuff so Im a little worried.

I.O.I greets their visitors warmly and offers them a tour. The womenexpose that the 11 members split 3 rooms among themselves—three girls in one of the vital two rooms downstairs and five girls in the other. The remainder three girls proportion a bedroom upstairs.

When asked about how they came to split up the rooms the manner they did, member Yu Yeonjung says, In reaction to disposition, like those that are loud and the ones who sleep late.

Check out the home tour below!

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Watch G-Dragon give out the maximum efficient fan provider ever

Watch G-Dragon give out the maximum efficient fan provider ever

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterBIGBANG’s G-Dragon sets the bar up for the “best fan service” ever given through an idol to a fan. 

On Might 2nd, a video taken from BIGBANG’s contemporary fanmeeting in Japan showcased a fascinating segment that were given the fanatics jealous. All through the fanmeeting, a fan was once picked to be entertained by the individuals onstage and becamestuck in one of G-Dragon’s fiercest hugs, leaving fans jealous of her candy fortune to be intimate with the artist.

As Seungri, Taeyang and Daesung watched by the sidelines, fans found inthe developmentcan'tlend a handyet cheer for their fellow fan as G-Dragon committed a sweet and physical fanservice, leaving her shy correct after.

It was also during the similar fan assembly where G-Dragon showcased his large “koala hug” for fellow member Daesung.

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Watch: Yook Sungjae Regrets Asking Joy to Give Him a Massage

Watch: Yook Sungjae Regrets Asking Joy to Give Him a Massage

Watch: Yook Sungjae Regrets Asking Joy to Give Him a Rubdown notclaira April 23, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: Yook Sungjae Regrets Asking Joy to Give Him a Massage At the April 23 episode of MBC’s “We Were given Married,” BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and Red Velvet’s Joy are back house after the song video filming which came aboutultimate week.

The music video featured a lovely ramen noodle “kiss,” where the couple got lovely close in combinationsooner than hiding from the camera. In this week’s episode, they persisted their “skinship” in a whollyother way.

Joy comes to a decision to give Yook Sungjae a massage as a differenttournament so he lies down on the mat, getting ready for a refreshing and relaxing session. Instead, he yells out in wonder equally Joy firmly elbows and pinches his back and legs, saying, “This is how you unlock tension.”

After consulting a manual, Joy tells him, “The pelvis is significant for either men and women.” Yook Sungjae looks up in surprise, asking, “Are you going to massage there?”

“No,” she says, then adds, “Why, do you need me to?” Whilst he’s flustered, she puts his legs up in an uncomfortable pose similar to the image in the manual. Yook Sungjae proves now not to be very bendy so while Joy is obviouslyplaying herself, he complains all overyour entire thing.

The massage consultation ends with Joy “massaging” Yook Sungjae’s armpits, saying, “A lot of hysteria can increase in there.”

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